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Cointiply Mining Game – New Useful Calculators. CommonSense.exe or EpicFail.jpg, – The Choice is Yours!



1. Cointiply Profit Calculator

2. @revised Antminer building calculators

We will not waste time explaining how the calculators work.

They are straight-forward.

Intellectual rights belong to the creators. 

If you do not consider them straight forward, you definitely should consider viewing the Mining Game as a game; not as a shady, risky and dodgy “savings‘ scheme, ran by a faucet, not regulated by anyone or any thing, alas as of yet, paying out as promised. As of yet. 

As of yet. This means “for now”. 

Every user should take a breath and think: with the current investment, will I be able to feed the system with gems, yet managing to withdraw something? 

So far, the answer is “yes”. 

Gems have increased in value, – a rough Marketplace GpC rate is 10:1, whereas once upon a time it was close to 30. Gem mechanics aside, the pattern is: without Gems, the Mine is useless. The more expensive the Gems are, the less profit a user makes. 

However, even if the user is maintaining the Mining operations through Marketplace purchases, a large portion of “profits” remain such, unless they are reinvested (=haven’t received a single Mining Game-only payout? Keep reinvesting? Congratz, you are a Mining Game slave with 0% ROI).

Look at yourself in the mirror.

A very rough example: a Mine which generates $1 a day requires about 60k Gems for rebuilds. 60k Gems = $0.60 with GpC at 10.

Oh, yeah, – another $0.27 goes for Efficiency…

Profits” = $0.20 a day (incl. Bonus).

In practice, with occasional check-ins, roulette rolls, referrals, – the numbers are a bit higher.

What will happen when (NOT “IF”. “WHEN”.) Cointiply brings GpC below 8:1?..


Gem Mode ftw. Situational awareness ftw. Calculations ftw.

And, most important, – why not let the Game run for 118 days? Stock up on Gems, rebuild at given time intervals, get Gems cheap, HODL Gems when needed… and hope Cointiply‘s intentions are pure.

Downside: the “bonus” from Secondary Pool… will be discussed later.

Read DMYF’s occasional guides on “Work Less, Earn More“. Have similar tips? Share. Notice a good Offer? Share! 

DMYF are not angels.

We are banned from Mining Game chat for trolling and saying the truth (epic screenshots of the convo – future dessert!)

We “experiment”, – we are banned from Smores.tv. 

But we review the game and evaluate its honesty.

We are not known as committee givers of fucks.

We include referral links because, hey, if a user registers, – why not milk some more out of Cointiply? We publish guides, tips, reviews with maximum honesty. Unlike some fucktards out there (Mr. GuideDotCom), we will never lie to attract referrals when we see something is going down the drain.

Want to symbolically thank us? Want to make Cointiply open the purse for your fellow player, with no harm for your earnings? We would appreciate that. In return, we offer the “Earn More” opportunities, analytics, pre-warnings…


So far, Mining Gane profits can be made. Alas, be wise.

P. S. We have a series of articles on how to make $30 on Cointiply in one day. We are keeping those to ourselves. Some methods are 100% legit, yet elaborate and required work and risk on your side. We would ask for 100% consent. Worked for us like a charm, but…

We can share the info with our referrals for free. 
We can also share the info with general public, at a symbolic cost (we risk the methods getting leaked, – a $30-$40 anonymous, untraceable, free in BTC and DOGE in a day… too sweet.

We risk not even getting a “thank you“… just lies “ohh, didn’t work…

But that’s future.

For now…

Want some more truth?


Thought we have hundreds? Ha.

We have 5-10 active referrals this week, grossing 100 Coins… On a good day.

You can make money on your own.


    Just stay with us. We are on your side.Kind regards,

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Encouraging News, Or?..: SwiftDemand Account Verification ID Requirements Abolished… And Account Verification Made Compulsory.

Notice We have simplified our verification process to no longer require government ID verification. Selfie verification will replace government ID verification as we believe this will make the sign up process much easier. Verification times have also been improved significantly (median verification time: 5 minutes maximum verification time: 24 hours)

A skirmish in the battle for Privacy has been won. Or was it? Government IDs are no longer needed for SwiftDemand account verification, the activation process has been reduced to 5 minutes from 24 (!) hours.

Q: What was the connection between 23:55 hours and the now-obsolete requirement for a scan of a government-issued ID?

(surprise) A catch is excluded from the e-mail  headline (surprise-2): up until recently a user could still claim Swifts, saving up for better days. The new rules are: verification  is one step shorter… but compulsory.


Photo or GTFO No Selfie Verification = No Swifts!

With this update we have also added the requirement that you must be fully verified to claim your Swifts. If you have not already, please make sure you have fully verified your identity by uploading a selfie.

General Knowledge – SwiftDemand

SwiftDemand and the first Token Sale: Review.
SwiftDemand Whitepaper (up-to-date draft) – GitHub link
SwiftDemand Whitepaper (up-to-date draft) – Download Link

When grass was green and our hopes were high.. When DMYF first “met” SwiftDemand (circa March 2018), no proof of ID or photograph was required for each user to receive guaranteed 100 daily Swifts 100% free to spend them on various goods and services in SwiftDemand’s shop.

