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Free Dogecoin Giveaway Update

Dear All, For some retarded reason, the FreeDogecoin site script is preventing us from sharing some Doge (the "share" button just... isn't there). It is definitely a bug, support has been contacted, patience is a virtue. *we know that, at current currency prices and current number of participants, the amounts of Dogecoin and Bitcoin we… Continue reading Free Dogecoin Giveaway Update

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Cointiply General Tips: Keeping Your Earnings Safe

Cointiply greeted us with a Certificate Error: At times, Ceritifate Errors can be caused by a Browser, or even the OS configuration. A second-browser check revealed no problems, however the error did remind us of the August downtime and the necessity to mention some safety tips: - Set a strong password. Always. Specifically, for everything… Continue reading Cointiply General Tips: Keeping Your Earnings Safe

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COINTIPLY website down?

Cointiply Website responds with a "certificate error" when you try opening it. Is Cointiply down? Safari:  Brave Browser: Opera: etc. So we said "Hey! What's going on!" Opera allows us to "continue anyway", which lets us open Cointiply. Ergo, Cointiply is not down. According to the "News" section... Cointiply "had problems with their SSL certificates". Whether… Continue reading COINTIPLY website down?

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CCRB Giveaway Scam: “Refer and Get Zero”.

In your dreams Dear All, Understandably, many are curious what is happening to their referral bonus now that the CCRB Token Sale is over. CCRB did clearly state, via the platform's website and through correspondence, that the referral bonus will be paid out once the Token Sale finishes regardless whether the referrals make a purchase or… Continue reading CCRB Giveaway Scam: “Refer and Get Zero”.

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The “Crypto Currency” Chronicles

Announcing a new sub-section of our blog which will focus solely on how "well" the companies opeating within the sector communicate their message to their users and potential investors. - How many thousands $$$ should you invest in the tokens of a company which calls Etherium "Bitcoin 2.0"? - "What is "Airdrop"? - the Supportiveness… Continue reading The “Crypto Currency” Chronicles

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Make sure that…

...you regularly run a malware check using reputable antivirus software. Finiding hidden mining scripts injected in your browser by an untrustworthy faucet (or even an "ICO" site or a "crypoinvestment portal" are not a joke. Look through your browser's extensions; under "security" categories you should find a few anti-miner plug-ins.