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What is a Coinpot Token’s Price? What’s 1 Coinpot Token Worth? How Much is One Coinpot Token in…

In our series of articles dedicated to Coinpot Tokens we always used 100 Coinpot Tokens as a unit of measure. Regardless, whether Coinpot Tokens were converted to DASH, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin or Dogecoin, the fiat (“cash“) value of a Coinpot Token remained stable (converting 100 Coinpot Tokens to any of the five currencies supported by and then converting the resulting amount of Litoshi, Doge, Duffs, or Satoshi to fiat; whether USD, or INR),-  at present, 100 Coinpot Tokens roughly equate $0.01.

So, answering the “how much is one Coinpot Token” question is as simple as dividing $0.01/100. ONE Coinpot Token is worth $0.0001.

De-facto, if one was to exchange 100000s of Coinpot Tokens to USD, circumventing all fees would be difficult, however, Coinpot Tokens are de-facto valuable tools, allowing a user to Dollar-Cost-Average without leaving his or her Dashboard.

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Why is Coinpot and its Faucets Running Slowly, Giving “Service Unavailable” Errors, or Freezing?

If you noticed that MoonLitecoin gives out an unexpected error, Coinpot takes a few refreshes to perform conversions, logins or withdrawals and are getting worried… based on prior experience, the hiccups have to do with Coinpot introducing a new function: a cute live “ticker“, showing your faucet income arrive to the dashboard, looking like this:

wy is coinpot slow
A live update on dashboard
Coinpot paid out 8,5758 Bitcoin 13,3766 Bitcoin Cash 4,308,087 DOGE 128,3472 LTC 30.2074 DASH in the last 7 days
Now, imagine the amount of microtransactions = users’ claims made from seven Coinpot’s partner faucets (ranging from 3 minutes to 15 minutes per user) = which have to be processed by Coinpot‘s servers during maintenance times that result in 8,5758 Bitcoin, 13,3766 Bitcoin Cash, 4,308,087 Dogecoin, 128,3472 Litecoin paid out in last 7 days…

No wonder that during the times the systems are upgraded in users’ favour, once every blue moon, Coinpot slows down, freezes and browsers demonstrate errors such as:..

coinpot service unavailable
Coinpot: service is unavailable
MoonLtecoin 504 Error
and “…MoonLitecoin (504) Gateway Timeout”

DMYF’s subjective opinionL

Coinpot is here for the long run. Even considering our suspicious and ultra-cautious approach to any changes, – remember, – the last major improvement introduced by Coinpot was… the creation of everyone’s favourite Coinpot Tokens.

Whoever Coinpot owners are, whatever interests they follow, they are, as opposed to many others, – the… good guys?

The market we are in considered.

(please, do not disappoint us,!)

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Coinpot Tokens’ Value: How Many BTC, BCH, Dogecoin, LTC, DASH and… Indian Rupee (INR) 100 Tokens are Worth?

coinpot token logo calculating value of coinpot token against fiat

Today, should you decide to sell your Coinpot Tokens, asking yourself, what’s a Coinpot Token’s value, worth, use or utility…

logo bitcoin black background btc
You can get 0.00000284 Bitcoin (BTC) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000000284)
logo of bitcoincash on black background bch
You can get 0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000008810)
dogecoin doge logo on black backgrpund
You can get 5.08194081 Dogecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0508194081)
Litecoin ltc logo on black background
You can get 0.00031486 Litecoin for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000031480)
DASH logo on black background

You can get 0.00014312 DASH for 100 Coinpot Tokens (conversion rate: 0.0000014312)

Now, what about the fiat value of cryptocurrencies and the corresponding value of Coinpot Tokens at present? Historically, we used to use USD as a universal measure. For a change, we will use… INR.

