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Important: LuckyGames Mirror Address; What Does LuckyGames Offer: A Short Summary

Can’t access That could be due to country restrictions. According to official announcement, it is possible to access the site via an official mirror address.

Official LuckyGames mirror:

lucky games alternative address is luckygames.ccluckgames

*beware of phishing sites. Whenever visiting a site, make sure there is nothing unusual about its address.

*LuckyGames  features games such as dice, roulette, cells and more. DMYF discourages using personal funds towards gambling, and mentions LuckyGames as an alternative to wasting faucet earnings on faucets’ internal multipliers, lotteries, dice, etc. Faucets are source of microearnings, not a destination for gambling away the earnings. Unlike Cointiply‘s Multiplier, Coinpot’s Token games and more, LuckyGames maintains and impeccable reputation and employs a Probably Fair system guaranteeing fairness and absence of possible “tweaking”. Players can use most LuckyGames for free, utilising the Lucky Tokens system which offers unlimited supply of free pseudo-currency which, in fact, can be used to purchase various goods and bonuses. No site registration is needed, however, registered users benefit from a system of Levels. Starting from Level 1, all players gain access to LuckyGames chat, where all active conversationalists are rewarded with random giveaways of real Coins and Tokens, – a chance to build up a portfolio of cryptocurrencies investing nothing but time. 

*Most importantly, LuckyGames features an excellent internal cryptocurrency exchange, supporting over 100 cryptocurrencies. In summary: LuckyGames offers numerous earning opportunities and valuable services which DMYF does promote. DMYF does not offer investment advice, does not attempt to influence readers’ financial decision-making. All information is published for education and entertainment purposes only. In present context, LuckyGames can be used as a source of sample portfolio building and cryptocurrency conversion without the need to play any games of chance. 

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FAQ: “What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount from Coinpot”; Withdrawing, Converting and Exchanging Faucet Earnings Overview


Minimum faucet earnings withdrawals from Coinpot, per currency (zero-fee), per currency are:

Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC (0.39 United States Dollar)
Bitcoin Cash: 0.0001 BCH (0.013 United States Dollar)
Dogecoin: 50 DOGE  (0.0997 United States Dollar)
Litecoin: 0.002 LTC (0.11 United States Dollar)
DASH: 0.0002 DASH (0.0166 United States Dollar)

*USD prices relevant as of 09.03.2019

Coinpot Token cannot be withdrawn. Tokens have to be converted to any of the five currencies; otherwise, it holds no value outside Coinpot. 100 Coinpot Tokens roughly equate to 0.01 United States Dollar. 

Contrary to popular belief, the cheapest withdrawal method of Coinpot-partnered faucets is normally Bitcoin Cash (sometimes – DASH); not Dogecoin. Doge remains a popular choice due to the Coin‘s liquidity, minimal trade and transfer fees, stable fiat value and instant transaction times. It must be said, however, that Dogecoin withdrawals from Coinpot take a very long time, as “industry standards” go. The delay is due to Coinpot‘s procedures and the funds never take 48 Hours to arrive (as stated in the Terms). Coinpot Dogecoin Wallet-to-any Dogecoin Wallet transfers normally take 14-24 hours on average.

Tip: Delay in withdrawing Doge (or other currencies) negates the possibility to execute price speculation operations on external exchanges. However, if a hypothetical Dogecoin millionaire feels that the Coin should be sold (or bought, for that matter) right now and the opportunity might be lost due to hours-long transfer… Coinpot Tokens’ stable fiat value and zero-fee instant Doge-Token conversion might save the day. Of course, keeping large amounts of any currency in Coinpot is lunacy. So is using an asset unique to Coinpot for high-value speculative operations.

DMYF recommends storing currencies in real wallets, DMYF does not encourage speculation (or any other form of financial decision-making). Monitoring currency exchange rates and earning a few Tokens or Coins on successful exchanges using funds earned from faucets is merely an educational exercise for an aspiring cryptocurrency day trader. Remember: using micro-earnings to acquire transferrable skills and knowledge is the only real value one must expect to gain from spending time solving captcha.  

Anecdotally, a test DASH transfer to Binance from Coinpot was, to our surprise, instant.

Remember: in a volatile market, currency transaction delays might result in significant losses.

Q: Considering the fact that the minimum Coinpot withdrawal amounts are measured in cents, where can they be sold or exchanged?..

