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Pre-Weekend Faucet News: FreeBitcoin 5x Reward Point Promo, Cointiply Increases Gems-per-Coin Rate, Freedoge Increases Minimum Payout

FreeBitcoin is running a 5x (!!!) Reward Point promo.

free bitcoin

Read: everything about Reward Points we’ve written so far.

FreeDoge has increased its minimum roll reward to 0.10 Doge. As our regular readers know, this is an important factoid.

free doge
Read: 7 Reasons Why Freedoge.co.in is a Must-Have Faucet + A “How to Register and Get 100% Free Doge from Us to You”


Mining Game: GpC Conversion Rate is climbing up again.

cointiply mining game

Tip: Hardcore Mining Gamers, have you considered creating a spreadsheet detailing the expiry times of your upgrades? Mining must go on! Do not let yourself get sandbagged! They shall not pass!

Read: Everything Cointiply here.

P. S. An answer to the traditional “are Coinpot Tokens worth anything” question:

Our hypothesis (we repeat: o u r h y p o t h e s i s) is that Coinpot Tokens are the USDT-equivalent resting in your Coinpot Balance. Their value is tied to fiat and roughly equates to 100 CT = $0.01. However, since Coinpot Tokens are quite versatile (as long as Coinpot exists), the availability of CT opens doors to some interesting ways of…


Read: everything Coinpot Token-related published so far. 

Have a great weekend!

Sincerely yours,



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Bitcoin and Dogecoin Giveaways: Update

We’ll keep it short;


dogecoin free

shared today. In total, so far…

free doge

Bitcoin (beta): 

Around 250 Satoshi shared today. So far, we shared…

free satoshi
We are sharing 100% of what we can. The more users join the giveaway, the more we will be able to give away!

Join Dogecoin giveaway by registering on Freedogecoin
Join Bitcoin giveaway by registering on Freebitcoin 

P. S. Out of curiosity, we will try the auto-share function of FBC for a week.

We thank all participants!

Stay tuned,



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Freebitco.in 5x Reward Points: 29 Hours Left

free bitcoin promotion earn bitcoin from home btc to usd
At first, the Promo was like…

free bitcoin free btc reward point trick hint unlimited points
…and then it was like…

бесплатные биткоины биткоины бесплатно бтк бесплатно зарабатывать биткоины онлайн
And now it’s like…

Meanwhile-in-Australia-22 (1)
Meanwhile in Australia…

We’ve just made a Reward-Point-Targeted roulette roll.

free bitcoin ear
How about you?

Register on Freebitco.in



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A Bitcoin faucet with no captcha. Finally.


Reporting these news centuries late, Freebitco.in is, most probably, the first Bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency) faucet out there which offers the option of removing captcha completely.

no captcha faucet no captcha
Click me!

Alas, at a cost:

1 Reward Point buys you one Captcha-free Roll.

2 Reward Points buy you the next Captcha-free Roll.
3 Reward Points buy you the next Captcha-free Roll.
4 Reward Points… you get the point.

The cost does “reset” every 24 hours, so, technically, for many casual Freebitco.in users, or users such as ourselves, who use Freebitco.in as one of the indicators of market health + an instant-access Bitcoin savings account, it’s “goodbye, Captcha”.

How sick and tired are you of “picking cars from the images”… clicking “verify”… and then “selecting images with hills”… watching the images fade away… only for new fucking hills to appear!!! (rage rage rage).

Well, then again, the Freebitco.in Reward Points are more valuable than gold.

READ MORE: Freebitco.in: TRIPLE (3x) Reward Points Promo: 37 Hours Left. Edition Includes a Complimentary “How to Register an Account on Freebitco.in” Guide and a Reward Points How-To

READ MORE40+ hours for QUAD. 4x (!) Freebitco.in Reward Points Promo! AND Part 2 of the “Reward Points are Awesome” Guide

So for those who are saving up for a gadget, or just boosting the roll yields, every Reward Point counts. Besides, they aren’t that bad lately… Are they?..

In any case, kudos to Freebitco.in; the innovation is welcome. We hope others will follow suit.

We also hope you have followed our mini how-to guide and registered on FBC using our Referral Link: let the free satoshi flow into your accounts as the giveaway commences!

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40+ hours for QUAD. 4x (!) Freebitco.in Reward Points Promo! AND Part 2 of the “Reward Points are Awesome” Guide

4x Reward Points in addition to a minimum of 11 satoshi per hour? Yes, please!

In practice, the promo looks like this: 

fre btc битки на халяву бесплатные биткоины фри биткоин бесплатная крипта

Your Reward Points are less than 10? Please refer to Pt. 1 of the Guide (linked below).

Previously on DMYF

READ: Freebitco.in 4x (!) Reward Point Promotion in 30 Minutes

READ: Freebitco.in: TRIPLE (3x) Reward Points Promo: 37 Hours Left. Edition Includes a Complimentary “How to Register an Account on Freebitco.in” Guide and a Reward Points How-To

Now, a quick copy-paste job with what one could redeem his or her Point balance for (physical goods).




Yummy. Expensive? Yes. 16,186,667 Reward Points. Easier to grind and earn for it IRL? Maybe. What about crypto speculation? Who knows.