0.00000284 Bitcoin = 0,696422 INR (₹); ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0,696422 INR (₹)
0.00014312 DASH is worth 0.687503 Indian Rupee; ergo 100 Coinpot Tokens 0.687503 Indian Rupee.
5.08194081 Doge is worth 0.680317 Indian Rupee; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.680317 INR
0.00031486 Litecoin converts to 0.695148 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.695148 Indian Rupee
0.00008810 Bitcoin Cash equals 0.694285 INR; ergo, 100 Coinpot Tokens are worth 0.694285 INR.

Evidently, fiat price of a Coinpot Tokens is constant. Problematically, their liquidity is limited to Therefore, converting Coinpot Tokens to fiat will encounter a lot of fees?.. No. There is a way to withdraw Coinpot Tokens and convert them to USD paying close to nothing. How? Stay tuned! (spoiler)

P. S. Coinpot Tokens are earned for every action on Coinpot-partnered faucets.

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Currency rates obtained from:

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Coinpot Token Value & Price: What Can You Do With Coinpot Tokens

coinpot token
Today, 100 Coinpot Tokens convert to:

Bitcoin at the rate of 100 CT = 0.00000147 BTC
Bitcoin Cash at the rate of 100 CT = 0.00001787 BCH
Dogecoin at the rate of 100 CT = 1.65937629 Doge
Litecoin at the rate of 100 CT = 0.00015822 LTC
DASH at the date of 100 CT = 0.00005108 DASH

Let’s take Bitcoin Cash as a conversion tool.

Source = Google

Today, 1 Bitcoin Cash = $545.67
0.00001787 BCH = $0.0098
100 Coinpot Tokens = $0.0098

This correlates with our previous calculations.

We cautiously assume that the value of a Coinpot Token is tied to the current fiat value of cryptocurrencies and is constant. 

100 Coinpot Tokens, so far, always “sold” for circa $0.01. Which means that Coinpot Tokens are the fiat of your Coinpot balance. If that is correct,

1000 Coinpot Tokens = (circa) 0.10$
10000 Coinpot Tokens = (circa) $10

We recommend every faucet user to create a cryptocurrency portfolio. It is 100% free, great for putting things in perspective and learning how to structure a basic investment portfolio is a transferrable skill. Once a sample Coinpot sub-section is created, a user can see the real-time and historic value of the earnings (naturally, the earnings from other faucets can be added too, however let’s stick to Coinpot).

Cryptocompare offers a comprehensive database and an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

(read more: Investing and Trading: Starter’s Tools“How to build your cryptocurrency portfolio”)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Upon creation of an account and the necessary update of the balances according to individual figures, a Cryptocompare-hosted Coinpot “portfolio” will look like something along the lines of:

Acquisition Cost is set at 0% since the faucet income came with no direct fiat investment

…where “profit” and “loss” are changes to the current value of total balance, whether in USD, BTC, ETH, Gold, or anything else (and a ton of additional tools).

Whatever a user plans to do with Coinpot cryptocurrency earnings is up to personal discretion. Amongst the things one can do with your Coinpot Tokens is:

1. Add a +X fiat to the value of the earnings and time spentCoinpot Tokens can be viewed as the USD reward for the Moon Faucet activity.

If the stated assumptions and calculations are correct, at the moment, every user is rewarded with $0.0003 per visit to each of the seven Coinpot faucets.

Whether it is the popular MoonBitcoin, or a less popular (for some strange reason) MoonDash.

(off-topic: amongst the five currencies offered by Coinpot, DASH is, potentially, the most interesting coin; alas, somewhat overlooked)

BitFun becomes the biggest fiat-value generator, – since 3 Coinpot Tokens can be claimed every 3 minutes (instead of 5, or 15) and the claiming process is, arguably, the quickest (no ads… well, we can’t recall seeing any).

2. If fauceting in expectation of all five cryptocurrencies’ prices to rise in the long run, one can use the Coinpot Tokens as a way to “diversify” the mini-portfolio, buying a bit of every currency daily.

