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19.12.2018: Coinpot Token’s Value – An Opportunity out of Nothing


22.12.2018: Video: The Basics of Dogecoin in Under 2 Minutes. Learn => Earn!


23.12.2018: Subsidiary of Börse Stuttgart to Include Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, LTC in Germany’s First Crypto Trading App, Prizes to be Won.



29.12.2018: Multicurrency Wallet (or faucet income aggregator) still down


29.12.2018: Coinpot Multi-Currency Faucet Income Aggregator Status: Online, Connection Not Secure


01.01.2019: “No Comment”: 1 LTC = $31.92; Litecoin Price – Pump, or Jump?


02.01.2019: Happy New Year from DMYF! 2019 Giveaway – Day 1!


Editor's Choice, Electronic Currency, Giveaway, Important, News



We mention LuckyGames to promote a fee-free exchange accepting 100 cryptocurrencies with instant withdrawals and incredibly low minimum withdrawals. We do NOT advertise. We never recommend any third-party site we have not been testing ourselves for months.

We cannot change the fact that the absolute best crypto-to-crypto exchange on the market has four games users can play (even for free and without registering). We do NOT endorse gambling, however we believe that Cointiply’s, Freedogecoin’s, Coinpot Tokens’ dice and multiplier games are worse than gambling, – they are pointless waste of funds at best or evil manipulated scams designed for people with zero pride and no self-respect.

DMYF subjectively believes that users…

1. Should STOP PLAYING COINTIPLY’S MULTIPLIER: IT IS REPORTED TO BE RIGGED (Cointiply fucked thousands of users over with their Mining Game scam, – boycott their game, – have some pride). Use Cointiply to earnt fiat and turn it into Dogecoin or Bitcoin. Withdraw your earnings. Do not fall for the savings scheme rubbish. Wake up.

2. Should know by now that Coinpot Tokens are too useful to throw them away on gambling.

3. Agree that FreeDoge is… boring?..




REGISTER ON LUCKYGAMES – REGISTRATION TAKES SECONDS (no KYC nonsense; LuckyGames respects your privacy, unlike Orwellian 1T9w8i4tter). In just for the contest? Use a disposeable throw-away email address ( will do the job).


It is not a “wager wager wager until you have nothing to wager” type of contest. There can be hundreds of winners.

Make sure you click on the “Let’s Celebrate Together”

Luckygames wishes Merry Christmas by offering a contest
It is easy to miss or mistake Forum Contest for Wagering Contest, situated below (cut out).

You should reach the community giveaway page:

new year christmas crypto giveaway

It is all free. 100% free. Tried. Tested. Approved. Status: Legit way to win a lot of coins without ads, captcha, etc. This is not a faucet.

Lucky games Wishes Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


1st Event (Be the First)

3 players who place the first 3 bets in the new 2019 year will be rewarded with 20 WAVESand 365 DAYS LEGEND.


  1. Luckygames account level >= 5.
  2. Multi-accounts / Multi-tabs / more than 1 session or JS bots are not allowed.
  3. The first 3 bets will be taken starting from 2019-01-01 00:00:00 UTC (chat time).
  4. Next bet id will be taken in case of disqualification 

DMYF NOTE: LG Account lvl 5 is achievable quick. How? There are 10 ways of increasinf LG Account Level. Read more in the account section.

Already have an account? Great!

Move on to…

2nd Event (Predict and Win)

You need to predict 3 lucky numbers from 0 to 99 which you think will be rolled for the first 3 bets in the new 2019 year.

If you hit 1 roll number, you win 5 WAVES and 5 DAYS LEGEND!
If you hit 2 roll numbers, you win 10 WAVES and 10 DAYS LEGEND!
If you hit 3 roll numbers, you win 20 WAVES and 20 DAYS LEGEND!

Post your prediction numbers in the comments bellow using this format.

Roll Numbers: 0, 50, 99
Luckygames Account: (your account)


  1. Luckygames account level >= 5.
  2. Each player can submit prediction only ONCE. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
  3. If we find that you used multi-accounts to post different predictions, you will be disqualified.
  4. It’s NOT allowed to edit a message – post new message instead.
  5. The first 3 bets will be taken starting from 2019-01-01 00:00:00 UTC (chat time).
  6. Next bet id will be taken, in case of 2 same roll numbers.
  7. The prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.


