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SwiftDemand and the first Token Sale: Review.


“The advancement of technology has resulted in a large amount of automation which is slowly removing the need for human labor. We have not yet reached the point where human labor has become complete unnecessary, but steps need to be taken in anticipation of a world where scarcity is no longer an issue. We believe that providing every individual with a small amount of money can empower people to focus on doing what they love instead of what they are forced to do to make ends meet.” – SwiftDemand Mission Statement

SwiftDemand is a simple platform serving a charitable cause, – providing basic income for everyone involved. In the future, however, Swifts have the ambition of becoming a word currency. Continue reading “SwiftDemand and the first Token Sale: Review.”

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AELF Airdrop/Bounty interest reward rules

Once you become part of the AELF ecosystem and earn your first reward tokens… and wait out the “cooldown” period (30 days), your ELF become available for withdrawal (you can transfer the “earnings” to your own ERC20-compatible wallet, or to an exchange to sell the AELF for BTC, ETH or USDT). Simple as that.

Should you wish to keep the tokens within the system, you are paid daily variable interest. Here is the interest scheme:

  • After 30 days, your rewarded ELF become available for withdrawal or interest collection;

  • An amount of ELF tokens will be given as interest for available ELF each 24 hours;

  • You will not receive interest for the ELF you have withdrawn;

  • Daily interest = your available ELF/ Available ELF from all participants * Total amount of Interest given in the same 24 hours;

You can increase your ELF balance daily by performing simple tasks, however the interest is accumulated regardless.

Have not yet claimed your free ELF? Register now.

ELF is bought and sold on a variety of major exchanges, including Binance and

Read the Aelf Whitepaper

aelf elf bitcoin free

Aelf on Coinmarketcap

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FLASH NEWS (airdrop): Last chance to join the MOS Airdrop (pt. 2).

free mos token value

  1. Sign up on the linked form
  2. Join their Telegram @moscoin
  3. Post “I joined the MOS Coin airdrop” in their Telegram group
  4. Share their banner (a predefined message) on Twitter or Facebook

If you already participated in round 1 you can’t participate again!

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Add To Portfolio: AELF Tokens

AELF is a fascinating project on its own, – a customisable operating system specifically designed for blockchains.  It fulfils a crucially important market niche, – enough said.

Register now to start accumulating ELF ERC20 Tokens.

aelf airdrop

Founder: Ma Haobo (founder/CEO of Hoopox, CTO of GemPay and AllCoin)

J. Michael Arrington, founder and CEO of TechCrunch, and Zhou Shouji, founding partner of FGB Capital, – members of the advisory board.

“Most notably, though, the project has received considerable investment from numerous venture capital firms. Draper Dragon, Blockchain Ventures, FGB Capital, and over 10 other investment firms participated in the token sale. In fact, the project has been so popular that the team had to turn down the majority of interested investors after reaching their 55,000 ETH goal within two weeks of starting the sale.

The project is not new, – I assume those actively following the ICO scene have heard of or already/are parts of the AELF community.

ELF is traded on numerous exchanges, including Binance (BTC, ETH), (USDT, ETH), Bibox (ETH, BTC), just to name a few,… and still is airdropped (part 2 of the Airdrop, AKA “Azeroth Project”).

Why? 12% of tokens were reserved for promotion purposes for the first three years.

What does that mean? 

  • All you have to do is register and, optionally, follow the usual simple steps (connecting Twitter and the like). You will have immediate access to tokens you can safely add to your portfolio and, following a usual “cooldown” period, withdraw the tokens to an ERC20-compatible wallet to hold, leave it within the system as a form of reinvestment, acquiring interest, or sell for other currencies, including fiat.

Regardless of your choice, we would recommend you to read more about the company and the product the ELF token represents. Circulating Supply is not far off Total Supply, so don’t miss your chance to register!

aelf roadmap free tokens best free tokens

Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 00.25.41

P. S.

This is Part I of AELF series of articles. Part II will describe how to make most of the bounty program.

Read more about ELF and important updates to AELF token bounty:
Continue reading “Add To Portfolio: AELF Tokens”


Friendz ICO update – international App launch

According to today’s Friendz newsletter, the platform’s Android app has been finally officially released internationally.

We have previously mentioned that Friendz is an established marketing advisory company and uses the ICO for targeted fundraising. Although the FDZ Etherium token is not yet traded externally (as far as we know) app development usually positively affects the market price.

friendz mobile app launch during ico token saleEspecially if the app is something of quality.

friendz releases an android app during its ico token sale

“Why should I use Friendz app?

Continue reading “Friendz ICO update – international App launch”


Obirum – a new addition

(an exempt from Obirum’s newsletter):

“We are very happy to announce that Claudio Ramirez has become the advisor of Obirum. He is also the Trusted Advisor of, Blockchain/AI/IoT/VR/AR Expert. Hopefully with the participation of Claudio Ramirez, Obirum will have many changes in the near future.”

Considering the start of Obirum’s ICO, Claudio is no doubt a well-timed addition to the advisory staff, no doubt. Perhaps… Too well-timed?..

Since the start of the token sale, some considerable sales progress has been made:

Obirum free token.png

Whether or not the Hard Cap will be reached or not is not even a question. “When” is the question.

The interesting thing is that there is nothing spectacular about the project. A well-planned, executed and marketed pre-ICO campaign, – absolutely. Is their product revolutionary, though?..

More on Obirum

P. S. 

Considering that Obirum’s Telegram group does not seem to have 100,000 active users, does that mean that you still have a chance to get ahold of some tokens?

obirum bounty reward

In the best case scenario, there will be some extras to add to your portfolio once the ICO is complete!

Try your luck!


Friendz Airdrop

…is almost over. Join and try to get ahold of some free FDZ tokens before it’s too late. Unlike most companies going through the ICO process, Friendz is an established marketing and advertising company, successfully operating since 2016 and is just intending to use the ICO to incorporate blockchain into their operations.

ICObemch (ranked Friendz ICO at 4.6:

“Friendz is a working product with €1.2m in revenues and a community of 200k users. Friendz platform connects companies to people willing to provide support in the generation of advertising contents directly posted on their personal social media profiles. Users involved in this peer-to-peer communication process get rewarded for their collaboration on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Medium through our FDZ tokens. FDZ will be the standard token to manage and reward people for online activities.”


From today’s Friendz newsletter:

Friendz closed a new partnership with Andrew Duplessie, a Venture capitalist and entrepreneur with two successful exits. He is CEO of Tipster and runs a multi-million dollar crypto currency hedgefund that posted over 300% returns in 2017. Andrew has worked with over 15 ICO’s, that collectively have raised over 1 billion dollars and has over 250 million followers across Instagram and Facebook.”

Friendz ICO token price