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NEWS: Ripple under fire, Google “bans” “mining” extensions


Reportedly, Ripple tried to buy its way onto Gemini and Coinbase, offering exchanges millions of USD-worth of incentives, should XRP become listed within Ripple’s desired timeframe.

“It’s not necessarily unusual to pay for a cryptocurrency listing. Costs range from $1 million “for a reasonably regarded token, to $3 million for an opportunity to get quick liquidity,” – report from Autonomous Research

In Ripple’s case the narrative of the report is rather negative, – the underlying message being “shouldn’t the brand sell itself by now’?. However, Ripple’s marketing campaign is often aggressive to the extent of desperation.

Meanwhile, “mining” extensions are removed from Chrome’s official store. Although in this case, the decision is simply common sense, unfortunately, the news are worded as if cryptocurrencies suffers yet another “ban”, which does not improve the overall health of the market. The “ad ban” was actually beneficial to the market altogether, according to some; the mining extension removal was just a matter of time.

“The only people who are going to be worried are the people who don’t have good intentions. If you allow these bad apples to remain, you lose consumer confidence from the masses.” – Arran Stewart, co-owner of

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NEWS: Coinbase announces its Index Fund.

…as well as Coinbase Index. Although, at first, investing in the fund will be availabe only to US residents, without a doubt, investing in GDAX will soon be a possibility.

“Coinbase Index Fund will give investors exposure to all digital assets listed on Coinbase’s exchange, GDAX, weighted by market capitalization.”

coinbase index

Coinbase is s making a serious claim to become one of the pillars of the cryptocurrency market. Now, apart from an exchange and a wallet and following  recent news of its cooperation with the banking industry, allowing Coinbase customers to purchase Bitcoin with credit or debit card with no effort, the exchange offers a global investment vehicle. Although it is not the first crypto-based fund one can invest in, the fact that it is set up by Coinbase makes it big news.

The Index Fund will be based on the prices of four coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium and Litecoin.

“It’s an easy way to get exposure to the crypto assets that we offer on our exchange,” – Asiff , Hirji, President, Coinbase

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How did the news about alleged hack spread?..

In the previous post we have included an original quote from BitcoinTalk forum thread, which seems to be the one (and only) “proof”, if we can call it that, of an actual hack even happening.

We are strictly against creating the impression of duplicate articles through re-posting content and would rather recommend you read parts I, II and III of today’s (or yesterday’s for some) “attack”. In this case, however, it’s a must. This comment sparked the “Hacking” legend: Continue reading “How did the news about alleged hack spread?..”