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What’s a Coinpot Token Worth? The “Coinpot Token Price” Series – 22.06

Previously On… (recommended reading – historical prices, methods of calculating value, ways of converting Coinpot Tokens to USD, etc.):

Coinpot Token Price – What is a Coinpot Token Worth?
Coinpot Token price today
Coinpot Token’s Worth in August: Conversion Rates, Fiat Value… Future Price?
Coinpot Tokens’s Price Today vs. One Week Ago
Coinpot Token Series: The Value of 100 Tokens Today
“Coinpot Token: Price, Value, Worth” Series: Today’s Coinpot Token Price. Bonus: A Withdrawing Coinpot Token Guide.

price coinpot token in usd price coinpot token how much coinpot token
Today, should you wish to sell your Coinpot Tokens...

You can get 0.00000152 BTC for 100 Coinpot Tokens
You can get 0.00001853 BCH for 100 Coinpot Tokens
You can get 4.10723785 Dogecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens
You can get 0.00017705 Litecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens
Your can get 0.00006935 DASH for 100 Coinpot Tokens

Now, what about the fiat value of cryptocurrencies as of today?

 Bitcoin equals 6,439.50 United States Dollar
1 DASH sells for 140.81 USD
1 Dogecoin is worth 0.00249 USD
1 Litecoin equals 55.59 United States Dollar
1 Bitcoin Cash equals 529.03 United States Dollar

The simplest possible estimate of what 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth in USD is calculating the value through the value of Dogecoin.

As of now:

100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.0102270222465 USD
1 Coinpot Token is worth 0.000102270222465 USD

Are you regularly converting Coinpot Tokens? Saving them up for a rainy day?

Or throwing them away in Coinpot’s internal pseudo-gambling feature? That we recommend against, – and we’ve explained why here, – 

READ MORE: Coinpot Token’s Worth in August: Conversion Rates, Fiat Value… Future Price?

In short, – faucets, faucet income aggregators…

(yes,  don’t be fooled, is not a “cryptocurrency microwallet” de-facto; is where you hold your profits from Moon Faucets), – we will discuss this in future articles)

are not interested in you withdrawing funds from their system.

Can you blame them? When they hold your currencies (imagine the total amounts?), they can invest the funds, safely accumulate interest, profit from playing on exchange rates, etc. Same as banks. Or insurance companies. Welcome to the real world.

While all you can do is stare at the balance on a webpage. 

You could be accumulating interest ( offers a 4.08% annual interest paid daily on a minimum investment of 30000 satoshi), investing cryptocurrencies (danger, danger, danger!) and, i. e. purchasing altcoins, hoping for the next “To The Moon”. Or just safeguarding them in a proper wallet.

Point is, should you wish to have fun throwing gambling your faucet income away, at least use a dedicated service, – there will be more games, more chances to win, better odds, etc. etc. etc.

bitcoin casino bitcoin roulette bitcoin gambling satoshi casino satoshi roulette

A minimum bet on Luckygames is 1 satoshi (!!!)… …or nothing, if you use Luckygames’ Tokens, which you get for free (there’s an internal faucet, so you will never run out of tokens, alas their functionality is limited, – theoretically you can purchase real-life goods for the free tokens, but you are more likely buying the latest iPhone or the latest Samsung for’s Reward Points.

HOW? READ MORE:  40+ hours for QUAD. 4x (!) Reward Points Promo! AND Part 2 of the “Reward Points are Awesome” Guide

Q: Are you promoting/advertising Luckygames?
A: No. We do not endorse gambling; however, since some of our readers are into games of chance regardless, we would rather point them to the direction of a service we are using (reviewing) and have had no issues with. Moreover, we do not endorse faucets withholding users’ earnings. 

