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Important: LuckyGames Mirror Address; What Does LuckyGames Offer: A Short Summary

Can’t access That could be due to country restrictions. According to official announcement, it is possible to access the site via an official mirror address.

Official LuckyGames mirror:

lucky games alternative address is luckygames.ccluckgames

*beware of phishing sites. Whenever visiting a site, make sure there is nothing unusual about its address.

*LuckyGames  features games such as dice, roulette, cells and more. DMYF discourages using personal funds towards gambling, and mentions LuckyGames as an alternative to wasting faucet earnings on faucets’ internal multipliers, lotteries, dice, etc. Faucets are source of microearnings, not a destination for gambling away the earnings. Unlike Cointiply‘s Multiplier, Coinpot’s Token games and more, LuckyGames maintains and impeccable reputation and employs a Probably Fair system guaranteeing fairness and absence of possible “tweaking”. Players can use most LuckyGames for free, utilising the Lucky Tokens system which offers unlimited supply of free pseudo-currency which, in fact, can be used to purchase various goods and bonuses. No site registration is needed, however, registered users benefit from a system of Levels. Starting from Level 1, all players gain access to LuckyGames chat, where all active conversationalists are rewarded with random giveaways of real Coins and Tokens, – a chance to build up a portfolio of cryptocurrencies investing nothing but time. 

*Most importantly, LuckyGames features an excellent internal cryptocurrency exchange, supporting over 100 cryptocurrencies. In summary: LuckyGames offers numerous earning opportunities and valuable services which DMYF does promote. DMYF does not offer investment advice, does not attempt to influence readers’ financial decision-making. All information is published for education and entertainment purposes only. In present context, LuckyGames can be used as a source of sample portfolio building and cryptocurrency conversion without the need to play any games of chance. 

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FAQ: “What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount from Coinpot”; Withdrawing, Converting and Exchanging Faucet Earnings Overview


Minimum faucet earnings withdrawals from Coinpot, per currency (zero-fee), per currency are:

Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC (0.39 United States Dollar)
Bitcoin Cash: 0.0001 BCH (0.013 United States Dollar)
Dogecoin: 50 DOGE  (0.0997 United States Dollar)
Litecoin: 0.002 LTC (0.11 United States Dollar)
DASH: 0.0002 DASH (0.0166 United States Dollar)

*USD prices relevant as of 09.03.2019

Coinpot Token cannot be withdrawn. Tokens have to be converted to any of the five currencies; otherwise, it holds no value outside Coinpot. 100 Coinpot Tokens roughly equate to 0.01 United States Dollar. 

Contrary to popular belief, the cheapest withdrawal method of Coinpot-partnered faucets is normally Bitcoin Cash (sometimes – DASH); not Dogecoin. Doge remains a popular choice due to the Coin‘s liquidity, minimal trade and transfer fees, stable fiat value and instant transaction times. It must be said, however, that Dogecoin withdrawals from Coinpot take a very long time, as “industry standards” go. The delay is due to Coinpot‘s procedures and the funds never take 48 Hours to arrive (as stated in the Terms). Coinpot Dogecoin Wallet-to-any Dogecoin Wallet transfers normally take 14-24 hours on average.

Tip: Delay in withdrawing Doge (or other currencies) negates the possibility to execute price speculation operations on external exchanges. However, if a hypothetical Dogecoin millionaire feels that the Coin should be sold (or bought, for that matter) right now and the opportunity might be lost due to hours-long transfer… Coinpot Tokens’ stable fiat value and zero-fee instant Doge-Token conversion might save the day. Of course, keeping large amounts of any currency in Coinpot is lunacy. So is using an asset unique to Coinpot for high-value speculative operations.

DMYF recommends storing currencies in real wallets, DMYF does not encourage speculation (or any other form of financial decision-making). Monitoring currency exchange rates and earning a few Tokens or Coins on successful exchanges using funds earned from faucets is merely an educational exercise for an aspiring cryptocurrency day trader. Remember: using micro-earnings to acquire transferrable skills and knowledge is the only real value one must expect to gain from spending time solving captcha.  

Anecdotally, a test DASH transfer to Binance from Coinpot was, to our surprise, instant.

Remember: in a volatile market, currency transaction delays might result in significant losses.

Q: Considering the fact that the minimum Coinpot withdrawal amounts are measured in cents, where can they be sold or exchanged?..

