Guide: How to Earn & Withdraw 100 Dogecoin… Today

transferring your earnings to any external wallet, paying zero transaction fees and no commission on withdrawals.

A simplified step-by-step guide

Read the full article for more comprehensive information.

Refer to the Helpful Tips section for further reading.

How to to make from circa $1000 to over $10000 per annum using these faucets.

Disclaimer: the method outlined below is not the most economically efficient way of withdrawing your earnings from faucets. The method outlined below is for educational purposes only. Always use your best judgement. If in doubt, ask for professional advice. However, from past experience, instant access to 50 DOGE can be helpful.

You will need the following (basics):

  • About 10-15 minutes of your time to set up the accounts.
  • About 20-25 minutes to optimise the process (optional, comes with experience).
  • An e-mail account.
  • A secure, up-to-date browser and some add-ons. Avoid IE and Edge.
  • A PC, Mac, smartphone, or a tablet (the faucets are mobile-friendly).
  • A Dogecoin wallet, or a Dogecoin address of an exchange you use. All major cryptocurrency exchanges accept DOGE deposits. Optionally, you can convert the Dogecoin you withdraw to a currency of your choice using an external service (we recommend using Changely for cryotocurrency conversions).

Step 1 – Wallet (link provided)

Create an account at multicurrency wallet.

Step 2 Faucets (links provided)

Register at BonusBitcoin

Register at BitFun

Register at Moonlitecoin

Register at Moondash

Register at Mooncash

Register at Moondogecoin

Register at Moonbitcoin

  • BonusBitcoin and BitFun will require separate registrations; the rest will ask for the email address you provided when regitering at when logging in.
  • Stay signed in in all faucets.
  • Agree to disable AdBlock and accept cookies (ads will not be a problem).

Step 3 – Important Techinalities 

  • Bookmark every faucet, and/or use the method of opening a seqience of tabs through an extension.

Step 4. Claiming the Coins

Sidenoteif you are logged in to your Google account, reCaptcha might be solved in one click. If you have to “select the images…” more than twice, change Captcha to SolveMedia (typing a text). Whatever is easier/quicker for you.

–  Sidenotea good practice is going through the faucets when you first open your device and before you close it.

Step 5. Converting.

At the end of the day/session, login to and click the dropdown menu next to every individual currency.

cryptocurrency converter multicryptocurrency wallet BTH to DOGE
(example – converting BTH to DOGE )

Convert the DASH, Litexoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin accumulated during the day to DOGE using the internal converter. Do the same with Coinpot Tokens.

Please note:

  1. There is NO FEE for internal conversion
  2. The conversion rate is the CURRENT ratethis might fluctuate during the day
  3. The conversion will be done instantly.
  4. Conversions cannot be cancelled or reversed once they are complete
  5. In the unlikely scenario that you do not have enough DOGE for a minimum withdrawal, consider quckly “topping them up” with Bonus Tokens.

After you convert all balances, your DOGECOIN account balance should be around 50 DOGE (or more).

Step 6. Withdrawing.

– Click  the dropdown menu next to DOGECOIN and select the “withdraw” option.

withdrawing 50 doge daily from faucet to your wallet, exchange, or convert to fiat

  • Enter your password and solve the Captcha.
  • Select the amount you wish to withdraw and choose the address of a wallet/exchange wallet/converter you would like to send your DOGE to.

Check your email inbox (for security measures, sends you an email to make sure the withdrawal was initiated by you).

Click the relevant confitmation link.


Coinpot states that the transaction can take up to 48 hours. In our experience, the funds arrive within an hour (minimum) to 10 hours (maximum).


  • Treasure every Bonus the Moon Faucets offer. Try to remember to login once a day (you can also set a timer add-on), either from your computer, or a smartphone.
  • Your referral % bonus is applied as long as the referral has been active at least once within the past 30 days.
  • Moonbitcoin offers Mining and Offer bonuses. Theoretically, every Moonbitcoin faucet claim you make can be multiplied up to 500% (!!) if all bonuses are utilized.
  • The Mystery Bonus structure is the reason why the recommended claim times differ for Moon Faucets.

P. S. 

Q: All this for 75 DOGE? Ha-ha-ha.

A: 75 DOGE is a bare minimum. “All this” is an illustration of a method.

Q: What will I even do with 75 DOGE

A: Whatever you please. Cryptocurrency trading and exchange markets are volatile, unpredictable and “full of opportunity”. We, however, stick to the “money should be used to make more money” principle.

Useful links:

CryptoExchanges offering numerous DOGE pairs:

CoinExchamge (register at CoinExchange)

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 19.57.13

Cryptopia (register at Cryptopia) (register at to get  10% off discount on all YOUR trading fees for 12 months).

*hint: since around 30% of DOGE are traded at , when converting a currency to DOGE or DOGE to a currency, check the latest trades to check whether the conversion rates you are being offered are fair.

Market information:

Dogecoin on Coingecko

Dogecoin on Coinmarketcap


Online Dogecoin wallet

Instant convereters to other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies:

Recommended and reputable cryptocurrency converter (Register)

Easily sell cryptocurrency for fiat currency. (Register now)

We do not endorse gambling, but the internal exchange at LuckyGames looks very interesting, including tokens which just recently hit the market (register at LuckyGames). Ignoring the gambling and just using the website to exchange currency could be an option.

DISCLAIMER: although converting currency A to currency B is done effortlessly and immediately on an online converter, generally, you will get a lower rate than if you wait for a favorable moment on an exchange. 


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