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FAUCET NEWS: Time is running out! Freebitcoin x2 Promotion

free bitcoin

Double reward points – Freebitcoin promotion is on. This time we are letting you know a day in advnce! 🙂

freebitcoin reward points promoton

Don’t disregard or underestimate the importance of Reward Points and Reward Point tricks: read the relevant article.

Register on Freebitcoin and start earning/saving/multiplying!



Rewiew: Cointiply: A Bitcoin/Dogecoin, Part 1 (Roulette)

We are taking our time testing a number of Cointiply’s functions. A full review will most likely move Cointiply into the “must-have faucets” section (as long as a payout is complete), however, what seems to be a next-generation faucet, deserves an advance mention.

We have little-to-no doubt that such a well-developed, well-maintained and well-designed faucet letting its users earn some satoshi in their free time will dry out any time soon. Continue reading “Rewiew: Cointiply: A Bitcoin/Dogecoin, Part 1 (Roulette)”

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Freebitco.in Reward Points promotion: half-a-day left.

Freebitco.in, one of the oldest faucets, offers an increased number of Reward Points (5 times the usual amount) per roulette roll for a limited time only.

free bitcoin roulette rewards

Reward points can be converted to satoshi (at a sky-high minimum of 100,000 RP), or redeemed otherwise:

reward points

Expect to just not have enough Reward Points for redeeming them for Gift Certificates or Electronics, but it is worth paying attention to:

  • Increasing the number of lottery tickets per roll (least of all)

RP free lottery

  • Increasing the base satoshi earned per roll.

RP free btc

However, the most efficient way of utilising your reward points seems…

  • Using them to multiply your reward points. Do the maths, though; the offer is valid for 24 hours, os you can multiply your Reward Points only if you make sufficient amount of rolls.

RP free RP

Theoretically, if you spend 1,200 Reward Points and roll 20 times, you will get 2000 Reward Points. Infinite points? Or the system will not let you rinse-repeat?.. 

Something worth considering.

Sign up for Freebitcoin; a faucet active since 2013. And don’t forget to check your Reward Point balance.