After new “verification” demands appeared, SwiftDemand, in fact, aimed to have in its possession (besides usual “gentleman’s kit” of IP/browser settings/OS/MAC) a comprehensive database of users’ names, shopping interests, phone numbers, home and email addresses, government-issued IDs… and a fucking “here’s what I look now” recent photo. Next, would it be credit card numbers, birth certificates, fingerprints?.. What in the actual fuck.

Needless to say, although we harboured hope for change, SwiftDemand was all-but-dead to our cause. We stopped following its progress, lost interest in browsing the store, froze work on the drafts dedicated to promoting the platform (which we had respect for) and although merely a single visit per week was sufficient to prevent an expiry of accumulated Swifts (the system sends kind reminders), even that felt so-last-year, as we were not planning to comply with the Stalinist verification requirements.


Weekly reminders to login and claim 700 Swifts (anything above that number gets “burnt”) looked so cute, kind and charitable in the past. Just one click (if a user chose to stay logged in), an online shop almost insisting you receive goods and services for free… and a one-click faucet with no captcha!

700 Swifts were enough to make two-three purchases of real value. For 10000-20000 bargains such as PCs, hardware, or even jewellery often appeared.

SEAC WATCHES buy for free by collecting Swifts daily on SwiftDemand
*Currently on sale

The only faucet which exhibited any interest in maintaining users’ accounts and loyalty was FreeBitcoin which once sent a “we missed you, here’s 3000 Satoshi…” email.

Q: Why does this kindness begin resembling a mousetrap, or something as sleazy as Big Brother’s love for you? (“slavery is freedom…”)

Q: Why does the system want to know the faces of all those who purchased goods such as…


Q: SwiftDemand, 90% of the services purchased were never delivered and Swifts were never reimbursed. The shop was full of rubbish. Sellers had little to no initiative to sell, except for promotion of their businesses, or plain barter. When ridiculous listings was the first thing a visitor saw was not even funny, unless our theory that the system needed a “break” is correct, the verification demands which exceeded those asked by cryptocurrency exchanges made no sense.

Read: Top-3 “wtf” SwiftDemand Listings

Q: SwiftDemand, are your servers secure enough to prevent leaks of users’ data?

Q: SwiftDemand, should one of your users ever become famous, run for public offices, or, or, or, are there any guarantees that what happens in SwiftDemand stays in SwiftDemand?

DMYF did urge SD to come to its senses.  Not expecting any fucks to be given, ofc, yet…

Read: SwiftDemand – WTF is Going On, – Exempts From a Letter

We are not sure whether @SwiftDemand_JPN is actually affiliated with SwiftDemand,


swiftdemand japan account likes DMYF article about less government involvement
admittedly, we were pleased that our protest was not a total waste of time.

Morale of the story: our efforts probably rippled like a drop of rain amidst roaring battle of Guadalcanal, (a metaphor so idiotic, we will keep it), yet a small step towards liberalisation is undeniable. A selfie is still a must for account verification, so the “Battle for Privacy” reached a stalemate. At times, it seems as if making a big deal out of submitting a selfie is silly.

Food for thought: Is SwiftDemand as noble an organisation as its intentions, stated in the platform’s mission statement? Is the system merely trying to enforce the one user=one account policy to prevent devaluation of the currency (=10% logical and would explain the gradual liberalisation), or is it yet another “fairytale gone bad” blockchain project? Why news which technically represent a step forward feel like a step forward followed by a step back?

Finally, why do the best die young the projects which demonstrate real potential to facilitate global progress either turn into monsters, simply vanish, or fail to make ends meet, while scams prosper feeding on the weaknesses in human nature? If cryptouniverse is Wild West (or rather some Firefly-like space), when will a Clint Eastwood appear to sort shit out?

Reality check: cryptocurrency transactions never guaranteed anonymity. Quite the opposite; the hypothetical Big Brother would not have thought of a better system monitoring financial transactions. There is nothing wrong in that per se.

DMYF is not a rage against the machine project. We do not own a Guy Fawks mask. Promotion of cyberparanoia is not our intention. Staying anonymous online is a utopian concept, but a precautionary desire to ensure a degree of anonymity does not imply that one wants or has anything criminal to hide.

Same principle applies to privacy. Some do not mind taking a shower with no curtains, others do. Some do not mind working at a desk with their manager staring at the screen from behind their back, others hate it. Some may consider purchasing a “WiFi Hacking Handbook” harmless curiosity, others (especially if “others'” budgets are overinflated and disproportional to the amount of real work) may interpret the download as interest in criminal activity (ever downloaded TOR using a “naked” personal device, home network and something like Google Chrome signed in to Google Account, just to check out what TOR is, or, say, access locally forbidden website before going on a business trip? Congratulations, your personal details have been added to some imaginary database of some imaginary organisation no one’s ever heard of).

Anonymity and privacy act as shields against identity theft and other forms of serious cybercrime. Identity theft can cause financial problems and ruin lives.  Anyone who’s ever had their bank card cloned, or full card+personal details stolen knows how unpleasant it is.