A: If a user intends to sell/purchase currencies, when speaking of selling tiny fractions of coins, exchanges such as Binance should be avoided. Minimum trade amounts, commissions and withdraw fees might leave a seller with dust, – small amounts of coins/tokens left over after a transaction, – that is, if a minimum amount of a currency withdrawn from Coinpot will meet the minimum trade amounts at all. For more information, always refer to the Fees and Limits page of an exchange (e. g. Binance Fee Structure).

A simpler way to sell/exchange faucet earnings is using a converter, such as that offered by LuckyGames, – the site’s internal currency converter allows instant conversion and access to 100+ currencies. Most importantly, any featured currency can be used to purchase another featured currency, while traditionally, even altcoin-focused exchanges (e. g. CoinExchange) offer limited purchasing options (=trading pairs). LuckyGames conveniently offers conversions between any of the 100+ supported currencies at market rates, zero deposit fees and minimal withdrawal fees. Transactions are instant and rates are updated every minute.

exchange btc to doge

In practice, that means that a Coinpot user can withdraw his earnings in Dogecoin and convert them to any popular currency in LuckyGames, since minimum conversion amount for Dogecoin is only 100 Doge. Going through an exchange would imply converting Dogecoin to USD/BTC/ETH/LTC (at best), purchasing a currency (IF being able to meet the minimum transaction amount!)… and then face withdraw fees.

At the moment, LuckyGames supports the following currencies: 0x Protocol, aelf, Aeternity, Ardor, Ark, Augur, Bancor, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bean Cash, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin ABC (BCH), Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, Bitcore, BitShares, BitTorrent, Blackcoin, BURST, Bytecoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Civic, CLAMs, CloakCoin, Crown, DASH, Decentraland, Decred, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Einsteinium, Electroneum, Emercoin, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Feathercoin, FunFair, Gamecredits, GAS, Gifto, Golem, Groestlcoin, Gulden, Holo, Horizen, HyperCash, ICON, Ignis, ION, Komodo, Lisk, Litecoin, Loopring, Monaco, MonaCoie, Monero, Namecoin, Nano, NAVcoin, Neblio, NEM, NEO, Nexus, Novacoin, NXT, OmiseGO, Ontology, Particle, Peercoin, PIVX, Populous, Potcoin, Pundi X, Qtum, Ravencoin, Reddcoin, Ripple, SALT, Siacoin, Status, STEEM, Steem Dollars, Stellar Lumens, STRATIS, SysCoin, Tether, Tron, TrueUSD, Ubiq, VeChain, Verge, Vericoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, WAVES, WhiteCoin, Zcash, Zcoin and Zilliqa.

Q: Is it possible to quickly sell Coinpot earnings for fiat (USD, EUR…)?

A: It is becoming easier to sell popular Coins using a variety of methods. BCH, DASH, BTC, Dogecoin and DASH can be sold for fiat (PayPal, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller and many more paying systems). For best rates, it is recommended to have a look at an exchange monitor, which compares best rates available at the moment live. Rates and minimums vary; however, at time of posting, an exemplary sale of Dogecoin for USD (Perfect Money) would be possible even with a minimum of 100 Dogecoin.

sell doge for usdSummary:

Although Coinpot is a legitimate service, withdrawals can take time and thus users do not have immediate access to their earnings. It is recommended to store Coins elsewhere, or take advantage of multiple new services offering low exchange rates. Although Coinpot Faucets offer the chance to earn enough Coins to be able to withdraw earnings multiple times a day, doing so would imply a slight conversion cost. Still, holding Coins on Coinpot account is unwise and faucet users should have a plan how to put their earnings to use.

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Coinpot Tokens’ Value: How Many BTC, BCH, Dogecoin, LTC, DASH and… Indian Rupee (INR) 100 Tokens are Worth?

coinpot token logo calculating value of coinpot token against fiat

Today, should you decide to sell your Coinpot Tokens, asking yourself, what’s a Coinpot Token’s value, worth, use or utility…

logo bitcoin black background btc
You can get 0.00000284 Bitcoin (BTC) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000000284)
logo of bitcoincash on black background bch
You can get 0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000008810)
dogecoin doge logo on black backgrpund
You can get 5.08194081 Dogecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0508194081)
Litecoin ltc logo on black background
You can get 0.00031486 Litecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000031480)
DASH logo on black background

You can get 0.00014312 DASH for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000014312)

Now, what about the fiat value of cryptocurrencies and the corresponding value of Coinpot Tokens at present? Historically, we used to use USD as a universal measure. For a change, we will use… INR.