Luckygames attracted us due to its immense cryptocurrency exchange potential: see the impressive list of supported cryptos below:

cryptocurrency casino best cryptocurrency casino free crypto casono


We do not offer financial advice, information provided on DMYF is for entertainment/educational purposes only, 

However, our goal is not only providing raw data, bare information, or a prepared analysis; we would be happy if by visiting DMYF our readers would learn flexibility in their approach to information. And avoid fails such as:

which coin convert earnings coinpot token earnings which coin to convert earnings to best coin to convert earnings to
We do not remember the source, but the degree of fail made us screenshot.

The author is terribly wrong in many aspects, but the real “facepalm moment” is the part where he or she has recently been “sticking” to DASH (should you wish, try to understand why and how is the post wrong).

Do not “stick’ to an approach simply because it worked well a month (or even a couple of days) ago. Adopt and Adapt, – adopt methods which work best now and adapt to the environment; making best of the features, changes and all fluctuations.  Adopt critical thinking; do not spend your earnings on something just because “something” is marketed as “premium”

READ MORE: Review at a Glance: The TRUTH behind Cointiply “Premium Account”

Adapt to changes in policies to make the best of what is offered to you. Like Coinpot Tokens.

Or Dogecoin and Bitcoin which we give away, asking nothing in return. 🙂

JOIN, JOIN, JOIN! Free Dogecoin and Bitcoin from Us to You.



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Coinpot Token Series: The Value of 100 Tokens Today

In our previous articles, we covered various methodologies of estimating Coinpot Token’s price, value, worth, as well as compared a seven-day difference of CT to cryptocurrencies’ exchange rates. Read the articles by following the links below:

Coinpot Token’s Worth in August: Conversion Rates, Fiat Value… Future Price?

Coinpot Tokens’s Price Today vs. One Week Ago

Should you wish to boost your Coinpot Dogecoin/Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, DASH or Litecoin balances with Coinpot Tokens today, or should you wish to withdraw Coinpot Tokens, exchanging them for something less tied to a single resource, or convert Coinpot Tokens to USD, EUR, GBP or any other fiat currency, today’s internal exchange rates are:

Today’s Coinpot Token Value Bitcoin Cash

Coinpot Token how much Bitcoin
Today, you can sell 100 Coinpot Tokens for 0.00001966 BCH

*note: yesterday, 100 Coinpot Tokens would buy us 0.00001778 BCH. (a week ago – 0.00001380 BCH)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Bitcoin

what is coinpot token worth
100 Coinpot Tokens convert to 0.00000163 Satoshi

*noteyesterday 100 Coinpot Tokens would buy 0.00000160 BTC. (a week ago – 0.00000135฿.)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Dogecoin

how much doge is coinpot token
Today’s Price of 100 Coinpot Tokens is 4.47720805 DOGE

*note: yesterday, Dogecoin: at the exchange rate of 0.0413776707: 100 Coinpot Tokens would buy 4.13776707 DOGE. (a week ago – 3.41933771 DOGE)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: DASH

is coinpot token worth anything
100 Coinpot Tokens sell for 0.00006935 DASH

*note: yesterday, at the exchange rate of 0.0000005927: 100 Coinpot Tokens would have bought 0.00005927 DASH (a week ago – 0.0000004724)

Today’s Coinpot Token Value: Litecoin

litecoin for coinpot token withdraw litecoin from coinpot
100 Coinpot Tokens exchanges to 0.00018846 LTC today.

*Note: yesterday, at the exchange rate of 0.0000017325: 100 Coinpot Tokens would sell for 0.00017323 LTC. (a week ago – 0.00012928)

Ignoring the rise of Coinpot Token’s value is difficult. Although this is a “snapshot” article and not an analytic piece, DMYF would like to point out the following:

– In isolation, a Coinpot Token is an asset of extremely limited utility.
– Its long-term growth is, most likely, unsustainable (this is solely our subjective opinion).
– Does a look at crypto to any fiat week price chart (pick any of the five coins mentioned) puts things in perspective? Ask yourself, – what would happen to the Coinpot Token-to-Bitcoin exchange rate, should Bitcoin’s price jump to $10k?