A: If a user intends to sell/purchase currencies, when speaking of selling tiny fractions of coins, exchanges such as Binance should be avoided. Minimum trade amounts, commissions and withdraw fees might leave a seller with dust, – small amounts of coins/tokens left over after a transaction, – that is, if a minimum amount of a currency withdrawn from Coinpot will meet the minimum trade amounts at all. For more information, always refer to the Fees and Limits page of an exchange (e. g. Binance Fee Structure).

A simpler way to sell/exchange faucet earnings is using a converter, such as that offered by LuckyGames, – the site’s internal currency converter allows instant conversion and access to 100+ currencies. Most importantly, any featured currency can be used to purchase another featured currency, while traditionally, even altcoin-focused exchanges (e. g. CoinExchange) offer limited purchasing options (=trading pairs). LuckyGames conveniently offers conversions between any of the 100+ supported currencies at market rates, zero deposit fees and minimal withdrawal fees. Transactions are instant and rates are updated every minute.

exchange btc to doge

In practice, that means that a Coinpot user can withdraw his earnings in Dogecoin and convert them to any popular currency in LuckyGames, since minimum conversion amount for Dogecoin is only 100 Doge. Going through an exchange would imply converting Dogecoin to USD/BTC/ETH/LTC (at best), purchasing a currency (IF being able to meet the minimum transaction amount!)… and then face withdraw fees.

At the moment, LuckyGames supports the following currencies: 0x Protocol, aelf, Aeternity, Ardor, Ark, Augur, Bancor, Basic Attention Token (BAT), Bean Cash, Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Bitcoin ABC (BCH), Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin SV, Bitcore, BitShares, BitTorrent, Blackcoin, BURST, Bytecoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Civic, CLAMs, CloakCoin, Crown, DASH, Decentraland, Decred, DigiByte, Dogecoin, Einsteinium, Electroneum, Emercoin, EOS, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Feathercoin, FunFair, Gamecredits, GAS, Gifto, Golem, Groestlcoin, Gulden, Holo, Horizen, HyperCash, ICON, Ignis, ION, Komodo, Lisk, Litecoin, Loopring, Monaco, MonaCoie, Monero, Namecoin, Nano, NAVcoin, Neblio, NEM, NEO, Nexus, Novacoin, NXT, OmiseGO, Ontology, Particle, Peercoin, PIVX, Populous, Potcoin, Pundi X, Qtum, Ravencoin, Reddcoin, Ripple, SALT, Siacoin, Status, STEEM, Steem Dollars, Stellar Lumens, STRATIS, SysCoin, Tether, Tron, TrueUSD, Ubiq, VeChain, Verge, Vericoin, Vertcoin, Viacoin, WAVES, WhiteCoin, Zcash, Zcoin and Zilliqa.

Q: Is it possible to quickly sell Coinpot earnings for fiat (USD, EUR…)?

A: It is becoming easier to sell popular Coins using a variety of methods. BCH, DASH, BTC, Dogecoin and DASH can be sold for fiat (PayPal, Payeer, Skrill, Neteller and many more paying systems). For best rates, it is recommended to have a look at an exchange monitor, which compares best rates available at the moment live. Rates and minimums vary; however, at time of posting, an exemplary sale of Dogecoin for USD (Perfect Money) would be possible even with a minimum of 100 Dogecoin.

sell doge for usdSummary:

Although Coinpot is a legitimate service, withdrawals can take time and thus users do not have immediate access to their earnings. It is recommended to store Coins elsewhere, or take advantage of multiple new services offering low exchange rates. Although Coinpot Faucets offer the chance to earn enough Coins to be able to withdraw earnings multiple times a day, doing so would imply a slight conversion cost. Still, holding Coins on Coinpot account is unwise and faucet users should have a plan how to put their earnings to use.

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LuckyGames: Legit. Using Dogecoin to Test Confirmation of Withdrawals, Useful Numbers, Guides.

As always, using Dogecoin, we tested the process of transferring winnings from a LuckyGames Doge wallet to an external wallets and examined the minimum withdrawing, betting and exchange amounts.

Minimum Dogecoin Deposit Amount: None (as far as we know).
Minimum Dogecoin Withdrawal Amount: 10 Doge (!)

Placing a withdrawl of 10 dogecoin with 1 doge transaction fees on luckygames...

Withdrawal fee: 1 Dogecoin (“low priority” option)
Minimum Bet (Doge, Roulette): 0.10 Doge

withdrawing 29 dogecoin on a dogecoin deposit address
Placing Prediciton roll with dogecoin on luckygames
Cells on luckygames
A prompt stating the Dogecoin withdrawal has been processed.
exchanging btc to doge on Luckygames interface

Minimum Bet (Doge, Dice): 0.00000001 Doge

Minimum Bet (Doge, Cells): 1 Doge

2 FA for Withdrawals
: No
Transaction Times (“Low Priority” option): From 2 to 5 Hours.
Withdrawal Confirmation: Instant, Automatic (as far as we can tell)

Exchange Minimum: Doge => BTC, 100 Doge. BTC => ~Doge = 0.0001 BTC,.