3. …or, in fact, anything one would do with fiat. Taking into consideration that:

– Coinpot Tokens’ value is determined by Coinpot and the Tokens have no use outside the multicurrency faucet income aggregator.
– If Coinpot decides to devalue the Tokens, they will be devalued without notice. 
– If Coinpot disappears, Coinpot Tokens will disappear. 
– Our calculations are rough estimates and do not take into consideration the fees one would face when converting the Tokens to any other currency (Coinpot charges no conversion fees and 0% withdrawal fees over certain amounts; other exchanges do).

P. S.

At the time of writing, minimum withdrawal amounts from Coinpot are:

Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC = $0.66
Bitcoin Cash: 0.0001 BCH  = $0.054
Litecoin: 0.002 LTC = $0.12
Dogecoin: 50 Doge = $0.29 USD
DASH: 0.0002 DASH = $0.038154

…meaning that the cheapest possible way of making a Coinpot withdrawal is not Doge and not even Bitcoin Cash, but DASH

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Coinpot Token Price Today

According to today’s exchange rates, 100 Coinpot Tokens…

= 105 Satoshi (Bitcoin)
= 695 Satoshi (Bitcoin Cash)
= 1.72 DOGE (Dogecoin)
= 6415 Litoshi (Litecoin)
= 1985 Duffs (DASH)

NOTE: You earn Coinpot Tokens on…

Moon Litecoin (3 tokens every 5 minutes) – registration link (click!)
Moon Bitcoin Cash (3 tokens every 5 minutes) – registration link (click!)
Bonus Bitcoin – 3 tokens every 15 minutes – registration link (click!)
Moon Dogecoin – 3 tokens every 15 minutes -registration link (click!)
Moon Dash – 3 tokens every 5 minutes – registration link (click!)
Moon Bitcoin – 3 tokens every 15 minutes – registration link (click!)
Bitfun – 3 tokens every 3 minutes -registration link (click!)

Q:How much are Coinpot Tokens worth in fiat (real money)?

Visit Changelly for an easy cryptocurrency=fiat calculator and see for yourself! You will not find Santa Coinpot Tokens; you will find the five coins the Tokens can be converted to.

Q: Those coins gathering dust in your wallet? 

For some cheap trading practice, consider the fact that a minimum trade on CoinExchange is only 1 DOGE. – (FYI only; not to be treated as a financial advice;  entertainment purposes only).

 Freebitcoin is not only a (stingy) faucet, but a good savings vehicle, offering  4.08% annual interest on your satoshi investment. Unlike shady “mining” operators (STAY AWAY!), such as Tesla Mining, Freebitcoin is one of the oldest faucets and does pay out. Recently Cointiply, in some copycat mode began offering 5% annual interest paid daily on balances over bla-bla-bla.

Coins “gathering dust” = HODLing. There is nothing wrong with HODLing… a currency which has potential and future. 90% of them do not. Do you research. Have an exit strategy. If a coin is not worth the dust it’s covered with, kill it with fire, try exchanging it. If the amount is too small, – oh, well.

LuckyGames is an online cryptocurrency casino. Legit. Minimum bet – 1 satoshi (there is no need to exchange currencies to satoshi to play!). A user can generate wallets for and deposit 100 (!) cryptocurrencies. Who knows, maybe that bit of Awesomecoim can be multiplied, exchanged to Bitcoin etc. etc.


Gambling is bad, yet in this case, it’s no more than an exit strategy.

For more faucet tips, visit our Helpful Tips section.

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Coinpot Token Price – What is a Coinpot Token Worth?

coinpot tokens price how much coinpot tokens value

A possible answer is: Tokens are worth as much as what cryptocurrencies offered by partnering faucets are worth, divided by average earnings per person. 

Sounds complicated?

The truth is, you do not “earn” anything when you use a faucet. You are paid out a fraction of what the faucet earns for attracting traffic to its sponsors and partners.