Helpful factoids:

– Coinpot Tokens are predominantly sold. They also can be bought at a slightly disadvantageous rate. Nevertheless, historic variance in the asset’s price indicates that, hypothetically, a shrewd, experienced, knowledgeable, calculating, moderately risk-taking, educated, professional DMYF reader FOREX specialist, perhaps, may see an opportunity… Or might not if there is no real opportunity at all.

Buying cryptocurrency for Coinpot Tokens, withdrawing the coins and selling them for fiat is easily and instantly done via Changelly’s exchange service, which will provide you with the latest market price and only charge a 0.5% trade commission.

P. S. By no means are we recommending making any financial decisions. Please contact your financial advisor regarding such matters; DMYF is a portal dedicated to entertainment and education.

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Coinpot Token’s Worth in August: Conversion Rates, Fiat Value… Future Price?

coinpot token what is it worth how much can i get for coinpot token whats coinpot token price cab i sell coinpot token for fiat coinpot token hold or sell

1. Introduction

SOME BACKGROUND: rewards its users with Coinpot Tokens

Coinpot Tokens represent an undervalued feature of Rivers of time have flown by a since mysterious Token’ Balance appeared on or dashboards, yet do all active Moon faucet users utilise full earning potential of the automatically and generously awarded bonus?..checkcoinpottokenbalance

a. First things first

If you are a dedicated faucet user, think of all sources of income the faucet offers to you holistically. It would not be a bad idea to apply the same frame of mind to all faucets you are active on. Should you wish, create a formula, even if only an image of, for yourself, taking into account factors such as the following (example):

A 88 satoshi roll on BitFun (if you leave an hour or two between visits/claims) earns you 0.00000088฿ + 3 Coinpot Tokens.
A 3 satoshi BitFun roll (if you make a roll three minutes later) adds 0.00000001฿ to your Bitcoin Core Balance …+ 3 Coinpot Tokens.

Calculate how many BitFun claims alone would it take you to “farm” 100 Tokens (we will mainly refer to CTs by the 100s for simplicity).

HISTORICAL NOTE“Are the tokens related to a future ICO”, we asked ourselves as we first saw the Token logo? Coinpot administration is notoriously secretive about its intentions, plans and innovations…
No, Coinpot has not publicly announced an ICO. Does that put a cross on an ICO happening? “Never say never”.

b. So… What is a Coinpot Token?

“Coinpot Token” is much more than a merely fancy name for a “Reward Point”, like that offered by (which we we recently dedicated an article to).

READ: TRIPLE (3x) Reward Points Promo: 37 Hours Left. Edition Includes a Complimentary “How to Register an Account on” Guide and a Reward Points How-To

Both bonus systems are great. FBC’s Reward Points are exactly what their name stands for: you are rewarded for your loyalty to FBC by points per hourly roll. Save enough, redeem them for, say, the latest iPhone or a Samsung model.

Allow us the liberty to define Coinpot Tokens as the multi-currency wallet’s value-exchange system’s units. FBC’s Reward Points are barely affected by the state of the cryptocurrency market.

CT’s are. However, since Coinpot Tokens are not directly available (ed: in their original  Token form) publicly, are not (yet?) traded on an external cryptocurrency exchange and can be accessed and/used directly only via, they can be mined (wtf sic!) and on the wallet’s dashboard, Coinpot Token balance looks like just like, say DASH, balance. How much does an average microwallet user know about DASH, its history, investment potential, differences and similarities in comparison to other coins? How much does an average mictowallet user know about the investment potential of Coinpot Token, its value, worth, price, whether to HODL or sell? Is it safe to sat that the potential for new users’ confusion is understandable?..
coinpot token dash coinpot token value coinpot token price coinpot token sellhow much dollars coinpot token how to sell coinpot token for fiat fiat coinpot token what is coinpot token

c. Important: Cryptocurrency Games of Chance, Lotteries, Dice…

If you think Coinpot has granted users a free bonus which you can use for gambling, instead of withdrawing your earnings to test your luck elsewhere, you are technically right. A typical cryptocurrency faucet’s “innovation” is aimed at  keeping the funds within the faucets (away from your personal wallets), under any “for your own good” excuse (Cointiply’s farce of a “Premium Account” is a prime example).

