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Cointiply Tip

Cointiply Games

Tip: Do NOT waste your time on Cointiply games. Out of all features of Cointiply (“mining” aside), “Video Games” are arguably the most ruthlessly pointless. In effect, since the coins are awarded (at a veeery slooow pace) after an advert you watch while the game is auto-paused, you are “earning” coins while playing video games, not for playing video games, as the amount of coins “earned” has nothing to do with the in-“game” progress. Although the games themselves are somewhat fun (until you realise how much you are actually “earning”, – that is… for about two minutes), moderately well-designed and have that retro-ish look, your game progress cannot be saved. Therefore…

Tip: If you have so much time to waste on faucets that you are venturing into the Video Game section of Cointiply, you probably need to take a break from faucets have you checked the time? 15 minutes have probably passed and 42 satoshi are ready for collection from BonusBitcoin.

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Coinexchange.io… Scam or…

…not? No, it is not a scam. Albeit, as exchanges go, Coinexchange is rather on the “shady” side of the spectrum. I.e. It is unclear as to where the company is located geographically; the only clues regarding its possible location are left by the terrible English in which the website communicates its purpose with the audience, as well as by interactions with “support” that can sometimes come across as blatantly rude.

coinexchangeThat aside, the exchange does what it is meant to do: offers trading pairs of cryptocurrencies, some of which  are often only found on Coinexchange, – hence the attention.

The minimum single trade requirements are dirt-low, so if one ever feels like “diversifying”, – 5 DOGE can get you a whole (small) basket of (s)hitcoins, some of which actually might thereafter deserve a second look. The price of some conveniently jumps from 1 satoshi to 2 satoshi and back.

While coins’/tokens’ wallets often “unpredictably” go to “maintenance” mode, it is nonetheless possible to buy cheap at Coinexchange and sell at a higher price or for a different currency on a bigger altcoin-oriented exchange (i. e. BleuTrade or YoBit). Or doing so repeatedly. The chart below is pretty much self-explanatory in that regard.

zeitcoin price

And yes, deposits, withdrawals and trades work so no, Coinexchange is not a scam  (despite the fact that typing “coinexchange” in Google keeps coming up with multiple “scam or not” results on the first page)…

coinexchange scam

Or, at least, not a scam at the moment and as far as we can tell.

Of course, storing your cryptocurrencies on the wallets offered by the exchange is extremely risky, but same applies to literally any online storage option. If anything, should the self-proclaimed “pillar” of the crypto market vanish overnight as suddenly as it appeared, taking your hard-earned 5 DOGE and some Angelamerkelcoin change along with it, it will be a less painful way to learn from one’s mistakes than if the same would happen with Binance.

As for casual, fun trading, some interesting altcoin pairs, a straightforward and lightweight interface, quick deposits and withdrawals and opportunistic ways of multiplying your microearnings, CoinExchange is not a bad educational destination.

Register on Coinexchange.io

P. S. A detailed review of Coinexchange is work-in-progress.

P. P. S. Looking for more exchanges offering even more DOGE pairs? Check out YoBit and Bleutrade, however keep in mind the minimum-10-DOGEcoin+ individual trade rules.

NOTE: All information provided on the website is offered only for entertainment purposes and should not be regarded as investment or trading advice.

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“How to build your cryptocurrency portfolio”

There is a simple and easy Cryptocompare step-by-step guide on how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio using their platform.


Recommended for those, who already have some cryptocurrency, but do not yet have a portfolio manager.

Even if you just click through the Moon Faucets, roll for a few Doge on Freedogecoin (and get some free DOGE from us) or, say, come across some amount of free tokens/coins during the project’s airdrop phase, it is worth inputting them into a portfolio manager app. Got some free CryptoCarbon (CCRB) for registering on the platform’s website? Why not add them as something you hold (because, ehm, it is something you hold) to your portfolio?

free ccrb free token free erc20 token

*Rhetorical question: when you are adding a new item to your Cryptocompare portfolio, tone of the fields will be “buying price”. Technically, you got the token or a coin for free (if you chose to buy some coin or token for cash, you, naturally, know how much you paid), so what number do you state?..

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AELF (ELF): green light!

We have published an article about adding some free ELF tokens from the Azeroth II Airdrop (still loving the name) to your portfolio (or, rather, becoming part of the complex multilayer bounty system) yesterday.

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 00.25.41

…which had an immediate effect on the token’s market price! (jk, ofc)

aelf price change one day



Subscribe, follow and stay tuned!

Quick links: 

Register to start earning some free ELF 

The ERC20 token is traded on Binance, Gate.io and many others exchanges.

Register on Gate.io, a Florida-based exchange using our unique link to get 10% off your trade fees for a year

aelf price 24th march

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NEWS: Petro Trumped!

Donald Trump vs. Venezuela’s national cryptocurrency.

“All transactions related to, provision of financing for, and other dealings in, by a United States person or within the United States, any digital currency, digital coin, or digital token, that was issued by, for, or on behalf of the Government of Venezuela on or after January 9, 2018, are prohibited as of the effective date of this order.” – exempt from the executive order.

