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Why is Coinpot and its Faucets Running Slowly, Giving “Service Unavailable” Errors, or Freezing?

If you noticed that MoonLitecoin gives out an unexpected error, Coinpot takes a few refreshes to perform conversions, logins or withdrawals and are getting worried… based on prior experience, the hiccups have to do with Coinpot introducing a new function: a cute live “ticker“, showing your faucet income arrive to the dashboard, looking like this:

wy is coinpot slow
A live update on dashboard
Coinpot paid out 8,5758 Bitcoin 13,3766 Bitcoin Cash 4,308,087 DOGE 128,3472 LTC 30.2074 DASH in the last 7 days
Now, imagine the amount of microtransactions = users’ claims made from seven Coinpot’s partner faucets (ranging from 3 minutes to 15 minutes per user) = which have to be processed by Coinpot‘s servers during maintenance times that result in 8,5758 Bitcoin, 13,3766 Bitcoin Cash, 4,308,087 Dogecoin, 128,3472 Litecoin paid out in last 7 days…

No wonder that during the times the systems are upgraded in users’ favour, once every blue moon, Coinpot slows down, freezes and browsers demonstrate errors such as:..

coinpot service unavailable
Coinpot: service is unavailable
MoonLtecoin 504 Error
and “…MoonLitecoin (504) Gateway Timeout”

DMYF’s subjective opinionL

Coinpot is here for the long run. Even considering our suspicious and ultra-cautious approach to any changes, – remember, – the last major improvement introduced by Coinpot was… the creation of everyone’s favourite Coinpot Tokens.

Whoever Coinpot owners are, whatever interests they follow, they are, as opposed to many others, – the… good guys?

The market we are in considered.

(please, do not disappoint us,!)

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COINTIPLY website down?

Cointiply Website responds with a “certificate error” when you try opening it. Is Cointiply down?

cointiply down cointiply legit cointiply scamBrave Browser:

cointiply scam

coinriply minimum payout

So we said “Hey! What’s going on!”

Opera allows us to “continue anyway”, which lets us open Cointiply.

Ergo, Cointiply is not down. According to the “News” section…

cointiply legit or scam
Cointiply “had problems with their SSL certificates”. Whether you want to trust them or not is up to you. We do not trust anyone by definition. A SSL problem is fixable in a matter of days at most. A “technical issues” excuse is a century-old trick that online businesses use to avoid paying you.

Q: Is Cointiply legist or is Cointiply a scam?

A: So far nothing indicated Cointiply being a scam. However, a security error which scares visitors away and which appeared around the time when people have reached their payout thresholds…


We do not think Cointiply is cashing out and shutting down, but the certificate error is a warning bell. We clearly remember what was happening with CCRB website when the time to pay their customers (they never did, of course) came, – at one point, their “portal” was reduced to one (!) page which screamed “buy our tokens!”.

Q: Can Cointiply just “disappear”? 

A: Hell yes. Tesla Mining even had a registered company address on their website (buying a mailbox for business purposes costs almost nothing in the UK, – NEVER be fooled by a “London address”). Then Tesla Mining just disappeared, going on a summer holiday along with your “investments”. Do you know where Cointiply is based? (we do) When we asked Cointiply a simple “where are you based” question, they have given us a rubbish “anonymity” answer.

We are not saying that the faucet will disappear. What we are saying is that a persistent security issue is not a good sign.

P. S. We have contacted Cointiply asking for some clarity in the matter. We will keep you posted. For now, do not purchase their premium account and consider reaching for a withdrawal. Do not give up and do not let a faucet win, – always make them pay you for your time.. At least once.

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Moonb (, Moonbitcoin Cash) Faucet is down, bugged or not working? It is 100% Operational Under New Address

Not to worry! The faucet has moved and underwent script upgrades.

The new faucet where you claim BCH (+3 Coinpot Tokens!)  The up-to-date Moonbitcoin Cash domain is… …suspense… …surpruse….…!!!

The new domain works perfectly well, the script is very Adblock-friendly and the earnings are significantly higher than that of an average faucets

Panic over! You can keep earning Bitcoin Cash satoshi as usual.

Current Claim rates of Moon Bitcoin Cash (helps answer the “how often should I claim” question):

moon bitcoin cash earnings satoshi how often should i claim

P. S. Prior to the Domain move, Moon Bitcoin Cash did not seem to record your “absence” (even if you missed a day, the Loyalty Bonus was still accumulating).

Whether it was due to a script error is unclear. Unfortunately, he issue has been fixed. Now, the faucets which awards Loyalty Bonuses if you miss a day are Moon Dash... …and Cointiply.

What is Moon Dash? Moon Dash is a dash faucet with a difference...YOU decide how often to claim! Whereas most faucets only allow you to claim once per hour or once per day, we allow you to claim as often or as little as you like* The faucet will gradually fill up - quite quickly initially but it will slow down over time - until you make a claim. So the longer you leave it the more you will be able to claim. You may prefer to claim a smaller amount every 5 minutes, or visit once per day and claim the large amount that has built up while you were away! (* minimum 5 minutes between claims per account/IP address) How much can I claim?
*UPD: this seemed to be a browser-specific script bug which has since been fixed on the Coinpot-partnered Digital Cash (DASH) faucet, but mot on Cointiply.

*UPD: Cointiply has (unofficially) expressed plans to offer payouts in DASH (as well as ETH), plus intentions to decrease the minimum Coin amount necessary for a payout… stay tuned)

Since you might have to start anew when moving from faucet located at to, we would appreciate if you would register using our referral link to support our project!

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100% of our Referral Income is reinvested back into improving your cryptocurrency market experiences:

DMYF is spending cryptocurrency on testing services to make sure they are not a scam; mostly “cloudmining” scams:

Is Bitcoin faucet a scam or not?

Tesla Mining – Legit or Scam?

DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1)

…giving away to readers…

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…making sure features such as Luckygames (online cryptocurrency casino) are legit, testing wallet-to-wallet transaction times… spending hours on testing whether a faucet does pay out, is virus-free and worth the time, and…

Writing about it all… While dreaming of real hosting.

Every Doge helps!