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Cointiply Urgent Warning(s)

Dear Cointiply users,

Do not spend any “real” (=earned) Coins on pixels (=”items” that boost whatever it is they boost; IF they do boost whatever it is they are designed to boost).

Should you wish to purchase any items that are promised to increase your earnings, use the bonus “Coins” (CointiPoints), which are awarded for site activity as a… bonus.


Cointiply is great at making sure users spend whatever they earn internally, thus bagging 100% profit for the site. Cointiply is also great at boosting site activity, – encouraging users to visit OfferWalls, play Games, etc. The new “Inventory” feature seems harmless, – but so did the Mining Game at its inception.

Cointiply isn’t as good at keeping its promises. Cointiply isn’t as good at being fair to its main asset, – site’s visitors.

Cointiply is, most likely, the single most profitable faucet (earning $100 a day is possible with no referrals) out there, – if one has a clear understanding of the what, how and when. 

Cointiply is, most likely, the single most time-wasting, pointless and, if anything, costly faucet out there, – if one has no prior experience, no knowledge-base and no scepticism.

Spending longer than a couple of hours a week on Cointiply and earning less than $10? Unless it’s a source of fun, it is a waste of time.

DMYF has a lot of “know-how” material collecting dust. Since working on is our main focus, chances are, how-to-earn-more-on-Cointiply-and-other-faucets articles will remain unpublished. Not a massive loss to world cultural heritage, but is a significant loss to all those interested in earning hundreds of USD worth of BTC or Doge with little to no effort, as well as avoiding making bad decisions (e.g. investing heavily in Mining Game).

DMYF can only release numerous guides, tips and hints if it is economically viable. We are currently considering our options.

For the time being, as a beta-test, 50 editions of the “Earn More, Work Less: $5 in… hours?” PDF manuals describing individual, tested and proven methods, are available for limited-time only for symbolic price of 50 Dogecoin (or an equivalent amount in any other cryptocurrency). Interested in earning more on Cointiply and other faucets and websites? Contact us!

All proceeds will go towards improvement of DMYF and our related projects.

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New Coinpot Token Article Published… on DMYF 2.0 (beta) Site.

How much is 100 Coinpot Tokens in USD? What’s the use of Tokens? What’s their value? How can Coinpot Tokens be used to earn Coins? Read now!

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How To Earn More on Cointiply: Tips & Guide

cointiplyminimumrarnings cointiplyminimumrarnings Edit Image Title cointiplyminimumrarnings Caption Faucet: The "Roulette" (core). Games: Last Resort (inefficient return on time dedicated), "Videos" - Bread and Butter of Quasi-Passive Earnings, "Offer Walls" - Where Users Sell their Personal Data for a few coins.
Faucet: “Roulette” (core income). Games: Last Resort (insufficient return on time which could be spent elsewhere), “Videos”Bread and Butter of Quasi-Passive Income, “Offer Walls”Highest Earnings (warning: privacy, anonymity personal data and device security can be at risk!)

The multitude of earning opportunities Cointiply offers can roughly be divided into two categories:

1. Core Income (guaranteed, traditional faucet “click for coins” system)
2. Secondary Income (“earn while you wait” type, offering potentially higher rewards, however requiring some form of investment, – i. e. Time (Games), CPU Power (Adverts, Mining), Reinvestment (Mining Game).
2.1. Offer Walls are in a category of their own (can imply risk. Danger Zone!) and should be discussed separately.

Cointiply Videos are actually closer to Category 1, than Category 2. Seemingly unaffiliated with Ascend Media, OfferToro and other well-known middlemen, Cointiply Videos require as little effort on your part as a Faucet hourly Roulette Roll.

Here’s why:

There is no need to leave the main Cointiply website (which is actualy quite good, – you avoid the unnecessary cookies/connections/cluttered cache/whatever else that comes with every new “earnings” portal). So  your earnings are meticulously tracked and added to your balance immediately.
– The income is “always there for the taking”=guaranteed.
One click = 8 Coins.
No Captcha!!!
The ads are really short (13-15 seconds each), the system is straight-forward, and the overall income is easily pre-calculated.

Proceeding further: (Basic) Instructions

Disclaimer; as with everything Cointiply-related, there are ways of “optimising” your performance, earning more doing less, – the “magic tricks” applicable to Cointiply Videos will be covered in a forthcoming article.

For now…

(if you haven’t, register on Cointiply using our referral link to support our project; help us help you!)
1. Click “Videos” Button on the Menu
2 Click “Watch”


how to earn quicker cointiply

3. You can start playing the next video immediately after you see

how much can i earn on cointiply a day

4 Why not rinse-repeat up to 30 times an hour?

Earn Bitcoin and Dogecoin for watching videos
5. Always make sure you are credited for your actions.

In exchange for a few clicks, 240 Coins can be added to your Cointiply balance per hour. In theory.

Sidenote (Mining Game Tip):

In our Mining Game Gem Guide, we mentioned how important it is to stockpile enough Gems to maintain 200% MP (“Mining Power“, not “Members of Parliament”) Efficiency (rate of passive coin production).

1% Efficiency costs 101 Gems.
2% Efficiency are “lost” every hour.

Currently, the coins-to-gems conversion rate is around 15 to 1

How much are cointiply gems
That’s a “.”, not a “,”

In other words, should you find yourself in times of trouble, don’t wait for Mother Mary; remember that you can quickly earn some Gems to patch up the holes in your budget.

After switching to Gem Mode, watching a Cointiply Video brings you just over 100 Gems.

Quickest way of earning small amounts of gems for cointiply mining game

Without a doubt, there are more efficient ways of amassing large quantities of Gems, but if the time is running out (our time is ruuunniiing ooout) and those couple Mining Efficiency % make a difference, you do not necessarily have to run to the Marketplace.