If a company advertises using one of the Moon Faucets, it pays the faucet an X amount per number of the times the banner is viewed (or clicked upon, depending on the agreement).

coinpot earnings

The faucet’s profitability correlates with the faucet’s popularity, advert’s relevance to the target audience (ideally measured in clicks), demographics, purchasing power, etc. etc.

It goes without saying that US consumers’ “views” and clicks are worth more than Russian consumers’ “views” and clicks. This does not mean that faucets are nationalist or xenophobic; European or North American companies simply spend more on online advertising and Western users’ online purchasing power is undoubtedly boosted by a historically longer tradition of using credit and debit cards (as well as PayPal) as payment methods online.

Note: imbalance in earnings makes some users risk losing their accounts and earnings) by masking their geolocation (to varying degrees of success). Morality is not our forte, but questions such as “do I need to have referrals to earn big?” and “how much will I earn if I am not from US/EU?” are answered in wide array of DMYF guides.

Subscribe, follow, read, (l)earn. We do not promise to “triple your Bitcoin in 24 hours“, we issue warnings to protect our readers against such scams. If we do claim that faucets are paying out, that $3.50 can be easily earned in one day on Cointiply alone, that Coinpot Tokens could have been used to triple an investment overnight, all statements are supported by personal experience, evidence and have been tried and tested.

It goes without saying that AdBlockers can really hurt a Faucet (hint: want to raise that Cointiply “bar” up? Try disabling your AdBlocker…) according to unconfirmed sources, AdBlockers cut faucets’ revenues by 30%-40%). On the other hand, according to confirmed sources, ads displayed on faucets slow down your device, promote blatant scams and expose a user to malware (countermeasure – a separate sandboxed browser installed on an account without administrative privileges; or on a separate OS altogether… plus staying the hell away from FaucetHub).

“OfferWalls” represent “direct” advertising and referral income and, therefore, offer significant rewards simply because the faucets are paid much more for targeted advertisement (when using an OfferWall you are selling your personal data… Unless, of course, you cheat and sell your puppy’s personal data instead). Cointiply features a very extensive OfferWall, suitable for any taste, however MoonBitcoin actually multiplies your rewards if you complete some offers, so if an OfferWall reward from Cointiply is a one-off payment, an Offer completed on one of the Moon Faucet is a long-term “investment”, potentially multiplying a faucet claim by 100%).

Then, understandably, advertising on a Bitcoin faucet pays more than advertising on a DOGE faucet, or a DASH faucet.

Faucets are predominantly paid in fiat, – “real life” currency. While the faucet pays its users in cryptocurrencies. The faucet will pay out more when cryptocurrencies are cheaper and will cut down payouts when cryptocurrencies are on the rise, – a great time to “faucet” was about a month ago.

Exception: Cointiply pays its users in fiat via cryptocurrency: by making a Cointiply Withdrawal, a user actually buys Bitcoin or Dogeoin (potentially – DASH and ETH in the future).

Naturally, exchange rate affects the cryptocurrency value of Tokens (remember, – they were introduced during a market dip). When the Tokens first came out, 50 DOGE (minimum Doge amount necessary for withdrawal from a user’s Coinpot account to an external Dogecoin address; whether wallet, exchange, cryptogambling site, etc.) were worth circa 1320 Tokens.


how much is dogecoin in usd from 29 march 2018 to 22 April 2018 line chart lowest price was less than 0.003 USD per Dogecoin, maximum price was 0.006 USD per Dogecoin
source: CryptoCompare

As this article is published, 50 DOGE can be bought for 3000 Tokens. At time of writing of this article, 50 DOGE is converted to (sold for) roughly 0.30 USD, while about a month ago, they were 50% cheaper.