The ban of Petro is a part of a wider array of sanctions against Venezuela and clearly demonstrated that mixing politics and cryptocurrencies is not necessarily a grand idea.

It is unclear whether these news had a positive impact on the price of TrumpCoin (TRUMP) against USD and BTC…

TrumpCoin price

…or a  negative impact upon the PresidentTrump (PRES) coin against USD and BTC…

PresidentTrump coin price

…however Petro itself was barely affected..

Petro Venezuela crypto price


Note: PresidentTrump and TrumpCoin can be bought and traded on LiveCoin and Cryptopia cryptocurrency exchanges. TrumpCoin can also be traded on YoBit.

Register a trade account on LiveCoin

Register a trade account on Cryptopia

Register a trade account on YoBit

Sources:  Continue reading “NEWS: Petro Trumped!”

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Black CryptoFridays …when darkness descends upon the markets and portfolios are coloured red…

Yes, that term has already been coined. We would be surprised, otherwise.

The markets have seen worse. Remember the prophecies of doom what happened when China slashed cryptocurrency trading, restricting the search engines from showing anything crypto-related? First of all, when rumours of the Central Bank’s talks began spreading, within a day, bitcoin price in the Chinese exchange market increased by 9.3%, while other major markets (both Western and Eastern) remained stagnant. Momentum was rebuilding in China, despite the ongoing bitcoin exchange ban talks.

Then, for some time, Japan became the Asian cryptocurrency centre and the yen trade volume surged. Surprise! Traders moved offshore. Besides… What is the geolocation of Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange by daily trade volumeDemand for Bitcoin in China increased. Japan’s stagnating economy only welcomed the new status:

Takashi Shiono, Credit Suisse, Tokyo: “There are estimates that tax revenue from the cryptocurrency business, including capital gains taxes from individual investors and from corporations, could amount to 1 trillion yen (US$9.2 billion), though that is very speculative at this stage.”

Oh, the price of Bitcoin slumped temporarily, allowing those willing and able to take risks to profit off buying in cheap. Same scenario happened with South Korean government agencies proposed regulation: about 10 days later, the markets were, pardon the slang, like “whatever” (see chart below).


We mentioned the fate of said South Korean regulations previously. Why? There almost was a public uprising!

Why did the price of Bitcoin fall so low over the past days?

There are about 10-15 solid an 25-30 speculative reasons why. We will let Carter Thomas, do that for us. Hey, it’s the weekend. To us, it looks like one of those perfect times when you should go out, meet some friends, watch a film, do some shopping, play a computer game.

Still thinking about the cryptocurrency market and the blood-red of your portfolio? Ok, watch something on Viuly instead and get yourself some free VIU. Shop for virtually anything through the CCRB shopping system, – browse through AliExpress, get yourself a new gadget, buy someone a present or explore some holiday destination at a massive discount and get yourself a flat 25% cryptocashback bonus. Register at Cointiply and play a computer game, earning some satoshi for it. The rewards aren’t great, but you are free to play as often as you like and some of the games are actually cool; the truck arcades and Swoop are amongst the ones we enjoyed testing out:

(please forgive us for our sense of humour; the actual gameplay is fun: flying around amongst pretty landscapes, collecting shineys; but Black CryptoFriday (or BlackCrypto Friday? right?) 🙂

All is well, Feathercoin is still going strong against BTC (remember where you can get ahold of some free FTC for doing nothing and where you can trade them?). DASH is doing well against Etherium. Crave is just showing fiat who’s the boss. Other than that… Um, red is the new green? 🙂

*note: we previously have not mentioned Crave. We will.

*note: all factors considered, almost any CCRB cryptocashback offer, not mentioning special offers, beats a similar cashback offer from a traditional provider, such as Quidco. 

*note: we have not previously mentioned Viuly: if you haven’t yet, create an account now; you get 10 VIU for registration and random amounts of VIU for various bounty tasks. The ERC20 token is traded on major exchanges, however withdrawing VIU is a subject for a separate guide. Hint: VIU supply is limited…

Hope you have a great, diverse weekend!

Sources and Further Reading:






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Monero Hard Fork Postponed

monero hard fork xmr xmv

Remember our article on Monero’s hard fork?

Great news: Monero have postponed the fork that was initially going to take place on the 16th of March (tomorrow for some, today for others) by SIX weeks, allowing those who have trust in the coin’s value to accumulate a more significant amount in hopes to profit off XMV appearing in the XMR wallet (remember Bitcoin Cash appearing in your Bitcoin waller?.. It did not?.. Maybe, because you are not using a real wallet?). Naturally, the news had an immediate impact on the price of Monero… Which bought some time (no pun intended) for those intending to add XMR to their investment or trading portfolio.

monero price xmr price chart cost of monero monero market cap

Source: Coinmarketcap.



Monero on Cryptocompare: