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FAQ: “What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount from Coinpot”; Withdrawing, Converting and Exchanging Faucet Earnings Overview


Minimum faucet earnings withdrawals from Coinpot, per currency (zero-fee), per currency are:

Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC (0.39 United States Dollar)
Bitcoin Cash: 0.0001 BCH (0.013 United States Dollar)
Dogecoin: 50 DOGE  (0.0997 United States Dollar)
Litecoin: 0.002 LTC (0.11 United States Dollar)
DASH: 0.0002 DASH (0.0166 United States Dollar)

*USD prices relevant as of 09.03.2019

Coinpot Token cannot be withdrawn. Tokens have to be converted to any of the five currencies; otherwise, it holds no value outside Coinpot. 100 Coinpot Tokens roughly equate to 0.01 United States Dollar. 

Contrary to popular belief, the cheapest withdrawal method of Coinpot-partnered faucets is normally Bitcoin Cash (sometimes – DASH); not Dogecoin. Doge remains a popular choice due to the Coin‘s liquidity, minimal trade and transfer fees, stable fiat value and instant transaction times. It must be said, however, that Dogecoin withdrawals from Coinpot take a very long time, as “industry standards” go. The delay is due to Coinpot‘s procedures and the funds never take 48 Hours to arrive (as stated in the Terms). Coinpot Dogecoin Wallet-to-any Dogecoin Wallet transfers normally take 14-24 hours on average.

Tip: Delay in withdrawing Doge (or other currencies) negates the possibility to execute price speculation operations on external exchanges. However, if a hypothetical Dogecoin millionaire feels that the Coin should be sold (or bought, for that matter) right now and the opportunity might be lost due to hours-long transfer… Coinpot Tokens’ stable fiat value and zero-fee instant Doge-Token conversion might save the day. Of course, keeping large amounts of any currency in Coinpot is lunacy. So is using an asset unique to Coinpot for high-value speculative operations.

DMYF recommends storing currencies in real wallets, DMYF does not encourage speculation (or any other form of financial decision-making). Monitoring currency exchange rates and earning a few Tokens or Coins on successful exchanges using funds earned from faucets is merely an educational exercise for an aspiring cryptocurrency day trader. Remember: using micro-earnings to acquire transferrable skills and knowledge is the only real value one must expect to gain from spending time solving captcha.  

Anecdotally, a test DASH transfer to Binance from Coinpot was, to our surprise, instant.

Remember: in a volatile market, currency transaction delays might result in significant losses.

Q: Considering the fact that the minimum Coinpot withdrawal amounts are measured in cents, where can they be sold or exchanged?..

A: If a user intends to sell/purchase currencies, when speaking of selling tiny fractions of coins, exchanges such as Binance should be avoided. Minimum trade amounts, commissions and withdraw fees might leave a seller with dust, – small amounts of coins/tokens left over after a transaction, – that is, if a minimum amount of a currency withdrawn from Coinpot will meet the minimum trade amounts at all. For more information, always refer to the Fees and Limits page of an exchange (e. g. Binance Fee Structure).

A simpler way to sell/exchange faucet earnings is using a converter, such as that offered by LuckyGames, – the site’s internal currency converter allows instant conversion and access to 100+ currencies. Most importantly, any featured currency can be used to purchase another featured currency, while traditionally, even altcoin-focused exchanges (e. g. CoinExchange) offer limited purchasing options (=trading pairs). LuckyGames conveniently offers conversions between any of the 100+ supported currencies at market rates, zero deposit fees and minimal withdrawal fees. Transactions are instant and rates are updated every minute.

exchange btc to doge

In practice, that means that a Coinpot user can withdraw his earnings in Dogecoin and convert them to any popular currency in LuckyGames, since minimum conversion amount for Dogecoin is only 100 Doge. Going through an exchange would imply converting Dogecoin to USD/BTC/ETH/LTC (at best), purchasing a currency (IF being able to meet the minimum transaction amount!)… and then face withdraw fees.

At the moment, LuckyGames supports the following currencies: 0x Protocol, aelf, Aeternity, Ardor, Ark, Augur, Bancor, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bean Cash, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin ABC (BCH), Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, Bitcore, BitShares, BitTorrent, Blackcoin, BURST, Bytecoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Civic, CLAMs, CloakCoin, Crown, DASH, Decentraland, Decred, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Einsteinium, Electroneum, Emercoin, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Feathercoin, FunFair, Gamecredits, GAS, Gifto, Golem, Groestlcoin, Gulden, Holo, Horizen, HyperCash, ICON, Ignis, ION, Komodo, Lisk, Litecoin, Loopring, Monaco, MonaCoie, Monero, Namecoin, Nano, NAVcoin, Neblio, NEM, NEO, Nexus, Novacoin, NXT, OmiseGO, Ontology, Particle, Peercoin, PIVX, Populous, Potcoin, Pundi X, Qtum, Ravencoin, Reddcoin, Ripple, SALT, Siacoin, Status, STEEM, Steem Dollars, Stellar Lumens, STRATIS, SysCoin, Tether, Tron, TrueUSD, Ubiq, VeChain, Verge, Vericoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, WAVES, WhiteCoin, Zcash, Zcoin and Zilliqa.

Q: Is it possible to quickly sell Coinpot earnings for fiat (USD, EUR…)?

A: It is becoming easier to sell popular Coins using a variety of methods. BCH, DASH, BTC, Dogecoin and DASH can be sold for fiat (PayPal, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller and many more paying systems). For best rates, it is recommended to have a look at an exchange monitor, which compares best rates available at the moment live. Rates and minimums vary; however, at time of posting, an exemplary sale of Dogecoin for USD (Perfect Money) would be possible even with a minimum of 100 Dogecoin.

sell doge for usdSummary:

Although Coinpot is a legitimate service, withdrawals can take time and thus users do not have immediate access to their earnings. It is recommended to store Coins elsewhere, or take advantage of multiple new services offering low exchange rates. Although Coinpot Faucets offer the chance to earn enough Coins to be able to withdraw earnings multiple times a day, doing so would imply a slight conversion cost. Still, holding Coins on Coinpot account is unwise and faucet users should have a plan how to put their earnings to use.

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Coinpot Tokens’ Value: How Many BTC, BCH, Dogecoin, LTC, DASH and… Indian Rupee (INR) 100 Tokens are Worth?

coinpot token logo calculating value of coinpot token against fiat

Today, should you decide to sell your Coinpot Tokens, asking yourself, what’s a Coinpot Token’s value, worth, use or utility…

logo bitcoin black background btc
You can get 0.00000284 Bitcoin (BTC) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000000284)
logo of bitcoincash on black background bch
You can get 0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000008810)
dogecoin doge logo on black backgrpund
You can get 5.08194081 Dogecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0508194081)
Litecoin ltc logo on black background
You can get 0.00031486 Litecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000031480)
DASH logo on black background

You can get 0.00014312 DASH for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000014312)

Now, what about the fiat value of cryptocurrencies and the corresponding value of Coinpot Tokens at present? Historically, we used to use USD as a universal measure. For a change, we will use… INR.

0.00000284 Bitcoin = 0,696422 INR (₹); ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0,696422 INR (₹)
0.00014312 DASH is worth 0.687503 Indian Rupee; ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens 0.687503 Indian Rupee.
5.08194081 Doge is worth 0.680317 Indian Rupee; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.680317 INR
0.00031486 Litecoin converts to 0.695148 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.695148 Indian Rupee
0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash equals 0.694285 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.694285 INR.

Evidently, fiat price of a Coinpot Tokens is constant. Problematically, their liquidity is limited to Therefore, converting Coinpot Tokens to fiat will encounter a lot of fees?.. No. There is a way to withdraw Coinpot Tokens and convert them to USD paying close to nothing. How? Stay tuned! (spoiler)

P. S. Coinpot Tokens are earned for every action on Coinpot-partnered faucets.

Read more:

Coinpot Faucets: Guide

Guide: Earn & Withdraw 75+ Dogecoin Today


Currency rates obtained from:

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New Coinpot Token Article Published… on DMYF 2.0 (beta) Site.

How much is 100 Coinpot Tokens in USD? What’s the use of Tokens? What’s their value? How can Coinpot Tokens be used to earn Coins? Read now!

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Faucet News: Cointiply Mining Game GpC Rate, FreeBitcoin Promotion, FreeDogecoin Rewards Increase. Bonus: “Hidden” Faucets, Unconventional Solution to “Dusty” Wallets


how much doge can i earn per hour
Hourly minimum roll rewards are creeping up (0.09- Which means that the Dogecoin trade value is… (who knows the answer? Raise your hand up!)


