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Cointiply News: TapResearch Bug

Normally, TapResearch rewards users regardless whether the Survey is completed or not; even if “quota is full”, the user’s Cointiply Coin (or Gem) balance will be credited with a portion of the whole reward.

Recently, unless the survey was fully completed, no “complimentary” reward was received. We contacted Cointiply to ask why aren’t users receiving their coins.

Cointiply‘s response:

We are aware Tap Research is having issues. We have alerted them, as have many members. This issue is on their end, and we do not know when it will be fixed. Like you, we hope it will be soon!

In other words, all is good.

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Free Dogecoin Giveaway Update

Dear All,

For some retarded reason, the FreeDogecoin site script is preventing us from sharing some Doge (the “share” button just… isn’t there).

It is definitely a bug, support has been contacted, patience is a virtue.

*we know that, at current currency prices and current number of participants, the amounts of Dogecoin and Bitcoin we are physically able share with our referrals with our referrals are symbolic, at best, however – stress on “at current prices and current number of participants”, and hey, everyone who subscribed to the Giveaway received something. Which is more than what can be said about, say, some scammy “cloud mining” operation, eh?*

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Cointiply General Tips: Keeping Your Earnings Safe

Cointiply greeted us with a Certificate Error:

cointoipl;y error
At times, Ceritifate Errors can be caused by a Browser, or even the OS configuration. A second-browser check revealed no problems, however the error did remind us of the August downtime and the necessity to mention some safety tips:

Set a strong password. Always. Specifically, for everything to do with cryptocurrency. A “strong password” is a random combination of letters, numbers and symbols. Do not use any dictionary words. Do not use names. Do not use dates. Do not screenshot your password. Do not use the same password for more than one resource. Change your password every once in a while.
– Remember: Cointiply does not use 2FA! Anyone who gets “into” your account can either withdraw your earnings, sell all your buildings in the Mine and withdraw your earnings… Or wait around until you have enough earnings to withdraw.
Cointiply’s website does not care how many users are logged in simultaneously and where the users are logging in from. We used a simple free VPN to mask the IP; Freebitcoin and Freedogecoin did not allow a single “roll”. Cointiply‘s website did not give a fuck.
– Perhaps, it would not be a bad idea to set up your withdrawal preferences and pre-set your Bitcoin/Dogecoin addresses… As long as your account is safe. Butcointalk Cointiply thread is full of “my account has been hacked” messages.
– This sounds absolutely ludicrous and should not be taken for more than a joke, but currently, keeping the funds in “Gems“, rather than “Coins” is something worth a thought.
– Considering the security flaws, a site-wide hacking attack would be devastating for Cointiply and its users. The funds currently held within the system (thanks to the Mining Game) keep the system afloat and are not insured. Unless playing the Mining Game, users should not hold their earnings with Cointiply. 

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Is MoonDoge Faucet Down? Is Moondogeco.in Bugged? Broken?.. Is It Changing Address?..


A Guide to Solving the Three-Dot Bug

MoonDogeco.in is one of the best Moon faucets for many reasons and its health is important to the overall Coinpot profitability.

It is working fine, acting healthy and paying out tons of Dogecoin (+3 Coinpot Tokens) every five minutes as usual.

Q: Why can’t I make a claim…
A: Simple answer: Scripts. 

In case, when opening the faucet you see something like this:

free doge every 5 minutes
(the dots keep flashing with nothing going on)

This means Moondoge fell out with your browser’s AdBlock, or settings. Disable the AdBlock…


…and you will be again able to make a claim. 

(then you can switch the AdBlock back on)

Problem solved. 

Different Coinpot.co mictowallet faucets have different tolerance level to different AdBlockss/VPNs. Sometimes, the scripts are updated, – that leads to temporary bugs.

Note: Naturally, MoonBit.co.in is most hostile towards AdBlocks. BitFun and MoonDash are the most AdBlock friendly. Other faucets have no Ads at all.

We have an allergy against ads, so we are used to clean screens (like the first picture). Screens full of ads give us a headache.

We will soon dedicate a series of articles on how to forget about ads altogether. Many of them direct users to scammy websites, all of them slow down your device and, at times, are an easy way to catch some malware.

Stay toned!

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COINTIPLY website down?

Cointiply Website responds with a “certificate error” when you try opening it. Is Cointiply down?

cointiply down cointiply legit cointiply scamBrave Browser:

cointiply scam

coinriply minimum payout

So we said “Hey! What’s going on!”

