Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)

As we previously wrote, QoinPro is a multicurrency wallet which rewards its users by crediting their wallets with small portions of cryptocurrencies.

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Based on the QoinPro earnings only, we have created a  portfolio on Cryptocompare. Here’s what it currently looks like: Continue reading “Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)”


FedoraCoin: a spike or a trend?

FedoraCoin (TIPS) is one of many “lightweight” coins designed to simplify and quicken  transactions between. It is built upon the improved Dogecoin’s while featuring faster transaction times and lower fees.

In the past, the coin underwent a hacker attack resulting in a fork, however currently the issue is fixed and, under a new development team the coin’s market capitalisation has recently crossed the margin of $20 million.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 02.13.29


*FedoraCoin is traded against BTC and Doge on CoinExchange.
*A detailed description of acquiring free  FedoraCoin (TIPS) was featured in our Blog earlier.


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