=(very roughly, based on the DOGEcoin’s current market value), 3000 Tokens – 0.30 USD. However, the value might be different when converting to other currencies and is affected by various fees (non-Coinpot, as Coinpot hardly charges withdrawal fees and, surprisingly, offers conversion between the supported currencies with no fees at all)

The same principle can roughly be applied to DASH, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

However, should anyone be interested in making the most out of their Tokens, following has to be taken into consideration:

  • Method of measurement: fluctuation of the Token’s value in terms of cryptocurrencies, or in terms of fiat?
  • Anticipated (or unpredictable) rise or fall of the value of a cryptocurrency
  • (this is speculation, but…) It could be more profitable to exchange the Tokens when the value of the cryptocurrencies is lower, – when when the value bounces back the trade turns out profit.

According to the author’s subjective, unprofessional and current opinion, the five cryptocurrencies offered by are “core” coins and represent a “safe” bet in terms of long-term holding (as “safe” as the market has to offer), with an added bonus of sporadic price hike Tokens offer the faucet users more rewards for the time spent “fauceting”.

Flexibility offered by Moon faucets is what makes these faucets the best cryptocurrency faucets on the market and one of the few sources of cryptocurrency micro earnings which are really worth the time even for those who do not have many referrals.

At the moment, faucets might seem like they pay out less than they used to, Tokens give the users an opportunity to mitigate that by simply focusing on faucets which pay out more in terms of the value of the token+the value of the reward (e.g. hitting Bitfun every three minutes equates to a Token a minute, plus the Satoshi earned; hitting Moonlitecoin every five minutes adds 3 Tokens to the base Litoshi earnings).

Coins, Faucet News, Faucets, Giveaway, Guide, News rewards its users with Coinpot Tokens

coinpot token free cryptocurrency coinpot faucet bonus

…introduces an Hourly Lottery and more. The picture says it all, but in a nutshell:

Although you can “mine the tokens using your browser” (no, thank you), buy tokens using cryptos (no, thank you), you automatically get 3 Tokens per claim you make off any of the supported faucets (MoonDash, MoonDoge, MoonLitecoin, MoonBitcoin, MoonCash, Bitfun and BonusBitcoin, as well as 1 token per every claim your referral makes.

You can convert the accumulated tokens to boost the balance of any of the five currencies, supported by the multicurrency wallet (at very decent, alas fluctuating exchange rates). There is no “minimum” Token balance necessary for conversion (unlike Freebitcoin‘s Reward Points), so even 1 token can be converted.

At the moment, the rates are:

100 Coinpot Tokens = 132 Satoshi
100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.00001313 BCH
100 Coinpot Tokens = 3,37 DOGE (like!)
100 Coinpot Tokens = 8303 Litoshi
100 Coinpot Tokens = 0.00003082 DASH (did you know, – units of DASH are called “Duffs”)

Q: Why is Coinpot giving away freebies?

A: Faucets are paid in fiat by their advertisers and they pay out cryptocurrencies to their users. As the price of Bitcoin goes down, Coinpot has enough decency to give “back” more. In the long run, it will attract a wider audience to its partner faucet system, which will mean more advertisement profits… In effect, the new Tokens are a version of Freebitcoin‘s Reward Point system. Why are they called Tokens is unclear.

Now that you have more reason to make more claims, remember…:

Important: Only BonusBitcoin is arguably worth “maxing out” (using as often as possible, perhaps even keeping the tab open in your browser), especially with the rising average claim reward. All other faucets have a timer (“earning” you bits of coins passively until your next claim) which is fastest immediately after you make a claim and slows down as time passes.

MoonLite and MoonDash have a “faster” timer (you want to make the best of the mystery bonus and other % bonuses to your claim), followed by MoonDoge and MoonCash. So should you wish to add more reward points Tokens, we would recommend setting your “Claim” priorities in the following order: BonusBitcoin (every 15 minutes, or as often as you can), MoonLight, MoonDash, etc. The rationale behind this method was covered in the relevant articles here, here and here.

Summary: Check your balances. Previously, it was easy to earn and withdraw 50 DOGE a day from Coinpot. Now, it is safe to say that it is easy to earn and withdraw 55 DOGE a day, considering the Token:DOGE rate. In any case, a freebie for something you do anyway is a good freebie.

Coipot Tokens earning