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DiceMine is dead, baby. DiceMine’s dead.

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Dear All,

We sincerely apologise for advertising DiceMine, a Monero faucet.

At the time, it seemed a legitimate website. DiceMine had a forum, its administration responded to our suggestions and nothing indicated that the faucet will disappear… ..with our earnings.

We are extremely disappointed; we have lost time and wasted our efforts writing about a service which cheated its users.

We were not affiliated with DiceMine, we did not receive a single cent/penny/satoshi from DiceMine’s administration and we did not reach the minimum for a payout.

We tried contacting DiceMine…

DiceMine scam DiceMine website down DiceMine mirror
…to no avail.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 18.13.32

We are sad to announce that DiceMine is not legit, that it is a scam and therefore it goes into our “Scammers Hall Of Fame”, along with jetco.inTeslaMining and CCRB.

Remember, the Cryptocurrency market is unregulated. It is full of criminals wishing to take your money and disappear. Be careful out there.

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DiceMine XMR Faucet website seems to be down… …forever?

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Scammers, scammers everywhere?..


“It started off with a kiss, how did it end up like this?..”

DiceMine Monero Faucet XMR earn XMR earn Monero scam closed
source: Bitcointalk

“Hello Monero Lovers,

Hereby we would like to show you new Monero Gambling Service

What is DiceMine?
– DiceMine is a new branded gambling website through which you can earn free monero coins by different features like the new and unique feature Mining of Monero Coins directly from our website and multiple your coins by playing hi-lo game and partecipate to our lottery. The hi-lo game is simple, you enter in a bet, choose a payout or win chance and hit roll dice. After you click roll a provably fair dice roll is generated and if the number falls within your green win region you win the bet. DiceMine uses strong provable fairness which means you don’t have to trust them, each roll is mathematically fair and can be verified to be manipulation free from dedicated page.

How to get xmr monero coins for free on DiceMine?
– It’s simple Smiley
DiceMine offers multiple features to get XMR coins enterely for free: Mine coins by just allowing our website to use the CPU power of your desktop or notebook computer to mine new Monero XMR coins, access our mining webpage from this link: Mine Coins see video on how to mine monero from here:

Use our **Faucet **webpage to get free coins every hour by just passing the anti-bot captcha

Open your pandora box and win coins, the winning amount of coins depends only on your current luck and it’s provably fair, so just Roll the Dice, keep playing each hour and increase your chance of getting the =>10000

Are you bored? Perhaps, you should play our Monero Snakes and earn some coins while doing so. It’s fun and a time-killer!

How mining works on DiceMine?
– DiceMine uses JavaScript code to use the power of your CPU to mine new XMR coins, use of the script may be blocked by adblock and anti-virus programs, so if you would like to proceed with mining of coins you will have to pause such programs. We inform you that we are free to apply mining commissions from 0 to 20% that will depend on our available coin stats. !important to stop mining and don’t lose the mined coins please push STOP button. If you accidentaly refresh the page and lose mined coins please feel free to Contact Us including your username.

Does DiceMine have an affiliate program?
– Yes, it offers a highly competitive affiliate program which can be accessed from profile page, just share your affiliate personal link and get more future coins.

For those who is interested to long-terms investment into DiceMine?
For a moment they can accept only investment starting from => 1000 XMR, if you would like to become their angel and you are interested in investment Contact them, feel free to send your investment proposal. We offer competitive shares on proffit. contact

For sure it’s a good start to earn some monero coins…”

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Monero Hard Fork Postponed

monero hard fork xmr xmv

Remember our article on Monero’s hard fork?

Great news: Monero have postponed the fork that was initially going to take place on the 16th of March (tomorrow for some, today for others) by SIX weeks, allowing those who have trust in the coin’s value to accumulate a more significant amount in hopes to profit off XMV appearing in the XMR wallet (remember Bitcoin Cash appearing in your Bitcoin waller?.. It did not?.. Maybe, because you are not using a real wallet?). Naturally, the news had an immediate impact on the price of Monero… Which bought some time (no pun intended) for those intending to add XMR to their investment or trading portfolio.

monero price xmr price chart cost of monero monero market cap

Source: Coinmarketcap.


Monero on Cryptocompare:

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Monero On The Rise

Have you wondered why, despite the altcoin market largely staying in the red against Bitcoin (partially due to the steadily increasing price of BTC, which retains its dominance), Monero’s value spiked towards the end of the week?

monero altcoin price rise

Monero developers announced an upcoming hard fork, introducing MoneroV which, unlike Monero that has an infinite supply, will be strictly limited in numbers. All Monero users (who have a wallet of their own) will get 10 XMV per 1 XMR owned around mid-March. In combination with an announcement of a new wallet, the news resulted in Monero hitting market capitalisation of $5,3 billion.

Q: I have 0.01 XMR in my wallet… Will I still receive the XMV?
A: Yes. Monero holders will receive the proportionate amount of their XMR in XMV. So, for 0.01 XMR you will get 0.10 XMV.

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Monero at Coinmarketcap: