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Twitter’s Mousetrap: You Can Set Your DOB to any date, but there is a caveat: You Are Asked To “Prove You Are OLDER THAN 13 By Submitting Government ID”

Mousetrap? A Twitter user is lured into a situation when his options are: say “goodbye” to a media account that’s been nurtured for months… or bend your knee and submit to Twitter’s well-designed Orwellian intrusion into YOUR vault of privacy and comfort zone, where you keep naively believing in having a right to keep your personal details and sensitive information to yourself. Well done, Twitter. Next time a user changes his profile picture, you will lock the account and politely request credit card details? How can a user quantify the loss of reputation, minute by minute, due to a lie: the account is “citizen erased”, apart from “locked”. What if it is a business account? What if, beside reputation, audience, engagement and revenue is lost just because… just for fun, a user utilised an available function… which is there for a purpose?..

Twitter TOS warning about not meeting the age requirement for the ads.
Twitter asking identification of a valid government-issued ID to confirm the identity.
Twitter, whatever is writ in stone can never be “deleted“. Stop lying.
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Cointiply PTC Ads: Cointiply Is Cheating?.. Tsk-tsk-tsk!

contiply PTC Ads.. Is cointiply cheating

Cointiply’s PTC Ads were the one feature which stood out amongst all failed innovations.

Yes, it was designed to keep to earnings in the system, as did all recent Cointiply updates but hey, – when Mining Game was running, it wasn’t a bad source of extra Gems, now it still is a source of a few coins…  and a way to reduce your Cointiply balance to 0. Just in case, you know. But most importantly, – the PTC Ads is a good educational intro into the PTC Advert world. 

We will review the feature in detail later… or not at all.


Cause  – Cointiply must hate us – figures are… interesting.

Cointiply is like: 

cointiply scam

…yet Jetpack begs to differ:

cointiply wtf ptc ads cointiplyNow, minus 200 views is nothing to cry about, yet a question “whom to trust” causes a train of thought a-la “are the views real“? 

Unpleasant subject. Are there some technicalities we fail to understand? 

As for trust… In light of recent events, DMYF would bet on Jetpack.

Should we even bother to contact Support?

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How Cointiply Made Our Morning

At first, our browser was like:

cointiply mining game has been closed and redirecting on 502 Bad Gateway

So, we were like, “why not finalise the draft of...”:

cointiply mining game scam has been addressed

…where we (prophetically!) mentioned…:

cointiply mining game


cointiply scam

and Cointiply is like…

The Mining Game is being retired. Cointiply will pay players based on how much they have earned on the site, plus a bonus, over time from a pool based on offerwalls and CointiPlay. Players will have access to a detailed report on their total site activity and how much they have been paid back.

…the first thing that comes to our mind is a visitor’s comment and our reply:

Cointiply mining game scam addressed by DMYF
MrBrightside, whatcha gonna do now? xD

If DMYF can foresee the future, instead of predicting the Mining Game’s destiny we shouldwrite articles like “Bitcoin hits $100000000“…


P. S. Dear All, we hope no one “heavily invested” in the Mining “Game”. We tried our best to warn users to employ common sense.

E. g. read our quote from Cointiply Today: Today’s Status & “Health” Review

Note: Cointiply is not a cryptocurrency faucet. Cointiply is a digital marketing “third wheel party”. Cointiply pays its users a % of what it receives from, say, OfferToro, or Adscend Media, which, in turn, are paid a commission from a sale of your “brand awareness increase”, “demographics, “political views”, or “downloads”.

Digital marketing is what Cointiply is good at. The Miming Game is an excellent example of a move which succeeded at bringing a ton of new users to Offer Walls, – bridging the gap between a product and a consumer. However, the mechanics behind the game were a total fail, – somewhat patched by the introduction of the Gem system, yet dependent upon Cointiply using the short-term influx of finance wisely. What did Cointiply do next?..

Cointiplier: “Don’t withdraw!”
Premium Account: “Don’t withdraw!”
Various promises (withdrawals in different currencies): “Don’t withdraw!”
“Savings” scheme: “Don’t withdraw!”

We kept spending time to repeat the obvious: Cointiply’s Mining Game is unsustainable, it’s profitable only to those who invested early, speculated on Gem prices, or stopped manically reinvesting.

We are not even sure if what happened falls under the definition of a “scam”. More than anything, it is a good lesson to learn from.

Alternatively, you can keep trusting websites such as cointiplyguide.com:

about mining game is sustainable or not..
Source: https://www.cointiplyguide.com/mining-game

…whose owner invested in a level 1 domain, lied, hunting for referrals (attracting hundreds) and, most definitely, earned enough not to give a fuck while DMYF struggled to afford the wordpress.org hosting. But guess what, Mr. Brightside?

While you’re now nervously deleting the content of your moronic “FAQ”, we do not have to edit a single post, we don’t need to change our nicknames, or shut down our website.

Honesty is not profitable in the short run, however untarnished reputation is a vital element of success, as far as journalism is concerned. DMYF is not a “blog about faucets“. DMYF posted meaningless reviews to kill time and stay afloat while working on the new website which, thankfully, will be free of kindergarten content such attempts to scare readers away from obvious scams.

As long as people want to believe in fairy tales, scammers will prosper. Meanwhile, we wonder how vultures, feeding on the faults in human nature, sleep at night.

P. P. S. Cointiply remains a generous faucet, offering biggest stand-alone earnings, second only to Moon Faucets. The Mining Game was a Game. In our very first Mining Game review we stated:

On a more serious note, let us not forget that the “new fun feature” is a game. In any game, you can win and you can lose.

The 90% rule dictates that 90% of those playing Cointiply’s mining game will lose

What more can be said?

