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According to the Mayan Calendar…

We randomly encountered a cryptic prediction of some Google Nostradamus and could not resist the temptation to share the news from the past. 🙂

Bonus Bitcoin is a faucet where registered users can claim Bitcoin every 15 minutes
Still earning Satoshi on BonusBitcoin? ZOMG TEH MATRIX!!!
Faucet News, Faucets, News

Faucet News: BonusBitcoin’s “Average” spikes in light of low BTC price…

…going up to 42 satoshi per 15 minutes. That counts up to over 4000 satoshi a day, if you don’t miss a single claim. It’s close to impossible, but hey, BitFun‘s and MoonBitcoin‘s timers “tick” while you wait.

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Just remember to set your claim to average…

& enjoy the dip.

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