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Faucet News: Cointiply Mining Game GpC Rate, FreeBitcoin Promotion, FreeDogecoin Rewards Increase. Bonus: “Hidden” Faucets, Unconventional Solution to “Dusty” Wallets


how much doge can i earn per hour
Hourly minimum roll rewards are creeping up (0.09- Which means that the Dogecoin trade value is… (who knows the answer? Raise your hand up!)


“Why has the minimum faucet reward been reduced?”

why minimum faucet dogecoin doge earnings have reduced

…however participants of our Dogecoin Giveaway earn 50%+ more than those too lazy to create/switch/add an account. 😛

Cointiply Mining Game “Fuel” – Gems

cointiply how much are gems
And yes, this is important (to those “earning passive income” by playing the Mining Game)

what are cointiply gems for
Depending on the Mine’s Level, maintaining Efficiency (passive Coin production) at 200% costs from 200 Gems per hour to… more.

When the GpC rate is good…

…one faucet roll is enough to forget about “Gem Mode” for a day…
is cointiply loyalty bonus worth it
…or two, if you have a 100% loyalty bonus.

*hint: Cointiply Mining Game implies risk, can be addictive and is not free-to-play.

However, constructing a building or two and simply claiming Gems once per hour to sell them on the Marketpace for Coins = second Cointiply hourly faucet and an extra way of earning more on Cointiply. A click is enough.

Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 4.09.38


“Gems are used to purchase efficiency and upgrades for your Mine. You can toggle between earning Gems or Coins on Cointiply at any time.

Changing your earning mode will effect all earning methods including offer walls, faucet, videos & PTC. The conversion rate for Coins to Gems fluctuates based on the number of Gems in circulation.”




We are yet to test our “OMG REWARD POINTS ARE AWESOME” theory.

For now, at least consider the fact that Reward Points are used to earn Satoshi hourly with no captcha. 

faucet with no captchaearn bitcoin with no captcha

New Content: Preview.

Faucets and Beyond…

As a reminder that DMYF was, is and will be devoted to providing quality, in-depth, educational, but, most importantly, thought-provoking content, it has been decided that our permanent followers get to read about something besides Cointiply during this weekend, even if it will cause a delay in the implementation of cosmetic changes.



cloud mining faucet exchange
Est. 2013

Eobot (a multi-currency cloud-mining service we are currently testing; as of now, we can merely state that visiting Eobot is 100% safe and interesting) also has a faucet – is that a well-known .fact? Only one claim per day can be made, but a user can either claim one of many cryptocurrencies featured on Eobot (Litcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Ripple, Dash, Golem, Cardano, CureCoin, NEM, Monero, Zcash, Factom, Bytecoin, STEEM, Lisk, EOS, USD, Gridcoin, and Ethereum Classic), or “roll” a random crypto.

Eobot (or Eobot-like service) is meant to be Destination 2 in the “Earn, Invest, Trade” journey: a faucet user earns cryptocurrency fauceting,  learning about the market and coins, gaining some transferrable skills. Faucet earnings can either be used to learn a thing or two about trading, or finding a reliable short-term investment vehicle offering decent enough ROIs, flexibility, access to funds and transparency.

We are not yet confident enough to contemplate purchasing hashpower through investing  personal funds, but the faucet is free, generous (depending on the currency, = $0.01 per roll is not a abnormal reward), which means hashpower can be rented (= coins multiplied) using faucet earnings only. The “profits” are hardly worth the effort (although, in the future, who knows…).

Notably, the faucet-cloud “demo” offers an incentive to explore Eobot’s system from within and should not be mistaken for a source of income… which applies to (*spoiler: almost) any faucet.

eobot faucet
“+0.03001822 GNT added for visiting our Faucet page”


LuckyGames (also under test) is an online cryptocurrency casino, considered legitimate, safe, fun and not rigged.

DMYF does not promote or encourage gambling. However, anyone following our faucet guides has made more than enough cryptocurrency to… do what? HODL? Trade? Speculate? Invest in dodgy scams? Withdraw to fiat?.. “What to do with Coinpot Tokens” is the most popular question we get. We do not offer financial advice; Coinpot Tokens can be used in many different ways… the worst of them is playing Lottery and Multiplier on 

Many users actually stare at their, FreeDoge or Cointiply balances and think: “now what?”


