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Is MoonDoge Faucet Down? Is Moondogeco.in Bugged? Broken?.. Is It Changing Address?..


A Guide to Solving the Three-Dot Bug

MoonDogeco.in is one of the best Moon faucets for many reasons and its health is important to the overall Coinpot profitability.

It is working fine, acting healthy and paying out tons of Dogecoin (+3 Coinpot Tokens) every five minutes as usual.

Q: Why can’t I make a claim…
A: Simple answer: Scripts. 

In case, when opening the faucet you see something like this:

free doge every 5 minutes
(the dots keep flashing with nothing going on)

This means Moondoge fell out with your browser’s AdBlock, or settings. Disable the AdBlock…


…and you will be again able to make a claim. 

(then you can switch the AdBlock back on)

Problem solved. 

Different Coinpot.co mictowallet faucets have different tolerance level to different AdBlockss/VPNs. Sometimes, the scripts are updated, – that leads to temporary bugs.

Note: Naturally, MoonBit.co.in is most hostile towards AdBlocks. BitFun and MoonDash are the most AdBlock friendly. Other faucets have no Ads at all.

We have an allergy against ads, so we are used to clean screens (like the first picture). Screens full of ads give us a headache.

We will soon dedicate a series of articles on how to forget about ads altogether. Many of them direct users to scammy websites, all of them slow down your device and, at times, are an easy way to catch some malware.

Stay toned!

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DogeMoon – Dogecoin “Cloudmining” adds… a faucet.

In between our lengthly scam/or/not reviews…

Previously On..: DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1)

…while contemplating choosing the lesser of two evils whether to risk withdrawing or risk reinvesting our Dogemoon “earnings” …

Dogemoon has introduced an hourly Dogecoin faucet.

Everything is pretty much as straightforward as it gets.

1. Register using your Dogecoin wallet address, which you will later use for login (no e-mail/password necessary)
2. Solve Captcha to claim free Dogecoin every hour (timer included)
3. Watch your free Doge balance grow.

claim free doge every hour free doge hourly free doge free dogecoin

Warning: The faucet info is not even featured in the FAQ section yet, thus it is unclear what the minimum and maximum free Doge rolls are, it is unclear whether you will be able to invest your winnings or withdraw your winnings at 100 DOGE and 50 DOGE respectively, as per the “cloudmining” terms.

NOTE: Ask yourself, would a cloudmining service will add a free cryptocurrency giveaway out of generosity, or to attract even more traffic/users/”investors”? 

Guess, for now, it is what it is. Perhaps, a cause for cautious optimism, – services which are about to go bust rarely add new features.

DMYF does not offer investment advice and does not condone investing cryptocurrency in cloudmining services. 

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Dogecoin Giveaway: Update

  • We further shared some more Doge amongst those lucky few participating in the giveaway.
  • We have added a short FAQ section to the giveaway page. Feel free to contact us with more questions at any time!
  • We invite all of you to take part, no matter whether you are a regular visitor, or an occasional viewer!
  • The Giveaway Post has been attached to the on top of DMYF homepage for a while. We decide that it’s time for it to make way. Since the Giveaway updates will be less prominent, we will be sharing the giveaway-related news separately.
  • We strongly encourage you to register on Freebitcoin using our referral link. You will thank us in the future. Our Bitcoin Giveaway will start very soon. Already have a Freebitcoin account? Is there a law against having two account entries? Whp knows, perhaps your hamster would like a separate account on his smartphone?.. 🙂

    You know what? YOLO. Screw it all; don’t faucet too much. Forget about your crypto portfolios for a while. Do something out of the ordinary. Tell your loved one you loved him, even if the loved one is a cat. Just enjoy your weekend, have as much fun as humanly possible, yet do not do anything we wouldn’t do (which is, um, not saying much). Most importantly, when The Day That Should Not Be Named comes after tomorrow…


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General Knowledge: DOGECOIN

dogecoin logo

The intention behind Dogecoin was a joke with a reference to a popular internet meme. It cloned Bitcoin (but forked Litecoin), but the creators had no global ambitions; founder of Dogecoin project”abandoned” it more than once, stating that the coin is useless and has no future. However, despite the founder’s pessimism (whether real or fake) and the coin’s total lack of glamour, Dogecoin survived and grew in popularity. Take ten cryptocurrency exchanges and try to find one which does not trade Doge! Which is the second most popular cryptocurrency in the faucet market? Doge! Hm, what about cryptocurrency casinos? Guaranteed Doge!

Dogecoin: The Basics.