Some offer of a wat to “multiply your earnings” is just a classic. Keep in mind what you came to the faucet for: making a few coins. Learn about cryptocurrency. Whatever it is, we would recommend following the simple rules.

* Payout (money earned from fauceting): good.
* No payout (postponed payout, delayed payout): bad.
* No payout because of your choice to test your luck/purchase a useless trinket… Your choice.

Remember that you can either play some hi-lo game or take part in some “probably fair” faucet lottery, lose and, – congratulations! – your time, activity, efforts, hopes and aspirations represent free money for the faucet owner.

WARNING: Unless you are totally confident you have knowledge of a guaranteed winning system, proven itself over and over, we believe that spending currency earned on a faucet internally is one of the top-5 fuck-ups mistakes a faucet user can commit, – should you fail to win, especially before making a single claim…

We do not endorse gambling, however if that is your interest anyway and you play responsibly, consider doing so at a specialised website.

Here’s why:

A faucet which offers some gambling options is reviewed as a faucet, classified as a faucet, SEO’d as a faucet. Everything else is a side-biz. An online crypto casino’s main business is Bitcoin/Dogecoin/Whatevercoin Roulettes, Dice, etc.

cryptocurrency casino crypto casino free crypto casino
Disclaimer: We are not promoting Luckygames, we are mentioning the multi-currency online casino because there is no deposit required, it features a faucet for its internal currency which can be used to win real prizes and it is currently under DMYF review. The review will be honest and unbiased; as to why we are referencing it, – simply because we only refer to resources we have tested out first-hand.

cryptocasino no deposit
If the “dice are loaded”, even if the casino’s website has an in-built faucet (like Lucky games), if the users lose too often and win too little, they will bring the website’s ratings down. Hypothetically, if the roulette spins red 20 times in a row as soon as your winnings exceed a certain amount…

Remember the “no such thing as bad press” expression? Or something like “the only thing worse than… …is not being spoken about”?  Bad press which leads to a decline in the amount of visitors, resulting in lower revenues and companies all-of-a-sudden having to pay money to search engines to stay afloat? That hurts them more than your vicious Trustpilot one-star fatality, three-post-long thread on Bitcointalk, or even than a negative review on an up-and-coming  boutique independent media resource such as DMYF (aka or a wtf-is-this-design can’t-even-afford-a-domain wordpress-hosted blog-about-some-shit-noone-cares-about)!

d. Back to CT: Coinpot Token’s Value: Currency Conversion

coinpot token price today

*exchange rates are not fixed and are subject to change, often multiple times a day.

* charges 0% conversion does not charge a commission for currency conversion, full stop. We only wish…
*Conversion is instant (how important that is is a question one must answer himself).

For the purposes of multi-part in-depth review we decided to compare the exchange rates over the course of few days/weeks. The snapshot of the figures below has been taken early last weekend. The rates will “catch up” in the following articles.

Having a feel-good stare at a multi-thousand Coinpot Token balance is nice and cozy. However, should one need immediate access to funds, for whatever reason, a natural question is: what can I get for my Tokens now? What is the Coinpot Token’s actual value today

NOTE: The asset’s liquidity should always be taken into consideration. Within hours, even a thousand or two Coinpot Tokens can be in any wallet their holder wishes them to be, performing whichever function their holder wishes them to perform.

Downsides? Potential for impulsive decision-making leading to erroneous choices, “quick” usually means “expensive” etc.
Upsides? Opportunities too good to miss, premonitions, etc.

