“¿Cómo puedo aumentar el faucet principal de Cointiply (Roulette) Cointiplier?”

Aumentar el roll Cointiplier del faucet de Cointiply no es un mito. Dado que las ganancias del faucet se pueden multiplicar, los nuevos usuarios deben considerar trabajar en hacerlo desde el día uno. Con el tiempo, tener un boost de aprox. 1,9x en el reclamo del faucet valdra la pena. De hecho, para un usuario activo, el Cointiplier puede valer más que diez referidos (los referidos tienden a ser perezosos, apenas activos y no darse cuenta de que la mina de oro de Cointiply es OfferWalls, donde ganar $5 por día es más fácil que resolver el captcha).

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Cointiply Urgent Warning(s)

Dear Cointiply users, Do not spend any "real" (=earned) Coins on pixels (="items" that boost whatever it is they boost; IF they do boost whatever it is they are designed to boost). Should you wish to purchase any items that are promised to increase your earnings, use the bonus "Coins" (CointiPoints), which are awarded for… Continue reading Cointiply Urgent Warning(s)

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Guía: Gane y Retire 75+ Dogecoin Hoy

… a cualquier billetera externa, pagando cero comisión de transacción y sin comisiones por retiros. Una guía simplificada paso a paso Lea el artículo completo para obtener información más completa. Consulte la sección Consejos útiles para obtener más información. Cómo hacer desde alrededor de $1000 a más de $10000 por año con estos faucets. Descargo… Continue reading Guía: Gane y Retire 75+ Dogecoin Hoy

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URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?

Q: "MyDoge is not paying out..." A: MyDoge is a VERY dodgy faucet. What we know: It infects (at least - used to) your browser (or tries to) with a mining script (symptoms: computer slowing down, fan going insane, overheating, crashing). Browser only, hopefully. And mining-only. Experiencing something of the sort? --- 1. Clear browser… Continue reading URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?

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Cointiply Today: Today’s Status & “Health” Review

Cointiply is undergoing changes. To put it more accurately, the cryptocurrency market is undergoing changes which affect Cointiply, Cointiply's administration is clumsily reacting to said changes, regular Cointiply's users are having a "sigh, whatever" moment, while many Mining Game players' feelings are better described by "wait, wtf?". 1. What's up with Tap Research? Tap Research… Continue reading Cointiply Today: Today’s Status & “Health” Review

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Ode to Dogecoin

Wait... Did DMYF just post an article about a 0.4 drop in hourly free Dogecoin earnings on a faucet and make it into a big thing, then jumped to offering Cointiply hints, calculating Coinpot Token price and remembering about DogeMoon?.. Really?