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LuckyGames: Official Answer: Why is “Hacker” Game In BETA (Why Users Can Only Make LuckyTokens Bets)

A LuckyGames official, as a part of a small interview answers the “when playing “Hacker” would be possible using “real” currencies” question:

DMYF: What is “Hacker” Game? Why is it Still in Beta?
LuckyGames Official: That game is a Beta version specially provided for Lucky Token where you can see a few products listed in the store 🙂
DMYF: So it is meant to stay in Beta?
LuckyGames Official: It won’t come our as main version. Only Beta. 🙂

P. S. “Hacker” is the only LuckyGames game which cannot be played for “real” cryptocurrencies. Lucky Tokens are, essentially, infinite: if player’s balance reaches 0, a user can claim more Lucky Tokens from the internal faucets. Tokens can be used for purchases of physical goods and perks, i.e. VIP or Legend Status.

DMYF does not endorse gambling, – however LuckyGames offers an opportunity to play for free for real prizes.

“Hacker” Game: Interface
LuckyGames Hacker Game Rules
LuckyGames Hacker Game Rules

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