Commission for Cryptocurrency Conversion: None
Conversion Rates: Current, Updated every 1 Min
Exchange Options: (as far as we can tell): Any Supported Currency to Any Supported Currency

Key points summary:
10 Doge minimum withdrawal is madness. In a good way, Low withdrawal limits allowed us to test transaction times of Lucky Games Doge wallet to online wallets, exchanges, etc. four times. Choosing “low priority” every time, each Doge transfer arrived earlier than we expected.

Zero-fee exchange where a user can exchange virtually every popular currency to another popular currency was the reason behind our interest in Lucky Games  in the first place.

Dogecoin-based test of the casino did not reveal any unexpected surprises (e, g. 1000 Doge min withdrawal). We will try to run the same test using other currencies.

P. S. This article is not a review of the casino and games of chance. We did not play any of the games long enough to state whether they are fair or not, – however, – from what we can tell, there are no hidden scripts; unlike Cointiply’s Cointiplier, which is widely considered to be rigged, the games offered by LuckyGames are definitely not.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse gambling; alas, if a person is a determined gambler, picking the right casino is better than wasting earnings on faucets’ “multipliers“.

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How Cointiply Made Our Morning

At first, our browser was like:

cointiply mining game has been closed and redirecting on 502 Bad Gateway

So, we were like, “why not finalise the draft of...”:

cointiply mining game scam has been addressed

…where we (prophetically!) mentioned…:

cointiply mining game


cointiply scam

and Cointiply is like…

The Mining Game is being retired. Cointiply will pay players based on how much they have earned on the site, plus a bonus, over time from a pool based on offerwalls and CointiPlay. Players will have access to a detailed report on their total site activity and how much they have been paid back.

…the first thing that comes to our mind is a visitor’s comment and our reply:

Cointiply mining game scam addressed by DMYF
MrBrightside, whatcha gonna do now? xD

If DMYF can foresee the future, instead of predicting the Mining Game’s destiny we shouldwrite articles like “Bitcoin hits $100000000“…


P. S. Dear All, we hope no one “heavily invested” in the Mining “Game”. We tried our best to warn users to employ common sense.

E. g. read our quote from Cointiply Today: Today’s Status & “Health” Review

Note: Cointiply is not a cryptocurrency faucet. Cointiply is a digital marketing “third wheel party”. Cointiply pays its users a % of what it receives from, say, OfferToro, or Adscend Media, which, in turn, are paid a commission from a sale of your “brand awareness increase”, “demographics, “political views”, or “downloads”.

Digital marketing is what Cointiply is good at. The Miming Game is an excellent example of a move which succeeded at bringing a ton of new users to Offer Walls, – bridging the gap between a product and a consumer. However, the mechanics behind the game were a total fail, – somewhat patched by the introduction of the Gem system, yet dependent upon Cointiply using the short-term influx of finance wisely. What did Cointiply do next?..

Cointiplier: “Don’t withdraw!”
Premium Account: “Don’t withdraw!”
Various promises (withdrawals in different currencies): “Don’t withdraw!”
“Savings” scheme: “Don’t withdraw!”

We kept spending time to repeat the obvious: Cointiply’s Mining Game is unsustainable, it’s profitable only to those who invested early, speculated on Gem prices, or stopped manically reinvesting.

We are not even sure if what happened falls under the definition of a “scam”. More than anything, it is a good lesson to learn from.

Alternatively, you can keep trusting websites such as

about mining game is sustainable or not..

…whose owner invested in a level 1 domain, lied, hunting for referrals (attracting hundreds) and, most definitely, earned enough not to give a fuck while DMYF struggled to afford the hosting. But guess what, Mr. Brightside?

While you’re now nervously deleting the content of your moronic “FAQ”, we do not have to edit a single post, we don’t need to change our nicknames, or shut down our website.

Honesty is not profitable in the short run, however untarnished reputation is a vital element of success, as far as journalism is concerned. DMYF is not a “blog about faucets“. DMYF posted meaningless reviews to kill time and stay afloat while working on the new website which, thankfully, will be free of kindergarten content such attempts to scare readers away from obvious scams.

As long as people want to believe in fairy tales, scammers will prosper. Meanwhile, we wonder how vultures, feeding on the faults in human nature, sleep at night.

