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Cointiply Mining Game – New Useful Calculators. CommonSense.exe or EpicFail.jpg, – The Choice is Yours!



1. Cointiply Profit Calculator

2. @revised Antminer building calculators

We will not waste time explaining how the calculators work.

They are straight-forward.

Intellectual rights belong to the creators. 

If you do not consider them straight forward, you definitely should consider viewing the Mining Game as a game; not as a shady, risky and dodgy “savings‘ scheme, ran by a faucet, not regulated by anyone or any thing, alas as of yet, paying out as promised. As of yet. 

As of yet. This means “for now”. 

Every user should take a breath and think: with the current investment, will I be able to feed the system with gems, yet managing to withdraw something? 

So far, the answer is “yes”. 

Gems have increased in value, – a rough Marketplace GpC rate is 10:1, whereas once upon a time it was close to 30. Gem mechanics aside, the pattern is: without Gems, the Mine is useless. The more expensive the Gems are, the less profit a user makes. 

However, even if the user is maintaining the Mining operations through Marketplace purchases, a large portion of “profits” remain such, unless they are reinvested (=haven’t received a single Mining Game-only payout? Keep reinvesting? Congratz, you are a Mining Game slave with 0% ROI).

Look at yourself in the mirror.

A very rough example: a Mine which generates $1 a day requires about 60k Gems for rebuilds. 60k Gems = $0.60 with GpC at 10.

Oh, yeah, – another $0.27 goes for Efficiency…

Profits” = $0.20 a day (incl. Bonus).

In practice, with occasional check-ins, roulette rolls, referrals, – the numbers are a bit higher.

What will happen when (NOT “IF”. “WHEN”.) Cointiply brings GpC below 8:1?..


Gem Mode ftw. Situational awareness ftw. Calculations ftw.

And, most important, – why not let the Game run for 118 days? Stock up on Gems, rebuild at given time intervals, get Gems cheap, HODL Gems when needed… and hope Cointiply‘s intentions are pure.

Downside: the “bonus” from Secondary Pool… will be discussed later.

Read DMYF’s occasional guides on “Work Less, Earn More“. Have similar tips? Share. Notice a good Offer? Share! 

DMYF are not angels.

We are banned from Mining Game chat for trolling and saying the truth (epic screenshots of the convo – future dessert!)

We “experiment”, – we are banned from Smores.tv. 

But we review the game and evaluate its honesty.

We are not known as committee givers of fucks.

We include referral links because, hey, if a user registers, – why not milk some more out of Cointiply? We publish guides, tips, reviews with maximum honesty. Unlike some fucktards out there (Mr. GuideDotCom), we will never lie to attract referrals when we see something is going down the drain.

Want to symbolically thank us? Want to make Cointiply open the purse for your fellow player, with no harm for your earnings? We would appreciate that. In return, we offer the “Earn More” opportunities, analytics, pre-warnings…


So far, Mining Gane profits can be made. Alas, be wise.

P. S. We have a series of articles on how to make $30 on Cointiply in one day. We are keeping those to ourselves. Some methods are 100% legit, yet elaborate and required work and risk on your side. We would ask for 100% consent. Worked for us like a charm, but…

We can share the info with our referrals for free. 
We can also share the info with general public, at a symbolic cost (we risk the methods getting leaked, – a $30-$40 anonymous, untraceable, free in BTC and DOGE in a day… too sweet.

We risk not even getting a “thank you“… just lies “ohh, didn’t work…

But that’s future.

For now…

Want some more truth?


Thought we have hundreds? Ha.

We have 5-10 active referrals this week, grossing 100 Coins… On a good day.

You can make money on your own.


    Just stay with us. We are on your side.Kind regards,

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Cointiply Mining Game – Советы, Подсказки, Стратегия

Приведенный материал стоит рассматривать исключительно в историческом контексте! 
Cointiply Mining Game Logo!
Зарабатывай, трать, зарабатывай, трать.