“Why has the minimum faucet reward been reduced?”

why minimum faucet dogecoin doge earnings have reduced

…however participants of our Dogecoin Giveaway earn 50%+ more than those too lazy to create/switch/add an account. 😛

Cointiply Mining Game “Fuel” – Gems

cointiply how much are gems
And yes, this is important (to those “earning passive income” by playing the Mining Game)

what are cointiply gems for
Depending on the Mine’s Level, maintaining Efficiency (passive Coin production) at 200% costs from 200 Gems per hour to… more.

When the GpC rate is good…

…one faucet roll is enough to forget about “Gem Mode” for a day…

is cointiply loyalty bonus worth it
…or two, if you have a 100% loyalty bonus.

*hint: Cointiply Mining Game implies risk, can be addictive and is not free-to-play.

However, constructing a building or two and simply claiming Gems once per hour to sell them on the Marketpace for Coins = second Cointiply hourly faucet and an extra way of earning more on Cointiply. A click is enough.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.09.38


“Gems are used to purchase efficiency and upgrades for your Mine. You can toggle between earning Gems or Coins on Cointiply at any time.

Changing your earning mode will effect all earning methods including offer walls, faucet, videos & PTC. The conversion rate for Coins to Gems fluctuates based on the number of Gems in circulation.”




We are yet to test our “OMG REWARD POINTS ARE AWESOME” theory.

For now, at least consider the fact that Reward Points are used to earn Satoshi hourly with no captcha. 

faucet with no captchaearn bitcoin with no captcha

New Content: Preview.

Faucets and Beyond…

As a reminder that DMYF was, is and will be devoted to providing quality, in-depth, educational, but, most importantly, thought-provoking content, it has been decided that our permanent followers get to read about something besides Cointiply during this weekend, even if it will cause a delay in the implementation of cosmetic changes.



cloud mining faucet exchange
Est. 2013

Eobot (a multi-currency cloud-mining service we are currently testing; as of now, we can merely state that visiting Eobot is 100% safe and interesting) also has a faucet – is that a well-known .fact? Only one claim per day can be made, but a user can either claim one of many cryptocurrencies featured on Eobot (Litcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Golem, Cardano, CureCoin, NEM, Monero, Zcash, Factom, Bytecoin, STEEM, Lisk, EOS, USD, Gridcoin, and Ethereum Classic), or “roll” a random crypto.

Eobot (or Eobot-like service) is meant to be Destination 2 in the “Earn, Invest, Trade” journey: a faucet user earns cryptocurrency fauceting,  learning about the market and coins, gaining some transferrable skills. Faucet earnings can either be used to learn a thing or two about trading, or finding a reliable short-term investment vehicle offering decent enough ROIs, flexibility, access to funds and transparency.

We are not yet confident enough to contemplate purchasing hashpower through investing  personal funds, but the faucet is free, generous (depending on the currency, = $0.01 per roll is not a abnormal reward), which means hashpower can be rented (= coins multiplied) using faucet earnings only. The “profits” are hardly worth the effort (although, in the future, who knows…).

Notably, the faucet-cloud “demo” offers an incentive to explore Eobot’s system from within and should not be mistaken for a source of income… which applies to (*spoiler: almost) any faucet.

eobot faucet
“+0.03001822 GNT added for visiting our Faucet page”


LuckyGames (also under test) is an online cryptocurrency casino, considered legitimate, safe, fun and not rigged.

DMYF does not promote or encourage gambling. However, anyone following our faucet guides has made more than enough cryptocurrency to… do what? HODL? Trade? Speculate? Invest in dodgy scams? Withdraw to fiat?.. “What to do with Coinpot Tokens” is the most popular question we get. We do not offer financial advice; Coinpot Tokens can be used in many different ways… the worst of them is playing Lottery and Multiplier on 

Many users actually stare at their, FreeDoge or Cointiply balances and think: “now what?”


The worst “now” is gambling the earnings within the faucet the earnings came from because “probably fair” is “probably” fair and  (FreeBitcoin is an exception, to a degree). If games of chance is a user’s hobby, DMYF mentions LuckyGames, which is not a scam and a million times more fun than Cointiply’s new “earnings down the drain innovation” Multiplier.

LuckyGames, interestingly enough, is a casino which has an internal faucet which can be used to replenish your balance whenever it reaches 0… Yes, really. To try out any game, the user does not have to invest a hair of a Dogecoin; moreover, the internal currency has some real-life value (albeit, only at enormous amounts)… …and is acquired via a faucet.

cryptocurrency casino
Directions: bottom left – lowest button on the bar… a click brings up the faucet menu.


