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Coinpot Tokens’ Value: How Many BTC, BCH, Dogecoin, LTC, DASH and… Indian Rupee (INR) 100 Tokens are Worth?

coinpot token logo calculating value of coinpot token against fiat

Today, should you decide to sell your Coinpot Tokens, asking yourself, what’s a Coinpot Token’s value, worth, use or utility…

logo bitcoin black background btc
You can get 0.00000284 Bitcoin (BTC) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000000284)
logo of bitcoincash on black background bch
You can get 0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000008810)
dogecoin doge logo on black backgrpund
You can get 5.08194081 Dogecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0508194081)
Litecoin ltc logo on black background
You can get 0.00031486 Litecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000031480)
DASH logo on black background

You can get 0.00014312 DASH for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000014312)

Now, what about the fiat value of cryptocurrencies and the corresponding value of Coinpot Tokens at present? Historically, we used to use USD as a universal measure. For a change, we will use… INR.

0.00000284 Bitcoin = 0,696422 INR (₹); ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0,696422 INR (₹)
0.00014312 DASH is worth 0.687503 Indian Rupee; ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens 0.687503 Indian Rupee.
5.08194081 Doge is worth 0.680317 Indian Rupee; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.680317 INR
0.00031486 Litecoin converts to 0.695148 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.695148 Indian Rupee
0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash equals 0.694285 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.694285 INR.

Evidently, fiat price of a Coinpot Tokens is constant. Problematically, their liquidity is limited to Therefore, converting Coinpot Tokens to fiat will encounter a lot of fees?.. No. There is a way to withdraw Coinpot Tokens and convert them to USD paying close to nothing. How? Stay tuned! (spoiler)

P. S. Coinpot Tokens are earned for every action on Coinpot-partnered faucets.

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Currency rates obtained from:

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MoonDogecoin Faucet – 99% Mystery Bonus and a Small Hint

MoonDogecoin, a Doge Faucet which accumulates Coins until the next claim (5 minutes minimum, 4 days maximum), also often multiplies your earned Dogecoin by circa 100%.

How much can be earned on MoonDogeCoin with no referrals, no loyalty bonus and 0% Mystery bonus?

How much can be earned on MoonDogeCoin with no referrals, no loyalty bonus and 0% mystery bonus - current claim rates
“IMPORTANT: These claim rates are adjusted automatically depending on a number of factors (including the current Dogecoin/USD exchange rate and revenue received from adverts/donations). So although we are committed to making Moon Dogecoin the highest paying faucet around, there will be times when these amounts go down as well as up.”

Note: 3 Coinpot Tokens are added to every faucet claim!

Proof of a 99% Mystery Bonus Claim:

moondogecoin faucet cliaim 99% mystery bonus double minimum 5-minute claim of free doge

Unline MoonBitCoin, which permits the multiplier of every 5-minute Satoshi claim by up to 500%, MoonDogeCoin‘s multipliers are fully controllable up to 200%.

What is MoonDogeCoin’s Daily Loyalty Bonus

You can now send your faucet earnings TO THE MOON by building up your daily loyalty bonus!

Starting from 26 August 2015 you will earn a % bonus which builds up for every consecutive day that you make at least one faucet claim.
This bonus increases by 1% per day, up to a maximum of 100% (which means your faucet payouts are doubled!!!)
So for example, if you made a claim yesterday and then make another claim today you will get a bonus of 1% on top of your usual claim amount.
If you then claim again tomorrow, your bonus will increase to 2%, then 3% the day after and so on up to 100%. However if you miss a day then your bonus will reset back to 0% and you must build it up again.

So simply make a faucet claim at least once every day and your earnings will ROCKET TO THE MOON!!!

(NOTE: Moon Dogecoin uses UTC dates and times – so these will be used to determine the days that you have made faucet claims)

As far as Referral Bonus, there is a small trick, or hint:

“A referral is considered to be “active” if they have made at least 1 faucet claim in the previous 72 hours”

*hint: notice that a referral is considered active if the user makes a claim once every 72 hours. In theory: ask a few of your friends to visit the faucet every 3 days, making just one claim (1 minute of time)… A 100% Referral Multiplier does not seem astronomically far, does it?

This is not cheating!


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MoonBitcoin Bitcoin Faucet – the Basics of 500% Multiplier.

