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Coinpot Faucets: Guía

(¿quieres probar si los retiros se pueden realizar a diario? Lee la versión simplificada relacionada de este artículo de 75 Doges Al Dia) (probado y probado: los faucets son 100% legítimos. No hay spam, no hay virus, diseño agradable y pagos diarios instantáneos, garantizados y pagos fácilmente precalculados a cualquier wallet externa… … puedes retirar… Continue reading Coinpot Faucets: Guía

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VIDEO: Is There a Bitcoin Faucet With No Ads, Pop-ups or Redirects?.. To all Coinpot Token farmers: earn 3 Coinpot Tokens every 3 minutes... plus some Satoshi... without any ads or banners. The beauty of minimalism. Download Brave Browser here (thus supporting DMYF:) and say "goodbye" to ads!

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Что такое токены Coinpot? Как оценивается их стоимость?

В действительности, пользуясь кранами, вы ничего не "зарабатываете". Вам выделяется небольшая доля того, что зарабатывает сам кран посредством привлечения рекламного трафика ("просмотров") на сайты спонсоров и партнёров (рекламодателей).

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Pre-Weekend Faucet News: FreeBitcoin 5x Reward Point Promo, Cointiply Increases Gems-per-Coin Rate, Freedoge Increases Minimum Payout

FreeBitcoin is running a 5x (!!!) Reward Point promo. Read: everything about Reward Points we've written so far. FreeDoge has increased its minimum roll reward to 0.10 Doge. As our regular readers know, this is an important factoid. Read: 7 Reasons Why is a Must-Have Faucet + A “How to Register and Get 100% Free… Continue reading Pre-Weekend Faucet News: FreeBitcoin 5x Reward Point Promo, Cointiply Increases Gems-per-Coin Rate, Freedoge Increases Minimum Payout

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Reviewing Reward Points’ Value and Coinpot Token’s Value

It is wrong to compare Reward Points versus Coinpot Tokens. Although both are rewarded for main faucet activity, the rewards are different in nature.

It is equally wrong to ignore the systems' potential.

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Coinpot Token Price Today… In Perspective.

- Opening all faucets (all Moon faucets should really be regarded as one faucet, unless you have a tactic of your own) grants you 21 Coinpot Tokens. 
- Keeping Bitfun open while cycling through the faucets is good practice: 3 minutes run past quick!..
- Are you using the right browser, or are you still staring at the ads?..

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“Coinpot Token: Price, Value, Worth” Series: Today’s Coinpot Token Price. Bonus: A Withdrawing Coinpot Token Guide.

Q: Can I send coins, tokens, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Satoshi, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Litecoin etc. etc. etc. from or from a faucet like or to an exchange (i.e. CoinExchange or Changelly)? 
A: Yes. Very broadly, a wallet is a wallet. It can be hardware, software, online, offline, piece of paper, app on your phone. The differences are degrees of access to your wallet and security. Normally, an exchange generates a Deposit Address, - that is your "wallet" for that service, or even a single transaction. Now you are free to send your 5 hard-earned Dogecoin to practice "trading". 🙂 

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Coinpot Token Series: The Value of 100 Tokens Today

- Coinpot Token is an asset of limited utility.
- Its long-term explosive growth is, most likely, unsustainable. 
- A look at crypto to fiat week price chart (pick any of the five coins mentioned) puts things in perspective. Ask yourself, - what would happen to the Coinpot Token-to-Bitcoin exchange rate, should Bitcoin's price jump to $10k?