  • LuckyGames accepts deposits of 77+ (!!!) currencies.
  • Minimum bet in any currency is the market value of 1 Satoshi (!)
  • No fee for transferring/depositing currencies to their respective wallets
  • 70+ addresses for 70+ currencies which are perfectly maintained and not going “offline” when the coin’s value rises (or falls).
  • Security = 2FA, “new IP” warning.
  • Pleasant design.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange. Allowing users to exchange any of the 75+ currencies to any of the 75+ currencies. The exchange is what attracted our attention, as it solves problems of “dust” (leftover bits of currencies, usually polluting balances after trades) and… offers a second “chance” for a rookie investor/trader to “correct” a common mistake.Example of a Newbie Mistake (not to be taken for advice!): a coin/token purchased in hopes of to-the-moon turns redder and redder…. and is getting delisted in 24 hours (delisted does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with a coin; but it definitely can mean that the exchange will “eat” whatever was left of the coin without making a big fuss, apart a very discrete, barely noticeable warning) and trades will either be frozen, or the minimum trade shall exceed the balance…Yet it is possible to withdraw the coin. Withdraw where? Research the creation of a wallet for some random altcoin? Creating an account on yet another shady exchange, possibly facing deposit and trade fees? All for something worth $0.10 months ago and worth $0.05 now?.. Although HODLing “might” be worth it, there is always an option of admitting that:

    – Learning about fees, exchanges’ policies, altcoins’ liquidity is a must
    – Some exchanges are made to cheat users by silently “delisting” coins
    – There are no regulations, nobody to complain to and support will say “you should have read the “News” section…
    – Considering researching every coin before purchasing the coin
    – Fees change, prices rise and fall, altseasons come and go, innovations appear, the market is volatile and unregulated. There are only 24 hours in a day… yet CoinExchange, Yobit and many others keep introducing new trading pairs. With minimum amounts required for a trade range from 5 to 10 Doge, it is tempting to skip the “research” part. 

    ….depositing “dust” onto a LuckyGames wallet where the currency can be exchanged for other coin,, or multiplied by playing Blackjack…. a 0.000001 BTC minimum bet in any currency. When gambling is the only option, it is not gambling, but a form of an exit strategy with an added chance of winning.

    Summary: “stable”, liquid currencies, currencies which have potential to increase in value, even crazy, but “who knows” altcoins (example: Dogecoin), or anything that adds value to one’s portfolio is one category.

    “Dust”, dying currencies (inactive team, low market cap), balances on shady exchanges, trade leftovers which can be converted to e. g. Litecoin only by using more :Litecoin to purchase more shitcoin… …to meet the minimum trade amount necessary to trade it back to Litecoin (fees+fees+fees+fees…)… Portfolio is worth $1000, out of which $950 is 4-5 coins of value, rest is 50 currencies representing $50 of dust? Many have been there. Many inactive “dusty” accounts made many exchanges profits.

    As Thomas Carter says, “always have a plan”. Even if the plan features a cryptocurrency casino, a plan is better than no plan. A plan that has been thought through is better than just a plan.

    cryptocurrecy casino miimum bet 1 satoshi currency exchange

    Finally, when the ill-researched plan fails and the options are “forget xxxcoin ever existed” (=loss for you, =profit for the exchange), or salvage it through a casino since no exchange accepts a trade below XXX amount of xxxcoin”… (=there is still a chance), the plan is not completely doomed.

Selling Cryptocurrency, Tokens

“Coinpot Token: Price, Value, Worth” Series: Today’s Coinpot Token Price. Bonus: A Withdrawing Coinpot Token Guide.

We continue examining Coinpot Token‘s price, value, worth, comparing the fluctuations of exchange rates and, hopefully, getting our readers closer to realising that Coinpot Token alone can shine like a diamond (diamonds don’t shine; they reflect) is a powerful earning mechanism…  (let’s not get ahead of ourselves) nice little bonus.

Previously on the “What is Coinpot” Series (some recommended reading):

Coinpot Token’s Worth in August: Conversion Rates, Fiat Value… Future Price?

Coinpot Tokens’s Price Today vs. One Week Ago

Coinpot Token Series: The Value of 100 Tokens Today

Q&A: How to Convert Coinpot Tokens to Dogecoin?