The worst “now” is gambling the earnings within the faucet the earnings came from because “probably fair” is “probably” fair and  (FreeBitcoin is an exception, to a degree). If games of chance is a user’s hobby, DMYF mentions LuckyGames, which is not a scam and a million times more fun than Cointiply’s new “earnings down the drain innovation” Multiplier.

LuckyGames, interestingly enough, is a casino which has an internal faucet which can be used to replenish your balance whenever it reaches 0… Yes, really. To try out any game, the user does not have to invest a hair of a Dogecoin; moreover, the internal currency has some real-life value (albeit, only at enormous amounts)… …and is acquired via a faucet.

cryptocurrency casino
Directions: bottom left – lowest button on the bar… a click brings up the faucet menu.


  • LuckyGames accepts deposits of 77+ (!!!) currencies.
  • Minimum bet in any currency is the market value of 1 Satoshi (!)
  • No fee for transferring/depositing currencies to their respective wallets
  • 70+ addresses for 70+ currencies which are perfectly maintained and not going “offline” when the coin’s value rises (or falls).
  • Security = 2FA, “new IP” warning.
  • Pleasant design.
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange. Allowing users to exchange any of the 75+ currencies to any of the 75+ currencies. The exchange is what attracted our attention, as it solves problems of “dust” (leftover bits of currencies, usually polluting balances after trades) and… offers a second “chance” for a rookie investor/trader to “correct” a common mistake.Example of a Newbie Mistake (not to be taken for advice!): a coin/token purchased in hopes of to-the-moon turns redder and redder…. and is getting delisted in 24 hours (delisted does not necessarily mean there is anything wrong with a coin; but it definitely can mean that the exchange will “eat” whatever was left of the coin without making a big fuss, apart a very discrete, barely noticeable warning) and trades will either be frozen, or the minimum trade shall exceed the balance…Yet it is possible to withdraw the coin. Withdraw where? Research the creation of a wallet for some random altcoin? Creating an account on yet another shady exchange, possibly facing deposit and trade fees? All for something worth $0.10 months ago and worth $0.05 now?.. Although HODLing “might” be worth it, there is always an option of admitting that:

    – Learning about fees, exchanges’ policies, altcoins’ liquidity is a must
    – Some exchanges are made to cheat users by silently “delisting” coins
    – There are no regulations, nobody to complain to and support will say “you should have read the “News” section…
    – Considering researching every coin before purchasing the coin
    – Fees change, prices rise and fall, altseasons come and go, innovations appear, the market is volatile and unregulated. There are only 24 hours in a day… yet CoinExchange, Yobit and many others keep introducing new trading pairs. With minimum amounts required for a trade range from 5 to 10 Doge, it is tempting to skip the “research” part. 

    ….depositing “dust” onto a LuckyGames wallet where the currency can be exchanged for other coin,, or multiplied by playing Blackjack…. a 0.000001 BTC minimum bet in any currency. When gambling is the only option, it is not gambling, but a form of an exit strategy with an added chance of winning.

    Summary: “stable”, liquid currencies, currencies which have potential to increase in value, even crazy, but “who knows” altcoins (example: Dogecoin), or anything that adds value to one’s portfolio is one category.

    “Dust”, dying currencies (inactive team, low market cap), balances on shady exchanges, trade leftovers which can be converted to e. g. Litecoin only by using more :Litecoin to purchase more shitcoin… …to meet the minimum trade amount necessary to trade it back to Litecoin (fees+fees+fees+fees…)… Portfolio is worth $1000, out of which $950 is 4-5 coins of value, rest is 50 currencies representing $50 of dust? Many have been there. Many inactive “dusty” accounts made many exchanges profits.

    As Thomas Carter says, “always have a plan”. Even if the plan features a cryptocurrency casino, a plan is better than no plan. A plan that has been thought through is better than just a plan.

    cryptocurrecy casino miimum bet 1 satoshi currency exchange

    Finally, when the ill-researched plan fails and the options are “forget xxxcoin ever existed” (=loss for you, =profit for the exchange), or salvage it through a casino since no exchange accepts a trade below XXX amount of xxxcoin”… (=there is still a chance), the plan is not completely doomed.

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Dogecoin and Satoshi Giveaways – Update


A few more Dogecoin have been shared. Just so our participants would not think that we are keeping any profits to ourselves…

dogecoin giveaway

A few more Satoshi have been shared…

free bitcoin

We descried the mechanics behind both giveaways previously.

Example: You have a FBC/FDC account with little to no active referrals. Why not make a final withdrawal, register a new account using our referral link? By doing so, you are guaranteed to receive additional Sat/Doge on top of your original earnings.

