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Yesterday, amidst the chaos, created by the hike in Dogecoin price, we decided to stress-test Doge-related services, especially in light of closing down without pre-warning.

Needless to say, all services promoted by DMYF in one way or another, functioned perfectly. However, how about payments? was chosen as a test subject.

freedogecoin payment proof
We were surprised to discover that, despite the information stated elsewhere on and which we were reporting, the minimum withdrawal (for an instant transaction) is now 50 Dogecoin (or became 50?), not the 5 Doge we were quoting..

Transaction fees of 0.25 DOGE could also be lower.

In a couple of hours we were happy to confirm that the whole withdrawal process took seconds and the transfer arrived to an external wallet address within hours (nothing like the stated 48 hours).

Along with Moon Faucets, is a confirmed and approved source of Dogecoin income.

Despite our interest in Cointiply, one of the functions we have not yet tested personally is funds withdrawal. Following the success of our first withdrawal, Cointiply will also become an “approved” faucet (no longer formally”under review”). However, de-fato, we are promoting Cointiply without hesitation, as there has not been any evidence of problems with payment as other users are concerned (us receiving our income is a mere formality which can take long, since we do not have time to faucet).

Other than that, Currently Under Review:

Faucets: (not optimistic)
Casino: (surprisingly fun)
Cloudmining: eobot (the only pillar of hope, as Cloudmining legitimacy goes)
& much more.

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dogecoin price
Source = Freedoge

Just yesterday we wanted to warn that, despite the changes of the price of Dogecoin, “faucet” did not react and pretended to pay out the minimum amount which did not change. slashed their minimum roll win from 0.22 to 0.09, Moondoge ( is a legitimate faucet which has nothing to do with!!!) have also reduced the speed of gathering Dogecoin by more thant half, while did nothing. It was a clear warning bell, but we have warned our readers so many times that we decided that it was unnecessary…

To all those, who have invested their Dogecoin in Dogecoin Cloudmining services = NOW IS A VERY TEMPTING TIME FOR SCAMMERS TO MAKE A RUN FOR IT WITH YOUR INVESTMENTS.

Dogecoin is inflationary, which means current price rise is exceptional and cannot last forever. Hence, we sense many cloud mining sites shutting down.

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7 Reasons Why is a Must-Have Faucet + A “How to Register and Get 100% Free Doge from Us to You”

  1. rolls free Dogecoin every hour. The amount of Dogecoin rolls are variable (the current minimum roll is 0.22 Doge per hour), however the faucet does often roll high!доге бесплатно заработать догекоин бесплатно каждый час
    2.. is a sister site of As faucets go, is a Swiss bank (almost literally), – the faucet is least likely to go bust than, say, Lehman Brothers (which is not saying much).

    READ MORE: Edition Includes a Complimentary “How to Register an Account on” Guide and a Reward Points How-To

    Although has more features, will also do what it promised.

    3. Same as, has no ads.. It is an ad-free faucet. Its ads have expired and gone to meet their maker!

    4. is a good indicator of how the crypto market is doing and how Dogecoin is going in particular.

    dogecoin to USD
    Higher minimum winnings = DOGE is not doing amazing against USD. And vice-versa. How that can be used to one’s advantage, – a topic of one of our next articles.

    In practice, though, despite the fact that Dogecoin will never to the moon, its value is relatively stable. Higher minimum rolls? Perfect time to visit the faucet more often!


    5. (IMPORTANT) The faucet’s minimum withdrawal to an external wallet (whether personal, hardware, software, or exchange) is ridiculously low (if we are not mistaken, there was a time when you had to have a minimum of 100 Doge to make a withdrawal. At the moment, the minimum withdrawal is as little as 5 (!) Dogecoin which will reach your wallet almost straight away.

    Automatic withdraw:” If you have Auto-Withdraw enabled in your account, your account balance will go into ‘PENDING’ on Sunday (if it is more than 6 DOGE) and you will be able to see this under PENDING PAYOUT on the FREE PLAY page. The Dogecoins will be sent to your Dogecoin wallet soon after. You will receive an email notifying you of the payment if you have an email address associated with your account. If you wish to know the exact time when your balance will go into pending, click on the button that says AUTO WITHDRAW in the FREE PLAY page and you will see a timer counting down to the payout time.”

    Manual withdraw: “Anytime you want! Just click on the WITHDRAW button in the FREE PLAY page to initiate a withdrawal and the Dogecoins will be sent from your balance to your Dogecoin wallet within 6 hours! The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 DOGE and 1 DOGE will be deducted from each withdrawal to pay the transaction fee.”

    free doge coin minimum withdrawal to external wallet

    Yep, Coinpot’s 50 DOGE minimum withdrawal now seems astronomical, no? Not mentioning Cointiply’s $3.50 equivalent of their internal currency…

    NOTE: is, most likely, the faucet with the lowest minimum withdrawal.

    6. is 100% safe, virus-free and will never spam you inbox with emails, or share your personal details. However, same goes to all faucets mentioned on DMYF.

    7. Last, but not least… is an integral part of our “From Us to You” 100% free Dogecoin Giveaway!

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    Q: How do I take part in the giveaway?
    A: Simply register on using our referral link and enjoy free Doge. Sometimes, we share more than the minimum payout! No strings attached. Just some free Doge.

    NOTE Already have am account? Nothing’s stopping you from having two (say, an extra one on your tablet). Besides, unless you have tons of referrals, why not withdraw the minimum 5 Doge and register again? 

    A Guide to Overcoming The Infinite Complexity of the Registration Process:


    1. Clicking the image below, following this link or simply copy-pasting pasting into the address field of your browser should let you reach the destination close enough to be able to Sign Up.


    free doge every hour win free cryptocurrency every hour free crypto
    Make sure that the text field after “Your Referrer” is not left blank or set to 0, but states: 1950692

    3. Enter your e-mail address. has not been known to send spam.
    4. Pick a password. 
    5. Solve Captcha which will be different to the one shown above. If the Captcha seems to difficult, clicking the small green “refresh” button (bottom right, two arrows) helps. You can also change to SolveMedia captcha; sometimes it’s easier.
    6. Click “Sign Up”

Congratulations. You are in.

– Just another guide. We’re glad we shared it with you. –