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How Cointiply Made Our Morning

At first, our browser was like:

cointiply mining game has been closed and redirecting on 502 Bad Gateway

So, we were like, “why not finalise the draft of...”:

cointiply mining game scam has been addressed

…where we (prophetically!) mentioned…:

cointiply mining game


cointiply scam

and Cointiply is like…

The Mining Game is being retired. Cointiply will pay players based on how much they have earned on the site, plus a bonus, over time from a pool based on offerwalls and CointiPlay. Players will have access to a detailed report on their total site activity and how much they have been paid back.

…the first thing that comes to our mind is a visitor’s comment and our reply:

Cointiply mining game scam addressed by DMYF
MrBrightside, whatcha gonna do now? xD

If DMYF can foresee the future, instead of predicting the Mining Game’s destiny we shouldwrite articles like “Bitcoin hits $100000000“…


P. S. Dear All, we hope no one “heavily invested” in the Mining “Game”. We tried our best to warn users to employ common sense.

E. g. read our quote from Cointiply Today: Today’s Status & “Health” Review

Note: Cointiply is not a cryptocurrency faucet. Cointiply is a digital marketing “third wheel party”. Cointiply pays its users a % of what it receives from, say, OfferToro, or Adscend Media, which, in turn, are paid a commission from a sale of your “brand awareness increase”, “demographics, “political views”, or “downloads”.

Digital marketing is what Cointiply is good at. The Miming Game is an excellent example of a move which succeeded at bringing a ton of new users to Offer Walls, – bridging the gap between a product and a consumer. However, the mechanics behind the game were a total fail, – somewhat patched by the introduction of the Gem system, yet dependent upon Cointiply using the short-term influx of finance wisely. What did Cointiply do next?..

Cointiplier: “Don’t withdraw!”
Premium Account: “Don’t withdraw!”
Various promises (withdrawals in different currencies): “Don’t withdraw!”
“Savings” scheme: “Don’t withdraw!”

We kept spending time to repeat the obvious: Cointiply’s Mining Game is unsustainable, it’s profitable only to those who invested early, speculated on Gem prices, or stopped manically reinvesting.

We are not even sure if what happened falls under the definition of a “scam”. More than anything, it is a good lesson to learn from.

Alternatively, you can keep trusting websites such as

about mining game is sustainable or not..

…whose owner invested in a level 1 domain, lied, hunting for referrals (attracting hundreds) and, most definitely, earned enough not to give a fuck while DMYF struggled to afford the hosting. But guess what, Mr. Brightside?

While you’re now nervously deleting the content of your moronic “FAQ”, we do not have to edit a single post, we don’t need to change our nicknames, or shut down our website.

Honesty is not profitable in the short run, however untarnished reputation is a vital element of success, as far as journalism is concerned. DMYF is not a “blog about faucets“. DMYF posted meaningless reviews to kill time and stay afloat while working on the new website which, thankfully, will be free of kindergarten content such attempts to scare readers away from obvious scams.

As long as people want to believe in fairy tales, scammers will prosper. Meanwhile, we wonder how vultures, feeding on the faults in human nature, sleep at night.

P. P. S. Cointiply remains a generous faucet, offering biggest stand-alone earnings, second only to Moon Faucets. The Mining Game was a Game. In our very first Mining Game review we stated:

On a more serious note, let us not forget that the “new fun feature” is a game. In any game, you can win and you can lose.

The 90% rule dictates that 90% of those playing Cointiply’s mining game will lose

What more can be said?

Do we regret writing about the Game? Not at all. As long as our warnings were heard, our efforts were not in vain. Observing yet another social experiment from beginning to end was… educational. We empathise with users who suffered losses due to the abrupt closure of the project, however for us, “goodbye, MG” means that finally we can write about topics that we are actually interested in.

In the final episode of the “Mining Game Series” we will try to analyse the “behind the scenes” mechanics of the Game’s finale, make some calculations, describe our personal experiences and, – hoorrayyy! – conclude the melodramatic series, known as “why you should not invest in a project that promises 1.41% daily ROIs“.

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Cointiply Mining Game Strategy, Review and Guide: Cheap(er) Gems; How To: Optimise Mine for 100% Passive Income; Rebuild Cost Calculator and the Cointiplier Controversy.


While Cointiply is offline…

Gems Balance showing 210667 Gems
Cointiply’s Mining Game: GpC rate looks better.

Cointiply Mining Game: Passive Income – Myth of Reality?

(SPOILER) Truly “passive” income might be possible if the following conditions are met:

(note: “passive” means “0 effort on your behalf”; in this case we examine a scenario where, following an initial investment and some preparation, we set up a system where we either forget about the existence of Cointiply for almost four months = maximum hardcore; or log in every once in a while to withdraw the funds and, maybe, roll the roulette = medium hardcore)

– all profitability/building/rebuilding spreadsheets studied and applied to individual circumstances
– the user is gifted with the ability to realistically evaluate the amount of time he/she will be able to dedicate to the Game (gem acquisition stage), maintain a zen state of mind (during the passive stage) and read the works of Marcus Aurelius stoically accept the fact that that $1 per day, a result of hours spent letting Big Brother know every detail of what you did last Summer tapresearching… has a life-span.
– think of referral income as a pleasant bonus; do not factor referral income in the equation.
– think of “bonus from mining pool” as a, well, bonus. Which, (surprise!) diminishes if a user stops re-investing. Dropped down a few ranks? Goodbye 8 Bonus CpH; Hello 6 CpH!
– calculator app at hand, common sense app opened, basic game mechanics understood, subscription to DMYF guides/tips/tricks activated (joke)
– enough Gems to afford “rebuilding” the purchased “real estatefrom 0% to 100% post-expiry
 “auto-spend on“, enough Gems to maintain Efficiency at 200% 24/7.

(rough example: a mine generating circa $1 a day needs 5472 Gems to maintain 200% Efficiency)

– (theory) Method:

Step A: repair all buildings to the max
Step B: calculate total repair cost at expiry
Step C: seize the moment when GpC is circa 25 and grind a few $10-15-worth of assignments (our “Earn More, Work Less” series might be handy) and/or get ripped off at the Marketplace.
Step D: pray: may Cointiply feel the divine wrath should they release another patch…
Step E: After the end of the first cycle, log in, rebuild (using previously stored Gems) and count the profits.
Step F: Either deduct the cost of full Rebuild and calculate the actual “passive income“, or collect the Coinses and forget about the Game.

Summary: our stance on the Mining Game is well-known. Despite its mathematically inevitable impending doom, we must say that the Game is an ambitious project incorporating both successes and fails. We kept repeating that a guaranteed way to profit from the Mining Game is to use it as a Gem faucet.

Rebuild Calculator:

The Rebuild Calculator (all credits go to its creator who took time to form an incredibly useful spreadsheet) is an invaluable tool, offering proof that a mine’s profitability is heavily affected by the GpC rate in the long run, – should Cointinply decide to close shop…

Rebuild Calculator useful  spreadsheet

On a good note: as long as GpC rate is reasonable, the mine will keep generating Coins for months.

Calculator – download link.
(copy-paste the spreadsheet to be able to edit the figures)

Playing around with numbers will develop understanding of the rebuild system and will give users an idea as to when Gems should be stockpiled or spent.

Disclaimer: we believe that the mining game is a risky enterprise. It is unsustainable in the long run, – Gems or no Gems, – its longevity is determined by the influx of new users. The game is time-consuming, addictive (the “reinvest or withdraw” dilemma is ever-present) and “shady“, – “unknowns” such as Cointiply’s plans and the state of their balance sheet can and will impact the future of users’ “investments“.

Saying that, – so far, so good. As long as external deposits are not allowed… the “mining” goes on.

Useful Tips:

* If possible, avoid purchasing Gems on the Marketplace. Marketplace activity brings GpC rate down!
* Monitor the GpC rate.
* Do not get addicted/emotionally attached to your mine. Before re-investing the Coins it yields, imagine a scenario when GpC rate could be 4:1…
* AVOID COINTIPLIER!!! Word around town – Cointiplier is rigged. We can neither confirm nor deny the rumours, – however, our stance remains the same: a faucet should be a faucet and a casino should be a casino. 

A user can’t help but want to gamble the earnings away? Likes the game’s design? Personal choice. At the very least, have a look at Cells and Hacker offered by LuckyGames. Save your Cointiply earnings,- Lucky Tokens are free and Lucky Games has an immaculate reputation when it comes to fairness,

luckygagmes cells
Lucky Balance of 2442

Sounds like we are trashing Cointiply and advertising Lucky Games? Nope.

We have been following Cointiply since its “birth” and we are exploring and testing Lucky Games for months. Our Cointiply reviews have always been mixed. Each time we publish an honest, balanced, yet negative report, we risk getting banned from the faucet, losing a source of income, however insignificant it is.

DMYF is an independent entity, free of sponsors and affiliations. Authors’ opinions are subjective, yet sincere. Is earning money to gamble it away on the same site idiotic?.. Is quoting dozens of users’ posts a crime? Is recommending a service which we are testing ourselves to publish an honest review unethical?..

Rhetorical questions are rhetorical.

P. S. If possible, we ask our readers to refrain from gambling. Otherwise, may Lady Luck always smile.

P. P. S. Cointiply has one truly great feature: faucet earnings are tied to fiat, thus withdrawing earnings = purchasing Bitcoin or Dogecoin. Users’ earnings are safeguarded against cryptocurrency market fluctuations. Is gambling away funds wise, when the earnings can be used to purchase BTC which might return to its former glory?

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Cointiply Mining Game Strategy Guide – “Which Buildings Should I Build/Purchase (first)”?



Simple answer: IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Forget there are different types of buildings (with one exception). Forget there are “buildings”. Forget there is a “mine”.

There are numbers, there are your Cointiply earnings, there is your time, there is your willingness to risk investing your earnings into a short-term investment vehicle with interest rates which are mathematically unsustainable in the long run… and there is Cointiply, representing the “unknown” factor, able to tweak the numbers, either to your advantage, or to your disadvantage.

34 Mining Power = 1 Coin per Hour (2 Coins per Hour at 200% Efficiency) aka CpH
100 Coins = $0.01
1 Mining Power costs 100 Coins

*ignore buildings’ descriptions; do not pollute your memory with useless information.

The cheapest building to construct – Carrier Depot – is 200 Coins (and 100 Coins – rising insignificantly but exponentially – per “Upgrade”=Purchasing additional MP)

The most expensive building to construct is Headquarters, at a price of 25000 Coins = $2.50; naturally, one can expect the Upgrades to be significantly more expensive than those of Carrier Depot.

However, the ratios 100 CpH = 1MP (2MP at 200% Efficiency) remains the same. 

Since the “buildings” merely represent a “deposit” (NOT AN “INVESTMENT” = know your terminology!) in Cointiply‘s scheme.

Say, there is a bank account featuring a fixed interest of 1% on the total balance… daily (ever heard of such generosity? no? that’s one of the reasons banks exist for centuries and most cryptocurrency internet scams investment websites exist for weeks).

The actual amount of $$$ for making a deposit… depends on how much $$$ is deposited; so if one wants to benefit more from the deposit scheme… one probably should deposit more as soon as possible.

Whether it is $0.10 or $25, the 1% interest one can expect as a bank’s thank you for the chance to use your money to invest in whatever, earning, say 10% off your money, while you think that 1% is amazing remains the same. 

The only times when “what buildings should I construct” is of some relevance are:

When the “how do I start playing the Cointiply Mining Game question is asked; when the very very first building is being chosen. Since the goal is for the mine to start generating at least 1 CpH asap, there is no point spending less than 1700/3400, so purchasing a mid-range building simply saves time clicking.

When calculating how much can be realistically and consistently earned on Cointiply in order to ensure that the Mine starts producing significant amounts of coins as soon as possible (beware of a) possible radical changes of T&Cs b) the fact that the Mining Game is played against time).

Picking Carrier Hangar lets a user upgrade the mine almost non-stop, since the cost of upgrades is minimal.
Picking expensive buildings lets a user witness his CpH rate increasing immediately… facing the higher costs of level upgrades.

A Carrier Depot presents a player with a risk to get addicted; compulsively using every opportunity to earn those few Coins to upgrade the Depot again… and again… and again… until the magic moment when CpH rate is increased by 1!

An expensive building presents a player with a risk of reaching a stage when time is wasted, since earning thousands of Coins required for the next upgrade takes time.

Purchased buildings should match users’ “mining” strategy. Focus on earning more Coins per Minute on Cointiply and then forget about the Mining Game  the “which” question will become obsolete.

I. e. willing to dedicate something like an hour a day on average to earn Coins and purchase upgrades/improvements? Earning around 15000 Coins per hour on average, out of which 70% is big one-offs and the rest are things like Videos? Having one mid-range building in addition to the widely-popular Carrier Depot can save the clicking requirements of the single Depot strategy. 

The “right” buildings are whichever make the CpH rate jump quicker and never go down due to failing to meet the “maintenance” costs. 

“Maintenance” (renewing the Coin-generaing “contract” using Gems) used to seem scary; however, a recent upgrade, surprisingly, was the first user-friendly change Cointiply introduced in a long time.

If a user earns 50000-70000 Coins in a single day (which requires hours, but is possible) and spends everything on upgrading the most expensive buildings… so many days later, the CpH could surprisingly drop, as the Upgrades “expired” simultaneously and millions of gems would have to be earned very quickly; otherwise, valuable time would be wasted.

Time = Money.

Thankfully, now that the Mine can be “maintained”  whenever a user wishes to spend time earning some gems, the only times when the Mine will “collapse” and stop generating coins are when the user forgets about Efficiency (=does not log in for days), or something bad happens on Cointiply‘s end.

