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Important: LuckyGames Mirror Address; What Does LuckyGames Offer: A Short Summary

Can’t access That could be due to country restrictions. According to official announcement, it is possible to access the site via an official mirror address.

Official LuckyGames mirror:

lucky games alternative address is luckygames.ccluckgames

*beware of phishing sites. Whenever visiting a site, make sure there is nothing unusual about its address.

*LuckyGames  features games such as dice, roulette, cells and more. DMYF discourages using personal funds towards gambling, and mentions LuckyGames as an alternative to wasting faucet earnings on faucets’ internal multipliers, lotteries, dice, etc. Faucets are source of microearnings, not a destination for gambling away the earnings. Unlike Cointiply‘s Multiplier, Coinpot’s Token games and more, LuckyGames maintains and impeccable reputation and employs a Probably Fair system guaranteeing fairness and absence of possible “tweaking”. Players can use most LuckyGames for free, utilising the Lucky Tokens system which offers unlimited supply of free pseudo-currency which, in fact, can be used to purchase various goods and bonuses. No site registration is needed, however, registered users benefit from a system of Levels. Starting from Level 1, all players gain access to LuckyGames chat, where all active conversationalists are rewarded with random giveaways of real Coins and Tokens, – a chance to build up a portfolio of cryptocurrencies investing nothing but time. 

*Most importantly, LuckyGames features an excellent internal cryptocurrency exchange, supporting over 100 cryptocurrencies. In summary: LuckyGames offers numerous earning opportunities and valuable services which DMYF does promote. DMYF does not offer investment advice, does not attempt to influence readers’ financial decision-making. All information is published for education and entertainment purposes only. In present context, LuckyGames can be used as a source of sample portfolio building and cryptocurrency conversion without the need to play any games of chance. 

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Moon Faucets: 5 Reasons Why Loyalty Bonus Is an Essential (and Effortless) Way to Boost Overall Coinpot Earnings

All “Moon” (Coinpot-Partnered) Faucets have two Multipliers in common: “Mystery” and “LoyaltyBonuses. Whereas “Mystery Bonus” is a random multiplier, potentially doubling every claim, “Loyalty Bonus” is cumulative, – every day a claim is made, the multiplier increases by 1%. Seems insignificant, right? Wrong! Here’s why:

1. Increasing “Loyalty Bonus” does not decrease the chance of hitting a high “Mystery Bonus“.

Although some conspiracy theorists might think that some Dark Faucet Master tweaks the Mystery Bonus to “roll” less as “Loyalty” grows, it’s a mere superstition.

MoonDash faucet claim
MoonDash faucet claim

2. Full “Loyalty Bonus” makes hours count for days and days count for weeks.

A 100% Loyalty Bonus doubles each claim. Have a look at the table below:

Current claim rates for MoonDogecoin
Current claim rates for MoonDogecoin

Visiting MoondogeCoin once every 4 hours yields 0.57 Dogecoin with 0% Loyalty Bonus… and 1.14 Dogecoin with 100% Loyalty Bonus. That’s more than the 1.01 Dogecoin 0%-Loyalty daily claim. Now, a 100% Loyalty Bonus multiplies 1.01 Dogecoin by 2… hence, a user earns 2.02 Doge, while a monthly claim is only 0.10 Doge greater, yet the best part is…

3. Loyalty Bonuses and Mystery Bonuses add up.

Let’s take the aforementioned MoonDash claim example that earned us 0.00002869 Duffs. A previous claim was made a few hours ago, yet the reward almost reached that of a weekly claim!

MoonDash Claim Rates
MoonDash Claim Rates

4. “Loyalty Bonus” is the only Bonus a user can easly control.

Referrals are not easy to find and keep due to Moon Faucets‘ popularity, “Mystery Bonus” is random, while maintaining a consistently high “Loyalty Bonus” is easier than one might think. First of all, Moon Faucets are available on all mobile devices and secondly, a simple “start page” trick eliminates the need to remember going through the boring faucet rotation routine.

In this case, we use Brave Browser as an example (though the same option should exist in every other browser – we simply do not come anywhere near a faucet without Brave and its fantastic ad-blocking system).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Open Moonlitecoin, MoonDash, MoonCash, MoonDogecoin, MoonBitcoin
(in separate tabs; optionally one might add other faucets, including Cointiply which has a Loyalty Bonus of its own)…

…and click “use current pages“.