A passport copy is sufficient for professional criminals to take out credit cards under others’ names, open bank accounts under others’ names and even create copies of IDs (i. e. using stolen templates). Being a victim of a “carder” is unpleasant enough. Full-scale identity theft is disastrous.

DMYF does all sorts of weird stuff. Like trying to expose scammers and warn readers that their investments are at risk. A degree of cautious mistrust is part of the game.

Security of readers’ personal data is more valuable than few hundred DOGE lost to some “cloudmining” ponzi scheme.

Hopefully SwiftDemand are the good guys, but cryptomarket is cryptomarket. Very often, things are not what they seem. When browser infections with mining scripts were rampant, amongst various browser extensions, the one responsible for hijacking a browser was that specific app, “Everybody lies”, as says Dr. House.

When Mike Horowitz gives practically identical speeches about the “financial revolution” and is quoted, its normal. An ex-Wall St. investor, millions made on early purchase into a project. When George Soros and others trash Bitcoin, calling cryptocurrency market a bubble, finally destroying lives of those who invested too much and too late, expecting   quick ROIs sufficient for something like a nice short-term profit and an early-2018 holiday… and then creating a cryptocurrency-focused investment fund when the price seemed comfortable enough…. It’s also normal. Because George Soros is George Soros.

Now, who and what is SeiftDemand?..

Time shall tell.

P. S. 

Safety tip: if you keep a copy of your government IDs/utility bills/bank statements on your computers, at least make sure your hard disk is encrypted. Password-protected folders are not enough. Try to avoid keeping copies of documents in your online email inboxes; specifically if 2FA is not enabled. Frequent flyer-business traveller-freelance worker? Beware of public WiFi networks, consider installing a VPN, or anything that encrypts your traffic before a wireless connection is made. Check your Bluetooth settings. Update the software of your router. Better safe than sorry.

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Life without Dogecoin: From BTC-Alpha to EXMO via TRON…


BTC-Alpha  is not some parody on MasterCard‘s logo; it is a boutique-ish cryptocurrency exchange, specialising in assets which other exchanges frown upon overlook.

BTC-Alpha gained popularity during the U.Cash craze, as it was one of the few exchanges which has accepted the listing of the asset.

Read our U.CASH article, describing the drama surrounding the story:

PREVIOUSLY ON…: While stocks last… 100% free, ready to trade: Universal Cash (U.CASH) tokens.

Since we got fucking tired posting random shit about Cointiply’s Mining Game were in need of funds for another project, always had doubts about BTC-Alpha‘s longevity and wanted to test the Doge-free life, we recalled that we had some currency left from the successful sale of U.Cash to USD on BTC-Alpha. Question was – how do we circumvent the fees?


Problem: BTC-Alpha does not list Dogecoin. Why is that tragic? Read our Basic Knowledge: Dogecoin article for further details.

READ MORE: General Knowledge: DOGECOIN

Well, when there’s a will, there is a way…

Browsing through BTC-Alpha‘s listings, we stumbled upon TRON. Perhaps, if we’d spend more time researching, the search would yield a more economically viable transfer method (any ideas, dear readers?), but, hey, we were not speaking hundreds, thousands, or millions, so purchasing some TRX on BTC-Alpha to transfer it to EXMO (which, thank Ho Lee Fuk, supports Doge) seemed good enough.
crypto to fiat

Suffering a trade commission, a withdrawal commission of 5 TRX ($0.13), we successfully deposited the remaining TRX to a newly-created EXMO TRX wallet.

Source: Coinmarketcap

The transaction took about an hour (timezone-related figures aside), which is not bad at all.

TRON transactionPros:

BTC-Alpha is a shady operation. It still works with CCRB. Nuff said. Withdrawing funds was a relief.

READ MORE: CCRB Giveaway Scam: “Refer and Get Zero”.

1. EXMO is a legit operation. 0% deposit fees – great.
2. Although we missed the U.Cash pump-and-dump, we still salvaged something.
3. (for those unfamiliar with TRON) An encouragement to learn more about a new currency.
4. Proof that the world will survive without Doge. 


1. No Doge? Really?
2. 5 TRX is a steep fee.
3. Unless the plans are HODLing, the next question is converting the TRX to a wider-used currency. Since EXMO offers only the following TRX pairs:..

exmo trx
…a user is bound to pay trading fees upon trading fees. Plus withdrawal fees.

Madness… Madness? This is Crypto!

Lessons to be learned: 

– Every exchange has its own system of fees. Some charge deposit (!) fees. Others charge high withdrawal fees (“for the miners” – bullshit – for their pockets). Earned some DASH or Litecoin on MoonDash or MoonLitecoin? Feel like going to conquer Binance? Hold your horses. At best, you will sell some currency and be left with “dust” (amounts insufficient for making a trade or withdrawal). We can only imagine the number of inactive accounts full of dust. As keep believers in the goodness of human nature, we assume Binance will want to refund every user…

Dogecoin solved a lot of problems; converted to Doge, fees were ridiculously low (1 Doge per transaction). Doge was (and still is) so cheap, even dust can be traded for Doge. Oh well, in BTC-Alpha’s eyes, the system was too socialist.


