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Cointiply “Earn More, Work Less” Tips and Hints: The REAL Multiplier

DISCLAIMER: 18+, for education purposes only. OfferWalls should be approached with caution. Nothing about faucets is “free” (read more). Methods described are based on anecdotal evidence and should not be taken as a guide. 

Even with 100-day Loyalty Bonus, a roulette roll on Cointiply results in $0.01-per-hourprofit“. Any earnings which can lead to quick Dogecoin transfer (=$5.00) are virtually unattainable without OfferWalls. “Legit” (=paying) OfferWall, AdgateMedia, features an attractive $10-for-playing-a-game


…which is “real“…


…paying $10 for hours of boring tapping, temptations of buying pixels (DANGER, AVOID!).

Less “generousAdgateMedia app Offers… can be “multiplied“. Most “download and installOffers are mirrored for all devices…


…and seem to pay out independently, per device, rather than per account.

…perhaps, World War Rising $10 earnings can turn into $30?..

Note: Cointiply minimum payout in Dogecoin is $5. Cointiply has been approved and proven to be a paying faucet.

Note: DMYF is not certain whether any information provided comes in conflict with any faucet rules and regulations. 


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