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MoonBitcoin Bitcoin Faucet – the Basics of 500% Multiplier.

It seems that the 500% Satoshi Claim Multiplier of MoonBitcoin is more achievable than a 300% Claim Multiplier of MoonDoge, MoonLitecoin or MoonBitconCash, as the 90%+ Mystery Bonus is encountered much more frequently on average, per 5-minute faucet claim, while four remaining Multipliers can be kept stable. 

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Cointiply Mining Game Strategy Guide – “Which Buildings Should I Build/Purchase (first)”?

Forget there are different types of buildings (with one exception). Forget there are "buildings". Forget there is a "mine". 

There are numbers, there are your Cointiply earnings, there is your time, there is your willingness to risk investing your earnings into a short-term investment vehicle with interest rates which are mathematically unsustainable in the long run... and there is Cointiply, representing the "unknown" factor, able to tweak the numbers, either to your advantage, or to your disadvantage. 

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MoonBitcoin – tips & hints

Does your MoonBitcoin faucet look like this...: Or like this...? Want to know how to remove adverts, stay safe from malware, not let the faucets slow down your device and still use the faucet to get free Bitcoin? Follow Don't Miss Your Flight. Subscribe and stay tuned! We are on your side.