* In the cryptocurrency market, one should always have an exit strategy at all times. Ideally, a number of exit strategies.
* The route “from a balance on a wallet of an exchange to cash in hand” should be pre-planned, tested out and regularly stress-tested.
* Avoid the gathering of “dust“.
* Worth with exchanges you trust. Know which exchanges to trust. Strike that. Do not trust anyone. Binance was still trading a currency while the currency’s creators were already in handcuffs, arrested for fraud.
* Create and maintain an “investment” portfolio! We previously recommended CryptoCompare; although it is a wonderful resource, it is not without its flaws. One can create a much simpler-looking portfolio with all necessary functions on resources such as ChasingCoins.
* Coinpot, a faucet aggregator for the seven Moon Faucets offers an internal converter between the seven currencies it represents, as well as a fee-free withdrawal (above a certain number). Although it is not a proper wallet and the fairness of the exchange rates is questionable, the 0% withdrawal fees is cryptocommunism.

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Cointiply Mining Game Review & An (honest) Conceptual Guide: A Prequel.


A Prequel to a Prequel:

Key points: Cointiply’s Mining Game is advertised as a way of earning “passive income”. The figures mentioned are up to 14k Satoshi a day. There’s a catch: the game requires investment; want to succeed? Invest back into Cointiply, not into your Bitcoin wallet. Many won’t have the patience/time/funds.

On a good note, Cointiply “revolutionised” a single faucet system by adding a chat, – making fauceting social. Which can be addictive. Or it can help you learn from others.

The game encourages users to fully explore the faucet’s earning potential; that will cost the users time. A lot of time. And will generate Cointiply a hefty income. If imbalanced, the Mining Game can be a trick to discourage users’ earnings transfers.

If balanced… If…

Introduction: Know Your Enemy Faucet


FreeBitco.in has been around since 2013. FreeDoge is FBC’s sister site. Coinpot.co runs for four years. While Cointiply‘s reliability and trustworthiness have yet to prove themselves. Cointiply and Don’t Miss Your Flight are roughly… The same age.

Maybe because of that, we like Cointiply. We like the design, we like the fact that, compared to other faucets, a visit to the dark-themed webpage feels refreshing. There are features of Cointiply which are convenient. There are tricks which we learned to love. The roulette does often roll high.

We admit that, while Moon Faucets require a lot of calculation, research, risk and some imagination to attain a significant income, Cointiply requires little to no brainwork to provide a decent-enough profit to its user (for a faucet).

NOTE: What do you consider “good faucet income” (all faucets you use in total)? We would recommend setting a 10000 Satoshi a day minimum (with 0 referrals) mark. If you are earning less than that… Subscribe to DMYF, read previous articles and trust us, – “less” means “more”. 

A savvy Coinpot user can earn ten times the amount a Cointiply user can, but don’t forget, – Cointiply is one faucet and has a competitive advantage, – a user de-facto earns fiat, rather than cryptocurrency, – HODL your earnings withdrawal, avoid withdrawing through Faucethub, until BTC or DOGE is X USD; when BTC price doubles.. On the flipside, – all is well when BTC and DOGE are cheap (yes, even DOGE’s fiat price can rise with the market); should their fiat price rise before you make a withdrawal and remain steadily high, you will regret neglecting BitFun, MoonBit.co.in and BonusBitcoin in favour of Cointiply. But, hey, it’s all in the game

Cointiply does make an impression of trying to “innovate”. The “trying” part is good enough for us; we do not blame Cointiply for making mistakes (we are talking business strategy, not high-school grammar), or directing efforts somewhere diametrically opposite to “right”, “economically viable”, or overseeing the obvious ways of introducing features which would profit both the user and the company (equitable exchange). We even forgive Cointiply for strange decision-making; we genuinely hope the faucet’s intentions are good and just a little misunderstood it will not go bust.

We blame most of Cointiply team’s errors on inexperience, however we cannot possibly agree with a number of indisputable facts:

We disprove of its association with Faucethub because it does little but harm the user. 

We regret the fact that Cointiply agrees to advertise obvious scams, indirectly associating itself with companies that rob consumers. 

We find some decisions unworthy of a quality service-provider. 

Most of all, we cannot possibly endorse “white lies” which border with misinformation in faucet-user interaction. A user should have a clear idea of how much he will earn by dedicating his time to a faucet. The “earnings” are minuscule as they are. Faucet users deserve rewards. Faucet users do not deserve losses. 

Cointiply’s Mining Game: A Conceptual Prequel to a Review

cointiply mining game review strategy how to earn best strategy
If our readers would see our to-do list, they would realise that reviewing Cointiply’s “Mining Game” is, um, a task for future generations. However, “due to popular demand”, we will borrow time from some time bank or something.

This is a prequel, so do not expect great detail. Keep in mind, though, that, sometimes, first pages of a book can indicate whether a book is worth reading at all.