Should you have chosen to think of your Coinpot Tokens’ current value…

…in Bitcoin: CT to BTC conversion rate was 0.0000000135. 100 Coinpot Tokens converted to 0.00000135฿.
…in Bitcoin Cash: CT to BCH conversion rate: was 0.0000001380. 100 Coinpot Tokens converted to 0.00001380 BCH.
…in Dogecoin CT to DOGE conversion rate was 0.0341752587. 100 Coinpot Tokens converted to 3.41933771 Dogecoin. (!!!)
…in Litecoin. CT to LTC conversion rate was 0.0000012920. The LTC value of 100 CT would be 0.00012928 Litoshi.
…in DASH. CT to DASH conversion rate: was 0.0000004724. 100 Coinpot Tokens could have been converted to  0.0000004724 Duffs.

Ignoring the highlighted Doge, what would you convert your 100 Tokens to, given the exchange rates?..

e. Now, the fun part: What is a Coinpot Token worth in fiat (USD, EUR, GBP)?

We believe we discussed the difference between “price”, “value”, “marker value”, “perceived value”, “potential value”, the factors such as consumer trust ratings, liquidity, predictability and real-life utility in relation to the Token in the past.

READ: Coinpot Token Price – What is a Coinpot Token Worth?

If we have not, please comment and let us know.
If we have missed something, please comment and let us know.
If you spot a mistake/typo, factual error, please comment and let us know.
If you have a Nobel Prize for Economics, please comment and let us know, – we would like to ask for your autograph. And ask a question or two (hundreds).

In a nutshell, a Coinpot Token’s actual worth is determined not only by a supply and demand, the quality of both supply and demand, but also by such trivialities as the future of Coinpot, the perceived future of Coinpot, whether any future plans  exist, conversion rates, liquidity and performance of all five currencies featured on Coinpot, transaction time, fluid things such as market sentiment, state of cryptocurrency market at present, etc. News, fake news, interpretation of news, degree of stupidity of CNBC those reporting the news… You name it.

I. e. Some second rate random exchange no one ever heard or cared about gets hacked, millions of some random crypto no one ever cared about get stolen, this hits the news?.. Bad. Some crypto is still traded on Binance while its creators are already in handcuffs for fraud?.. (this is why DMYF hates cryptocurrency scammers with a passion). Bad. Public fails to realise that Google’s “ban” on advertising ICO’s is good? Bad. 

In any case.

I. e. you purchase X Satoshi for Y Coinpot Tokens today. Yet, a little bird reliable market indicator signals that whereas TODAY one Bitcoin could be both purchased  and sold on a variety of an open markets, taking into consideration all possible fees for circa $6678 USD, tomorrow the BTC/USD pair will trade at around $8500.
Question: if you can somehow quantify the statistical probability of the price hike, how does that affect an estimate of what a Coinpot Token is worth relative to fiat* TODAY?

The question is hypothetical.

What is a Coinpot Token worth in fiat? Do the array of calculations of selling the Tokens, withdrawing the crypto of your choice, selling it for fiat, fees, fees, fees.

What a Coinpot Token’s price in fiat is also heavily determined by having a plan; not only what is the best crypto to convert the Token to and the most expensive to sell for.

That, and more will be covered in the next part of our Coinpot-related set of articles.

Have a great weekend!

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Q&A: How to Convert Coinpot Tokens to Dogecoin?

A: Converting Coinpot tokens to DOGE is the most viable option of Coinpot Tokens withdrawal to an external wallet in order to trade, invest or, through an exchange, convert Coinpot Tokens through Dogecoin to USD, Bitcoin, or any other currency.

Step A: Login to

Step B: On your Dashboard…
Coinpot Dashboard Tokens Convert to USD
Step C: Click the Downward Arrow next to “View Token Summary”...
Convert coinpot tokens to
Step D: Click “Convert Coinpot Tokens To”…”
convert coinpot tokens how much is oinpotpot token
Step E: Choose “Dogecoin” from the dropdown menu…
Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 07.13.34
Step F: Choose the amount of Coinpot Tokens you wish to convert to Dogecoin.