Do we regret writing about the Game? Not at all. As long as our warnings were heard, our efforts were not in vain. Observing yet another social experiment from beginning to end was… educational. We empathise with users who suffered losses due to the abrupt closure of the project, however for us, “goodbye, MG” means that finally we can write about topics that we are actually interested in.

In the final episode of the “Mining Game Series” we will try to analyse the “behind the scenes” mechanics of the Game’s finale, make some calculations, describe our personal experiences and, – hoorrayyy! – conclude the melodramatic series, known as “why you should not invest in a project that promises 1.41% daily ROIs“.

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Cointiply Mining Game Shut Down!!!


Short Version

The Cointiply Mining Game, which has remained in beta since its inception, has now been shut down and will be retired. Users of the Mining Game will receive a private message detailing payout status and schedule. Nothing else on the site is affected.

  • The Mining Game is being retired.
  • Cointiply will pay players based on how much they have earned on the site, plus a bonus, over time from a pool based on offerwalls and CointiPlay.
  • Players will have access to a detailed report on their total site activity and how much they have been paid back.


We are announcing today that we have shut down the Cointiply Mining Game and temporarily suspended all Mining Game-related payouts. In this note we’ll explain why we’re shutting it down and how we plan to pay back the Coins you spent on the game and resume those payouts in a way that is sustainable.

For clarity we’ll say right up front that we will not be able to pay out everything you’ve *earned* in the Mining Game, though we will be able to pay out everything you’ve invested into it along with some of your earnings. We wish it weren’t this way, but simple math forces us to choose between paying you something and filing a bankruptcy. We’ve chosen to pay you something and keep Cointiply running for all.


At the root of the issue is the reality that we made some significant mistakes in the original formulation of the Mining Game. These mistakes have made the game completely unsustainable and, if we don’t stop the Mining Game entirely right now, Cointiply would quickly be forced to go out of business.

The first mistake we made was starting our Gem Conversion Rate too high and not correcting it immediately. Every Gem generated on the site above 18 Gems per Coin loses money, and we allowed billions of Gems to be generated between 36-60 Gems per Coin.

While the Gem Conversion rate has now reached a sustainable level – many of you remember the related correction we rolled out this summer – the damage has been done and there are simply too many Coins per Hour being generated from money-losing Gems to give us the time to survive the eventual correction.

This is inescapable math.

We also made some other, more minor mistakes such as allowing referral earnings to be generated as Gems (again, in the billions). If we could go back in time, we’d have changed other aspects of the game, too, such as including the Gems feature from the beginning, paying mostly from a pool, and paying out weekly, rather than hourly. The biggest problem, however, is the compounding nature of the infrastructure we put into place has escaped our ability to maintain.

We understand that many of you will never forgive us for the decision we are making. The reality, however, is we either shut down the Mining Game now or everyone loses everything in the next month or two.

Our Solution

We will provide every Miner an exact accounting of how many Coins they spent on the game and where those Coins came from. When you see those figures for your account, you will likely begin to understand the problem. That won’t make everything OK, but our purpose is to make clear why we are doing this. Here’s an example of a real account:

We will pay you back Coins earned on the site, including the Cointiply Faucet, offerwalls, videos, and referral earnings, plus 15%. We will pay this back over time from a pool based on site Activity. This will be a much larger pool than the current Mining Game bonus pool. It will take time for you to get your Coins back, but in this way you can be assured you will get your Coins back. Your share of that pool will be based on your share of the total amount owed, so everyone gets paid back equally. Once you have been paid back, you will no longer earn from that pool.

What you won’t get are all the compounded Coins earned in the Mining Game and reinvested back into the game. We know this sucks, but there is literally no mathematical alternative, and we feel terrible about this.

Summarizing The Good News, The Bad News, and The Future

The good news is that the Mining Game doesn’t earn us any significant revenue. In fact, your earnings from the Mining Game have always been paid out of Cointiply’s share of unrelated earnings from elsewhere on the site. We realize that’s the entire reason for all the bad news, of course, but this means we’ll still have the cash flow to pay former Mining Game players out over time as described above.

The bad news for us is that we’ll all be working on either reduced or withheld salaries until those Mining Game payouts are complete. This also means that the vast majority of Cointiply users – i.e. those who don’t play the Mining Game – will see no impact from this change. You’ll still be able to do all the things you currently do, and you’ll still be paid out on the normal schedule. The Mining Game is literally the only feature of the site that is affected by this, and it’s only used by a fraction of our overall users.

To that end, we have a list of new features we plan to add to Cointiply. We are here for the long term, and we look forward to continuing to serve all of you for many years to come.

For those of you who played the Mining Game – and especially those of you who built up earned balances with it – we are terribly sorry in a way that we cannot appropriately express. All we can say is we hope our transparency here, as well as our payouts to you, help earn back your trust over time.

Thanks so much for your support of Cointiply.

Cointiply Staff.

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URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?

Q: “MyDoge is not paying out…”

A: MyDoge is a VERY dodgy faucet.

What we know:

  • It infects (at least – used to) your browser (or tries to) with a mining script (symptoms: computer slowing down, fan going insane, overheating, crashing). Browser only, hopefully. And mining-only.
  • Experiencing something of the sort?1. Clear browser cache, carefully look through extensions (Chrome is specifically vulnerable), make sure the browser is up to date. Better yet – uninstall the browser altogether, run a system clean software to get rid of whatever’s left over and re-install.
  • Pick a good browser. Antivitus, malware scans won’t hurt. 
  • Every extension  = potential vulnerability.
  • Check registry/startup items.
  • Fauceting is risky and faucetimg using your Admin account is 10x more risky.

Hopefully your device was not infected, but “not paying out” might be the least of your worries when MyDoge is concerned.
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