Unlike Bitcoin, which is limited in supply, Dogecoin’s emission is infinite, making it an inflationary coin. Naturally, unlike Bitcoin, Monero and other “serious” cryptos, Dogecoin is cheap, but not worthless. Now,, – something which is available infinitely, is not backed up by anything (e. g. gold, fiat currencies, goods), something that is not developing technologically and has an ugly fucking dog as a logo is immensely popular, has value and… ..hit .market capitalisation of $2 billion at some point. What the hell, one might ask?

price of dogecoin doge usdThere are various theories as to why Doge remains strong. The prevalent theory is that it was extensively used for tipping others on Reddit and other various social networks. The transaction time is quick, Doge is cheap and thus is a perfect medium for tipping, yes. Google agrees…:
what is dogecoin used for..but .we don’t. Is the “tipping” industry large enough to amass capitalisation of two billion? Why not tip with a few satoshi/litosh?…

The theory that we follow is that Dogecoin was in the right place at the right time. It filled a market miche. The crypto market needed a lightweight currency which is very convertible and readily available, which is cheap, unlimited in supply and not affected by the fluctuations of the market. If you have a look at the Doge price charts…

dogecoin history price(source – Cryprocompare)

…you will see that, save for an insignificant spike or two, the price is relatively stable. Due to unlimited emission, it is very difficult for one market player to manipulate the price.

dogecoin price history

(source – Coinmarketcap)

The spikes in price are explained anecdotally, – i. e. at the end of 2017 there were rumours that some mythical Chinese investors will buy out all Dogecoins because of the symbolic connection between the Year of the Dog and the name of the crypto. Naturally, there was no truth behind this, however, in another incident, the Chinese market did affect the price of Doge, – when Bitcoin was under government fire, funds were rapidly converted into Doge

…and we believe that this is the secret behind Doge‘s longevity.

Anyone remotely familiar with trading knows that time is often of the essence. While Bitcoin network not only was overloaded at some point, but charged insane commissions for transfers between wallets, not mentioning a fee one would pay to the exchanges (sometimes, – twice or more). Converting funds to Dogecoin was a viable solution. BTC to DOGE and DOGE to BTC... Voila. The transfer becomes instant and the fees are reduced significantly.

We at DMYF use Dogecoin to test everything we lay our hands on and have time for; first and foremost, – we use Dogecoin to test cryptocurrency exchanges. Some, like CoinExchange set ridiculously low minimum trade for Doge and offer many pairs, so hey, why not buy some altcoin for a few Doge (“earned” on faucets)? We are not rich enough to spend BTC for exchange review purposes…

coinexchange doge markets
CoinExchange offers lots of DOGE pairs.

Due to unlimited emission, using Dogecoin as a savings vehicle is unwise, while some alts might skyrocket…

DigiCoin DGC progit Doge
142.26%? If only we would invest 10 BTC instead of 10 DOGE…

We used 10 DOGE to purchase DigiCoin (DGC) on BleuTrade when we were testing that exchange. 10 DOGE was the minimum trade amount (which seemed enormously high, compared to CoinExchange, however BleuTrade is a more serious platform). Of course, a 142% value increase is nothing, considering that the initial investment was child’s play. However, investing 1-10 DOGE regularly, creating a portfolio, monitoring the price changes, reading about coins… Not the worst way to develop some trading skills.

Recommended DOGE and beginner-friendly altcoin-focused Cryprocurrency Exchanges: 


Or, say, you come across an online cryptocurrency casino, – we are currently testing Luckygames, a platform where the minimum bet is only 1 (one) Satoshi (!). However, how likely are we to throw BTC? Naturally, we deposit a few DOGE!

Feel like gambling away your Coinpot DOGE earnings?..

Another factor of DOGEcoin’s popularity, – it is easy as hell to come by. Admittedly, earning 75 DOGE in one day with no referrals using our method requires some effort, but just fauceting, one can easily make up enough DOGE to be able to withdraw them, – then, multiplying DOGE does not require a mastermind. In other words, one does not need initial fiat investment to enter the world of cryptos; merely a mobile phone is enough.

Cloud Mining? Still believe in fairytales? We do. Or, rather, we re-invest our hard-earned DOGE in order to expose scammers and end up broke, but hey, its only DOGE, right?..

cloud miming invest doge
DogeMoon offers 4.5% a day from amount of your deposit… …another scam?

…in the worst case scenario, the lost DOGE will be quickly made up using reliable, tested and recommended DOGE faucets:

Register at Freedogecoin and take part in our Dogecoin Giveaway!
Register at MyDoge
Learn how to earn and withdraw up to 75 DOGE a day
Remember, – the cheapest way to withdraw your Cointiply earnings is through Dogecoin.


Philosophically, DOGEcoin constitutes what Litecoin was meant to be, – a lighter, everyday, “penny” version of Bitcoin. 

Common uses:

– Tips
– Transferring funds from Exchange A to Exchange B
– Trials, Testing
– Purchasing “penny stocks” and anything what Bitcoin is too expensive for
Transferring funds out of Coinpot
– Supporting us! 🙂

What Dogecoin is NOT used for:

– Long-term investments (Dogecoin’s value will never skyrocket doe to infinite supply)
– Savings (sooner or later Dogecoin will be technologically outdated, its potential is reached)
– Used as a “main” currency (calculating one’s cryptocurrency assets in Dogecoin).