How much can you expect to receive if you participate in our giveaways?




So… Join – Roll – Get Extra Satoshi/DOGE!

Participate in the Satoshi Giveaway by registering on
Participate in the Dogecoin Giveaway by registering on

Faucets, Guide Reward Points = Reward Point Guide, Final Thoughts (Part 1).

reward points

As the current promotion runs, we are publishing our thoughts on a hypothetical  strategy on how to make the best of the Reward Point system offered by Freebitcoin:

(disclaimer: as we have not yet tested every factor, the figures below should be regarded as hypothetical. Since increasing the minimum roulette roll winnings requires investment, we remind our readers that we are not advising anyone to try the strategy, invest and take risks; all information published is for entertainment purposes only)

* Unlike Lottery Tickets, Reward Points are a guaranteed bonus offered per roll and it is easy to pre-calculate the accumulation rate of Reward Points, opening doors to the formation of a strategy.
* Besides physical goods, you can purchase multipliers with your Reward Points. Namely, for 1200 Reward Points you can purchase a boost which adds 100 Reward Points per roll for 24 hours. That is an extra 2300 Reward Points a day, potentially.
* So far, we have not found any information to dispute the possibility of purchasing the same bonus daily. Which means, if no roll (minus one) is missed every 24 hours and the boost is bought for 1200 Points, you can still have extra 1100 Reward Points left.
* A maximum, 1000% Multiplier for Free Bitcoin roll costs 3200 Reward Points. In other words, with the Reward Point boost, you can purchase a 1000% Free Bitcoin Multiplier every three days.
* The multiplier applies only to the minimum roulette roll. but the minimum roulette roll is easily increased permanently At the moment, the site-wide minimum roulette roll equals to… However, a user’s individual Minimum Roll equals to whatever a user has boosted it to using the Multiply Bitcoin method (paying Multiply Bitcoin or purchasing Lottery Tickets increases the Minimum Roll figure). It seems that the Multiplier views every individual minimum roulette roll as a base.

As an example, we purchased the 50% Multiplier Bonus for 160 Reward Points
..and our Minimum Roll figure was multiplied by 50%.

So, if we would have purchased the 29*1000*23=667000 satoshi a day (with a maximum of every three days). Currently, that converts to circa $43.92 (all calculations should be adjusted to the day’s prices). Here, every satoshi makes a difference; hence, (spoiler) multiplying the minimum roulette roll is a guide we are working on.

Note: the strategy outlined above has not yet been tested by us; it is a mere estimation and rough calculation of raw data. Nevertheless, so far we have not come across anything to dispute its efficiency. Moreover, the prices at the Reward Point store can only be explained by the existence of a similar strategy.

Factors to keep in mind:

– Naturally, making 23 rolls every 24 hours is not easy, but not impossible. We will let your imagination create a way to deal with that, however we will mention that if created sloppily, “shared” accounts are easily detectable.
The figures are based on an assumption that the Bonus applies to an individual’s minimum roulette roll; not the site-wide minimum. The Minimum Roulette Roll is multiplies by purchasing Lottery Tickets (immediately and at a flat rate), or playing Multiply Bitcoin (subject to a separate review we are working on).
Multiply Bitcoin should only be played during the Reward Point promotion, as the Reward Points granted per 500 Satoshi wagered is multiplied by 2x-5x. be continued.

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Pre-weekend News: FreeBitcoin’s Reward Points – 3x Promo in 12 Hours; Eobot Removes GRC

3x reward points (RP) promotion starts in 12:07:27 (6 RP/free roll, 3 RP/referral free roll, 3 RP/multiply roll). Follow us on twitter to be notified before the promotion starts!
Register on to receive extra Satoshi from our Giveaway

We have published the Reward Point and Coinpot Token Strengths review after last Reward Point promo was over. Well, here’s another one!

Eobot (popular cloud mining service under review) is removing GRC: if you have GRC in your Eobot balance, exchange them to other currencies, or withdraw the balance before it’s gone. 

What is GRC
Source: Eobot

GRC on Coinmarketcap:

We are new to Eobot and, thus, will refrain from detailed comment; all we will say is that we do not like services removing coins without an email announcement. In the crypto market, however, it is absolutely normal.

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Reviewing Reward Points’ Value and Coinpot Token’s Value

Hoping everyone took best advantage of the double Reward Point event, we will take some time to ask ourselves: if one was to somehow evaluate the utility of FBC’s reward system, what are the similarities and differences with that of Coinpot’s promotional Token?