(sidenote: as you can see, today, one Coinpot token is worth 0.02806342 Dogecoin and the Coinpot Token to Doge fee-free conversion rate is 0.0280634233 – not bad, considering how easy it is to earn Coinpot Tokens!)

Step G: Choose the amount you wish to convert, enter your password and click “Convert”!
convert coinpot token to dogecoin convert coinpot token to usd convert coinpot token to bitcoin how much is coinpot token worthStep H: Finally, confirm the conversion by clicking (surprise!) “Confirm conversion”

convert coinpot token to dogecoin
coinpot tokens how to convert
P. S. The same steps are to be followed should you wish to convert your Coinpot Tokens to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, or Litecoin.

P. P. S. Want to know how to easily convert Coinpot Tokens to USD, GBP, RUB, EUR or any other fiat currency? Stay tuned!

Faucet News, Faucets, News

Coinpot Token Price Today

According to today’s exchange rates, 100 Coinpot Tokens…

= 105 Satoshi (Bitcoin)
= 695 Satoshi (Bitcoin Cash)
= 1.72 DOGE (Dogecoin)
= 6415 Litoshi (Litecoin)
= 1985 Duffs (DASH)

NOTE: You earn Coinpot Tokens on…

Moon Litecoin (3 tokens every 5 minutes) – registration link (click!)
Moon Bitcoin Cash (3 tokens every 5 minutes) – registration link (click!)
Bonus Bitcoin – 3 tokens every 15 minutes – registration link (click!)
Moon Dogecoin – 3 tokens every 15 minutes -registration link (click!)
Moon Dash – 3 tokens every 5 minutes – registration link (click!)
Moon Bitcoin – 3 tokens every 15 minutes – registration link (click!)
Bitfun – 3 tokens every 3 minutes -registration link (click!)

Q:How much are Coinpot Tokens worth in fiat (real money)?

Visit Changelly for an easy cryptocurrency=fiat calculator and see for yourself! You will not find Santa Coinpot Tokens; you will find the five coins the Tokens can be converted to.

Q: Those coins gathering dust in your wallet? 

For some cheap trading practice, consider the fact that a minimum trade on CoinExchange is only 1 DOGE. – (FYI only; not to be treated as a financial advice;  entertainment purposes only).

 Freebitcoin is not only a (stingy) faucet, but a good savings vehicle, offering  4.08% annual interest on your satoshi investment. Unlike shady “mining” operators (STAY AWAY!), such as Tesla Mining, Freebitcoin is one of the oldest faucets and does pay out. Recently Cointiply, in some copycat mode began offering 5% annual interest paid daily on balances over bla-bla-bla.

Coins “gathering dust” = HODLing. There is nothing wrong with HODLing… a currency which has potential and future. 90% of them do not. Do you research. Have an exit strategy. If a coin is not worth the dust it’s covered with, kill it with fire, try exchanging it. If the amount is too small, – oh, well.

LuckyGames is an online cryptocurrency casino. Legit. Minimum bet – 1 satoshi (there is no need to exchange currencies to satoshi to play!). A user can generate wallets for and deposit 100 (!) cryptocurrencies. Who knows, maybe that bit of Awesomecoim can be multiplied, exchanged to Bitcoin etc. etc.


Gambling is bad, yet in this case, it’s no more than an exit strategy.

For more faucet tips, visit our Helpful Tips section.

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Coinpot Token Price – What is a Coinpot Token Worth?

coinpot tokens price how much coinpot tokens value

A possible answer is: Tokens are worth as much as what cryptocurrencies offered by partnering faucets are worth, divided by average earnings per person. 

Sounds complicated?

The truth is, you do not “earn” anything when you use a faucet. You are paid out a fraction of what the faucet earns for attracting traffic to its sponsors and partners.