Should you wish to boost your Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, DASH or Litecoin balances by converting Coinpot Tokens into the desired currency right now, or should you wish to withdraw Coinpot Tokens to an external walletexchanging them for something less tied to a single resource… If you’d like to convert Coinpot Tokens to fiat (USD, EUR, GBP or any other fiat currency,) today’s internal exchange rates are:

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Bitcoin Cash

Converting Bitcoin Cash to Coinpot Tokens

Today’s Coinpot Token Price in Bitcoin

Right Now 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.00000153 BTC

Measuring Current Coinpot Token Price in Dogecoin

On an internal exchange, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 4,447720806 Dogecoin

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: DASH

Selling 100 Coinpot Tokens? Internal Price in DASH: 0.00006432

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Litecoin

0.00017128 is the Current Price Coinpot Values 100 Tokens in Litecoin

*NOTE: Literally, while screenshotting and writing this piece, the exchange rate of Dogecoin changed.

Exchange rates can and will fluctuate on a daily basis. Often, multiple times. 

Notice how we did not add historical data to compare this moment’s exchange rates to previous exchange rates as we did in previous articles? This does not mean you don’t have to, should you be making a decision.

All relevant data can easily be found in previous posts.

We simply believe the discrepancy between the price of 100 Tokens in, say, Dogecoin, can encourage

This time, we will add some more boring numbers vital information. One must consider when estimating the price of a Coinpot Token.

Current Bitcoin price in USD: $6,420.09 
Current Bitcoin Cash price in USD: $557.19 
Current DASH price in USD: $152.40
Current Litecoin price in USD: $57.21
Current Dogecoin price in USD: $0.002374


All the above-mentioned cryptos’ prices fell from 1%+ to 7% in the last 24 hours.

(which is not unusual for a Sunday)

— FOOD FOR THOUGHT (not to be interpreted as “this is what you do…”) —

Why has DASH fallen 7% against USD and BTC fell only 1-ish%? It is really a rookie question, but if you do not know the answer… Research, research, research. You can also ask us to direct you to the right news sources and to answer any questions you may have. If we can, we will!

Did you know that you can use the Contact Us Form for any purpose relating to the interaction between yourselves and us? Often, people feel ashamed to not know something and admit it publicly.
There is no shame in not knowing something. There is shame in not wanting to know.
– If you prefer to ask something tete-a-tete, you are welcome! Despite how busy we are, we will respond and we will never ridicule you or break the rules of confidentiality. 

Now, those who think a 7% fall against USD is too steep for DASH  (whether it is orr not, is irrelevant) might want to run to Changelly to buy some DASH with a credit card. Or some other coin/altcoin/token. If you see an opportunity that is too good to be true and have access to fiat funds, Changelly is the quickest way of taking advantage of it, as registration takes a second and no deposit is needed when making a transaction. 

0.50% flat commission, immediate wallet-to-wallet exchange...
0.50% flat commission, immediate wallet-to-wallet exchange…

Others might consider spending their Coinpot Token balance instead of fiat.

By far, not everyone thinks of the value of cryptocurrencies in fiat terms, therefore, we, at DMYF, will first of all look at the BTC-DASH trade pair.

Some might abandon the MoonDash faucet, or set it as “low priority”. Others might remember the golden rule “low fiat price = higher faucet payouts” (some faucets follow the rule meticulously; others react slower).

IMPORTANT: Remember: the USD price of DASH today and USD price of DASH tomorrow might easily increase by 100% as a result of some press release. We predicted this happening with many cryptocurrencies earlier: fauceting during downtimes pays off more often than it doesn’t. Besides, don’t forget the 3 guaranteed Tokens… 

(if you are a faucet user) Do not remove MoonDash, or any of the five main currencies out of your faucet circulation no matter what. Even if for a visit or two a day. Most importantly, though, under no circumstance forget BitFun and BonusBitcoin.

And, in the name of all that is true and holy in this world, register a account for every family member using every available device (using our referral link if you want us to send you free satoshi) and visit, visit, visit… Forget about how little BTC is earned hourly. We are preparing a detailed review of FBC where a lot will be explained. For now, just trust us.

P. S. We hope by now, everyone knows how to quickly withdraw Coinpot Tokens literally anywhere from Just in case…

   Transferring Coinpot Tokens to an External Wallet: (a short, non-illustrated) Guide… 

1. Pick the best exchange rate.
2. Pick the lowest minimum amount for withdrawal of a currency (if you are low on tokens).
3. Make sure you are considering all fees and minimum deposits/maximum withdrawal \amounts you will encounter: Coinpot does not charge withdrawal fees; others do. They vary currency to currency and exchange to exchange.

READ MORE: SURPRISE! This is why Dogecoin is so popular! General Knowledge: DOGECOIN

And yes, consider factors such as speed of transaction too!