1. Similar, yet Different Rewards

First of all, this is not a “comparison”: a Coinpot Token has short-term monetary liquidity, full stop. A user gets 3 Coinpot Tokens per action on seven faucets and, can “redeem” the reward (essentially, Coinpot Tokens are rewards) at any time via conversion to any of the five currencies (Dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin) of the faucet aggregator (de-facto), or, should you wish, a micro/multi-currency wallet, as is often referred to.

A brief “how to”:
(how to convert Coinpot Tokens to Bitcoin, in this case)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ergo, as the Coinpot Token can be redeemed immediately, the system offers a speculative investment option and can be viewed as a‘s internal currency.

2 External Value, Internal Value

Interestingly enough, Freebitcoin‘s Reward Points can also be exchanged to Bitcoin, at a flat rate of 1 Reward Point = 1 Satoshi, and a dire minimum of 100,000 Reward Points per transaction.
The sky-high minimum is screaming “don’t do it!” and rightly so, as there are numerous methods of spending your Reward Points far superior to “encashing” them.

(for more information on how to use your Reward Points like a pro, – refer to our Freebitcoin Reward Points are Awesome series of guides, – we are about to publish the final, most important chapter)

Ergo, unlike Coinpot Tokens, FBC’s Reward Points have real-life redemption options. “Real-life” (aka fiat) value of a Bitcoin might fluctuate, however iPhone X (256 GB) will remain an iPhone X (260 GB).

Saying that, who knows what one Satoshi will be worth in a few years? Since the conversion rate of a FBC Reward Point:BTC does not change, should Bitcoin “tothemoon”

Coinpot Tokens can be gambled away on the usual hi-low “multiplier”, or used to purchase Lottery Tickets.

We are not fans of gambling or lotteries offered by faucets (we’ve explained why – here). However, the option is there and here are the rules:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Freebitcoin’s Reward Points cannot be used for gambling, however they can be used to purchase bonuses used for multiplying the amount of Satoshi, Lottery Tickets or… Reward Points.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ergo, Coinpot Tokens can be used to test your luck and win more Coinpot Tokens (=more Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash/Dogecoin/Litecoin/Dash). Freebitcoin’s Reward Points can be used to boost your Freebitcoin’s hourly satoshi roll earnings and to generate more Reward Points (important).

Reward Points are more versatile and are closer to a traditional retail shopping “loyalty point” system. Coinpot Tokens are closer to a financial asset. Yet, both can be used to boost the base income of their respective faucets.

3. What is today’s real-life value of Reward Points and Coinpot Tokens?

The basic conversion method of estimation results in the following figure:

1 Reward Point = 1 Satoshi = USD $0.0000668994

The value of a Coinpot Token is much more difficult to estimate (refer to our What’s a Coinpot Token Worth? series of articles), however, funnily enough, using the same simple conversion method, we discover…


…that 1 Coinpot Token to Bitcoin also turns to 1 Satoshi, hence, the (vastly inaccurate) estimation would yield:

1 Coinpot Token = 1 Satoshi = USD $0.0000668994 (wrong)

Which, naturally, is erroneous, since 10 Coinpot Tokens...

…convert to 15 Satoshi

So, does it mean that in USD, a Coinpot Token is worth at least comes up to…

1 Coinpot Token = 1 Satoshi = USD $0.0001337988?

Perhaps, this calculation is somewhat closer to common sense; however, do not forget that a Coinpot Token can also be converted to Dogecoin, Dash, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash… and that the conversion rates (fluctuate) jump up and down.

Ergo, in simplest terms, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth more than 100 Reward Points, since 100 Reward Points can only be used to purchase Boosts, which only represent potential future value. However, the versatility of Reward Points makes up for the difference. In addition, Coinpot Tokens are much closer to “cash in hand” than Reward Points (until you save enough Reward Points for some gift-card… or (spoiler) 3200 Reward Points).

4. How easy is it to earn Coinpot Tokens, compared to Reward Points?

3 Coinpot Tokens are automatically added to a user’s balance after every action on seven faucets: MoonBitcoin, BonusBitcoin, Bitfun, MoonLitecoin, MoonDogecoin, MoonDash and MoonBitcoinCash. A user can make a roll as often as once every 3 minutes (Bitfun) to once every 5 minutes (the Moon Faucets) to 15 Minutes (Bonus Bitcoin), as well as earning one Token per every action a Referral makes.