Opera allows us to “continue anyway”, which lets us open Cointiply.

Ergo, Cointiply is not down. According to the “News” section…

cointiply legit or scam
Cointiply “had problems with their SSL certificates”. Whether you want to trust them or not is up to you. We do not trust anyone by definition. A SSL problem is fixable in a matter of days at most. A “technical issues” excuse is a century-old trick that online businesses use to avoid paying you.

Q: Is Cointiply legist or is Cointiply a scam?

A: So far nothing indicated Cointiply being a scam. However, a security error which scares visitors away and which appeared around the time when people have reached their payout thresholds…


We do not think Cointiply is cashing out and shutting down, but the certificate error is a warning bell. We clearly remember what was happening with CCRB website when the time to pay their customers (they never did, of course) came, – at one point, their “portal” was reduced to one (!) page which screamed “buy our tokens!”.

Q: Can Cointiply just “disappear”? 

A: Hell yes. Tesla Mining even had a registered company address on their website (buying a mailbox for business purposes costs almost nothing in the UK, – NEVER be fooled by a “London address”). Then Tesla Mining just disappeared, going on a summer holiday along with your “investments”. Do you know where Cointiply is based? (we do) When we asked Cointiply a simple “where are you based” question, they have given us a rubbish “anonymity” answer.

We are not saying that the faucet will disappear. What we are saying is that a persistent security issue is not a good sign.

P. S. We have contacted Cointiply asking for some clarity in the matter. We will keep you posted. For now, do not purchase their premium account and consider reaching for a withdrawal. Do not give up and do not let a faucet win, – always make them pay you for your time.. At least once.

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CCRB Giveaway Scam: “Refer and Get Zero”.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 23.17.41
In your dreams
Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 23.17.23
In reality

Dear All,

Understandably, many are curious what is happening to their referral bonus now that the CCRB Token Sale is over.

CCRB did clearly state, via the platform’s website and through correspondence, that the referral bonus will be paid out once the Token Sale finishes regardless whether the referrals make a purchase or not. It was repeated numerous times and as explicitly as it gets.

However, please remember that the cryptocurrency world is largely unregulated. Most of the companies are honest and abide by their promises and T&Cs. Others don’t.

Have you “worked” hard, promoted the CCRB platform and attracted 100s-1000s of referrals?

Did you get excited, looking at those hundreds of USD in your virtual “wallet”?

Do you feel screwed over now that you are all of a sudden expected to somehow make 20% of your referrals purchase something from CCRB’s so-called “partners” (are these partnerships real and unique?), even if you have no clue who clicked on your referral link? Well, sorry to say, then you learned your lesson from an interaction with a Ponzi Scheme-ish organisation.

In case it makes you feel any better (it should not), there are people who feel that they’ve been screwed over even more than you do, – those who actually “invested” in purchasing the CCRB Token when there was no indication that CCRB is interested in anything apart from increasing the perceived legitimacy of its “ecosystem” and investing in anything apart from making it seem that the CCRB token is actually worth anything.

CCRB Token Price.png

(is CCRB a scam or not? What is it all about? How true are all those numbers stated on CCRB’s website? Stay tuned for full digest of what, how and why!)

Q: I have contacted all my friends, family, posted in Facebook/Twitter/Steemit, got 400 (500, 600, 1000) people to register and was waiting for the end of the Token Sale and now I find out that, unless 80 people (100, 120, 200) make a purchase, it was all for nothing…

A: So, according to the “logic” (or absence of such, rather), you should NOT have referred many people. If you would have only referred your immediate family of five people and got your mom to buy whatever from whomever, you would receive 100% of your referral income

Ergo, the harder one worked to promote CCRB, the further he or she lowered his or her chances to get anything in return. But you did not know that up until today, did you.

Q: But they said… But they wrote… But it was stated…
A: Yes…:Screen Shot 2018-04-19 at 10.54.38
…and the CCRB “Whitepaper” states that “the token is based on the Bitcoin 2.0 protocol”. Nuff said.
…to be continued.

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The “Crypto Currency” Chronicles

Announcing a new sub-section of our blog which will focus solely on how “well” the companies opeating within the sector communicate their message to their users and potential investors.

– How many thousands $$$ should you invest in the tokens of a company which calls Etherium “Bitcoin 2.0”?

– “What is “Airdrop”? – the Supportiveness of Support

– “You say it best when you say nothing at all” – why some Whitepapers should have remained blank.

& many more brand image, marketing and common sense fails.

Stay tuned!