P. P. S. Cointiply remains a generous faucet, offering biggest stand-alone earnings, second only to Moon Faucets. The Mining Game was a Game. In our very first Mining Game review we stated:

On a more serious note, let us not forget that the “new fun feature” is a game. In any game, you can win and you can lose.

The 90% rule dictates that 90% of those playing Cointiply’s mining game will lose

What more can be said?

Do we regret writing about the Game? Not at all. As long as our warnings were heard, our efforts were not in vain. Observing yet another social experiment from beginning to end was… educational. We empathise with users who suffered losses due to the abrupt closure of the project, however for us, “goodbye, MG” means that finally we can write about topics that we are actually interested in.

In the final episode of the “Mining Game Series” we will try to analyse the “behind the scenes” mechanics of the Game’s finale, make some calculations, describe our personal experiences and, – hoorrayyy! – conclude the melodramatic series, known as “why you should not invest in a project that promises 1.41% daily ROIs“.

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Cointiply Mining Game – Советы, Подсказки, Стратегия

Приведенный материал стоит рассматривать исключительно в историческом контексте! 
Cointiply Mining Game Logo!
Зарабатывай, трать, зарабатывай, трать.

Еще несколько советов по Mining Game, предлагаемой Cointiply:

  • Как упоминалось ранее, Mining Game – “игра”, созданная с целью удержания ваших доходов в системе “крана”. Вы играете против администрации сайта – не пытайтесь вырвать победу у машины и перехитрить её!
  • Исходя из этого, так как эта игра не бесплатна, подходить к ней можно с трех позиций, –
  1. Держаться подальше от игры, продолжать пользоваться сайтом как обычно.
  2. Высчитывать, подсчитывать, рассчитывать… Вкладывать столько, сколько нужно (не экономя) для достижения устраивающего уровня дивидендов. Идти “ва-банк”, в надежде на то, что правила игры не изменятся администрацией сайта (как это происходит регулярно).
  3. Воспринимать как игру (это может быть и увлекательно!) и не относится к процессу слишком серьёзно. Это не такая уж и большая плата (по крайней мере мы надеемся, что небольшая) за удовольствие. Возможно в будущем, в геймплей будут добавлены новые и интересные функции.
  • Возможность повышения эффективности посредством активности на сайте была заменена введением внутриигровой валюты (gems). Поздравляем, теперь все ваши действия на Cointiply можно конвертировать в gems… В “gem-mode“… Прощай заработок? На самом деле, “gem-mode” не такая уж и плохая вещь (об этом ниже).
  • Реальные цифры (оценочно): 34 MP = 1 коин в час, каждый час продуктивность уменьшается на 2%, 200 коинов = 1 MP, 1010 gems = 10% продуктивности, и т. д. Не забывайте просчитывать ваши действия и их рациональность.
  • Изучите опции предложенные игрой. Рынок хорош для тех, кто быстро реагирует и быстро действует – иногда появляются предложения намного ниже рыночной цены и их можно успеть выхватить! Помимо этого, ознакомьтесь с правилами рыночных ставок. Подумайте о переходе в gem-mode на некоторое время, если вы достаточно активны на сайте – возможно зарабатывать gems проще, чем вы предполагали?
Gem Mode - almost 1000 Gems for one ordinary Cointiply Roulette roll.
Gem Mode – когда-то 1000 gems за обычный ролл.
  • Исследования и эксперименты – путь проб и ошибок. Один из “советов” по игре (который вы можете, кстати говоря, просто проигнорировать) гласит:
Let the game creators "experiment" in their bedrooms. Do not "experiment". Learn from others' "experiments", calculate, move in for the kill, win. "Try this, try that" = "spend, rinse-repeat".
“Некотрые стратегии принесут вам больше дивидендов, экспериментируйте!” Пусть создатели игры “экспериментируют” у себя в спальнях. Не “экспериментируйте”. Учитесь на ошибках сделанных другими, просчитывайте, действуйте, выигрывайте. “Попробуй то, попробуй это” = “Потратьте и повторите это снова”.
  • Пока это это математически обоснованно, продуктивность должна поддерживаться на уровне 200%, используя авто-буст (что подразумевает наличие хорошего запаса gems). Что же такое “математическая обоснованность“? Не нужно тратить 999 монет на 1000 gems, чтобы купить те 10%, которые дадут вам одну дополнительную монету в час. Не стоит думать: “Я просто продам это здание, если оно не будет приносить доход”. Даже инструкция из “промо-материалов“, пусть и неохотно, но признаёт, что в таком случае вы вряд ли вернёте потраченное.
  • Вы можете построить более одного здания одного и того же типа или же не строить вообще. В зависимости от их количества.
  • Что насчёт “пулов”? “Пулы” – это вещь из разряда “просто забудьте об этом”. Основной пул предназначен для ста лучших игроков. Пока вы не станете “хардкорщиком”, вам лучше туда не стремиться.
  • Убедитесь, что вы знакомы с ключевыми областями игры, такими как например Special Building и их использованием.
Maintenance Hanger on Cointiply
Автопроверка на случай если вы AFK более трёх часов, рассчитанная на поддержание продуктивности.