Еще несколько советов по Mining Game, предлагаемой Cointiply:

  • Как упоминалось ранее, Mining Game – “игра”, созданная с целью удержания ваших доходов в системе “крана”. Вы играете против администрации сайта – не пытайтесь вырвать победу у машины и перехитрить её!
  • Исходя из этого, так как эта игра не бесплатна, подходить к ней можно с трех позиций, –
  1. Держаться подальше от игры, продолжать пользоваться сайтом как обычно.
  2. Высчитывать, подсчитывать, рассчитывать… Вкладывать столько, сколько нужно (не экономя) для достижения устраивающего уровня дивидендов. Идти “ва-банк”, в надежде на то, что правила игры не изменятся администрацией сайта (как это происходит регулярно).
  3. Воспринимать как игру (это может быть и увлекательно!) и не относится к процессу слишком серьёзно. Это не такая уж и большая плата (по крайней мере мы надеемся, что небольшая) за удовольствие. Возможно в будущем, в геймплей будут добавлены новые и интересные функции.
  • Возможность повышения эффективности посредством активности на сайте была заменена введением внутриигровой валюты (gems). Поздравляем, теперь все ваши действия на Cointiply можно конвертировать в gems… В “gem-mode“… Прощай заработок? На самом деле, “gem-mode” не такая уж и плохая вещь (об этом ниже).
  • Реальные цифры (оценочно): 34 MP = 1 коин в час, каждый час продуктивность уменьшается на 2%, 200 коинов = 1 MP, 1010 gems = 10% продуктивности, и т. д. Не забывайте просчитывать ваши действия и их рациональность.
  • Изучите опции предложенные игрой. Рынок хорош для тех, кто быстро реагирует и быстро действует – иногда появляются предложения намного ниже рыночной цены и их можно успеть выхватить! Помимо этого, ознакомьтесь с правилами рыночных ставок. Подумайте о переходе в gem-mode на некоторое время, если вы достаточно активны на сайте – возможно зарабатывать gems проще, чем вы предполагали?
Gem Mode - almost 1000 Gems for one ordinary Cointiply Roulette roll.
Gem Mode – когда-то 1000 gems за обычный ролл.
  • Исследования и эксперименты – путь проб и ошибок. Один из “советов” по игре (который вы можете, кстати говоря, просто проигнорировать) гласит:
Let the game creators "experiment" in their bedrooms. Do not "experiment". Learn from others' "experiments", calculate, move in for the kill, win. "Try this, try that" = "spend, rinse-repeat".
“Некотрые стратегии принесут вам больше дивидендов, экспериментируйте!” Пусть создатели игры “экспериментируют” у себя в спальнях. Не “экспериментируйте”. Учитесь на ошибках сделанных другими, просчитывайте, действуйте, выигрывайте. “Попробуй то, попробуй это” = “Потратьте и повторите это снова”.
  • Пока это это математически обоснованно, продуктивность должна поддерживаться на уровне 200%, используя авто-буст (что подразумевает наличие хорошего запаса gems). Что же такое “математическая обоснованность“? Не нужно тратить 999 монет на 1000 gems, чтобы купить те 10%, которые дадут вам одну дополнительную монету в час. Не стоит думать: “Я просто продам это здание, если оно не будет приносить доход”. Даже инструкция из “промо-материалов“, пусть и неохотно, но признаёт, что в таком случае вы вряд ли вернёте потраченное.
  • Вы можете построить более одного здания одного и того же типа или же не строить вообще. В зависимости от их количества.
  • Что насчёт “пулов”? “Пулы” – это вещь из разряда “просто забудьте об этом”. Основной пул предназначен для ста лучших игроков. Пока вы не станете “хардкорщиком”, вам лучше туда не стремиться.
  • Убедитесь, что вы знакомы с ключевыми областями игры, такими как например Special Building и их использованием.
Maintenance Hanger on Cointiply
Автопроверка на случай если вы AFK более трёх часов, рассчитанная на поддержание продуктивности.

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Cointiply Today: Today’s Status & “Health” Review

Cointiply is undergoing changes. To put it more accurately, the cryptocurrency market is undergoing changes which affect Cointiply, Cointiply’s administration is clumsily reacting to said changes, regular Cointiply‘s users are having a “sigh, whatever” moment, while many Mining Game players’ feelings are better described by “wait, wtf?“.

1. What’s up with Tap Research?

Tap Research used to generously reward users for attempting to take a survey. Perhaps too generously, – even clicking on a Survey was rewarded.

Half-completing a 20-minute survey hoping to earn $5 and wasting time due to getting disqualified half-way was annoying, however, righteously compensated by a % of the promised reward.