It seems that the 500% Satoshi Claim Multiplier of MoonBitcoin is more achievable than a 300% Claim Multiplier of MoonDoge, MoonLitecoin or MoonBitconCash, as the 90%+ Mystery Bonus is encountered much more frequently on average, per 5-minute faucet claim, while four remaining Multipliers can be kept stable.

Moonbitcoin faucet showing the 98% Mystery Bonus
*excluded: loyalty bonus (login once a day for 100 days = 100% multiplier. *excluded: referral bonus: each referral +1%
  • Offer Bonus can be pumped up to 100% relatively easily… if you are responsible enough to know how to work with OfferWalls* – visit MoonBitCoin’s OfferWall page – complete Offers (earning Satoshi) = …. +%%%.
  • Referral Bonus  – each referral +1%.
  • Daily Loyalty Bonus – login, make a claim once a day for 100 days = 100% bonus.
  • Mining Bonus… = we, personally, do not trust “browser mining” and thus cannot possibly recommend that feature.

*OfferWalls can be risky; use reasonable caution. Though at least two OfferWalls are identical to those of Cointiply; though paying with Satoshi.

**MoonBitcoin faucet claim grants a visitor the same 3 Coinpot Tokens as do action on the rest of Coinpot-partnering faucets. 100 Coinpot Tokens are roughly worth $0.01.

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New Coinpot Token Article Published… on DMYF 2.0 (beta) Site.

How much is 100 Coinpot Tokens in USD? What’s the use of Tokens? What’s their value? How can Coinpot Tokens be used to earn Coins? Read now!

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LuckyGames: Legit. Using Dogecoin to Test Confirmation of Withdrawals, Useful Numbers, Guides.

As always, using Dogecoin, we tested the process of transferring winnings from a LuckyGames Doge wallet to an external wallets and examined the minimum withdrawing, betting and exchange amounts.

Minimum Dogecoin Deposit Amount: None (as far as we know).
Minimum Dogecoin Withdrawal Amount: 10 Doge (!)

Placing a withdrawl of 10 dogecoin with 1 doge transaction fees on luckygames...

Withdrawal fee: 1 Dogecoin (“low priority” option)
Minimum Bet (Doge, Roulette): 0.10 Doge

withdrawing 29 dogecoin on a dogecoin deposit address
Placing Prediciton roll with dogecoin on luckygames
Cells on luckygames
A prompt stating the Dogecoin withdrawal has been processed.
exchanging btc to doge on Luckygames interface

Minimum Bet (Doge, Dice): 0.00000001 Doge

Minimum Bet (Doge, Cells): 1 Doge

2 FA for Withdrawals
: No
Transaction Times (“Low Priority” option): From 2 to 5 Hours.
Withdrawal Confirmation: Instant, Automatic (as far as we can tell)

Exchange Minimum: Doge => BTC, 100 Doge. BTC => ~Doge = 0.0001 BTC,.

Commission for Cryptocurrency Conversion: None
Conversion Rates: Current, Updated every 1 Min
Exchange Options: (as far as we can tell): Any Supported Currency to Any Supported Currency

Key points summary:
10 Doge minimum withdrawal is madness. In a good way, Low withdrawal limits allowed us to test transaction times of Lucky Games Doge wallet to online wallets, exchanges, etc. four times. Choosing “low priority” every time, each Doge transfer arrived earlier than we expected.

Zero-fee exchange where a user can exchange virtually every popular currency to another popular currency was the reason behind our interest in Lucky Games  in the first place.

Dogecoin-based test of the casino did not reveal any unexpected surprises (e, g. 1000 Doge min withdrawal). We will try to run the same test using other currencies.

P. S. This article is not a review of the casino and games of chance. We did not play any of the games long enough to state whether they are fair or not, – however, – from what we can tell, there are no hidden scripts; unlike Cointiply’s Cointiplier, which is widely considered to be rigged, the games offered by LuckyGames are definitely not.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse gambling; alas, if a person is a determined gambler, picking the right casino is better than wasting earnings on faucets’ “multipliers“.

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Cointiply Mining Game Strategy, Review and Guide: Cheap(er) Gems; How To: Optimise Mine for 100% Passive Income; Rebuild Cost Calculator and the Cointiplier Controversy.


While Cointiply is offline…

Gems Balance showing 210667 Gems
Cointiply’s Mining Game: GpC rate looks better.

Cointiply Mining Game: Passive Income – Myth of Reality?

