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CCRB Token Sale Results – This is (not) a Joke

Before the second round of Token Sale, CCRB’s Whitepaper (sic!) was like:..

CCRB works just like Bitcoin, but removes mining for profit. CCRB is 100% pre- mined and the cryptocurrency is closely linked to cash-back and loyalty platforms.

Based on the Bitcoin protocol, CCRB will virtually eliminate mining for profit – the aspect of cryptocurrencies responsible for harming the environment, through wastage of electricity.

CCRB Whitepaper Fail.png

source (hurry, before it’s taken down)

Awww, “wastage of electricity”, awww. Anyone with half a brain saw past that statement when reading through the “Whitepaper” (we recommend having a read, – CCRB’s Whitepaper is Alice in Wonderland of cryptos).

When the second round of Token Sale was coming to an inglorious end, the official CCRB Newsletter is like:..

First up, we have the Mining CPU tool, which enables users to actively mine cryptocurrency using nothing more than their standard laptop/PC and an internet connection!

Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 13.56.59

– wait… What about the ENVIRONMENT?..

Basically, the Newsletter piece saying to all CCRB holders and followers: “look to which extent we don’t give a flying f*uck, – Whitepaper? Who gives a damn?

Phantasmagoria? Identity disorder? April Fool’s? Naaah.

Token Sales Targets barely met halfway.

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Tesla Mining – “free” Bitcoin Mining… What’s the catch?

As we have previously mentioned, we created an account with Tesla Mining, a “Bitcoin mining” company(website) which offers 200GH/s lifetime hashpower to anyone who creates an account… for free. 

DISCLAIMER: We created the account in order to find out more about “mining” companies and we are NOT advertising Tesla Mining. Moreover, we do not recommend investing in “mining” companies which advertise their services online as most of these companies are scams

Since the minimum payout is 0.0005 BTC, while monthly “base” “earnings” are 0.0006 BTC, we are extremely curious as to whether Tesla Mining will pay out, since the hypothesis is that it is merely a prime example of a ponzi scheme, its business model is based on client network expansion and it is unsustainable in the long run.

Not only Yesla Mining offers 0.0006 BTC monthly, but 7% of referral earnings, so… What is the catch?..

Well, finally, it became evident that, unless a referral makes a purchase, you will not earn anything. Voila!

Is that mentioned on the company’s website? Hell no!

tesla mining bitcoin mining cloud mining free hashpower scam
LIE!!! In truth: YOU WILL EARN NOTHING unless your referral makes a purchase.

According to “support” which, surprisingly, responded to our question (note the English of a customer support representative who works for a “UK-based” “company”):

tesla mining faq

Surprise!.. Naturally, our second question was left unanswered:

If you will see anyone advertising the opportunity of making a purchase from Tesla Mining… You get the gist.

Ergo: Tesla Mining inadvertently encourages registrants to promote its paid services and its FAQ provides misleading information. “Support” avoids answering uncomfortable questions… All signs of a scam.

To be continued.

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Tesla Mining

It is known that most “mining” companies actually “mine” users’ deposits (Ponzi scheme) and disappear, once the pyramid crumbles under its own weight (when new deposits are not enough to cover the payouts to those who made deposits earlier).

Tesla Mining offers its users 200 GH/s active hashpower for free, though. Yep, for free. Which results in…

free bitcoin mining.png

…and sounds completely unsustainable.

The FAQ section boasts:

mine bitcoin tesla mining free hashpower

…yeeeah, riiight.

At the moment, Tesla Mining houses circa 1500 users, according to its front page, which is young for a “mining” Ponzi scheme.

Time will tell whether the “free hashpower” is a simple scammer’s trick, or miracles exist.

We have registered on Tesla Mining and will post “insider” reports.

NOTE: Can’t resist the FOMO? Feel like being a part of the experiment? Feel free to sign up using our referra link, but DO NOT EXPECT ANY PAYOUTS, or ANYTHING AT ALL, apart from entertainment value. Moreover, should you wish to register, we would recommend refraining from disclosing your personal e-mail address, or any other personal details. Moreover, we DO NOT recommend investing in Tesla Mining, or similar companies, as so far, it all screams “SCAM”.

Many Ponzi Schemes pay out to their first registrants, however in the end, they all fall. 

Typical signs of scammy “cloud mining” operations (questions you need to ask):

What is mined? Where is it mined? Who are the team behind the project? Can you contact the developers?  Is the website well-designed and well-written? What does Google say? Does the business model seem sustainable?

Be careful out there.

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Make sure that…

…you regularly run a malware check using reputable antivirus software.

Finiding hidden mining scripts injected in your browser by an untrustworthy faucet (or even an “ICO” site or a “crypoinvestment portal” are not a joke.


Look through your browser’s extensions; under “security” categories you should find a few anti-miner plug-ins.

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New mining solution… Bitcoin is coming!!!

Mine coins while… Heating up your house. Bright minds at Quarnot, a French company, came up with an interesting mining solution: a device which uses the heat generated from Bitcoin mining for heating up a space. Profits from heating/mining can be monitored through an app or the heater’s LED screen. The insides of the heater are: two AMD graphics processing units (GPUs) (Sapphire NITRO+ Radeon RX 580 with 8GB of RAM). No operating system, or a hard drive are included.

“The heat of your QC-1 is generated by the two graphics cards embedded in the device and mining cryptocurrencies or blockchain transactions: While heating, you create money.”

NOTEQarnot doesn’t take a cut of the crypto your QC-1 mines!

If you are mining bitcoin using QC-1, the price of $3600-per-unit might scare you off and some sceptics, i. e. Jayce Wagner claim that “Nobody is going to buy one of these things and strike it rich, that part of the cryptocurrency boom is probably over”.

(source – https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/929758/cryptocurrency-news-bitcoin-news-cryptocurrency-space-heater-crypto-news-bitcoin)

That’s it, guys.  Cryptocurrency mining boom is over. You will not trike rich. Mr. Wagner has spoken. The end.


We wonder whether Mr. Wagner has contemplated that the profitability of mining Bitcoin and the profitability of mining an altcoin can vastly differ in favour of the latter?

“The GC-1 mines ether by default, but the user can direct the device to mine another cryptocurrency, such as litecoin or bitcoin. Using the current price of ether as a base, Qarnot estimates their cryptocurrency heater can mine an average of $120 worth of ether per month.”

easily mine bitcoin altcoin etherium while heating up your house
This is what the heater/miner looks like.

Read more: 

Official Site: https://www.qarnot.com/crypto-heater_qc1/

Futurism article: https://futurism.com/cryptocurrency-heater-qarnot/