Further Reading:

Official Website:

Dogecoin on Coinmarketcap:

Dogecoin on Coingecko:

Dogecoin on Cryptocompare:

Best Dogecoin Wallets:



Want to buy DOGE using a credit or debit card? UMAD?

Oh well… Go to Changelly

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Faucet News: Increased Minimum Earnings

Freedogecoin‘s minimum Roll reward (every 1 hour) is now 0.25 DOGE (was as low as 0.21 at some point)
Freebitcoin‘s minimum Roll reward (every 1 hour) is now 14 satoshi
BonusBitcoin‘s minimum average claim (every 15 minutes) is now 46 satoshi

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We Give Away Bitcoin and Dogecoin (beta)

Our first Hitcoin giveaway:
Freebitco.in Giveaway – Free Satoshi From Us to You

There’s no catch. There’s just some free Dogecoin and Bitcoin!

In a nutshell: 100% of our referral earnings are shared with our subscribers via Freedogecoin.

Now, we also share 100% of our referral earnings with our subscribers via Freebitcoin.

Anyone can join and get some Dogecoin for free! Simply! register using our referral link and make a roll.
Anyone can join and get some Satoshi for free! Simply register using our referral link and make a roll.

27.08: We shared a further 4 Dogecoin. So far…

free Dogecoin free Doge claim free Doge how to earn Dogecoin

Q: I already have a Freedogecoin account…

: Will Dogecoin SWAT team break your door down for having a second account on, say, another device?

Q: What is Dogecoin? Why do I need Dogecoin? What can Dogecoin be used for?
A: You are welcome to read our article on Dogecoin.

Q: Do I need to subscribe to DMYF to take part in the giveaway?
A: Nope.

Q: Why do you choose to share your referral earnings?
A: Because of the philosophy behind our project. We do not attempt to “buy” readers, or “bribe” visitors. Call us cryptosocialists, should you wish.

Q: What’s the catch? Do you expect anything in return?
A: There’s no catch. We do not expect anything in return. Unless you are Ilon Musk. In that case, please support our project.

Q: Is my privacy at risk?
A: We would take such question to offence. We believe in internet freedom, anonymity and liberty. Vive la révolution!

How it began (history):

“…you’re in for a surprise. In fact, for a number of surprises! As it turns out to be the fourth giveaway, meaning that it’s been a month since project launch, it seems that the fortune smiles upon our endeavour: the Dogecoin Faucet rolled..

freedogecoin faucet giveaway 100% income given away to subscribers

The numbers were looking better and better each week, but the high roll came at the best possible time! Or so we thought.

The Freedogecoin system is glitchy when it comes to sharing the balance; last time we had to do it in parts. This time, it turned into a horror, but we found the most plausible explanation: a user can only share what the user has earned from referrals’ rolls.

dogecoin giveaway

Now, while giving away 12 (or so) coins was easy… We have a “problem: 51.09000005 DOGE need to be distributed amongst our readers or referrals on a fair basis


Feel free to Contact Us with your suggestions using the relevant form, or leaving a comment… The sooner the better!

If you are able to, subscribe to Freedogecoin using our referral link and roll at least once: this will increase the number of Doge we will be able to share… The sooner, the better!

Thank you for your patience, Ladies and Gentlemen! Rest assured, according to the terms of the giveaway, 100% of funds will reach the recipients, one way or another!

Since then we:

  • Contacted Support. Waiting for a reply. Still waiting.
  • Tried clearing cache, restarting device, changing device, restarting browser, changing browser (tried four different ones with extensons on/off). No luck.
  • Read through your kind suggestions. Unfortunately, none of them met the fairness and loyalty criteria which we thought Freedogecoin distribution solved best.
  • Tried attracting new users to join Freedogecoin using our referral link, – the assumption behind it was that exponential increase in commission would let us distribute more. Did not work.
  • Contemplating just waiting another week, but, having shared only about 12 DOGE this time, it seemed too petty.
  • Realised that, although the intentions behind “giving back to the community” beta-test were good and we had limited success (growing revenue = bigger giveaways every week), Freedogecoin alone cannot be a solution.
  • Freebitcoin has the same sharing system and confirms our initial “sharing” hypothesis:“You cannot share more than 100% of the commissions that you have earned from a referral. As a result of this, the amount that is actually shared with your referrals (and deducted from your account) might be less than the amount you specify.”

Freebitcoin offers a more advanced sharing system, with an additional option:


…unfortunately, the only Freebitcoin account we have we use to invest BTC (4.08% per year, paid daily, is an excellent savings platform).


…stay tuned. We learn from our mistakes.