0.00000284 Bitcoin = 0,696422 INR (₹); ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0,696422 INR (₹)
0.00014312 DASH is worth 0.687503 Indian Rupee; ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens 0.687503 Indian Rupee.
5.08194081 Doge is worth 0.680317 Indian Rupee; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.680317 INR
0.00031486 Litecoin converts to 0.695148 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.695148 Indian Rupee
0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash equals 0.694285 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.694285 INR.

Evidently, fiat price of a Coinpot Tokens is constant. Problematically, their liquidity is limited to Therefore, converting Coinpot Tokens to fiat will encounter a lot of fees?.. No. There is a way to withdraw Coinpot Tokens and convert them to USD paying close to nothing. How? Stay tuned! (spoiler)

P. S. Coinpot Tokens are earned for every action on Coinpot-partnered faucets.

Read more:

Coinpot Faucets: Guide

Guide: Earn & Withdraw 75+ Dogecoin Today


Currency rates obtained from:

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We mention LuckyGames to promote a fee-free exchange accepting 100 cryptocurrencies with instant withdrawals and incredibly low minimum withdrawals. We do NOT advertise. We never recommend any third-party site we have not been testing ourselves for months.

We cannot change the fact that the absolute best crypto-to-crypto exchange on the market has four games users can play (even for free and without registering). We do NOT endorse gambling, however we believe that Cointiply’s, Freedogecoin’s, Coinpot Tokens’ dice and multiplier games are worse than gambling, – they are pointless waste of funds at best or evil manipulated scams designed for people with zero pride and no self-respect.

DMYF subjectively believes that users…

1. Should STOP PLAYING COINTIPLY’S MULTIPLIER: IT IS REPORTED TO BE RIGGED (Cointiply fucked thousands of users over with their Mining Game scam, – boycott their game, – have some pride). Use Cointiply to earnt fiat and turn it into Dogecoin or Bitcoin. Withdraw your earnings. Do not fall for the savings scheme rubbish. Wake up.

2. Should know by now that Coinpot Tokens are too useful to throw them away on gambling.

3. Agree that FreeDoge is… boring?..




REGISTER ON LUCKYGAMES – REGISTRATION TAKES SECONDS (no KYC nonsense; LuckyGames respects your privacy, unlike Orwellian 1T9w8i4tter). In just for the contest? Use a disposeable throw-away email address ( will do the job).


It is not a “wager wager wager until you have nothing to wager” type of contest. There can be hundreds of winners.

Make sure you click on the “Let’s Celebrate Together”

Luckygames wishes Merry Christmas by offering a contest
It is easy to miss or mistake Forum Contest for Wagering Contest, situated below (cut out).

You should reach the community giveaway page:

new year christmas crypto giveaway

It is all free. 100% free. Tried. Tested. Approved. Status: Legit way to win a lot of coins without ads, captcha, etc. This is not a faucet.

Lucky games Wishes Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


1st Event (Be the First)

3 players who place the first 3 bets in the new 2019 year will be rewarded with 20 WAVESand 365 DAYS LEGEND.


  1. Luckygames account level >= 5.
  2. Multi-accounts / Multi-tabs / more than 1 session or JS bots are not allowed.
  3. The first 3 bets will be taken starting from 2019-01-01 00:00:00 UTC (chat time).
  4. Next bet id will be taken in case of disqualification 

DMYF NOTE: LG Account lvl 5 is achievable quick. How? There are 10 ways of increasinf LG Account Level. Read more in the account section.

Already have an account? Great!

Move on to…

2nd Event (Predict and Win)

You need to predict 3 lucky numbers from 0 to 99 which you think will be rolled for the first 3 bets in the new 2019 year.

If you hit 1 roll number, you win 5 WAVES and 5 DAYS LEGEND!
If you hit 2 roll numbers, you win 10 WAVES and 10 DAYS LEGEND!
If you hit 3 roll numbers, you win 20 WAVES and 20 DAYS LEGEND!

Post your prediction numbers in the comments bellow using this format.