Cointiply introduced its Mining Game a while back. Let’s be politically correct (for now) and define the game as “a fun feature”.

Excuse our cynical approach, but we will describe the premise/synopsis of the “game” part as bla-bla-bla, planet bla-bla-bla, save the human race, go go go”. And we will outline the “gameplay” part as check in, spend coins, make sure to check in, complete task, chat, spend coins, read about new features”.

On a more serious note, let us not forget that the “new fun feature” is a game. In any game, you can win and you can lose.

The 90% rule dictates that 90% of those playing Cointiply’s mining game will lose. Some will make some purchases, then drop it. Some may not figure out the how-to. Some might get addicted. Some might have IRL happening and lose progress.

The game is not free-to-play, unlike other Cointiply games. Actions cost coins. Yep, those coins you earned rolling the roulette, completing tasks, watching videos, etc.

In very basic terms: every user has access to a “mine”, which can be improved/upgraded by purchasing buildings, upgrading buildings, etc. Since the “mine” needs “maintenance”, its “efficiency” falls as time passes. At 0% efficiency, no matter how many coins you spent on improvements (with an exception or two), your mine will produce a subtotal passive income of “fuck all’. You can have 2000 MP, but the mine will produce nothing, should the efficiency multiplier remain at 0.

cointiply mining game strategy guide how to earn
0% efficiency = no income.

At 200% efficiency, it will generate some coins. Good luck maintaining those 200%. Unless you (surprise!) spend whatever to buy whatever…

“Efficiency” can be boosted for free (completing normal Cointiply tasks… Offer Walls to the rescue!). Alas, the free ways of boosting efficiency are slowly being replaced by not-so-free-ways of boosting efficiency.

Get the point?

With an added chatroom, the mining game IS fun. Please note that, all of a sudden, instead of withdrawing your earnings, a user might end up buying that extra upgrade for that extra building (set of pixels)… And there go the “earnings” from the past day of roulette rolls.

Q” Wait… You said “guide”? 
A: A “Conceptual” Guide. 

Before even clicking the “mining game” button, ask yourself, – are you visiting Cointiply to earn cryptocurrency, or to earn cryptocurrency to spend it within Cointiply?

Should you wish to try your luck at the Mining Game, try to do some maths and, perhaps, search for a “winning strategy”. Consider the fact that the game requires regular check-ins. Can you guarantee that you will be able to log in to the faucet every so-often? The Mining Game is time-consuming. How much is your time worth?

Remember: Cointiply is “beta”. Rules can change. Investments can become obsolete. You might have to learn a whole lot of new information. 

Should you have opened the game already… Create a spreadsheet with two columns: Coins spent on Mining Game and Coins Gained from Mining Game. Just input the figures and make your own decisions. 

Ignore the FAQ section and the Instructions section on the “Mining Game” page. Those have either been written by, say, those lacking in the skill of written communication, or intentionally made so incomprehensible…If you have to, ask questions in the chat room.

Besides, remember: there’s Google. And DMYF. 🙂

Q: Why the negative tone?!
A: Absolutely nothing personal. Should the “Mining Game” be (or become) a mutually beneficial feature for both the user and the faucet, the tone would be positive. Thus far, we hold to our stance described earlier: 

Faucets are not interested in you withdrawing funds from their system.

Can you blame them? When they hold your currencies (imagine the total amounts?), they can invest the funds, safely accumulate interest, profit from playing on exchange rates, etc. Same as banks. Or insurance companies. Welcome to the real world.

While all you can do is stare at the balance on a webpage. 

You could be accumulating interest (Freebitco.in offers a 4.08% annual interest paid daily on a minimum investment of 30000 satoshi), investing cryptocurrencies (danger, danger, danger!) and, i. e. purchasing altcoins, hoping for the next “To The Moon”. Or just safeguarding them in a proper wallet.

This is merely a prequel to a Guide. Who knows, perhaps our first impressions were wrong? We are professional enough to apologise when we provide erroneous information to our readers. 

Q: Are there any “pros”?!
A: Of course! Do not get us wrong! The Mining Game is a fun way to pass your time! Especially, if you strike gold and like reading a ton of information! And a great way for Cointiply to make sure their users are completing tasks, watching videos and maybe even clicking on ads!

In addition, you interact with other Cointiply users, learn from each other, have fun. Cointiply have added a social aspect to fauceting. Bravo! 

As well as that, the game encourages you to use other profitable ways of earning coins on Cointiply, – Offer Walls (note: Offer Walls yield the greatest rewards, yet, unless you know what you are doing, – the knowhow of OfferWalls, you are selling your personal information and privacy… wasn’t this whole thing about kinda… privacy?), etc. Which you might have previously neglected, or forgot about. As an example…


Did you know that you can watch videos for coins on Cointiply? You probably did. If not…

1. Navigate to “Videos” in the main menu.

cointiply mining game how good earnings

2. Click on “Ascend Media”

earn more coins cointiply earn most coins
“Only some countries”? You know what to do, right?

