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Freebitcoin – Reward Point Promotion

Reminder: we have previously mentioned that the Reward Points system should not be overlooked. For 1200 Reward Points you can purchase a Reward Point boost which lasts 24 hours. Since 12 rolls are enough to cover the cost of the Bonus, the remainder can be used towards other Bonuses, i. e. the Main Faucet Bonus:… Continue reading Freebitcoin – Reward Point Promotion

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SwiftDemand's Token Sale is to begin today. We have dedicated the short review to the ambitious project. Bitlle Upd.: BTL, the Bitlle Token (every person who registers on the cryptocashback platform earns an Etherium-based Token as a reward) has been "airdropped" to our Etherium wallet almost instantly after the registration. Freebitcoin satoshi faucet and investment vehicle… Continue reading Our News, Faucet News, Global News

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Faucet News: Increased Minimum Earnings

Freedogecoin's minimum Roll reward (every 1 hour) is now 0.25 DOGE (was as low as 0.21 at some point) Freebitcoin's minimum Roll reward (every 1 hour) is now 14 satoshi BonusBitcoin's minimum average claim (every 15 minutes) is now 46 satoshi