Roll Numbers: 0, 50, 99
Luckygames Account: (your account)


  1. Luckygames account level >= 5.
  2. Each player can submit prediction only ONCE. Multi-accounts are prohibited.
  3. If we find that you used multi-accounts to post different predictions, you will be disqualified.
  4. It’s NOT allowed to edit a message – post new message instead.
  5. The first 3 bets will be taken starting from 2019-01-01 00:00:00 UTC (chat time).
  6. Next bet id will be taken, in case of 2 same roll numbers.
  7. The prize will be credited to your Luckygames account.


Summary: 40, 30, 20, 10, 5 WAVES are up for grabs. Taking part costs nothing.

What is Waves:

waves official logo
Waves is neither a Coin or Token: it is a platform offering the technology necessary for issuing currency built upon Waves protocol. WAVES is currency traded on every major exchange, or converted to fiat.

How much is WAVES?

waves price $3.14 and market capitalization in usd
Courtesy of Coingecko.

You can determine how much you can win in “real money” by checking latest WAVES price and opening the calculator app. Waves is easily sold or exchanged.

For now, – hurry!!!

Guessing even one out of three numbers will get you something.

P. S. Don’t forget to spend some time socialising in chat, whenever visiting LG. Why? Just do it.

In DMYF you can trust.

Happy New Year!!!

Stay tuned, – more free cryptocurrency giveaways coming soon…

…very soon!

DMYF Official Logo - Don't Miss Your Flight! Earn.Invest.Trade
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New Coinpot Token Article Published… on DMYF 2.0 (beta) Site.

How much is 100 Coinpot Tokens in USD? What’s the use of Tokens? What’s their value? How can Coinpot Tokens be used to earn Coins? Read now!

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The Real Value of Coinpot Tokens

Chart showing btc price of $6,368
*this is not a signal nor a hint!


How is this related to the value of a Coinpot Token, one might ask?

As we previously mentioned in the Coinpot Token Value, Price and Worth series of articles, one possible utility of the Coinpot Token balance is immediate access to acquisition of five currencies: Dogecoin, DASH, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and Litecoin.

As always, we cite the important list of CT conversion terms:

  1. There is NO FEE for conversion

  2. The conversion rate is the CURRENT rate – this is likely to fluctuate during the day

  3. The conversion will be done instantly. The specified amount will be debited from your coinpot tokens pot and the converted amount will be credited to your other coin pot straight away.

Let us calculate how much Bitcoin 100 Coinpot Tokens can buy today.

100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.00000171 BTC (or 171 Satoshi)
0.00000171 BTC = 0.00966162 USD (or roughly $0.01)


100 Coinpot Tokens – $0.01

The value of Coinpot Tokens is tied to fiat. Converting the Tokens to any of the five currencies takes seconds.

Now, an example: imagine if Coinpot Tokens existed last year. On the 15th of November, 1 BTC was worth $7,283.22.

Price of Bitcoin on 15th November 2017 of $7,283
Bitcoin to USD: 15th November 2017

Say a hypothetical Coinpot Token HODLer was meticulously grinding Tokens by visiting each of the seven partnering Coinpot faucets, saving up 1,000,000 Coinpot Tokens (which is not that difficult, as a matter of fact).

Suddenly, our HODLer had a dream… And sold his entire Token balance for BTC. As we remember, the fiat price of a Coinpot Token is stable, so for 1,000,000 Tokens, the hyppthetical HODLer would purchase $100-worth of Bitcoin.

Price of Bitcoin on the 15th of December 2017
15th of December 2017: BTC to USD

A month later, however, when Bitcoin closed at $17,604,85… The HODLer would possess the same amount of Bitcoin he exchanged his Tokens for, however the USD value of his cryptocurrency would, ehm, significantly increase.

In short: HODLing Coinpot Tokens offers a speculative opportunity applicable to 5 currencies.

(interestingly enough, the Cointiply pseudo-Bitcoin/Dogecoin faucet’s rewards are also fiat-tied, offering similar opportunities, albeit limited by long withdrawal timeframe)

Now, what is the reason for Bitcoin‘s price plummeting is a topic for a separate article, however if the Bitcoin fell in light of the rumours surrounding the Bitcoin Cash fork… Hey, doesn’t Coinpot also feature a BCH balance?..

In any case, isn’t it an interesting time to be a Coinpot Token HODLer?

