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Cointiply PTC Ads: Cointiply Is Cheating?.. Tsk-tsk-tsk!

contiply PTC Ads.. Is cointiply cheating

Cointiply’s PTC Ads were the one feature which stood out amongst all failed innovations.

Yes, it was designed to keep to earnings in the system, as did all recent Cointiply updates but hey, – when Mining Game was running, it wasn’t a bad source of extra Gems, now it still is a source of a few coins…  and a way to reduce your Cointiply balance to 0. Just in case, you know. But most importantly, – the PTC Ads is a good educational intro into the PTC Advert world. 

We will review the feature in detail later… or not at all.


Cause  – Cointiply must hate us – figures are… interesting.

Cointiply is like: 

cointiply scam

…yet Jetpack begs to differ:

cointiply wtf ptc ads cointiplyNow, minus 200 views is nothing to cry about, yet a question “whom to trust” causes a train of thought a-la “are the views real“? 

Unpleasant subject. Are there some technicalities we fail to understand? 

As for trust… In light of recent events, DMYF would bet on Jetpack.

Should we even bother to contact Support?


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