The next time Brave starts up, all faucets will be at the ready (and ad-free).

5. No guarantees, but… some faucets might be forgiving.

Whether due to browser settings, script errors, background processes (sigh), sometimes being five-ten hours late remains unnoticed by some faucets. Although its best to count on the browser’s settings, rather than on luck.

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Cointiply Urgent Warning(s)

Dear Cointiply users,

Do not spend any “real” (=earned) Coins on pixels (=”items” that boost whatever it is they boost; IF they do boost whatever it is they are designed to boost).

Should you wish to purchase any items that are promised to increase your earnings, use the bonus “Coins” (CointiPoints), which are awarded for site activity as a… bonus.


Cointiply is great at making sure users spend whatever they earn internally, thus bagging 100% profit for the site. Cointiply is also great at boosting site activity, – encouraging users to visit OfferWalls, play Games, etc. The new “Inventory” feature seems harmless, – but so did the Mining Game at its inception.

Cointiply isn’t as good at keeping its promises. Cointiply isn’t as good at being fair to its main asset, – site’s visitors.

Cointiply is, most likely, the single most profitable faucet (earning $100 a day is possible with no referrals) out there, – if one has a clear understanding of the what, how and when. 

Cointiply is, most likely, the single most time-wasting, pointless and, if anything, costly faucet out there, – if one has no prior experience, no knowledge-base and no scepticism.

Spending longer than a couple of hours a week on Cointiply and earning less than $10? Unless it’s a source of fun, it is a waste of time.

DMYF has a lot of “know-how” material collecting dust. Since working on is our main focus, chances are, how-to-earn-more-on-Cointiply-and-other-faucets articles will remain unpublished. Not a massive loss to world cultural heritage, but is a significant loss to all those interested in earning hundreds of USD worth of BTC or Doge with little to no effort, as well as avoiding making bad decisions (e.g. investing heavily in Mining Game).

DMYF can only release numerous guides, tips and hints if it is economically viable. We are currently considering our options.

For the time being, as a beta-test, 50 editions of the “Earn More, Work Less: $5 in… hours?” PDF manuals describing individual, tested and proven methods, are available for limited-time only for symbolic price of 50 Dogecoin (or an equivalent amount in any other cryptocurrency). Interested in earning more on Cointiply and other faucets and websites? Contact us!

All proceeds will go towards improvement of DMYF and our related projects.

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QoinPro (finally) Tested: Dogecoin Withdrawal Successful.


QoinPro is neither a faucet nor a wallet; every user is entitled to free daily Coins and Tokens, albeit in tiny amounts. Following months of downtime and slow revitalisation, QoinPro automated withdrawals of most supported currencies, released an app announced two airdrops and introduce interest on deposits.



We expected the Dogecoin withdrawal to take days of approval, yet a symbolic 5 Doge transfer landed in an external wallet seamlessly quick. For fairness sake, DMYF states that QoinPro is not a scam and, since a payout did arrive, the service is a strange, yet legitimate source of (zero-effort) nanoincome.


Perhaps, it is worth researching PLAN and QHAS, – the “airdropped” currencies and wait for further developments?..

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FAQ: “What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount from Coinpot”; Withdrawing, Converting and Exchanging Faucet Earnings Overview


Minimum faucet earnings withdrawals from Coinpot, per currency (zero-fee), per currency are:

Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC (0.39 United States Dollar)
Bitcoin Cash: 0.0001 BCH (0.013 United States Dollar)
Dogecoin: 50 DOGE  (0.0997 United States Dollar)
Litecoin: 0.002 LTC (0.11 United States Dollar)
DASH: 0.0002 DASH (0.0166 United States Dollar)

*USD prices relevant as of 09.03.2019

Coinpot Token cannot be withdrawn. Tokens have to be converted to any of the five currencies; otherwise, it holds no value outside Coinpot. 100 Coinpot Tokens roughly equate to 0.01 United States Dollar. 

