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If You Have Not Visited from 06.01.2019… missed the following updates, articles, videos, reviews, tests, giveaways (and more!): 06.01.2019: 2019 FreeBitcoin 4x Reward Point Promotion Still Running…Ethereum Daily Trade Volume Overtakes Bitcoin?Report, Video. Payout Transfer: 100 Dogecoin from Eobot to External Wallet. Transaction Times: Seconds, Service Status: Operational. 07.01.2019: General Knowledge: Dogecoin Wallet 11.01.2019: (ongoing) Dogecoin Giveaway: UpdateGeneral Knowledge: Brave Browser’s Basic… Continue reading If You Have Not Visited from 06.01.2019…

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Our Dogecoin Giveaways: Upd.

...details reg. the latest round have been published. Head to the DMYF 2.0 (beta) site for further details! ...there are still a few of chances to win some Dogecoin (incl. the top prize!) by taking part in the DMYF New Years Giveaway! Hope everyone has a great week! Kind regards,


DMYF: First Year. August Milestone, Editor’s Essay.

DMYF is an independent, non-conformist, non-profit, self-funded cryptocurrency news & media project, with a difference. I do not begin my day looking through the site’s statistics page. Instead, I skim through newsletters, charts and dozens of niche sources. I proofread articles to remove errors and fault and update figures, not to add keywords. If a portal’s popularity… Continue reading DMYF: First Year. August Milestone, Editor’s Essay.

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Dogecoin Giveaway: upd.

This time... and (total)... ...symbolically approaches 200! Reminder: we are sharing 100% of referral income, which is 50% of every referral's roll figure. Sharing frequency depends solely on referral activity, - more participants + more rolls = greater giveaways. Anyone can take part by registering using our link. DMYF does not "pocket" a single percent...: ...hoping… Continue reading Dogecoin Giveaway: upd.

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URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?

Q: "MyDoge is not paying out..." A: MyDoge is a VERY dodgy faucet. What we know: It infects (at least - used to) your browser (or tries to) with a mining script (symptoms: computer slowing down, fan going insane, overheating, crashing). Browser only, hopefully. And mining-only. Experiencing something of the sort? --- 1. Clear browser… Continue reading URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?