Tap Research was the OfferWall place to go and Cointiply openly encouraged users to take advantage of the earning system which, naturally, represented fertile grounds for abuse, but who cares was immensely profitable to both the faucet and faucet users.

In short, – when the Offer Wallwent mad“, rewards for “trying” kinda disappeared. Both Cointiply and TapResearch are poker-facing.


…so unless it’s a bug affecting only some users (let us know!), fairytale’s gone bad.

2. Mining Game Status

…with revenues from TapResearch vanishing and Gems becoming expensive, some users’ lack of pre-calculation resulted in disappointment.

The good: in October, a Mining Game update allowed users to “maintain” mines at their own pace.

The bad: referral income was restricted to Coins. Goodbye, passive Gem influx.

The ugly: although Gem cost is, theoretically, determined by the market and was introduced to ensure Mining Game‘s sustainability, its introduction reminded “investors” that the rules are determined by Cointiply and, – surprise, – the “income” is far from “passive“. An expensive mine can generate $3-$5-$10 per day, a stock of Gems on auto-spend mode can allow a user to log in only to withdraw the earnings, but the cost of “repairs” (aka renewing the “lease”) will force the user either to spend profits on purchasing Gems on the Marketplace, or “work” on OfferWalls.

3. Videos

Our access to Smores.tv is “denied“. Again, – hopefully other users still able to run three videos on background, passively collecting Coins, – besides, we are merely reviewing features and running Smores.tv never resulted in astronomical profits, – the restriction acted as a reminder that nothing in life is “forever“.

We were very, ehm, experimental when it came to things like testing how many videos a user can watch simultaneously, on how many devices and whether Smores.tv won’t mind us mainly watching how many coins have “ticked” per window, or watching the videos while sleeping, so to us a “goodbye, free video coins” was a question of time, however, just in case the system still works for everyone else, a few tips:

– running YouTube in parallel might not be a great idea.
– running media players in parallel might not be a great idea
– “watching” Cointiply PTC ads in parallel might not be a great idea
– sticking to the recommended “three” videos at once might be more prudent than “losing count”
– contacting Support did not resolve anything (but we did not persist/insist)
– we generally did not try to resolve the issue by more “technical” means
– apparently, VPN use is “prohibited” by Cointiply and is most likely frowned upon by OfferWalls
– the repertoire of Smores.tv is limited and, anecdotally, getting paid for “watching” a video for the XXXXXth time can’t last forever (cycling through channels paid best)
– thanks to the OfferWall, we discovered that Late Night Alumni produce awesome melodic vocal house tracks!

4. What’s up with Cointiply Videos?

Temporarily” offline. Were too good to be true. Nuff said.

5. PTC Ads

Operational. Risky (to be reviewed).

6. Is the main Faucet enough to make money?

Main Faucet is still frequently rolling “high” and, with a x1.92 multiplier + x2 (100% Loyalty Bonus) multiplier is a nice bonus, especially in Gem Mode when GpC rate is good.

Earnings are nothing in comparison to OfferWall rewards.

7. Multiplier Game…


– Gambling is bad.
– Why pay back the faucet where the money was earned?
– We believe that specialised cryptocurrency casinos are more likely to be “fair” because their popularity is mainly dependent on whether users are happy with the odds. Looking for a cryptocurrency casino? We have not experienced issues testing out LuckyGames (so far). At least, unlike other “casinos” LuckyGames does not push a user to make a deposit by offering XXXXXXX% “free” bonus as a top-up (=want to make a withdrawal?.. make bets equivalent to 100x your balance…), does not spam at all, does not require registration as a trial, has its own faucet, does not host idiotic slot games and accepts almost 100 cryptocurrencies. If there is such a thing as a legitimate and fair online cryptocurrency casino, LG is as close to making such impression as we’ve seen. Yet again, – gambling is bad and impressions are subjective.

8. Can users deposit Bitcoin in Cointiply’s system?


5% Interest on Coin Balances

Starting December 1st, 2018 you can earn 5% annual interest on any Coin balance of 35,000 Coins or more. Interest will be calculated daily and paid weekly.

Why doesn’t Cointiply offer a “savings” service” was a question which we asked ourselves for months, facepalming over and over.

Now yet another market opportunity which Cointiply administration previously either missed, introduced too late, or just fucked up joins the club. Whether Cointiply will turn out to be a scam in the end, or there will be a “happily ever after”, when the Mining Game will crumble under its own weight, or whether Cointiply‘s intentions are good or not – we do not know. Perhaps, the reason that keeps us guessing are these decisions which scream cluelessness, lack of profit-oriented thinking, or god knows what else.