Bitcoin major price drop stated on Cryptocompare
Source: Cryptocompare

*Disclaimer: under no circumstance should any form of content published on this website be regarded as financial advice. We are not offering financial advice, we do not encourage or discourage decision-making in relation to investing or management of financial assets. All publications are written for entertainment and education purposes. We describe anecdotal experiences, state subjective opinions, report upon personal observations, quote widely available third-party sources and attempt to answer popular questions to the best of our knowledge and ability. We kindly ask our readers to employ rationality, critical thinking, analytic approach to information processing. Cryptocurrency market as a whole poses multitudes of risks, is full of dishonest operations, widespread false news. 

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Encouraging News, Or?..: SwiftDemand Account Verification ID Requirements Abolished… And Account Verification Made Compulsory.

Notice We have simplified our verification process to no longer require government ID verification. Selfie verification will replace government ID verification as we believe this will make the sign up process much easier. Verification times have also been improved significantly (median verification time: 5 minutes maximum verification time: 24 hours)

A skirmish in the battle for Privacy has been won. Or was it? Government IDs are no longer needed for SwiftDemand account verification, the activation process has been reduced to 5 minutes from 24 (!) hours.

Q: What was the connection between 23:55 hours and the now-obsolete requirement for a scan of a government-issued ID?

(surprise) A catch is excluded from the e-mail  headline (surprise-2): up until recently a user could still claim Swifts, saving up for better days. The new rules are: verification  is one step shorter… but compulsory.


Photo or GTFO No Selfie Verification = No Swifts!

With this update we have also added the requirement that you must be fully verified to claim your Swifts. If you have not already, please make sure you have fully verified your identity by uploading a selfie.

General Knowledge – SwiftDemand

SwiftDemand and the first Token Sale: Review.
SwiftDemand Whitepaper (up-to-date draft) – GitHub link
SwiftDemand Whitepaper (up-to-date draft) – Download Link

When grass was green and our hopes were high.. When DMYF first “met” SwiftDemand (circa March 2018), no proof of ID or photograph was required for each user to receive guaranteed 100 daily Swifts 100% free to spend them on various goods and services in SwiftDemand’s shop.

After new “verification” demands appeared, SwiftDemand, in fact, aimed to have in its possession (besides usual “gentleman’s kit” of IP/browser settings/OS/MAC) a comprehensive database of users’ names, shopping interests, phone numbers, home and email addresses, government-issued IDs… and a fucking “here’s what I look now” recent photo. Next, would it be credit card numbers, birth certificates, fingerprints?.. What in the actual fuck.

Needless to say, although we harboured hope for change, SwiftDemand was all-but-dead to our cause. We stopped following its progress, lost interest in browsing the store, froze work on the drafts dedicated to promoting the platform (which we had respect for) and although merely a single visit per week was sufficient to prevent an expiry of accumulated Swifts (the system sends kind reminders), even that felt so-last-year, as we were not planning to comply with the Stalinist verification requirements.


Weekly reminders to login and claim 700 Swifts (anything above that number gets “burnt”) looked so cute, kind and charitable in the past. Just one click (if a user chose to stay logged in), an online shop almost insisting you receive goods and services for free… and a one-click faucet with no captcha!

700 Swifts were enough to make two-three purchases of real value. For 10000-20000 bargains such as PCs, hardware, or even jewellery often appeared.

SEAC WATCHES buy for free by collecting Swifts daily on SwiftDemand
*Currently on sale

The only faucet which exhibited any interest in maintaining users’ accounts and loyalty was FreeBitcoin which once sent a “we missed you, here’s 3000 Satoshi…” email.

Q: Why does this kindness begin resembling a mousetrap, or something as sleazy as Big Brother’s love for you? (“slavery is freedom…”)

Q: Why does the system want to know the faces of all those who purchased goods such as…


Q: SwiftDemand, 90% of the services purchased were never delivered and Swifts were never reimbursed. The shop was full of rubbish. Sellers had little to no initiative to sell, except for promotion of their businesses, or plain barter. When ridiculous listings was the first thing a visitor saw was not even funny, unless our theory that the system needed a “break” is correct, the verification demands which exceeded those asked by cryptocurrency exchanges made no sense.

Read: Top-3 “wtf” SwiftDemand Listings

Q: SwiftDemand, are your servers secure enough to prevent leaks of users’ data?

Q: SwiftDemand, should one of your users ever become famous, run for public offices, or, or, or, are there any guarantees that what happens in SwiftDemand stays in SwiftDemand?