Summary: obtaining Coinpot Tokens is:

Very easy.

On, the situation is diametrically opposite; (*spoiler*) without a strategy, only a limited amount of Reward Points can be earned daily, since only one free roll can be made per hour. You can (and, according to our anti-gambling rhetoric, should) only sacrifice the bonus Lottery Point tickets you get per roll for Reward Points at a 1:1 ratio, play “Multiply BTC” (1 Reward Point per 500 Satoshi wagered), get something minor per every roll your referrals make… Hence, the Promo times are to be treasured: even a 2x Reward Point promo brings 4 RP/free roll, 2 RP/referral free roll, 2 RP/multiply roll, and the Promotions sometimes go up to 5x… So, this weekend’s hourly roll brought something along the lines of:..

earning potential of
C’est la vie…

Summary: obtaining FBC Reward Points is:

Quite difficult.

How Coinpot Tokens Boost Users’ Earnings

The Tokens are instantly awarded for visiting each of seven faucets, –  the earning opportunities and potential profits allow a user to get “paid” within a day from the moment of registration. Want some quick free cryptocurrency? A first withdrawal of funds from Coinpot to a real wallet (*read footnotes*) /cryptocurrency exchange account/casino (*e. g. Luckygames*)/mining scam(joke)/DMYF’s donation pot (*wink-wink*).

Whatever the destination, with some luck, the transfer is likely to take less than two hours.

How Reward Points Boost Users’ Earnings

Wait, if everything FBC Reward Points can buy costs a ton and earning the Points is difficult as hell…

Q: Why spend so much time writing about Reward Points?

A: There is a reason. We, at DMYF, are very limited in the amount of time we can dedicate to a subject (partly because we try to explain every feature in maximum detail) and we would not waste our time on a useless Reward Point system.’s Reward Points are gold, if used correctly. A “how-to” article is in the making.

In other words, stay tuned.


It is wrong to compare Reward Points versus Coinpot Tokens. Although both are rewarded for main faucet activity, the rewards are different in nature.

It is equally wrong to ignore the systems’ potential.

In one of our first articles dedicated to the current value of a Coinpot Token, 100 Coinpot Tokens converted to plus/minus 4 Dogecoin. We do not offer investment advice and we do not encourage or discourage decisions relating to finance, but we did highlight that line in red (the opportunity there was just too painfully evident).

At the moment, 100 Coinpot Tokens can only buy 1.67497844 Dogecoin.

While, FBC’s Reward Points can be used to multiply‘s roll rewards in a way that can make the simple captcha-free, ad-free faucet into a cash machine. We will try to explain how in the future.

P. S.

Do not forget that is a faucet aggregator. Its legitimacy has been proven over and over; there has never been an issue with payouts, however do not treat it as a cryptocurrency wallet. Not only does it lack the functionality and security of a real wallet, the T&Cs state:

coinpot warning
Warning! Your earnings are at risk!
De-facto, your currencies are yours only as soon as they are in your hands.

Coinpot is a great earning tool. However, when it comes to holding/storage, be wise and use a safe wallet. If you really cannot be bothered, or have no immediate use for 30000 Satoshi, at least do not forger that Freebitcoin hosts 16 million users and pays out 4.08% interest on deposits. We are not saying that FreeBitcoin is safer than your own wallet, however it is at least as safe as and offers a savings-account-level % on your deposit.

We would also like to bring to your attention  a 2015 article by Ofir Beigel; a rare example of solid cryptocurrency-related journalism:

The 9 Most Visited Websites in the Bitcoin Ecosystem Revealed

…where Freebitcoin is…

*today, FreeBitcoin has 16,272,558 users…

but, guess what?

Even then, is not far behind.

Finally, to ask ourselves a rhetorical question of “are faucets worth it or not”, let’s use the ultimate FOMO calculator and set the dates to the dates when the two websites went online:


Source: Bitcoin Savings Calculator

Now, to start saving free cryptocurrency, faucet users do not even need to “invest” $0.10 a day.

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Free Bitcoin 2x Reward Point Promotion Commencing In Four Hours

To our readers: a kind reminder,

free bitcoin reward point promotion
Not a bad time to Register on the best Bitcoin faucet out there!

We wish everyone a great weekend!

Do not forget about our Dogecoin and Bitcoin giveaways, stay tuned for some interesting, entertaining, fun, educational and engaging articles we (might;) be posting and, of course


Kind Regards,

Chief Editor, DMYF