On the other hand…

Noite: Cointiply is not a cryptocurrency faucet. Cointiply is a digital marketing “third wheel party”. Cointiply pays its users a % of what it receives from, say, OfferToro, or Adscend Media, which, in turn, are paid a commission from a sale of your “brand awareness increase”, “demographics, “political views”, or “downloads”.

Digital marketing is what Cointiply is good at. The Miming Game is an excellent example of a move which succeeded at bringing a ton of new users to Offer Walls, – bridging the gap between a product and a consumer. However, the mechanics behind the game were a total fail, – somewhat patched by the introduction of the Gem system, yet dependent upon Cointiply using the short-term influx of finance wisely. What did Cointiply do next?..

Cointiplier: “Don’t withdraw!”
Premium Account: “Don’t withdraw!”
Various promises (withdrawals in different currencies): “Don’t withdraw!”
“Savings” scheme: “Don’t withdraw!”

Thing is, since the “faucet” positioned itself as a “cryptocurrency” service provider, it cannot exist in absolute informational isolation and some market stratosphere. Their target audience might care about such things as “Bitcoin market cap“, “transaction times” and (who could have thought!) maybe even have higher-than-average awareness of such weird concepts as “privacy concerns” and “mathematics“. Moreover, the target audience might be aware of the market’s volatility.


cointiply post on bitcoin forum

…perhaps, if the strategists behind Cointiply would spend years observing cryptocurrency market instead of watching the faucet “industry“, they would make better decisions. Or not. Who knows.

Why was the savings scheme introduced?

Because finally. Unfortunately, introducing it when the market is in the state it is in is no more than a joke.

Why is the annual interest rate 5%?

Because Freebitcoin‘s interest rate is 4.8%.

Annual Interest Rate of 4.08%

Is it worth considering? 


A better idea would be acting upon yet another promise:

Withdrawal options of Dash and ETH prompt

“Soon” = “when the sky falls down”.

5% interest popup

Introducing DASH and ETH withdrawals would cost Cointiply nothing and attract more customers. The faucet’s strongest selling point is the “earn fiat – withdraw crypto” system. Diversifying that system would attract new users. Which is, in theory, what Cointiply is interested in… unless users withdrawing the funds earned is something the administration strives to avoid.

Summary: Cointiply keeps overlooking the obvious inexpensive innovations which could result in insane profits. Cointiply moves a step closer to allowing direct deposits. Cointiply wants more funds, – why? Greed? Necessity to patch up the holes created by the Miming Game‘s mechanics? Or…

8. Withdrawals – is Cointiply still paying out as promised?..

Yes. A recemt Dogecoin withdrawal request was successful and relatively quick (1 day). So, as of now, Cointiply is a legitimate, generous faucet and is not a scam.

9. Other features…

Such as Browser Mining, Games...

…we consider a waste of time and are not reviewing.

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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less – OfferWall Tips

*disclaimer: third-party app downloads may cause harm to your device, OfferWall offers might infringe your privacy and “free-to-play” games can be addictive and end up costing much more than traditional “pay once” games!

Yet again, we remind that there are differences between Cointiply’s OfferWalls’ rewards and the reward process itself.

Example: Lords Mobile, online MMORPG, free-to-play.

LordsMobile on AdGate Media
AdGate Media: $1.30
LordsMobile on OfferYToro
OfferToro: $1.99

A user can earn from $1.30 to $1.99 for downloading the app and completing the requirements.

(proof of payment)

LM proof
Adgate Media Offer Completed proof and got 13056 coins

The requirements are different, however both offers are easy to complete  in one to two hours.

AdGate Media rewards as promised. Whenever it does not reward for one reason or another, a quick email (ideally with a screenshot) sent to Support solves the issue.

OfferToro is slower to reward and its Support is less easy to access.

We are still experiencing difficulties claiming an OfferToro reward. 

As soon as both OfferWallstick” the Offer as completed, the Cointiply balance increases by the respective amount. Cointiply receives no reward if a user receives no reward and contacting Cointiply Support is ineffective, as their responsibility over OfferWalls (including safety and security!) is limited.