READ MORE: Lightning-fast DASH withdrawal to Binance trading wallet

4. Go through the process of entering your password and confirming the transfer by clicking Coinpot’s security email link…
5. Wait… Wait… Wait for it… Voila!!!

Q: Can I send coins, tokens, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Satoshi, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin etc. etc. etc. from or from a faucet like or to an exchange (i.e. CoinExchange or Changelly)? 
A: Yes. Very broadly, a wallet is a wallet. It can be hardware, software, online, offline, piece of paper, app on your phone. The differences are degrees of access to your wallet and security. Normally, an exchange generates a Deposit Address, – that is your “wallet” for that service, or even a single transaction. Now you are free to send your 5 hard-earned Dogecoin to practice “trading”. 🙂 

(Note: we avoid going into detail and defining “private keys”, pitching hardware vs. software, etc. as we are talking about sending 5 Dogecoin to to spend on some altcoins for fun; not about storing 1500 BTC)

…to be continued.


Buying Cryptocurrency, Coins, Markets, News, Selling Cryptocurrency, Tokens, Trends

Coinpot Token Series: The Value of 100 Tokens Today

In our previous articles, we covered various methodologies of estimating Coinpot Token’s price, value, worth, as well as compared a seven-day difference of CT to cryptocurrencies’ exchange rates. Read the articles by following the links below:

Coinpot Token’s Worth in August: Conversion Rates, Fiat Value… Future Price?

Coinpot Tokens’s Price Today vs. One Week Ago

Should you wish to boost your Coinpot Dogecoin/Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, DASH or Litecoin balances with Coinpot Tokens today, or should you wish to withdraw Coinpot Tokens, exchanging them for something less tied to a single resource, or convert Coinpot Tokens to USD, EUR, GBP or any other fiat currency, today’s internal exchange rates are:

Today’s Coinpot Token Value Bitcoin Cash

Coinpot Token how much Bitcoin
Today, you can sell 100 Coinpot Tokens for 0.00001966 BCH

*note: yesterday, 100 Coinpot Tokens would buy us 0.00001778 BCH. (a week ago – 0.00001380 BCH)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Bitcoin

what is coinpot token worth
100 Coinpot Tokens convert to 0.00000163 Satoshi

*noteyesterday 100 Coinpot Tokens would buy 0.00000160 BTC. (a week ago – 0.00000135฿.)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Dogecoin

how much doge is coinpot token
Today’s Price of 100 Coinpot Tokens is 4.47720805 DOGE

*note: yesterday, Dogecoin: at the exchange rate of 0.0413776707: 100 Coinpot Tokens would buy 4.13776707 DOGE. (a week ago – 3.41933771 DOGE)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: DASH

is coinpot token worth anything
100 Coinpot Tokens sell for 0.00006935 DASH

*note: yesterday, at the exchange rate of 0.0000005927: 100 Coinpot Tokens would have bought 0.00005927 DASH (a week ago – 0.0000004724)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Litecoin

litecoin for coinpot token withdraw litecoin from coinpot
100 Coinpot Tokens exchanges to 0.00018846 LTC today.

*Note: yesterday, at the exchange rate of 0.0000017325: 100 Coinpot Tokens would sell for 0.00017323 LTC. (a week ago – 0.00012928)

Ignoring the rise of Coinpot Token’s value is difficult. Although this is a “snapshot” article and not an analytic piece, DMYF would like to point out the following:

– In isolation, a Coinpot Token is an asset of extremely limited utility.
– Its long-term growth is, most likely, unsustainable (this is solely our subjective opinion).
– Does a look at crypto to any fiat week price chart (pick any of the five coins mentioned) puts things in perspective? Ask yourself, – what would happen to the Coinpot Token-to-Bitcoin exchange rate, should Bitcoin’s price jump to $10k?

Helpful factoids:

– Coinpot Tokens are predominantly sold. They also can be bought at a slightly disadvantageous rate. Nevertheless, historic variance in the asset’s price indicates that, hypothetically, a shrewd, experienced, knowledgeable, calculating, moderately risk-taking, educated, professional DMYF reader FOREX specialist, perhaps, may see an opportunity… Or might not if there is no real opportunity at all.

Buying cryptocurrency for Coinpot Tokens, withdrawing the coins and selling them for fiat is easily and instantly done via Changelly’s exchange service, which will provide you with the latest market price and only charge a 0.5% trade commission.

P. S. By no means are we recommending making any financial decisions. Please contact your financial advisor regarding such matters; DMYF is a portal dedicated to entertainment and education.