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General Knowledge – Cookies, Surveys, Advertising and the Privacy We Sold For Coins: The Price of “Free”

A concise, yet informative collection of episodes dedicated to historical evolution, the “now” and the (gloomy) future of modern mass and social media.

This particular episode is a must-watch for everyone interested in faucets, wondering why websites really want you to click “ok” when cookies, beckons and trackers are forced upon you…

…and especially survey-taking OfferWallers.

Self-quoting isn’t great etiquette, but:

For those adopting the “fun” approach, making more coins is easy via videos, Offer Walls, etc. Beware: if you answer the questions honestly, you are selling your privacy and important information about yourself. Patterns of behaviour, biographic details, shopping preferences; corporations pay a lot for this data. You are giving it away to be better at an online “mining game”. The recent Facebook scandal torpedoed the billion-dollar-worth social network so badly, Facebook had to run soapy “we’re sorry” TV adverts, targeted at specific population groups. Witnessing those, who value the “anonymity” of crypto and discuss privacy engaging in surveys is humorous. When Judas sold the geolocation of his top executives, he was reimbursed with silver. You are selling yourself for “100-500 coins”. Have some self-respect.

To maintain some self-respect, we are never sugarcoating the (what we consider to be) truth and attempt to provide accurate, research-driven-data.


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