Summary: 40, 30, 20, 10, 5 WAVES are up for grabs. Taking part costs nothing.

What is Waves:

waves official logo
Waves is neither a Coin or Token: it is a platform offering the technology necessary for issuing currency built upon Waves protocol. WAVES is currency traded on every major exchange, or converted to fiat.

How much is WAVES?

waves price $3.14 and market capitalization in usd
Courtesy of Coingecko.

You can determine how much you can win in “real money” by checking latest WAVES price and opening the calculator app. Waves is easily sold or exchanged.

For now, – hurry!!!

Guessing even one out of three numbers will get you something.

P. S. Don’t forget to spend some time socialising in chat, whenever visiting LG. Why? Just do it.

In DMYF you can trust.

Happy New Year!!!

Stay tuned, – more free cryptocurrency giveaways coming soon…

…very soon!

DMYF Official Logo - Don't Miss Your Flight! Earn.Invest.Trade
Editor's Choice, Important, Scams

Twitter’s Mousetrap: You Can Set Your DOB to any date, but there is a caveat: You Are Asked To “Prove You Are OLDER THAN 13 By Submitting Government ID”

Mousetrap? A Twitter user is lured into a situation when his options are: say “goodbye” to a media account that’s been nurtured for months… or bend your knee and submit to Twitter’s well-designed Orwellian intrusion into YOUR vault of privacy and comfort zone, where you keep naively believing in having a right to keep your personal details and sensitive information to yourself. Well done, Twitter. Next time a user changes his profile picture, you will lock the account and politely request credit card details? How can a user quantify the loss of reputation, minute by minute, due to a lie: the account is “citizen erased”, apart from “locked”. What if it is a business account? What if, beside reputation, audience, engagement and revenue is lost just because… just for fun, a user utilised an available function… which is there for a purpose?..

Twitter TOS warning about not meeting the age requirement for the ads.
Twitter asking identification of a valid government-issued ID to confirm the identity.
Twitter, whatever is writ in stone can never be “deleted“. Stop lying.

Was Coinpot indeed hacked?…

***reposting article from our new site***

Coinpot possibly hacked; moon faucets not working; be careful of phishing attempts, do not try to log in every second. Three browsers = same results.

Download Brave browser – protect your privacy and finances!!!

coinpot hacked possibly under attack

coinpot not working

coinpot not working
Brave Browser…

is coinpot hacked
This site may be hacked” says Google


BitcoinCash up 44% in a Week, Market Cap Breaks $3 Bil

According to current charts, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) USD price is up by 40% 41.41% 44.17% compared to last week. 1 BCH is traded for $162 $163.57 $170… and Market Capitalisation of the Coin is $2.82 $2.86 $2.89 $2.96… $2.87… $2.95 billion within minutes

BCH hike
Source: Cryptocompare

Coin’s Market Cap jumps up and down by $10 mil… breaking $3bil

BitcoinCash marketcap 3 billion dollars

Instant registration and quickest way to buy or sell BCH using Visa or Mastercard Credit/Debit Cards would be Changelly wallet-to-wallet “supersonic speed” exchange. Alas…

Changelly does not list BCH, but does have BCH ABC, which is down 20.43% and is traded at $227.31

Bitcoin Cash ABC(IOU)
Source: Coinmarketcap

Trusted exchanges with quick registration featuring BCH pairs


EXMO – quick registration, user-friendly exchange offering instant Debit and Credit Card purchases

 -10% trade fees
for registering using this link




Cryptocurrency can be purchased for anything from bank transfers to gift cards (!) on LocalBitcoin

…and a magnificent 0% fee exchange allowing users to convert 100 cryptocurrencies is hidden within an… online casino.

withdfraw dogge 5
Register on LuckyGames to exchange… 100 Coins and Tokens

Dear Fauceters, admit it, – have you been ignoring MoonBitcoinCash these past months?..