An exception to all rules is the Maintenance Hangar, – a Special Building, which costs 3000 Coins (=$0.30) and has to be upgraded every 1000 MP.

It generates merely 3MP per 1000 Coins.
It is a must-have. 
Only one can be constructed. 

cointiply which buildings do i build
The only exception to the rules

Merely keeping track of one’s MP and somewhere at X900ish, when earning a few thousand Coins at once, – sacrifice a couple CpH in favour of upgrading the Special Building.

CpM (Coin per Minute) Ratio: 1:551 (good)
CpM (Coin per Minute) Ratio: 1:551. Yes, please.

Summary: the choice of buildings depends on a users’ strategy and plans for the Mine. Since the CpH ratio is constant, how much can be earned playing the Mining Game depends on how much can be earned on Cointiply, not on the choice of buildings.

Some random tips:

Memorise the Ratios: refer to the useful numbers, charts and calculators 
– Prior to choosing a method of earning (should a user wish, he or she can “earn” Coins on Cointiply literally non-stop 24/7), in case Mining is the single focus, pick profitable tasks over earning a few hundred Coins on something like PtC Ads just to purchase another upgrade.
– Unless being a hardcore OfferWaller, do not expect much from increasing %of the Mining Pool (thinking “there is still point of purchasing a low-cost upgrade… just in case the % is increased, if not CpH“).

Example: (so-called) earnings generated by $25-ish worth of Mining Power is complemented by additional 3-5 CpH from the Secondary Bonus Pool. However, according to Cointiply, even if Efficiency is 0%, the Bonus Pool CpH are “for life”.

– When GpC (Gem per Coin) conversion rates are good, having a look through the Level Maintenance requirements and using micro-micro-micro-earnings (PtC Ads, Cointiply Videos, Roulette) in favour of gems and “repairs” should be considered. 40-50-60 days seems like a long time away, however fuck knows if Cointiply will even exist then can anyone guarantee the availability of free time on that specific day?..
– Alternatively, using something like a one-time five-figure earning in favour of Gems to “repair” everything at once and forget about Efficiency at the same time should also be considered; however, if a 50000 Coins were earned in Gem Mode when 1 Coin bought 8 Gems, there is a chance to feel really silly when GpC rate increases to 30.
– (general advice) Earned 35000+ at once? Seriously contemplate whether making a withdrawal can be used to invest in something more profitable and less risky than the Mining Game.

P. S. No matter what, fixating on the Mining Game up to the point of addiction is something DMYF really does not recommend. Fixating on anything is not good. Remember: Moon Faucets are more profitable than Cointiply and, say, MoonBitcoin or BitFun also have OfferWalls… Ran out of suitable tasks? Stuff like the retarded Games section really the only way to earn Coins? Waste of time. 

P. P. S. No matter what, it is a user’s Efficiency that determines profitability. A serious question is is it even worth the time “How to Earn More Coins While Working Less”. Our guides offer a tip or two; aside from that, – our beloved Calculator.dmg and CommonSense.exe apps work wonders.


Presumably, the $5+ USD anyone can earn for simply playing Final Fantasy is an Offer everyone completed (*for the record: the information below is merely information, not an advice; use caution when OfferWalling):

OfferToro Cointiply OfferWall:

earn five dollars for playing a game

OfferToro pays $5.10 for this task…

AdGate Cointiply OfferWall:

earn six dollars for playing a game

AdGate pays $6.12 for the same task.


The WarRobots game Offer we tested to check whether it is a safe and viable way of boosting one’s Cointiply balance quickly earns a user circa 2700 (=$0.27) Coins on Cointiply OfferWalls…

earn bitcoin for playing games

…however the Moon Bitcoin‘s OfferWall section contains the same offer which rewards a user 5600+ Satoshi for 15 minutes of playing a game.
Yes, MoonBitcoin also has an OfferWall which also pays out.

According to today’s conversion rates, that equates to something like $0.37 worth of BTC.

Which, as opposed to Cointiply, can be transferred to an external wallet, exchange, or even sold for fiat same day (Moon Faucets are more profitable than Cointiply, as stated above).

Faucets offer microearnings for a user’s time and efforts as is. If someone’s love for Cointiply’s Mining Game exceeds the desire to earn cryptocurrency and learn about cryptocurrency simultaneously… DMYF should, probably, stop wasting time diverting our and our readers’ attention publishing articles dedicated to the Mining Game.

(*spoiler: there is little point introducing new sections and broadening the scope of publications on a, blog-looking resource; hence… stay tuned)