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We Give Away Bitcoin and Dogecoin (beta)

Anyone can become a part of the giveaway - simply register using our referral link and make a roll.


Coinpot.co multi cryptocurrency wallet has not been hacked and your earnings are safe.

You have to confirm the withdrawal in an email Coinpot.co sends you within 60 minutes after initiating the transaction. Otherwise, the transaction will not go through. ...if you are using the same password for both Coinpot and your email address... Oh, well.


Faucetgate (or Coingate?) – the hacking scandal.

We do recommend you to use individual passwords for faucets and, ideally, create a separate (secondary) e-mail address for those purposes. 2FA is not a bad idea at all either. Also, please do refer to our Helpful Tips section: pop-ups and ads can be the main source of harm to your PCs and they can be killed with fire.


Message from Coinpot.co: everything is good.

A few users reported some problems with coinpot.co's faucet partners (specifically, the enormously high-paying BitFun). We have also experienced connectivity issues between BpnusBitcoin and coinpot.co (balances were not updating). Coinpot.co reassures that everything is under control and there is no need for concern: A good practice, however, would be changing your password and, preferably, using… Continue reading Message from Coinpot.co: everything is good.


Optimising your faucet activity

...is easily done with this simple trick: Q: I keep forgetting to visit a faucet, or miss one... A: This problem is solved very easily through your browser, or browser's extensions. As an example, let's take Safari, - all you have to do is to bookmark the faucets in one folder and... Click one button:… Continue reading Optimising your faucet activity


Moon faucets claim earnings calculation

Below you can find a breakdown of Moon Faucets’ payout accumulation structure,  relevant to the 6th of Match 2018. Please use the table as a reference only: it does not take into account the mystery bonus, loyalty bonus, mining bonus, offerwall earnings or referral bonus. With advantage of the bonuses, the figures can be multiplied by 300%, excluding… Continue reading Moon faucets claim earnings calculation


Weekly Giveaway (upd.)

We have successfully completed our weekly Dogecoin giveaway! Many thanks for all those following us and supporting the project. Stay tuned! *note: every weekend, 100% of Dogecoin earned through one of the classic faucets is distributed amongst referrals, proportionate to referral activity. *for one of another reason, it seems you cannot give away more than… Continue reading Weekly Giveaway (upd.)