3. Whoa! Unlimited Cointiply Coins!

4. Pick your “channel”… or?..

Smores.tv pays 51 coins per 3 ads watched… Not worth it? Well, how do we earn even more coins?

Cointiply Video Trick

Videos can be watched in background. That is, you can do whatever it is you are doing and still earn coins. Just make sure the video is playing in a separate browser window, not a separate browser tab.
You can “watch” up to 4 videos simultaneously…  In four different browser windows. The system can check whether you are actually watching, but quite rarely. To stay on the safe side, you can stick to three windows… But four are tried and tested.

how much can you earn cointiply
– Checking on videos (alt-tabbing through the windows) every so often helps..
– Going afk? Start “watching”. Before the system pauses all videos, your balance will grow…

…and you are a couple steps closer to the payout. Or to spending coins on purchasing an upgrade for a building in a Mining Game, which is rendered useless if your “efficiency” is below par?..

IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE YOU ARE USING A SAFE, SECURE BROWSER WITH “ANTI-MINING” OPTION ON IN THE BROWSER’S SETTINGS. Your device overheating? Fan working loudly? System running slower? Yes, catching a “mining bot” virus is a thing. And faucets using your PC as a mining tool is also, unfortunately, a thing. Ergo, stay with the tried and tested.

A faucet software guide will be published soon.

For now, “to minegame or not to minegame” is a question you will have to answer yourself.

…to be continued.

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DMYF Twitter: A Phantom Surprise (in other words, “fcuk yeah!)

If you have had the chance to read our previous essay (we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t); Generation Snapchat’s attention span is notoriously limited), you can imagine how long it takes to write a single article of similar length (we have about 20 in our pipeline).

READ: A Bad Omen: MyDoge.co.in’s Admin Email Bounces; When “WTF” is Not Enough: A Faucet Asking for Donations. “Of Faucets and Morals” – Editor’s Essay.

Time is scarce; thus concentrating on writing, we are forced to neglect many important aspects of running a website. Fortunately, at some point in time we integrated posting new content with Twitter (@_nextstopmars_).

Unfortunately, since we are outnumbered, but never outgunned understaffed and our Twitter page, ehm, has room for improvement, alas…

At times, on a rainy day, life tips you with a pleasant surprise.

Guess who retweeted yesterday’s article?

dogecoin doge official dogecoin twitter doge twitter
…and prior to that, another one…


READ: DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1)

…and one moar!

READ: Q&A: How to Convert Coinpot Tokens to Dogecoin

Dogecoin, fcuk yeah!




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DogeMoon” Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment – Review (part 1)

29.01.2019 update: this is an archived article. Learn from our mistakes! Do not take our warnings lightly!

DogeMoon dogecoin invest review
Since we just do not learn from our mistakes and despite our own recommendations regarding never ever ever “investing” ANYTHING into “mining” websites, 99.9% of which are Ponzi schemes (you will get lucky if you jump on the train early on and you will lose all your moneys if you are late to the ball), we have come across a recommendation on (!) FaucetHub (!) forum (!!!) which we followed (!!!) and “invested” our entire DogeCoin savings we earned from MoonDoge Faucet into testing another “Cloud Mining” company.

invest dogecoin
Goodbye, hard-earned Doge…

We previously reviewed Tesla Mining, which boasted promising free hashpower, so we did not have to actually spend any crypto then. Now, we decided to go all in. Why?


DMYF is a non-profit portal. What little we earn from referring users to Faucets (and spending hours writing guides, articles, news, etc.) we use for:

– Testing Exchanges
– Testing Faucets
– Testing Wallets (e. g. how fast Coinpot releases funds)
– Exposing scammers, – making sure a criminal does not run away with thousands of your dollars.
– Improving our Website (this is where we need your kind help, – read more)
Giving it away to you, our readers.

As you can see we are willing to spend our own crypto to test a service or expose a scam. For the sake of your safety.

We believe in our cause.

Back to DogeMoon.

So, it took about a DAY for our deposit to reach DogeMoon‘s autogenerated deposit address. We were starting to get nervous, but eventually…

multiply your doge
A deposit of 252.18 Doge has reached the Cloud Mining service. DogeMoon offers 4.5% a day from amount of your deposit.

So, not so long ago we checked our balance to find out that…

dogemoon legit or scam.png
…we have reached the minimum withdrawal.

Now, we are faced with a dilemma: DogeMoon offers its users to “reinvest” the Doge they “earned” instead of withdrawing them. Tempting?

moondoge withdrawal.png
Not really. We want to make sure that DogeMoon pays out what it promises to pay out.

However, being careful and cautious, we go to the FAQ section to find out that…
moondoge minimum withdrawal amount.png
In addition to the minimum withdrawal amount, there is a 4 Dogecoin transaction fee.

Red Alert! Warning bell! 


Because Dogecoin notoriously charges very little for wallet to wallet transactions. 4 Doge commission on 50 Doge is nothing but robbery. 

Coinpot.co charges nothing for Dogecoin withdrawal (50 Dogecoin minimum).

CoinExchange, a cryptocurrency exchange charges 2 Doge for withdrawal.

LiveCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange charges 2 Doge for Withdrawal.

Why is this important?

Because it is a sign that MoonDoge is a Ponzi scheme and not a legitimate operation. DogeMoon’s primary source of income should be mining, not transaction fees. 

Contemplating on that, we remember another issue: it is well-known that Coinpot.co addresses often do not work for deposits. We have contacted Support about this issue (waiting for a reply). Since we do not want our Doge lost in transition, we want to change our withdrawal address. As expected, there is no such function anywhere on DogeMoon.

Our only option is to contact Support. At the very end of the FAQ page, we find the following:


Only very important questions, otherwise we will not answer. admin@dogemoon.cc”

Oh, wow. ORLY??? Do not even bother to contact the administration with a general knowledge question. Make sure your question is important. The administration is very busy trying to multiply your Doge.

Dear Readers, please note that it takes no more than a few hours to construct a website like DogeMoon for a small team of experienced web designers. Maintaining the website is not building the Great Wall of China either. 

Now, why is it so difficult to reach the owners of Ponzi Scheme Cryptocurrency Mining websites?..

We have sent an intro e-mail prior to depositing the Doge. Naturally, we received no response. Now we have sent an email asking whether it is possible to change the Dogecoin withdrawal address. We will be surprised if we will receive a reply, however hope dies last…

Staus quo: 50 Doge lies on DogeMoon hanging. 

We are not sure we will receive the profits to our Coinpot Doge address, -previously we received an “invalid address” error when trying to transfer Dogecoin from CoinExchange cryptocurrency exchange to coinpot.co, so instead we transferred the Doge to LiveCoin cryptocurrency exchange wallet, as we thought the issue had to do with CoinExchange…. The transfers to coinpot.co wallet were intended to benefit from low exchange rates (but that is a story that deserves another article). Both LiveCoin and CoinExchange are reputable companies, unlike DogeMoon which is, pardon our French, dodgy as fuck.

Since we do not expect a reply for hours and, besides, we do not even know whether our query is important enough for the DogeMoon administration, we are choosing the worst possible option.

Since we believe that money should always be working to make more money, we decide to “reinvest” our “profits. 

invest doge multiply doge doge mining doge profit mining passive doge mining cloud doge mining
…only to find out that…

invest doge low minimum payout

The minimum reinvest amount is 100 Doge.

Was it mentioned anywhere in the FAQ section?

Hell no.

Red Alert. Mayday, Mayday! Warning Bell!

What’s the panic? Well… CloudMining Websites are short-lived.

DogeMoon Dogecoin Cloud Mining Investment Vehicle: Preliminary Summary and Part 1. Conclusion:

how old is dogemoon how old dogecoin cloud mining
As sceptical we are regarding DogeMoon’s legitimacy, we do not doubt that the Dogecoin payout figure is correct. However, what one must focus his or her attention on is how many days DogeMoon has been running for. Hopefully, “why is it important” is a hypothetical question. Subjectively, we feel that our investment is in serious risk.

Circa 20% of our initial investment is ready for withdrawal on day 5.

If you have 100 Dogecoin, you can trust in goodwill of DogeMoon’s owners and “invest” the funds in their Cloud Mining operation. There is no evidence that DogeMoon actually uses the funds acquired from investments towards expanding their mining business.

All you need is a Dogecoin address (do not use your Coinpot address as we did!), which acts as a login. You do not need to create an account to start “earning” the advertised 4.5% ROI a day. Minimum withdrawal is 50 DOGE, minimum investment is 100 DOGE, minimum reinvestment is 100 DOGE. Your earnings are calculated in real time. Other users’ investments and payouts are demonstrated in real time.

Note: your deposit lasts 30 days.

Q: Is 4.5% daily ROI a lot? 
A: It is insanely a lot. Freebitcoin offers 4.08% annual return, or 0.0109589% daily return on your Bitcoin savings, – that is realistic. What DogeMoon promises is viable only as long as new users keep registering and sending their Dogecoin to the website’s address. That is, unless the creators of DogeMoon know something about economics, cryptocurrency, investments and mining that we don’t.

Q: What is a Ponzi Scheme? You keep mentioning it in relation to mining websites…
See above. A Ponzi Scheme is a financial pyramid which is sustainable as long as investments in the system grow exponentially. Ergo, the first “investors” will receive their “profits” which are generated by people who “invested” funds at a later stage. There is a timer before it all explodes. Since cryptocurrency market is poorly regulated, the amount of scammers using a century-long trick to fool people out of their money is incredible. We are doing our best to warn and educate users about a simple fact: if something is too good to be true, it is too good to be true.
Practical example: Tesla Mining.
Further reading: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ponzi_scheme

Q: If you are so sceptical about DogeMoon, why did you spend your Dogecoin?
A: To demonstrate the degree of our involvement in testing cryptocurrency services. To show that we are not lying when we state that our mission is to make the crypto world a tiny bit safer. The doge invested in DogeMoon were earned through Moon Faucets. We do not like reviewing mining businesses; alternatively we would have used the Doge to test out LuckyGames, – a cryptocurrency casino!