Contrary to popular belief, the cheapest withdrawal method of Coinpot-partnered faucets is normally Bitcoin Cash (sometimes – DASH); not Dogecoin. Doge remains a popular choice due to the Coin‘s liquidity, minimal trade and transfer fees, stable fiat value and instant transaction times. It must be said, however, that Dogecoin withdrawals from Coinpot take a very long time, as “industry standards” go. The delay is due to Coinpot‘s procedures and the funds never take 48 Hours to arrive (as stated in the Terms). Coinpot Dogecoin Wallet-to-any Dogecoin Wallet transfers normally take 14-24 hours on average.

Tip: Delay in withdrawing Doge (or other currencies) negates the possibility to execute price speculation operations on external exchanges. However, if a hypothetical Dogecoin millionaire feels that the Coin should be sold (or bought, for that matter) right now and the opportunity might be lost due to hours-long transfer… Coinpot Tokens’ stable fiat value and zero-fee instant Doge-Token conversion might save the day. Of course, keeping large amounts of any currency in Coinpot is lunacy. So is using an asset unique to Coinpot for high-value speculative operations.

DMYF recommends storing currencies in real wallets, DMYF does not encourage speculation (or any other form of financial decision-making). Monitoring currency exchange rates and earning a few Tokens or Coins on successful exchanges using funds earned from faucets is merely an educational exercise for an aspiring cryptocurrency day trader. Remember: using micro-earnings to acquire transferrable skills and knowledge is the only real value one must expect to gain from spending time solving captcha.  

Anecdotally, a test DASH transfer to Binance from Coinpot was, to our surprise, instant.

Remember: in a volatile market, currency transaction delays might result in significant losses.

Q: Considering the fact that the minimum Coinpot withdrawal amounts are measured in cents, where can they be sold or exchanged?..

A: If a user intends to sell/purchase currencies, when speaking of selling tiny fractions of coins, exchanges such as Binance should be avoided. Minimum trade amounts, commissions and withdraw fees might leave a seller with dust, – small amounts of coins/tokens left over after a transaction, – that is, if a minimum amount of a currency withdrawn from Coinpot will meet the minimum trade amounts at all. For more information, always refer to the Fees and Limits page of an exchange (e. g. Binance Fee Structure).

A simpler way to sell/exchange faucet earnings is using a converter, such as that offered by LuckyGames, – the site’s internal currency converter allows instant conversion and access to 100+ currencies. Most importantly, any featured currency can be used to purchase another featured currency, while traditionally, even altcoin-focused exchanges (e. g. CoinExchange) offer limited purchasing options (=trading pairs). LuckyGames conveniently offers conversions between any of the 100+ supported currencies at market rates, zero deposit fees and minimal withdrawal fees. Transactions are instant and rates are updated every minute.

exchange btc to doge

In practice, that means that a Coinpot user can withdraw his earnings in Dogecoin and convert them to any popular currency in LuckyGames, since minimum conversion amount for Dogecoin is only 100 Doge. Going through an exchange would imply converting Dogecoin to USD/BTC/ETH/LTC (at best), purchasing a currency (IF being able to meet the minimum transaction amount!)… and then face withdraw fees.

At the moment, LuckyGames supports the following currencies: 0x Protocol, aelf, Aeternity, Ardor, Ark, Augur, Bancor, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bean Cash, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin ABC (BCH), Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, Bitcore, BitShares, BitTorrent, Blackcoin, BURST, Bytecoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Civic, CLAMs, CloakCoin, Crown, DASH, Decentraland, Decred, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Einsteinium, Electroneum, Emercoin, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Feathercoin, FunFair, Gamecredits, GAS, Gifto, Golem, Groestlcoin, Gulden, Holo, Horizen, HyperCash, ICON, Ignis, ION, Komodo, Lisk, Litecoin, Loopring, Monaco, MonaCoie, Monero, Namecoin, Nano, NAVcoin, Neblio, NEM, NEO, Nexus, Novacoin, NXT, OmiseGO, Ontology, Particle, Peercoin, PIVX, Populous, Potcoin, Pundi X, Qtum, Ravencoin, Reddcoin, Ripple, SALT, Siacoin, Status, STEEM, Steem Dollars, Stellar Lumens, STRATIS, SysCoin, Tether, Tron, TrueUSD, Ubiq, VeChain, Verge, Vericoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, WAVES, WhiteCoin, Zcash, Zcoin and Zilliqa.

