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LuckyGames: Legit. Using Dogecoin to Test Confirmation of Withdrawals, Useful Numbers, Guides.

As always, using Dogecoin, we tested the process of transferring winnings from a LuckyGames Doge wallet to an external wallets and examined the minimum withdrawing, betting and exchange amounts.

Minimum Dogecoin Deposit Amount: None (as far as we know).
Minimum Dogecoin Withdrawal Amount: 10 Doge (!)

Placing a withdrawl of 10 dogecoin with 1 doge transaction fees on luckygames...

Withdrawal fee: 1 Dogecoin (“low priority” option)
Minimum Bet (Doge, Roulette): 0.10 Doge

withdrawing 29 dogecoin on a dogecoin deposit address
Placing Prediciton roll with dogecoin on luckygames
Cells on luckygames
A prompt stating the Dogecoin withdrawal has been processed.
exchanging btc to doge on Luckygames interface

Minimum Bet (Doge, Dice): 0.00000001 Doge

Minimum Bet (Doge, Cells): 1 Doge

2 FA for Withdrawals
: No
Transaction Times (“Low Priority” option): From 2 to 5 Hours.
Withdrawal Confirmation: Instant, Automatic (as far as we can tell)

Exchange Minimum: Doge => BTC, 100 Doge. BTC => ~Doge = 0.0001 BTC,.

Commission for Cryptocurrency Conversion: None
Conversion Rates: Current, Updated every 1 Min
Exchange Options: (as far as we can tell): Any Supported Currency to Any Supported Currency

Key points summary:
10 Doge minimum withdrawal is madness. In a good way, Low withdrawal limits allowed us to test transaction times of Lucky Games Doge wallet to online wallets, exchanges, etc. four times. Choosing “low priority” every time, each Doge transfer arrived earlier than we expected.

Zero-fee exchange where a user can exchange virtually every popular currency to another popular currency was the reason behind our interest in Lucky Games  in the first place.

Dogecoin-based test of the casino did not reveal any unexpected surprises (e, g. 1000 Doge min withdrawal). We will try to run the same test using other currencies.

P. S. This article is not a review of the casino and games of chance. We did not play any of the games long enough to state whether they are fair or not, – however, – from what we can tell, there are no hidden scripts; unlike Cointiply’s Cointiplier, which is widely considered to be rigged, the games offered by LuckyGames are definitely not.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse gambling; alas, if a person is a determined gambler, picking the right casino is better than wasting earnings on faucets’ “multipliers“.


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