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FreeBitcoin Reward Points promotion is on!

Q: What are FreeBitcoin Reward Points?
A: As Faucet Reward Points come, they are gold. Think of them as more versatile Coinpot Tokens.
Q: How so?
A: We have briefly mentioned their value and use in previous articles and will dedicate a separate review on what FreeBitcoin Reward Points can be used for.

For now, hurry and make a few rolls!

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(surprise! we will soon be giving out free Bitcoin to our subscribers exactly like we give away free Dogecoin!)


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Do not miss out on…

FreeBitcoin is running a Reward Point promotion: every roll brings five times the usual Reward Points:

Reward Points can be used to eliminate Captcha, multiply earnings and much more.
Reward Points can be used to eliminate Captcha, multiply earnings and much more.

Go go go!

Register on FreeBitcoin, – the oldest Bitcoin Faucet.

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Freebitcoin – Reward Point Promotion

Free Bitcoin Free Satoshi Earn Reward Points Earn Free Bitcoin Earn Free Satoshi Faucet Roulette

Reminder: we have previously mentioned that the Reward Points system should not be overlooked.

For 1200 Reward Points you can purchase a Reward Point boost which lasts 24 hours. Since 12 rolls are enough to cover the cost of the Bonus, the remainder can be used towards other Bonuses, i. e. the Main Faucet Bonus:

320 Reward Points buy you a 100% Main Faucet Boost
1600 Reward Points buy you a 500% Main Faucet Boost
3200 Reward Points buy you a 1000% Main Faucet Boost.

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SwiftDemand‘s Token Sale is to begin today. We have dedicated the short review to the ambitious project.

Bitlle Upd.: BTL, the Bitlle Token (every person who registers on the cryptocashback platform earns an Etherium-based Token as a reward) has been “airdropped” to our Etherium wallet almost instantly after the registration.

free erc20 token from Bittle transaction time

Freebitcoin satoshi faucet and investment vehicle is running yet another Reward Point promotion. We have previously mentioned the trick to endless Reward Tokens.

RewardPoints free bitcoin.png

George Soros called Bitcoin a “bubble” and got Carter Thomas of Coinmastery panicking.

Have a great Sunday!

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Faucet News: Increased Minimum Earnings

Freedogecoin‘s minimum Roll reward (every 1 hour) is now 0.25 DOGE (was as low as 0.21 at some point)
Freebitcoin‘s minimum Roll reward (every 1 hour) is now 14 satoshi
BonusBitcoin‘s minimum average claim (every 15 minutes) is now 46 satoshi

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FAUCET NEWS: Time is running out! Freebitcoin x2 Promotion

free bitcoin

Double reward points – Freebitcoin promotion is on. This time we are letting you know a day in advnce! 🙂

freebitcoin reward points promoton

Don’t disregard or underestimate the importance of Reward Points and Reward Point tricks: read the relevant article.

Register on Freebitcoin and start earning/saving/multiplying!


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Did you know that…

…you can disable earning Lottery Tickets per roll and Interest on earnings in favour of extra Reward Points on Freebitcoin?

All you have to do is navigate to Profile => Disable Lottery & Interest. There you can choose to replace Lottery Tickets you earn per roll by Reward Points at a 1:1 ratio.

Free Bitcoin Lottery Reward Points Free Satoshi Every Hour

Reward Points can actually be redeemed towards increasing how many Lottery Tickets you earn per roll amongst other things.

You start earning 4.08% annual compound interest on your earnings only after your balance reaches 0.0003 BTC (30,000 satoshi). In order to benefit from the savings program you can deposit some extra satoshi from an external wallet and watch your balance grow passively. If one does not have any immediate plans for their satoshi… …one should at the very least consider that Freebitcoin has been online since 2013 while has been online sine 2017.

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