Compared to various rubbish weak features Cointiply occasionally introduces, ways of earning such as an internal “videofaucet” are actually useful, both user and website-friendly and definitely should be added to one’s overall earning experience.

External “earn for watching videos” services pay more, but require much more tweaking to make sure you haven’t just been playing some Food Channel for hours and earned nothing.

Cointiply’s version is lighter, simpler and, de-facto, more time-efficient:

Cointiply: (Click+13 Seconds) = 1 video/8 Coins (Click + fcuk knows how much time) = 3 Videos+1 ad = 17  Coins, which might not be credited, or might be credited hours later, or or or… (unless you follow DMYF and read our “Cause We Juss Too Daym Busy Countin’: Making Faucets Do The Earning For You” series of articles, of course:).

The amount of effort earning coins using this method required is comparable to clicking “Roll” on the main “Roulette”… but so are the earnings. However, in addition to the income from an hourly “roll”, (optionally) Mining  Game, a couple other videos playing on the background…

Time to publish a “How Much Can You Earn On Cointiply Per Day” calculation/guide?..

P. S. “8 Coins Per Video”  sounds like it’s a waste of time and does not really make you want to click the banner? We know, right.

Sometimes, Cointiply intentionally announces their products and innovations in a uniquely discouraging manner. As if, stating “here’s something new; added it cause we had to; between us, it’s total crap”.

At least, to us, there’s no other explanation for the poor copywriting, undertone branding and indecisive product placement… conspiracy theories aside.

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Ode to Dogecoin

Upon our first visit to today, we noticed that the minimum roll win amount has dropped down to 0.17 (it was at 0.21 Dogecoin per hour minimum just a few days ago) DOGE.

(Quiz – ask yourself – What does this indicate?)

Continue reading “Ode to Dogecoin”

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Is MoonDoge Faucet Down? Is Bugged? Broken?.. Is It Changing Address?..


A Guide to Solving the Three-Dot Bug is one of the best Moon faucets for many reasons and its health is important to the overall Coinpot profitability.

It is working fine, acting healthy and paying out tons of Dogecoin (+3 Coinpot Tokens) every five minutes as usual.

Q: Why can’t I make a claim…
A: Simple answer: Scripts. 

In case, when opening the faucet you see something like this:

free doge every 5 minutes
(the dots keep flashing with nothing going on)

This means Moondoge fell out with your browser’s AdBlock, or settings. Disable the AdBlock…


…and you will be again able to make a claim. 

(then you can switch the AdBlock back on)

Problem solved. 

Different mictowallet faucets have different tolerance level to different AdBlockss/VPNs. Sometimes, the scripts are updated, – that leads to temporary bugs.

Note: Naturally, is most hostile towards AdBlocks. BitFun and MoonDash are the most AdBlock friendly. Other faucets have no Ads at all.

We have an allergy against ads, so we are used to clean screens (like the first picture). Screens full of ads give us a headache.

We will soon dedicate a series of articles on how to forget about ads altogether. Many of them direct users to scammy websites, all of them slow down your device and, at times, are an easy way to catch some malware.

Stay toned!

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DogeMoon – Dogecoin “Cloudmining” adds… a faucet.

In between our lengthly scam/or/not reviews…

Previously On..: DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1)

…while contemplating choosing the lesser of two evils whether to risk withdrawing or risk reinvesting our Dogemoon “earnings” …

Dogemoon has introduced an hourly Dogecoin faucet.

Everything is pretty much as straightforward as it gets.

1. Register using your Dogecoin wallet address, which you will later use for login (no e-mail/password necessary)
2. Solve Captcha to claim free Dogecoin every hour (timer included)
3. Watch your free Doge balance grow.

claim free doge every hour free doge hourly free doge free dogecoin

Warning: The faucet info is not even featured in the FAQ section yet, thus it is unclear what the minimum and maximum free Doge rolls are, it is unclear whether you will be able to invest your winnings or withdraw your winnings at 100 DOGE and 50 DOGE respectively, as per the “cloudmining” terms.

NOTE: Ask yourself, would a cloudmining service will add a free cryptocurrency giveaway out of generosity, or to attract even more traffic/users/”investors”? 

Guess, for now, it is what it is. Perhaps, a cause for cautious optimism, – services which are about to go bust rarely add new features.

DMYF does not offer investment advice and does not condone investing cryptocurrency in cloudmining services. 

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Dogecoin Giveaway: Update

  • We further shared some more Doge amongst those lucky few participating in the giveaway.
  • We have added a short FAQ section to the giveaway page. Feel free to contact us with more questions at any time!
  • We invite all of you to take part, no matter whether you are a regular visitor, or an occasional viewer!
  • The Giveaway Post has been attached to the on top of DMYF homepage for a while. We decide that it’s time for it to make way. Since the Giveaway updates will be less prominent, we will be sharing the giveaway-related news separately.
  • We strongly encourage you to register on Freebitcoin using our referral link. You will thank us in the future. Our Bitcoin Giveaway will start very soon. Already have a Freebitcoin account? Is there a law against having two account entries? Whp knows, perhaps your hamster would like a separate account on his smartphone?.. 🙂

    You know what? YOLO. Screw it all; don’t faucet too much. Forget about your crypto portfolios for a while. Do something out of the ordinary. Tell your loved one you loved him, even if the loved one is a cat. Just enjoy your weekend, have as much fun as humanly possible, yet do not do anything we wouldn’t do (which is, um, not saying much). Most importantly, when The Day That Should Not Be Named comes after tomorrow…