AdGate OfferWall process is simpler: once clicked, a user has access to a link which, when accessed via a mobile device browser tracks the offer completion.

OfferToro, instead, asks for a user’s email address and further instructions are supposed to be accessed from the device’s email inbox… making a user share his or her email address with yet another organisation which really cares about users’ privacy.

Sidenote: IGG is a legitimate game studio and Lords Mobile, Castle Clash, Clash of Lords are legitimate apps (=theoretically, safe to instal, as far as we know). What trackers are installed and what happens during the installation process – we do not know.

IGG can afford to first pay OfferToro/AdGate/…, which takes its commission and then pays Cointiply which, after taking a commission, pays a user $2-ish for, potentially, getting hooked on a game within the hours necessary to complete an offer and spend a ton of money, becoming a long-term player,

(rhetoric) Question: what % of the sum total amount spent by IGG reaches the user and how much do “third parties” keep to themselves?..

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Cointiply – Earn More, Work Less Tips – OfferWalls… Cyber Monday Wowcher Discount Code

*disclaimer: take care when using OfferWalls and downloading third-party apps!

A Cointiply OfferWall offer for Wowcher may be seen on the AdGate, or OfferToro boards for “apps”.

Adgate media work
AdGate Media


offertoro offer
  • Adgate Media


  • …”forgot” crediting until Support was contacted. A screenshot of a “welcome” email from Wowcher was enough to persuade Support (tip – always take screenshots!)
  • Wowcher predictably starts spamming your inbox with offers (tip – consider using a secondary email!)
  • One of which eventually was a “-$5 off your first order!” promotional voucher.

= theoretically, the Offer is now worth $0.12 credited to the Cointiply account plus the discount which can be used towards a purchase. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to personal discretion, but with Cyber Monday upon us…

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Cointiply News: TapResearch Bug

Normally, TapResearch rewards users regardless whether the Survey is completed or not; even if “quota is full”, the user’s Cointiply Coin (or Gem) balance will be credited with a portion of the whole reward.

Recently, unless the survey was fully completed, no “complimentary” reward was received. We contacted Cointiply to ask why aren’t users receiving their coins.

Cointiply‘s response:

We are aware Tap Research is having issues. We have alerted them, as have many members. This issue is on their end, and we do not know when it will be fixed. Like you, we hope it will be soon!

In other words, all is good.

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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less; How Profitable Is TapResearch OfferWall?

Previously, we reported that TapResearch is going mad. In a good way. Cointiply’s OfferWall is getting more and more generous.

First thing that comes to mind is that Christmas is around the corner and since vast majority of Surveys are about shopping patterns… In any case, let’s glance at the OfferWall an ask ourselves – how profitable is TapResearch and is it worth the effort?

Before we proceed, some basics:

Unfortunately, if you ask yourself “why don’t I see the Survey earning opportunities“, remember: TapResearch is open for residents of following countries: US, CA, GB, BR, FR, DE, AU, CN, IT, ES, RU, JP, IN, MX, SE, DK, NO, FI, HK, SG, NL, KR.

  • 10000 Cointiply Coins = $1
  • Minimum Cointiply earnings withdrawal – $3,50 (BTC)
  • Red or Blue survey color – makes little difference
  • Approximate completion time means little; 20 minute Surveys can be completed in 5 minutes… or vice-versa.
  • TapResearch rewards are credited immediately.
  • (most important) Even if, for some reason, a user does not qualify for the survey, or fails to complete it half-way… TapResearch still pays out for trying!

Now, below is a screenshot taken randomly,

Tapresearch works

Should a user complete every survey, the earnings would sum up to $20.29.| Not bad for a couple of hours of work…Considering that, with experience, one learns that no survey ever takes “20 minutes“. Realistically, it is impossible to qualify for every single survey… But it is possible to try completing every single one! Rewards for “trying” correlate with potential completion earnings, thus a user will earn something from each attempt. Finally, – there is literally no end to surveys (at least, not in our experience). If a user spends an hour on the OfferWall, rewards do diminish, however, after a short break go back to normal.

READ MORE: Earn More, Work Less: Tap Research Tips & Guide
*Disclaimer: OfferWalls are dangerous, risky, can cause harm to devices, undermine security and infringe privacy, as well as cause financial problems. All information stated above is for education/entertainment purposes and is written with an intention of  harm reduction, rather than advertisement or promotion.