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Dogecoin Giveaway: upd.

This time... and (total)... ...symbolically approaches 200! Reminder: we are sharing 100% of referral income, which is 50% of every referral's roll figure. Sharing frequency depends solely on referral activity, - more participants + more rolls = greater giveaways. Anyone can take part by registering using our link. DMYF does not "pocket" a single percent...: ...hoping… Continue reading Dogecoin Giveaway: upd.

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Faucet News: Cointiply Mining Game GpC Rate, FreeBitcoin Promotion, FreeDogecoin Rewards Increase. Bonus: “Hidden” Faucets, Unconventional Solution to “Dusty” Wallets

hint: Cointiply Mining Game implies risk, can be addictive and is not free-to-play.

However, constructing a building or two and simply claiming gems once per hour to sell them on the Marketpace for Coins = second Cointiply hourly faucet and an extra source of income.

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Pre-Weekend Faucet News: FreeBitcoin 5x Reward Point Promo, Cointiply Increases Gems-per-Coin Rate, Freedoge Increases Minimum Payout

FreeBitcoin is running a 5x (!!!) Reward Point promo. Read: everything about Reward Points we've written so far. FreeDoge has increased its minimum roll reward to 0.10 Doge. As our regular readers know, this is an important factoid. Read: 7 Reasons Why is a Must-Have Faucet + A “How to Register and Get 100% Free… Continue reading Pre-Weekend Faucet News: FreeBitcoin 5x Reward Point Promo, Cointiply Increases Gems-per-Coin Rate, Freedoge Increases Minimum Payout

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Dogecoin and Satoshi Giveaways – Update

Dogecoin:  A few more Dogecoin have been shared. Just so our participants would not think that we are keeping any profits to ourselves... Bitcoin/Satoshi: A few more Satoshi have been shared... ... We descried the mechanics behind both giveaways previously. Example: You have a FBC/FDC account with little to no active referrals. Why not make… Continue reading Dogecoin and Satoshi Giveaways – Update

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Faucet Payout Time: Freedogecoin vs. Cointiply

Freedoge altogether took around 30 minutes from the moment the request was submitted to the moment the funds landed in an external wallet. Freedogecoin: Minimum Withdrawal Amount: 50 Doge Transaction Times: From 30 Minutes Approval: Automatic Email Confirmation: No 2FA (extra layer of security): No Fees: 0.25 Doge Cointiply: Minimum Withdrawal Amount: The Equivalent of… Continue reading Faucet Payout Time: Freedogecoin vs. Cointiply

Coins, Faucet News, Faucets – Faucet Payment Test = Confirmed

Yesterday, amidst the chaos, created by the hike in Dogecoin price, we decided to stress-test Doge-related services, especially in light of closing down without pre-warning. Needless to say, all services promoted by DMYF in one way or another, functioned perfectly. However, how about payments? was chosen as a test subject. We were surprised… Continue reading – Faucet Payment Test = Confirmed