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How Cointiply Made Our Morning

At first, our browser was like: So, we were like, "why not finalise the draft of...": ...where we (prophetically!) mentioned...: and... and Cointiply is like... ...the first thing that comes to our mind is a visitor's comment and our reply: MrBrightside, whatcha gonna do now? xD ... If DMYF can foresee the future, instead of… Continue reading How Cointiply Made Our Morning

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Free Dogecoin Giveaway Update

Dear All, For some retarded reason, the FreeDogecoin site script is preventing us from sharing some Doge (the "share" button just... isn't there). It is definitely a bug, support has been contacted, patience is a virtue. *we know that, at current currency prices and current number of participants, the amounts of Dogecoin and Bitcoin we… Continue reading Free Dogecoin Giveaway Update


DMYF – Important News

Some of our readers/subscribers may ask: what the hell is going on with DMYF?.. Before, there were daily news coverage articles, there were reviews of new services, analytic pieces... Now, there is Cointiply-Cointiply-Cointiply, plus an occasional Coinpot Token article... The answer is simple: DMYF Beta project, as it is, has outlived itself. We never planned… Continue reading DMYF – Important News