(SPOILER) Truly “passive” income might be possible if the following conditions are met:

(note: “passive” means “0 effort on your behalf”; in this case we examine a scenario where, following an initial investment and some preparation, we set up a system where we either forget about the existence of Cointiply for almost four months = maximum hardcore; or log in every once in a while to withdraw the funds and, maybe, roll the roulette = medium hardcore)

– all profitability/building/rebuilding spreadsheets studied and applied to individual circumstances
– the user is gifted with the ability to realistically evaluate the amount of time he/she will be able to dedicate to the Game (gem acquisition stage), maintain a zen state of mind (during the passive stage) and read the works of Marcus Aurelius stoically accept the fact that that $1 per day, a result of hours spent letting Big Brother know every detail of what you did last Summer tapresearching… has a life-span.
– think of referral income as a pleasant bonus; do not factor referral income in the equation.
– think of “bonus from mining pool” as a, well, bonus. Which, (surprise!) diminishes if a user stops re-investing. Dropped down a few ranks? Goodbye 8 Bonus CpH; Hello 6 CpH!
– calculator app at hand, common sense app opened, basic game mechanics understood, subscription to DMYF guides/tips/tricks activated (joke)
– enough Gems to afford “rebuilding” the purchased “real estatefrom 0% to 100% post-expiry
 “auto-spend on“, enough Gems to maintain Efficiency at 200% 24/7.

(rough example: a mine generating circa $1 a day needs 5472 Gems to maintain 200% Efficiency)

– (theory) Method:

Step A: repair all buildings to the max
Step B: calculate total repair cost at expiry
Step C: seize the moment when GpC is circa 25 and grind a few $10-15-worth of assignments (our “Earn More, Work Less” series might be handy) and/or get ripped off at the Marketplace.
Step D: pray: may Cointiply feel the divine wrath should they release another patch…
Step E: After the end of the first cycle, log in, rebuild (using previously stored Gems) and count the profits.
Step F: Either deduct the cost of full Rebuild and calculate the actual “passive income“, or collect the Coinses and forget about the Game.

Summary: our stance on the Mining Game is well-known. Despite its mathematically inevitable impending doom, we must say that the Game is an ambitious project incorporating both successes and fails. We kept repeating that a guaranteed way to profit from the Mining Game is to use it as a Gem faucet.

Rebuild Calculator:

The Rebuild Calculator (all credits go to its creator who took time to form an incredibly useful spreadsheet) is an invaluable tool, offering proof that a mine’s profitability is heavily affected by the GpC rate in the long run, – should Cointinply decide to close shop…

Rebuild Calculator useful  spreadsheet

On a good note: as long as GpC rate is reasonable, the mine will keep generating Coins for months.

Calculator – download link.
(copy-paste the spreadsheet to be able to edit the figures)

Playing around with numbers will develop understanding of the rebuild system and will give users an idea as to when Gems should be stockpiled or spent.

Disclaimer: we believe that the mining game is a risky enterprise. It is unsustainable in the long run, – Gems or no Gems, – its longevity is determined by the influx of new users. The game is time-consuming, addictive (the “reinvest or withdraw” dilemma is ever-present) and “shady“, – “unknowns” such as Cointiply’s plans and the state of their balance sheet can and will impact the future of users’ “investments“.

Saying that, – so far, so good. As long as external deposits are not allowed… the “mining” goes on.

Useful Tips:

* If possible, avoid purchasing Gems on the Marketplace. Marketplace activity brings GpC rate down!
* Monitor the GpC rate.
* Do not get addicted/emotionally attached to your mine. Before re-investing the Coins it yields, imagine a scenario when GpC rate could be 4:1…
* AVOID COINTIPLIER!!! Word around town – Cointiplier is rigged. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumours, – however, our stance remains the same: a faucet should be a faucet and a casino should be a casino. 

A user can’t help but want to gamble the earnings away? Likes the game’s design? Personal choice. At the very least, have a look at Cells and Hacker offered by LuckyGames. Save your Cointiply earnings,- Lucky Tokens are free and Lucky Games has an immaculate reputation when it comes to fairness,

luckygagmes cells
Lucky Balance of 2442

Sounds like we are trashing Cointiply and advertising Lucky Games? Nope.

We have been following Cointiply since its “birth” and we are exploring and testing Lucky Games for months. Our Cointiply reviews have always been mixed. Each time we publish an honest, balanced, yet negative report, we risk getting banned from the faucet, losing a source of income, however insignificant it is.

