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DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1)

29.01.2019 update: this is an archived article. Learn from our mistakes! Do not take our warnings lightly! Since we just do not learn from our mistakes and despite our own recommendations regarding never ever ever "investing" ANYTHING into "mining" websites, 99.9% of which are Ponzi schemes (you will get lucky if you jump on the… Continue reading DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1)

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AELF (ELF): green light!

We have published an article about adding some free ELF tokens from the Azeroth II Airdrop (still loving the name) to your portfolio (or, rather, becoming part of the complex multilayer bounty system) yesterday. ...which had an immediate effect on the token's market price! (jk, ofc) 🙂 Subscribe, follow and stay tuned! Quick links:  Register… Continue reading AELF (ELF): green light!

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NEWS: Google bans ICO ads, Coinbase approved by FCA and more

Goodbye, ads of pump-and-dump ICOs! Google is going to ban all ICO-related adverts, as well as advertisement of wallets and agencies offering investment advice. We applaud Google. Recently, the cryptocurrency market went mad; it seems that a pretty website (preferable), fake promises (necessary), a whitepaper (can be composed of random generic rewritten material from actual… Continue reading NEWS: Google bans ICO ads, Coinbase approved by FCA and more

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What a Difference a Day Makes

Three recent headlines: DashBoost entering public beta, Dash Watch’s release, and Dash Core now legally owned by the Dash network. These three represent something much more significant than anything currently under development for Dash.

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Ripple: a global “announcement”

Whereas everyone heard Ripple's countless (substantiated) promises to "revolutionise" cross-border banking transactions, this is how the system will work in practice:  Financial institutions that connect to RippleNet will gain access to the liquidity pool provided by xRapid. Banks buy into a shared pool managed by the network, selling currency for XRP, and then cashing out XRP for a different currency, potentially eliminating the need for corporations to store foreign fiat currency.