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QoinPro (finally) Tested: Dogecoin Withdrawal Successful.


QoinPro is neither a faucet nor a wallet; every user is entitled to free daily Coins and Tokens, albeit in tiny amounts. Following months of downtime and slow revitalisation, QoinPro automated withdrawals of most supported currencies, released an app announced two airdrops and introduce interest on deposits.



We expected the Dogecoin withdrawal to take days of approval, yet a symbolic 5 Doge transfer landed in an external wallet seamlessly quick. For fairness sake, DMYF states that QoinPro is not a scam and, since a payout did arrive, the service is a strange, yet legitimate source of (zero-effort) nanoincome.


Perhaps, it is worth researching PLAN and QHAS, – the “airdropped” currencies and wait for further developments?..

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Cointiply – “Earn More, Work Less” Strategy Series: Tap Research

Whether playing the Mining Game or not, it is important to consider various earning options offered by Cointiply and its partners. As we are dedicated to providing our readers with our own experience, we are publishing the opportunities here and there.

OfferWall features a number of individual walls. TapResearch is, probably, the most profitable out of them all… when it comes to Surveys. Simply because a user will be credited for “trying” to take a Survey. Every once in a while one stumbles across monstrous rewards for very little time spent (10,965 Coins = $1.09 = circa 6 CpH at 200% Mining Game Efficiency for 10 Minutes of time spent is a type of a Survey one encounters daily).

Time taken = 3 Minutes, no cheating

Hitting Survey “Jackpots” is something that comes with experience and some know-how. We will not reveal our “secrets” completely (we actually received an e-book publishing offer), as we do not profit from writing these mini-guides, however, for our readers’ sake, we will share the basis:

* “Blue” Surveys are not to be ignored. Chances are, since they are “New”, that’s where a user will hit the jackpot! In the worst case scenario, you will be granted something. An unsuccessful Survey is one’s bread and butter, paying anything from 51 Coins per Click to 500-1000 Coins for answering a question or two.

* Value your time. When the Coins-per-Minutes ratio falls to something line this…

…unless you are deliberately clicking to fail, give the OfferWall a break. New Surveys will appear. 

* Consider the off-peak times of day. Weekends is the time when everyone rushes to SurveyWalls… Swim against the flow.

* There is no such thing as an “ideal” participant. The range of surveys is immense and anyone will find “something”… specifically, as long as he or she resides in the higher-profitability countries (EU, USA…). If you don’t, do not lose hope. If there’s a will, there is a way.

* Being Honest and Being Consistent are of equivalent importance. Nuff said.

* You privacy is in danger. On a good note, if you think that you are under the Big Brother’s radar… think again. Yet again… If there is a will, there is a way. 

* Value your time. Put a pricetag on a minute of your time. 200-300 Coins per minute is better than 50 Coins per minute. Remember: there’s a lot of fish in the sea. 

* Hit a good streak? Have around 50000 Coins in your account after completing 4-5 good offers? Consider putting Cointiply’s desire to pay you to a test. Perhaps, withdrawing $5 worth of Dogecoin instead of pumping up the Mining Game’s economy is a good break?
* Click on the Silhouette on the top right corner.

* You will have access to some useful features and an understanding of your progress. Keep track of it and think about your Efficiency.

* Set yourself a “no-go” zone. I. e., for some, the “no-go” area could be as low as profiding the DOB, or the address details. For others, it could be allowing the Surveys to access one’s Webcams.

(to be continued…)