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URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?

Q: “MyDoge is not paying out…”

A: MyDoge is a VERY dodgy faucet.

What we know:

  • It infects (at least – used to) your browser (or tries to) with a mining script (symptoms: computer slowing down, fan going insane, overheating, crashing). Browser only, hopefully. And mining-only.
  • Experiencing something of the sort?1. Clear browser cache, carefully look through extensions (Chrome is specifically vulnerable), make sure the browser is up to date. Better yet – uninstall the browser altogether, run a system clean software to get rid of whatever’s left over and re-install.
  • Pick a good browser. Antivitus, malware scans won’t hurt. 
  • Every extension  = potential vulnerability.
  • Check registry/startup items.
  • Fauceting is risky and faucetimg using your Admin account is 10x more risky.

Hopefully your device was not infected, but “not paying out” might be the least of your worries when MyDoge is concerned.
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FAQ & Q&A Page: New Questions Answered

New additions to our beta-version Q&A Page:

“Q: What are Freebitco.in‘s best rewards?

A: The latest iPhone and the latest Samsung, if you are into gadgets! Alternatively, the gift cards are easily obtainable.

However, we believe that the best possible reward options are hidden under the Boosts section. We are publishing a series of “zero to hero” guides about how Freebitco.in, potentially, is the highest-paying faucet out there.

(traditional reminder: if you are new to Freebitco.in, or would like to register a second account, make sure you use our referral link: we share 100% of our referral income with our referrals through our Giveaway programme).

FreeBitcoin Reward Points promotion is on!
Freebitco.in: Reward Points Promo: Edition Includes a “How to Register an Account on Freebitco.in” Guide and a Reward Points How-To
Part 2 of the “Reward Points are Awesome” Guide
Freebitco.in Giveaway – Free Satoshi From Us to You

Q: Is Cointiply Premium Account worth it?

A: No, No and No. It’s a rip-off. 

Well, if you wish to support Cointiply‘s balance sheet, delay receiving your earnings and, if Cointiply is in desperate need of some quick moneys, – I guess it’s worth it. Otherwise, whoever came up with the Premium Account marketing idea and invented its features should be sentenced to 160 hours of playing Cointiply Games.

Review at a Glance: The TRUTH behind Cointiply “Premium Account”

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SwiftDemand – WTF is Going On, – Exempts From a Letter

To keep things short, – though we always favourably viewed and reviewed SwiftDemand, their “conformation” requirements got us… Thinking.

Since we could not possibly keep quiet about…


Just so our position would be clear, let us post a few exempts from our Support Ticket:

what is swiftdemand swiftdemand worth

swiftdemand how much worth value price

swiftdemand ico

…and a total “wtf is going on” response from “support”:

swiftdemand faq
…by making them worse?!..

We do not agree with loss of privacy, identity confirmations and total rubbish of the sort and never will

Hopefully, tbc.


SwiftDemand and the first Token Sale: Review.

TOP 3 “wtf” SwiftDemand listings

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Our News: DMYF is Hiring Freelancers!

We encourage those interested to visit our recruitment section.


We facepalm blush at the sight of compliments thrown at us by WordPress and would humbly avoid using clumsy phrases such as “booming stats” ourself when…like ever.

wordpress copywriter salary wordpress fail worpress copywriter wordpres mistake
Dear WordPress. In between English language and “stats” which are “booming” lies the Great Abyss. Take heed for “he who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee.”

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Dogecoin Giveaway: Update

  • We further shared some more Doge amongst those lucky few participating in the giveaway.
  • We have added a short FAQ section to the giveaway page. Feel free to contact us with more questions at any time!
  • We invite all of you to take part, no matter whether you are a regular visitor, or an occasional viewer!
  • The Giveaway Post has been attached to the on top of DMYF homepage for a while. We decide that it’s time for it to make way. Since the Giveaway updates will be less prominent, we will be sharing the giveaway-related news separately.
  • We strongly encourage you to register on Freebitcoin using our referral link. You will thank us in the future. Our Bitcoin Giveaway will start very soon. Already have a Freebitcoin account? Is there a law against having two account entries? Whp knows, perhaps your hamster would like a separate account on his smartphone?.. 🙂

    You know what? YOLO. Screw it all; don’t faucet too much. Forget about your crypto portfolios for a while. Do something out of the ordinary. Tell your loved one you loved him, even if the loved one is a cat. Just enjoy your weekend, have as much fun as humanly possible, yet do not do anything we wouldn’t do (which is, um, not saying much). Most importantly, when The Day That Should Not Be Named comes after tomorrow…