Q: Are there LEGITIMATE Cloud Mining operations? 
A: So far, Eobot’s Cloud MIning service has not gone out of business and has been around for a long time, as these businesses go. Apart from Cloud Mining, Eobot offers a faucet and some other features. Our review of Eobot is pending. In comparison to DogeMoon, Eobot seems more legitimate.

Aside from that, the only vehicle which we would trust when depositing our funds is Freebitcoin.

Q: Is DogeMoon associated with MoonDogecoin?
A: NO! DogeMoon is exploiting the name of a popular, legitimate faucet which does pay out Dogecoin. Want to add legitimacy to your shit brand? Try to associate with something popular. CCRB’s CEO shakes V. Buterin’s hand on a summit CCRB sponsored? That photo was the reason CCRB sponsored the forum. Vitalik Buterin will NEVER appear anywhere close to a CCRB official. CCRB’s CEO signs a deal? The caption mentions “Canary Wharf offices”. Tesla Mining mentions an address? They have an office! Moreover, it is a London address! Must be legit!.. Disgusting, right?..

…or maybe, sometimes Moon is just a Moon.

Q: If you keep repeating how risky Cloud Mining investments are and review DogeMoon negatively, why do you post referral links to their website?! Isn’t that hypocrisy?!
A: No. First of all, referral links help us track the number of people interested in our articles. Secondly, should a visitor find the article informative, decide to create a DogeMoon account and manage to make a profit, why should we say “no” to some extra income from DogeMoon? The referral income does not come out of a user’s pocket. Finally, this article is merely part 1 of the review. We will publish part 2 in five days time; a lot might change in five days.

P. S. We do not offer investment advice, we do not recommend investing in Cloud Mining operations, we do not offer financial advice. All information mentioned above is a reflection of personal experience and is published for entertainment purposes. When making a financial decision, please contact your financial advisor.

To be continued…
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Review at a Glance: The TRUTH behind Cointiply “Premium Account”

cointiply faucet bitcoin dogecoin premium legit or notSooo, Cointiply have come up with an offer: users are encouraged to purchase a “Premium Account”. Considering the amount of time we invested in writing about (and popularising) Cointiply, we feel that we must mention a word or two about this new feature.

cointiply premium account

First and foremost, a successful faucet must evolve and add new features. Should it stay dormant, users will get bored and disperse. Hence, Coinpot added its notorious Tokens, Freebitcoin keeps adding bits and pieces (such as spending reward points to avoid captcha altogether, – yay!), while DiceMine… …did fuck all and, ehm, went offline (we are investigating exactly what happened, – stay tuned).

However, a Premium Account is hardly the best option as a method of refreshing the faucet experience. Why? Because… Wait. Let us first break down what Cointiply is encouraging its users to purchase.

“What do you get as a premium user?

  • No popup advertisements.

Seriously? A little browser extension or two eliminates popups. For free. You can read our “helpful tips” section. We won’t even ask you to purchase a premium pass for that.

  • No hover / slide in advertisements.

Seriously? We have not seen a hover/slide in advert since 1887. Have you? If so, feel free to navigate to the Tips & Tricks section of our portal.

  • Skip up to 2 days without having your loyalty bonus reset.

We admit to have skipped about a month without having our loyalty bonus reset. Whoops!

  • Early access to new features and may the force be with you.

Dear Cointiply administration. May you sober up prior to asking people for money under the premise of a Star Wars reference.

  • Random daily coin rewards for premium users.

Proof or GTFIO. Something (perhaps, the Force) tells me that the “daily coin rewards” will surmount to 39 coins. Maybe, 58, if the Force is with us.

  • Random boost on completed offer wall earnings.

Again, numbers, please. By the way, what about users who do not do OfferWalls?

  • Premium support.

Champagne and hookers in a five star presidential suite?

  • Many more premium perks coming soon!

Winter is coming.

Now, how much does all this cost?

cointiply premium account

According to current conversion rates, a Cointiply Premoum Account costs $1.70 a month and $17 a year.

DMYF leaves it up to you to calculate how much you “earn” from Cointiply per month. Is it more than $1.70? Is it?..

Besides, be wary of the Autorenew scam.

“Not worth it” does not begin to describe our attitude to the Premium account. Half the features are useless, the other half can be set up for free.

What does Cointiply expect?

Well, it expects to keep the funds in the system and to avoid payouts. A lot of users could afford the Premium when it just came out, – some may have bought it.

Is it a sign that Cointiply is low on funds? We hope not. A faucet’s main source of income is adverts and, considering how many users adblock the adverts, Cointiply is not exactly a multibillion corporation, but still should afford to pay out a few dollars to its loyal users.

We have praised Cointiply for its novel design when it just hit the market. We went as far as almost calling it a Faucet 2.0. And yes, a Faucet can make money in ways which do not include adverts or mining… …but that requires some expertise and ingenuity. A “Premium Account” features nether, so should you be encouraged to purchase it in a forceful manner, please do remind the salespeople that “fuck off” is… -> that way.