DMYF did urge SD to come to its senses.  Not expecting any fucks to be given, ofc, yet…

Read: SwiftDemand – WTF is Going On, – Exempts From a Letter

We are not sure whether @SwiftDemand_JPN is actually affiliated with SwiftDemand,


swiftdemand japan account likes DMYF article about less government involvement
admittedly, we were pleased that our protest was not a total waste of time.

Morale of the story: our efforts probably rippled like a drop of rain amidst roaring battle of Guadalcanal, (a metaphor so idiotic, we will keep it), yet a small step towards liberalisation is undeniable. A selfie is still a must for account verification, so the “Battle for Privacy” reached a stalemate. At times, it seems as if making a big deal out of submitting a selfie is silly.

Food for thought: Is SwiftDemand as noble an organisation as its intentions, stated in the platform’s mission statement? Is the system merely trying to enforce the one user=one account policy to prevent devaluation of the currency (=10% logical and would explain the gradual liberalisation), or is it yet another “fairytale gone bad” blockchain project? Why news which technically represent a step forward feel like a step forward followed by a step back?

Finally, why do the best die young the projects which demonstrate real potential to facilitate global progress either turn into monsters, simply vanish, or fail to make ends meet, while scams prosper feeding on the weaknesses in human nature? If cryptouniverse is Wild West (or rather some Firefly-like space), when will a Clint Eastwood appear to sort shit out?

Reality check: cryptocurrency transactions never guaranteed anonymity. Quite the opposite; the hypothetical Big Brother would not have thought of a better system monitoring financial transactions. There is nothing wrong in that per se.

DMYF is not a rage against the machine project. We do not own a Guy Fawks mask. Promotion of cyberparanoia is not our intention. Staying anonymous online is a utopian concept, but a precautionary desire to ensure a degree of anonymity does not imply that one wants or has anything criminal to hide.

Same principle applies to privacy. Some do not mind taking a shower with no curtains, others do. Some do not mind working at a desk with their manager staring at the screen from behind their back, others hate it. Some may consider purchasing a “WiFi Hacking Handbook” harmless curiosity, others (especially if “others'” budgets are overinflated and disproportional to the amount of real work) may interpret the download as interest in criminal activity (ever downloaded TOR using a “naked” personal device, home network and something like Google Chrome signed in to Google Account, just to check out what TOR is, or, say, access locally forbidden website before going on a business trip? Congratulations, your personal details have been added to some imaginary database of some imaginary organisation no one’s ever heard of).

Anonymity and privacy act as shields against identity theft and other forms of serious cybercrime. Identity theft can cause financial problems and ruin lives.  Anyone who’s ever had their bank card cloned, or full card+personal details stolen knows how unpleasant it is.

A passport copy is sufficient for professional criminals to take out credit cards under others’ names, open bank accounts under others’ names and even create copies of IDs (i. e. using stolen templates). Being a victim of a “carder” is unpleasant enough. Full-scale identity theft is disastrous.

DMYF does all sorts of weird stuff. Like trying to expose scammers and warn readers that their investments are at risk. A degree of cautious mistrust is part of the game.

Security of readers’ personal data is more valuable than few hundred DOGE lost to some “cloudmining” ponzi scheme.

Hopefully SwiftDemand are the good guys, but cryptomarket is cryptomarket. Very often, things are not what they seem. When browser infections with mining scripts were rampant, amongst various browser extensions, the one responsible for hijacking a browser was that specific app, “Everybody lies”, as says Dr. House.

When Mike Horowitz gives practically identical speeches about the “financial revolution” and is quoted, its normal. An ex-Wall St. investor, millions made on early purchase into a project. When George Soros and others trash Bitcoin, calling cryptocurrency market a bubble, finally destroying lives of those who invested too much and too late, expecting   quick ROIs sufficient for something like a nice short-term profit and an early-2018 holiday… and then creating a cryptocurrency-focused investment fund when the price seemed comfortable enough…. It’s also normal. Because George Soros is George Soros.

Now, who and what is SeiftDemand?..

Time shall tell.

P. S. 

Safety tip: if you keep a copy of your government IDs/utility bills/bank statements on your computers, at least make sure your hard disk is encrypted. Password-protected folders are not enough. Try to avoid keeping copies of documents in your online email inboxes; specifically if 2FA is not enabled. Frequent flyer-business traveller-freelance worker? Beware of public WiFi networks, consider installing a VPN, or anything that encrypts your traffic before a wireless connection is made. Check your Bluetooth settings. Update the software of your router. Better safe than sorry.