Q: Is it possible to quickly sell Coinpot earnings for fiat (USD, EUR…)?

A: It is becoming easier to sell popular Coins using a variety of methods. BCH, DASH, BTC, Dogecoin and DASH can be sold for fiat (PayPal, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller and many more paying systems). For best rates, it is recommended to have a look at an exchange monitor, which compares best rates available at the moment live. Rates and minimums vary; however, at time of posting, an exemplary sale of Dogecoin for USD (Perfect Money) would be possible even with a minimum of 100 Dogecoin.

sell doge for usdSummary:

Although Coinpot is a legitimate service, withdrawals can take time and thus users do not have immediate access to their earnings. It is recommended to store Coins elsewhere, or take advantage of multiple new services offering low exchange rates. Although Coinpot Faucets offer the chance to earn enough Coins to be able to withdraw earnings multiple times a day, doing so would imply a slight conversion cost. Still, holding Coins on Coinpot account is unwise and faucet users should have a plan how to put their earnings to use.

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Guía: Gane y Retire 75+ Dogecoin Hoy

… a cualquier billetera externa, pagando cero comisión de transacción y sin comisiones por retiros.

Una guía simplificada paso a paso

Lea el artículo completo para obtener información más completa.

Consulte la sección Consejos útiles para obtener más información.

Cómo hacer desde alrededor de $1000 a más de $10000 por año con estos faucets.

Descargo de responsabilidad: el método que se describe a continuación no es la forma más eficiente económicamente de retirar sus ganancias de los faucets. El método que se describe a continuación es solo para fines educativos. Siempre usa tu mejor juicio. En caso de duda, solicite asesoramiento profesional. Sin embargo, por experiencias anteriores, el acceso instantáneo a 50 DOGE puede ser útil.


Necesitarás lo siguiente (conceptos básicos):

  • Alrededor de 10-15 minutos de su tiempo para configurar las cuentas
  • Alrededor de 20-25 minutos para optimizar el proceso (opcional, viene con experiencia).
  • Una cuenta de correo electrónico.
  • Un navegador seguro y actualizado y algunas extensiones. Evita IE y Edge.
  • Una PC, Mac, teléfono inteligente o una tableta (los faucets son compatibles con dispositivos móviles).
  • Una Dogecoin wallet o una Dogecoin address de un exchange que uses. Todos los exchanges grandes de criptomonedas aceptan depósitos DOGE. Opcionalmente, puede convertir la Dogecoin que retires a una moneda de tu elección utilizando un servicio externo (le recomendamos que utilice Changefly para las conversiones de criptomonedas).

Paso 1 – Wallet (enlace proporcionado)

Crea una cuenta en la billetera de monedas múltiples de

Paso 2 – Faucets (enlaces proporcionados)

Registrarse en BitFun

Registrarse en BonusBitcoin

Registrarse en Moonlitecoin

Registrarse en Moondash

Registrarse en Mooncash

Registrarse en Moondogecoin

Registrarse en Moonbitcoin

  • BonusBitcoin y BitFun requerirán registros separados; el resto le pedirá la dirección de correo electrónico que usaste al registrarte en al iniciar sesión.
  • Manténgase registrado en todos los faucets.
  • Acepte deshabilitar AdBlock y acepte cookies (los anuncios no serán un problema).
  • Si usas el navegador Brave, no necesitaras deshabilitar AdBlock Y nunca veras un anuncio (descarga el navegador Brave)

Paso 3 – Importancias técnicas

  • Establecer el reclamo de BonusBitcoin faucet a Promedio (Average).
  • Marque todos los faucets y/o utilice el método para abrir una serie de pestañas a través de una extensión.

Paso 4 – Reclamando las monedas

– Nota aparte: si ha iniciado sesión en su cuenta de Google, reCaptcha podría resolverse con un solo clic. Si tiene que “seleccionar las imágenes …” más de dos veces, cambie Captcha a SolveMedia (escribiendo un texto). Lo que sea más fácil / rápido para ti.

– Nota aparte: una buena práctica es pasar por los faucets cuando usas el dispositivo por primera vez y antes de que lo dejes de usar.