DMYF is an independent entity, free of sponsors and affiliations. Authors’ opinions are subjective, yet sincere. Is earning money to gamble it away on the same site idiotic?.. Is quoting dozens of users’ posts a crime? Is recommending a service which we are testing ourselves to publish an honest review unethical?..

Rhetorical questions are rhetorical.

P. S. If possible, we ask our readers to refrain from gambling. Otherwise, may Lady Luck always smile.

P. P. S. Cointiply has one truly great feature: faucet earnings are tied to fiat, thus withdrawing earnings = purchasing Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Users’ earnings are safeguarded against cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Is gambling away funds wise, when the earnings can be used to purchase BTC which might return to its former glory?

Faucet News, Faucets, Guide

Cointiply Mining Game – New Useful Calculators. CommonSense.exe or EpicFail.jpg, – The Choice is Yours!



1. Cointiply Profit Calculator

2. @revised Antminer building calculators

We will not waste time explaining how the calculators work.

They are straight-forward.

Intellectual rights belong to the creators. 

If you do not consider them straight forward, you definitely should consider viewing the Mining Game as a game; not as a shady, risky and dodgy “savings‘ scheme, ran by a faucet, not regulated by anyone or any thing, alas as of yet, paying out as promised. As of yet. 

As of yet. This means “for now”. 

Every user should take a breath and think: with the current investment, will I be able to feed the system with gems, yet managing to withdraw something? 

So far, the answer is “yes”. 

Gems have increased in value, – a rough Marketplace GpC rate is 10:1, whereas once upon a time it was close to 30. Gem mechanics aside, the pattern is: without Gems, the Mine is useless. The more expensive the Gems are, the less profit a user makes. 

However, even if the user is maintaining the Mining operations through Marketplace purchases, a large portion of “profits” remain such, unless they are reinvested (=haven’t received a single Mining Game-only payout? Keep reinvesting? Congratz, you are a Mining Game slave with 0% ROI).

Look at yourself in the mirror.

A very rough example: a Mine which generates $1 a day requires about 60k Gems for rebuilds. 60k Gems = $0.60 with GpC at 10.

Oh, yeah, – another $0.27 goes for Efficiency…

Profits” = $0.20 a day (incl. Bonus).

In practice, with occasional check-ins, roulette rolls, referrals, – the numbers are a bit higher.

What will happen when (NOT “IF”. “WHEN”.) Cointiply brings GpC below 8:1?..


Gem Mode ftw. Situational awareness ftw. Calculations ftw.

And, most important, – why not let the Game run for 118 days? Stock up on Gems, rebuild at given time intervals, get Gems cheap, HODL Gems when needed… and hope Cointiply‘s intentions are pure.

Downside: the “bonus” from Secondary Pool… will be discussed later.

Read DMYF’s occasional guides on “Work Less, Earn More“. Have similar tips? Share. Notice a good Offer? Share! 

DMYF are not angels.

We are banned from Mining Game chat for trolling and saying the truth (epic screenshots of the convo – future dessert!)

We “experiment”, – we are banned from 

But we review the game and evaluate its honesty.

We are not known as committee givers of fucks.

We include referral links because, hey, if a user registers, – why not milk some more out of Cointiply? We publish guides, tips, reviews with maximum honesty. Unlike some fucktards out there (Mr. GuideDotCom), we will never lie to attract referrals when we see something is going down the drain.

Want to symbolically thank us? Want to make Cointiply open the purse for your fellow player, with no harm for your earnings? We would appreciate that. In return, we offer the “Earn More” opportunities, analytics, pre-warnings…


So far, Mining Gane profits can be made. Alas, be wise.

P. S. We have a series of articles on how to make $30 on Cointiply in one day. We are keeping those to ourselves. Some methods are 100% legit, yet elaborate and required work and risk on your side. We would ask for 100% consent. Worked for us like a charm, but…

We can share the info with our referrals for free. 
We can also share the info with general public, at a symbolic cost (we risk the methods getting leaked, – a $30-$40 anonymous, untraceable, free in BTC and DOGE in a day… too sweet.

We risk not even getting a “thank you“… just lies “ohh, didn’t work…

But that’s future.

For now…

Want some more truth?


Thought we have hundreds? Ha.

We have 5-10 active referrals this week, grossing 100 Coins… On a good day.

You can make money on your own.


    Just stay with us. We are on your side.Kind regards,