About DMYF (that’d be us!)

Let us be clear, although by no means we are offering professional investment, or trading advice, the vision of this website is that anyone with some free time, willingness to learn and a computer, smartphone, or a tablet, can still make it big in the world of cryptos.

Why “still”? Because, while the cryptocurrency market is relatively young, so you can still strike gold, as with any other novel market, it will eventually crystallise and become divided amongst the chosen few. “The rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer”. Remember the days when you could profitably mine Bitcoin using your GPU? Those days are over. Remember when Etherium was handed out for free? Those days are over too. “To the moon” stories are becoming more and more are; while “pump and dump” schemes and whales dominating whole markets is the new normal.

However, you still can strike gold. And still see the coin you’ve been following skyrocket, multiplying your investments ten-twenty-thirtyfold overnight. However, taking a random $100 out of your pocket and throwing it at any new ICO (or even five new ICOs) you can find (and trust in) will most likely cost you $100. Besides, how will you do it? Entering the cryptocurrency trading world isn’t that easy.

The good thing is that, believe it or not, you can make those $100 out of thin air from within the market itself and, while doing so, learn the basics of the system; the knowledge which will help and drive you in the future, whether it is cryptocurrencies you will be investing in, or government bonds. Investing principles remain the same.

Q: “Out of thin air”?

A: Yes. Faucets, airdrops, exchanges, trading, investment. Let’s take a hypothetical example – we quickly earn 30,000 satoshi on one of the faucets, convert a third to another established currency, add it to your portfolio. Keep another 10,000 in Bitcoin and throw the remainder across cheaper coins which you think might spike in value on an altcoin-focused exchange, such as Binance, or Cryptopia… Before you know it, you will have 90,000 satoshi. And then, who knows, maybe the USD price of BTC will double?… Of course, you will need some luck, however fortune favours the bold.

This website was not created to generate referral income (although we would greatly appreciate you registering somewhere new using our links, – it costs you nothing and will pay for a fraction our efforts). Otherwise, we would spam every second sentence with every faucet and airdrop out there, playing the numbers game, regardless whether the company is a scam or not. in fact, in the future we will help you attract referrals and, already, 100% of the incomes generated from one of the faucets goes back to the subscribers.

We would like to venture together into a new market, helping each other through education, sharing of experience and knowledge.

Stay tuned and thank you for your support!

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