Paso 5 – Convertir

Al final del día / sesión, inicie sesión en y haga clic en el menú desplegable junto a cada moneda individual.

(ejemplo – convertir BTH a DOGE)

Convierta el DASH, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash y Bitcoin acumulados durante el día a DOGE utilizando el convertidor interno. Haz lo mismo con los Tokens de Coinpot.

Ten en cuenta:

  1. NO HAY COMISIONES para la conversión interna
  2. La tasa de conversión es la tasa ACTUAL, que puede fluctuar durante el día
  3. La conversión se hará al instante.
  4. Las conversiones no se pueden cancelar ni anular una vez que están completas
  5. En el improbable escenario de que no tenga suficiente DOGE para un retiro mínimo, considere la posibilidad de “rellenarlos” con Tokens Bonus.

Después de convertir todos los saldos, el saldo de su cuenta DOGECOIN debe ser de alrededor de 50 DOGE (o más).

Paso 6 – Retiro

– Haga clic en el menú desplegable junto a DOGECOIN y seleccione la opción “retirar” (Withdraw).

  • Ingrese su contraseña de y resuelva el Captcha.
  • Seleccione la cantidad que desea retirar y elija la dirección de wallet / exchange / convertidor al que le vas enviar tus DOGE.

Verifique su bandeja de entrada de correo electrónico (para las medidas de seguridad, le envía un correo electrónico para asegurarse de que hayas iniciado el retiro).

Haga clic en el enlace de confirmación correspondiente.


Coinpot afirma que la transacción puede tardar hasta 48 horas. Según nuestra experiencia, los fondos llegan dentro de una hora (mínimo) a 10 horas (máximo).


  • Atesora cada Bono que ofrecen los Moon Faucets. Trata de acordarte de iniciar sesión una vez al día (también puede configurar una extensión de temporizador), ya sea desde su computadora o desde un teléfono inteligente.
  • Su bonificación de % de referencias se aplica siempre que la referencia haya estado activa al menos una vez en los últimos 30 días.
  • Moonbitcoin ofrece bonificaciones de minería y oferta. Teóricamente, cada reclamo de Moonbitcoin faucet que hagas puede multiplicarse hasta el 500% (!!) si se utilizan todos los bonos.
  • La estructura del Bono de Misterio es la razón por la cual los tiempos de reclamación recomendados difieren para Moon Faucets.

P. D.

P: ¿Todo esto por 75 DOGE? Jajaja.

R: 75 DOGE es un mínimo.Todo esto” es una ilustración de un método.

P: ¿Qué voy a hacer con 75 DOGE?

R: Lo que quieras. Los mercados de intercambio y cambio de divisas (Exchanges) son volátiles, impredecibles y están “llenos de oportunidades“. Sin embargo, nos atenemos al principio de que “el dinero se debe utilizar para ganar más dinero“.


Enlaces útiles:

CryptoExchanges que ofrece numerosos pares DOGE:

CoinExchange (registrarse en CoinExchange)

Cryptopia (registrarse en Cryptopia) (regístrese en para obtener un 10% de descuento en todas sus tarifas comerciales durante 12 meses).

*sugerencia: dado que alrededor del 30% de DOGE se cotiza en, al convertir una moneda a DOGE o DOGE a una moneda, verifique las últimas operaciones de para verificar si las tasas de conversión que se le ofrecen son justas.

Información de mercado:

Dogecoin en Coingecko

Dogecoin en Coinmarketcap


Cartera Dogecoin Online

Convertidores instantáneos a otras criptomonedas y monedas fiat:

Paginas de intercambio recomendado y de buena reputación (Registro)

Vende criptomoneda fácilmente por moneda fiat. (Regístrate ahora)

No respaldamos los juegos de apuesta, pero el intercambio interno en LuckyGames parece muy interesante, incluidos los tokens que recientemente llegaron al mercado (registrarse en LuckyGames). Ignorar el juego de apuestas y utilizar el sitio web para cambiar divisas puede ser una opción.

DESCARGO DE RESPONSABILIDAD: aunque el intercambio de la moneda A a la moneda B se realiza sin esfuerzo e inmediatamente en un convertidor en línea, por lo general, obtendrá una tasa más baja que si espera un momento favorable en un intercambio.