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QoinPro (finally) Tested: Dogecoin Withdrawal Successful.


QoinPro is neither a faucet nor a wallet; every user is entitled to free daily Coins and Tokens, albeit in tiny amounts. Following months of downtime and slow revitalisation, QoinPro automated withdrawals of most supported currencies, released an app announced two airdrops and introduce interest on deposits.



We expected the Dogecoin withdrawal to take days of approval, yet a symbolic 5 Doge transfer landed in an external wallet seamlessly quick. For fairness sake, DMYF states that QoinPro is not a scam and, since a payout did arrive, the service is a strange, yet legitimate source of (zero-effort) nanoincome.


Perhaps, it is worth researching PLAN and QHAS, – the “airdropped” currencies and wait for further developments?..

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After months and months of maintenance… Unfulfilled promises… Of switching deadlines… Of almost whole cryptocurrency community assuming that QoinPro is a dead scam, a wallet which ran away with its users money and will never come back…

When we already deleted the relevant section from our “Classic Faucets” page… And were contemplating writing a “Goodnight, Sweet Prince” article…


A completely new layout, new features, new, new, new.

Thank you for not betraying our trust, QoinPro

For all those, who held an account with the multicryptocurrency wallet/faucet, log in to check your balances.

For all those unfamiliar with QoinPro, hurry up and register on the world’s easiest faucet which tips you with 11 (!) cryptocurrencies daily. Without any action on your part.

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Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)

As we previously wrote, QoinPro is a multicurrency wallet which rewards its users by crediting their wallets with small portions of cryptocurrencies.

Read more about QoinPro and how to use it to your advantage

Register at QoinPro

Based on the QoinPro earnings only, we have created a  portfolio on Cryptocompare. Here’s what it currently looks like: Continue reading “Some charts (based on QoinPro free daily coins)”


Feathercoin… a new beginning?

As we remember, we get free Feathercoin (FTC) daily by simply being registered at Qoinpro multicurrency wallet.

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Although, unlike Fedoracoin, which we discussed in one of our previous posts, Qoinpro charges a transaction fee and a minimum withdrawal fee to transfer Feathercoin to an external wallet (or an exchange), the minimum withdrawal amount is easily achievable (just make sure you register, login once daily and keep collecting).

feathercoin low minimum withdrawal

Feathercoin could roughly be called Bitcoin’s younger cousin. It is an old and established “lightweight” coin, created as an alternative to Litecoin, featuring an interesting NeoScrypt algorithm. It was recently revitalised, the developers released a new wallet, achieved a market cap. of circa $43 mil and now FTC is actively traded on a number of exchanges, including Cryptopia and CoinExchange.

feathercoin market cap feathercoin chart

(source –

Regardless whether you would prefer to exchange your free Feathercoins, or keep them for a while, a healthy balance of an active community, experienced developer, circulating supply and daily trade volume, in combination with a renewed public interest make FTC an interesting crypto to follow in the coming months.


FedoraCoin: a spike or a trend?

FedoraCoin (TIPS) is one of many “lightweight” coins designed to simplify and quicken  transactions between. It is built upon the improved Dogecoin’s while featuring faster transaction times and lower fees.

In the past, the coin underwent a hacker attack resulting in a fork, however currently the issue is fixed and, under a new development team the coin’s market capitalisation has recently crossed the margin of $20 million.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 02.13.29


*FedoraCoin is traded against BTC and Doge on CoinExchange.
*A detailed description of acquiring free  FedoraCoin (TIPS) was featured in our Blog earlier.


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Are you registered on a wallet website that gives out free coins for… just having an account and logging in once a day? No adverts, no solving puzzles..Zero-fee withdrawal for some coins. Don’t forget that the value of tcryptos grow!

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