If a company advertises using one of the Moon Faucets, it pays the faucet an X amount per number of the times the banner is viewed (or clicked upon, depending on the agreement).

coinpot earnings

The faucet’s profitability correlates with the faucet’s popularity, advert’s relevance to the target audience (ideally measured in clicks), demographics, purchasing power, etc. etc.

It goes without saying that US consumers’ “views” and clicks are worth more than Russian consumers’ “views” and clicks. This does not mean that faucets are nationalist or xenophobic; European or North American companies simply spend more on online advertising and Western users’ online purchasing power is undoubtedly boosted by a historically longer tradition of using credit and debit cards (as well as PayPal) as payment methods online.

Note: imbalance in earnings makes some users risk losing their accounts and earnings) by masking their geolocation (to varying degrees of success). Morality is not our forte, but questions such as “do I need to have referrals to earn big?” and “how much will I earn if I am not from US/EU?” are answered in wide array of DMYF guides.

Subscribe, follow, read, (l)earn. We do not promise to “triple your Bitcoin in 24 hours“, we issue warnings to protect our readers against such scams. If we do claim that faucets are paying out, that $3.50 can be easily earned in one day on Cointiply alone, that Coinpot Tokens could have been used to triple an investment overnight, all statements are supported by personal experience, evidence and have been tried and tested.

It goes without saying that AdBlockers can really hurt a Faucet (hint: want to raise that Cointiply “bar” up? Try disabling your AdBlocker…) according to unconfirmed sources, AdBlockers cut faucets’ revenues by 30%-40%). On the other hand, according to confirmed sources, ads displayed on faucets slow down your device, promote blatant scams and expose a user to malware (countermeasure – a separate sandboxed browser installed on an account without administrative privileges; or on a separate OS altogether… plus staying the hell away from FaucetHub).

“OfferWalls” represent “direct” advertising and referral income and, therefore, offer significant rewards simply because the faucets are paid much more for targeted advertisement (when using an OfferWall you are selling your personal data… Unless, of course, you cheat and sell your puppy’s personal data instead). Cointiply features a very extensive OfferWall, suitable for any taste, however MoonBitcoin actually multiplies your rewards if you complete some offers, so if an OfferWall reward from Cointiply is a one-off payment, an Offer completed on one of the Moon Faucet is a long-term “investment”, potentially multiplying a faucet claim by 100%).

Then, understandably, advertising on a Bitcoin faucet pays more than advertising on a DOGE faucet, or a DASH faucet.

Faucets are predominantly paid in fiat, – “real life” currency. While the faucet pays its users in cryptocurrencies. The faucet will pay out more when cryptocurrencies are cheaper and will cut down payouts when cryptocurrencies are on the rise, – a great time to “faucet” was about a month ago.

Exception: Cointiply pays its users in fiat via cryptocurrency: by making a Cointiply Withdrawal, a user actually buys Bitcoin or Dogeoin (potentially – DASH and ETH in the future).

Naturally, exchange rate affects the cryptocurrency value of Tokens (remember, – they were introduced during a market dip). When the Tokens first came out, 50 DOGE (minimum Doge amount necessary for withdrawal from a user’s Coinpot account to an external Dogecoin address; whether wallet, exchange, cryptogambling site, etc.) were worth circa 1320 Tokens.


how much is dogecoin in usd from 29 march 2018 to 22 April 2018 line chart lowest price was less than 0.003 USD per Dogecoin, maximum price was 0.006 USD per Dogecoin
source: CryptoCompare

As this article is published, 50 DOGE can be bought for 3000 Tokens. At time of writing of this article, 50 DOGE is converted to (sold for) roughly 0.30 USD, while about a month ago, they were 50% cheaper.

