Classic Faucets (Must Have!)

Q: Why are these faucets “must-have”?

A: They are reliable, trustworthy, they have been around long enough to act as an indication as to the general market sentiment. They offer no loyalty programme per-se (there is no need to log in daily) and won’t penalize you for missing a day, a week, or a month of “rolling”. In addition to that,‘s extra features are fantastic, while Freedoge’s minimum earnings withdrawal is 5 (!) Doge fluctuates; currently it is 50 DOGE+ 1 Doge Commission.

I. – A platinum faucet

Freebitcoin features a classic “roulette” + much more if you explore the website. Win some free BTC once per hour, plus some lottery tickets and/or reward points. One of the oldest and most reputable faucets opened its doors in 2013 (!).

Pays out a daily interest on your savings if the amount exceeds a minimum withdrawal barrier, should you wish to deposit (or keep your winnings on the website). 4.08%+ p.a. is a fantastic interest rate and, when it comes to Bitcoin investments, it is worth considering, as access to your funds is instant and interest is paid daily.

Ask yourself, – do you have immediate plans for 30000 Satoshi? If not, – why not let them grow?

free bitcoin invest bitcoin free satoshi faucet best bitcoin faucet

What’s great: simple layout, no captcha, no pop-ups, not time-consuming, easy registration process, excellent savings scheme, ability to share your winnings, almost ad-free, reputable, amazing source of basic information, innovations, keeping up with the times, reward points can be used to buy thousand-dollar iPhones. No adverts!

What could be better: unlike other faucets, it might take you a while to withdraw your earnings (unless you have a lot of referrals, investmnts and luck), uses reCaptcha (images) which we are massive fans of. Although if you are logged in to your Google account, reCaptcha can be one-clicked. Or avoided completely!

28.01.2019 Update: Freebitcoin is now a faucet with no captcha!

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II. Freedogecoin – Freebitcoin’s younger sister

Freedogecoin – roll to win free Doge every hour. Very discrete design, no annoying advertisements. Sister faucet of Freebitcoin.

Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 18.53.43

Apart from withdrawing the accumulated Dogecoin, you can play dice (gambling, but there have been reports claiming that with a good strategy, you can win quite a bit; no pun intended)!

Features a low minimum withdrawal (50 DOGE + 1 DOGE commission minimum) and often rolls high.

Offers an option to “distribute” some of your “wealth” amongst your referrals.


We have adopted a practice of rewarding our readers/referrals using that function. In a nutshell: 100% of our weekly Freedogecoin earnings are given away directly to you!

Giveaway I was not reported in the news section, unfortunately.
Giveaway II details
Giveaway III details
Giveaway IV details (will take place in a few hours, you have time to sign up!)

Want to be a part in the giveaway? Register at Freedoge here. The rewards grow exponentially; more people – more coins = bigger rewards!

We distribute Dogecoin proportionate to referrals’ activity. We believe it’s fair, since all you have to do is remember to visit the faucet (even once or twice a day is enough, although the timer resets in an hour since the last claim).

We realise that a lot of our readers already were registered at Freedogecoin, have referrals of their own and will not sacrifice that for some free doge. Do not worry; our reward system is under development. Be prepared for some fun news!

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What’s great: simple layout, SolveMedia captcha, no pop-ups, not time-consuming, easy registration process, excellent statistics breakdown, ability to share your winnings, almost ad-free, reputable (proof of payout)

Should you wish to register, please use our referral links and we will do my best to give back through our weekly giveaways!



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