The point is: 

A cryptocurrency faucet (!) with no advertisement income (!) can afford offering its users iPhones and Samsung Galaxies?


Well… Let’s check the “Stats” Tab:

how many bitcoin free bitcoin paid out how many users freebitco.im has
148,1k BTC paid out. Yep.

Let’s move down the list of what we get for Reward Points. We will review Hardware Wallets and Gift Certificates are cheaper and more attainable, so we will review them in part 3 of Reward Points review & guide.

Let’s get to the part where we can purchase the good stuff: boosters.

Spending Reward Points on Boosters – Bitcoin. 

free bitcoin how to multiply winnings

Redeem your points to increase your minimum free FREE BTC reward! Each bonus is valid for 24 hours after redemption. This bonus will only increase the lowest prize in the FREE BTC table and only the base reward will be multiplied by this bonus and then added to any other bonuses that you have currently.

Translation: currently, the minimum hourly Bitcoin roll is 11 satoshi = 0.00000011 BTC.
For 3200 Reward Points, an hourly roll is multiplied by 1000% for 24 hours. Theoretically, should you not miss a roll (impossible? Hm…), you pocket 0.00264 BTC. At the current, low price, that equates to $16.20.

Nostalgically looking at the yearly chart, we realise that even a triple Bitcoin to USD price increase would yield $48.6; besides, would a minimum (the boost applies only to minimum) roll still be the same, or?..

bitcoin price one year
…or we forget about it (for now!) and move to the interesting boost: 

Spending Reward Points on… Reward Points.

freebitcoin reward point trick.png
ONLY (yes, that’s right, – only) 1200 Reward Points buys you an extra 100 Reward Points per hourly Roll.

That is (let’s leave 24 out of 24 hourly rolls for now), for 1200 Reward Points, should you not miss a roll, you purchase 2300 Reward Points?..

Terms state:

Redeem your points to increase the number of reward points that you get for each FREE BTC roll! Each bonus is valid for 24 hours after redemption.

Do the T&Cs mention anything about how many times you can purchase the boost? No.
Do the T&Cs mention anything about any limits? No. 
Do the T&Cs mention anything about what the newly-acquired points can be used towards? No. 
The FAQ section of Freebitco.in mentions nothing about any restrictions either. Q: How difficult is it to save up 1200 Reward Points?
A: Very easy. 

– Follow every Promotion (like the 4x Promo running right now). A quadruple (4x) Reward Point Promo is easy 400 Reward Points! 1/3 way there!

Do not waste Reward Points on “No Captcha!” (if you’re “really” going for the prize).
– Follow the How-To in part 1 of our guide.
– Remember that “Multiply BTC” game also adds some Reward Points per a certain amount wagered…
– And your referrals’ rolls also add you some Reward Points!

Does it sound too good to be true? Yes. It sounds like some form of alchemy…

Q: Have you tried it yourself?
A: No. We prefer to believe in a 1100 extra Reward Points a day. Why not? 🙂
Q: Why recommend it to others then?
A: We hope our readers have more time on their hands… Besides, the Reward Points promotion is not standalone, as will be seen in later reviews.

Q: Does that mean waking up every hour?…
A: Or taking shifts with your partner? Remember, – Freebitco.in is available on mobile devices.

(shhh – you heard it from us! Do not forget to Register using our Referral Link to take part in the Bitcoin giveaway!)

Q: The iPhone still seems such a grind away..

A: Have no fear. DMYF is here. This is only part 2 of the Freebitco.in Reward Point review!
Stay up tuned!
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Freebitco.in 4x (!) Reward Point Promotion in 30 Minutes

Some of our favorite news!

This time, an hourly free Bitcoin roll earns you:


That’s right. Four times the usual Reward Points. That new iPhone or a Samsung is closer by the minute!

Missed Part One of our “Reward Points are Awesome” reviews and a How-To Guide?

READ: Freebitco.in: TRIPLE (3x) Reward Points Promo: 37 Hours Left. Edition Includes a Complimentary “How to Register an Account on Freebitco.in” Guide and a Reward Points How-To


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Dogecoin Giveaway: Update

  • We further shared some more Doge amongst those lucky few participating in the giveaway.
  • We have added a short FAQ section to the giveaway page. Feel free to contact us with more questions at any time!
  • We invite all of you to take part, no matter whether you are a regular visitor, or an occasional viewer!
  • The Giveaway Post has been attached to the on top of DMYF homepage for a while. We decide that it’s time for it to make way. Since the Giveaway updates will be less prominent, we will be sharing the giveaway-related news separately.
  • We strongly encourage you to register on Freebitcoin using our referral link. You will thank us in the future. Our Bitcoin Giveaway will start very soon. Already have a Freebitcoin account? Is there a law against having two account entries? Whp knows, perhaps your hamster would like a separate account on his smartphone?.. 🙂

    You know what? YOLO. Screw it all; don’t faucet too much. Forget about your crypto portfolios for a while. Do something out of the ordinary. Tell your loved one you loved him, even if the loved one is a cat. Just enjoy your weekend, have as much fun as humanly possible, yet do not do anything we wouldn’t do (which is, um, not saying much). Most importantly, when The Day That Should Not Be Named comes after tomorrow…