=(very roughly, based on the DOGEcoin’s current market value), 3000 Tokens – 0.30 USD. However, the value might be different when converting to other currencies and is affected by various fees (non-Coinpot, as Coinpot hardly charges withdrawal fees and, surprisingly, offers conversion between the supported currencies with no fees at all)

The same principle can roughly be applied to DASH, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

However, should anyone be interested in making the most out of their Tokens, following has to be taken into consideration:

  • Method of measurement: fluctuation of the Token’s value in terms of cryptocurrencies, or in terms of fiat?
  • Anticipated (or unpredictable) rise or fall of the value of a cryptocurrency
  • (this is speculation, but…) It could be more profitable to exchange the Tokens when the value of the cryptocurrencies is lower, – when when the value bounces back the trade turns out profit.

According to the author’s subjective, unprofessional and current opinion, the five cryptocurrencies offered by are “core” coins and represent a “safe” bet in terms of long-term holding (as “safe” as the market has to offer), with an added bonus of sporadic price hike Tokens offer the faucet users more rewards for the time spent “fauceting”.

Flexibility offered by Moon faucets is what makes these faucets the best cryptocurrency faucets on the market and one of the few sources of cryptocurrency micro earnings which are really worth the time even for those who do not have many referrals.

At the moment, faucets might seem like they pay out less than they used to, Tokens give the users an opportunity to mitigate that by simply focusing on faucets which pay out more in terms of the value of the token+the value of the reward (e.g. hitting Bitfun every three minutes equates to a Token a minute, plus the Satoshi earned; hitting Moonlitecoin every five minutes adds 3 Tokens to the base Litoshi earnings).

Coins, Faucet News, Faucets, Giveaway, Guide, News rewards its users with Coinpot Tokens

coinpot token free cryptocurrency coinpot faucet bonus

…introduces an Hourly Lottery and more. The picture says it all, but in a nutshell:

Although you can “mine the tokens using your browser” (no, thank you), buy tokens using cryptos (no, thank you), you automatically get 3 Tokens per claim you make off any of the supported faucets (MoonDash, MoonDoge, MoonLitecoin, MoonBitcoin, MoonCash, Bitfun and BonusBitcoin, as well as 1 token per every claim your referral makes.

You can convert the accumulated tokens to boost the balance of any of the five currencies, supported by the multicurrency wallet (at very decent, alas fluctuating exchange rates). There is no “minimum” Token balance necessary for conversion (unlike Freebitcoin‘s Reward Points), so even 1 token can be converted.

At the moment, the rates are:

100 Coinpot Tokens = 132 Satoshi
100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.00001313 BCH
100 Coinpot Tokens = 3,37 DOGE (like!)
100 Coinpot Tokens = 8303 Litoshi
100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.00003082 DASH (did you know, – units of DASH are called “Duffs”)

Q: Why is Coinpot giving away freebies?

A: Faucets are paid in fiat by their advertisers and they pay out cryptocurrencies to their users. As the price of Bitcoin goes down, Coinpot has enough decency to give “back” more. In the long run, it will attract a wider audience to its partner faucet system, which will mean more advertisement profits… In effect, the new Tokens are a version of Freebitcoin‘s Reward Point system. Why are they called Tokens is unclear.

Now that you have more reason to make more claims, remember…:

Important: Only BonusBitcoin is arguably worth “maxing out” (using as often as possible, perhaps even keeping the tab open in your browser), especially with the rising average claim reward. All other faucets have a timer (“earning” you bits of coins passively until your next claim) which is fastest immediately after you make a claim and slows down as time passes.

MoonLite and MoonDash have a “faster” timer (you want to make the best of the mystery bonus and other % bonuses to your claim), followed by MoonDoge and MoonCash. So should you wish to add more reward points Tokens, we would recommend setting your “Claim” priorities in the following order: BonusBitcoin (every 15 minutes, or as often as you can), MoonLight, MoonDash, etc. The rationale behind this method was covered in the relevant articles here, here and here.

Summary: Check your balances. Previously, it was easy to earn and withdraw 50 DOGE a day from Coinpot. Now, it is safe to say that it is easy to earn and withdraw 55 DOGE a day, considering the Token:DOGE rate. In any case, a freebie for something you do anyway is a good freebie.

Coipot Tokens earning