Continue reading “Cointiply Mining Game – Советы, Подсказки, Стратегия”

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Cointiply: Earn More, Work Less; How Profitable Is TapResearch OfferWall?

Previously, we reported that TapResearch is going mad. In a good way. Cointiply’s OfferWall is getting more and more generous.

First thing that comes to mind is that Christmas is around the corner and since vast majority of Surveys are about shopping patterns… In any case, let’s glance at the OfferWall an ask ourselves – how profitable is TapResearch and is it worth the effort?

Before we proceed, some basics:

Unfortunately, if you ask yourself “why don’t I see the Survey earning opportunities“, remember: TapResearch is open for residents of following countries: US, CA, GB, BR, FR, DE, AU, CN, IT, ES, RU, JP, IN, MX, SE, DK, NO, FI, HK, SG, NL, KR.

  • 10000 Cointiply Coins = $1
  • Minimum Cointiply earnings withdrawal – $3,50 (BTC)
  • Red or Blue survey color – makes little difference
  • Approximate completion time means little; 20 minute Surveys can be completed in 5 minutes… or vice-versa.
  • TapResearch rewards are credited immediately.
  • (most important) Even if, for some reason, a user does not qualify for the survey, or fails to complete it half-way… TapResearch still pays out for trying!

Now, below is a screenshot taken randomly,

Tapresearch works

Should a user complete every survey, the earnings would sum up to $20.29.| Not bad for a couple of hours of work…Considering that, with experience, one learns that no survey ever takes “20 minutes“. Realistically, it is impossible to qualify for every single survey… But it is possible to try completing every single one! Rewards for “trying” correlate with potential completion earnings, thus a user will earn something from each attempt. Finally, – there is literally no end to surveys (at least, not in our experience). If a user spends an hour on the OfferWall, rewards do diminish, however, after a short break go back to normal.

READ MORE: Earn More, Work Less: Tap Research Tips & Guide
*Disclaimer: OfferWalls are dangerous, risky, can cause harm to devices, undermine security and infringe privacy, as well as cause financial problems. All information stated above is for education/entertainment purposes and is written with an intention of  harm reduction, rather than advertisement or promotion. 

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Cointiply’s Mining Game Strategy, Guides and Tips, Profitability Calculations, Resources

DMYF is not alone in the cryptouniverse. In our quest to help users earn more (or lose less?), we did the Googling for you and would like to take a liberty quoting/citing other resources to compile a mini-collection of externally-obtained strategies, hints, statistical tools (which can be great) and some important factoids.

*DISCLAIMER: DMYF‘s cautious stance in regards to the Mining Game remains the same; “games” imply risk and  getting involved in Cointiply‘s “passive income” (“passive”) “Mining Game” (“Mining”) puts your earnings at risk.*

Use our guides/reviews, learn from others’ experiences, do the calculations (though still form your opinion), – may your risks and decisions be more educated than ours.

Since we are quoting other users, we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy; except our comments, al opinions, statements and quotes stated below are intellectual property of their authors.

Dsnymn (11th in Cointiply on 9th of August):
“I need about 917k gems daily”.

cointiplly strategy
Can you grind 1 mil Gems daily?




(courtesy of Crypto Kain)

Mines will pay themselves off in 71 days at 200% efficiency (not counting Mining Pool bonuses).
For example: invest 1700 coins and earn 1 CpH, 24 per day, and 1704 coins in 71 days (24×71=1704).”

Google spreadsheet profit calculator (input your MP to see calculations, such as “days to non-reinvest cashout”, “days to 100% ROI”, etc.; its insanely useful):

Download Link


cointiply calculator

Cointiply Buildings Upgrade Spreadsheet

Download Link Building Profitability Table:


Beginners’ Guides:

How Much Can I Make, How Do I Earn More, Getting Started, Strategies

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


RESOURCES: – BitcoinTalk thread dedicated to Cointiply