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Did you know that…

…you can disable earning Lottery Tickets per roll and Interest on earnings in favour of extra Reward Points on Freebitcoin?

All you have to do is navigate to Profile => Disable Lottery & Interest. There you can choose to replace Lottery Tickets you earn per roll by Reward Points at a 1:1 ratio.

Free Bitcoin Lottery Reward Points Free Satoshi Every Hour

Reward Points can actually be redeemed towards increasing how many Lottery Tickets you earn per roll amongst other things.

You start earning 4.08% annual compound interest on your earnings only after your balance reaches 0.0003 BTC (30,000 satoshi). In order to benefit from the savings program you can deposit some extra satoshi from an external wallet and watch your balance grow passively. If one does not have any immediate plans for their satoshi… …one should at the very least consider that Freebitcoin has been online since 2013 while has been online sine 2017.

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No information featured on this website should be regarded as financial advice. 


Rewiew: Cointiply: A Bitcoin/Dogecoin, Part 1 (Roulette)

We are taking our time testing a number of Cointiply’s functions. A full review will most likely move Cointiply into the “must-have faucets” section (as long as a payout is complete), however, what seems to be a next-generation faucet, deserves an advance mention.

We have little-to-no doubt that such a well-developed, well-maintained and well-designed faucet letting its users earn some satoshi in their free time will dry out any time soon. Continue reading “Rewiew: Cointiply: A Bitcoin/Dogecoin, Part 1 (Roulette)”

Faucets, News Reward Points promotion: half-a-day left., one of the oldest faucets, offers an increased number of Reward Points (5 times the usual amount) per roulette roll for a limited time only.

free bitcoin roulette rewards

Reward points can be converted to satoshi (at a sky-high minimum of 100,000 RP), or redeemed otherwise:

reward points

Expect to just not have enough Reward Points for redeeming them for Gift Certificates or Electronics, but it is worth paying attention to:

  • Increasing the number of lottery tickets per roll (least of all)

RP free lottery

  • Increasing the base satoshi earned per roll.

RP free btc

However, the most efficient way of utilising your reward points seems…

  • Using them to multiply your reward points. Do the maths, though; the offer is valid for 24 hours, os you can multiply your Reward Points only if you make sufficient amount of rolls.

RP free RP

Theoretically, if you spend 1,200 Reward Points and roll 20 times, you will get 2000 Reward Points. Infinite points? Or the system will not let you rinse-repeat?.. 

Something worth considering.

Sign up for Freebitcoin; a faucet active since 2013. And don’t forget to check your Reward Point balance.

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(Hi)Story: Bitcoin Faucet Scam

Originally, the article was titled “Is Bitcoin faucet a scam or not?”…

Yes it is a scam. A scam, which still makes money for its owner.

A more correct way of putting it would be “a faucet that dried out”, but the past is irrelevant. An even more correct way of putting it would be “a faucet designed to “dry out” after scamming its users off 10 Bitcoin… so far …and counting“.  Continue reading “(Hi)Story: Bitcoin Faucet Scam”


Faucetgate (or Coingate?) – the hacking scandal.

Well, now that the Oscars are over and Harvey Weinstein is undergoing therapy…


About 16 hours ago, Faucethub has released the following:

coinpit hacked, says Faucethub
End of the world, according to Faucethub

Coinpot did not react immediately, about four hours ago they did respond in a calm and polite tone, as we have reported earlier.

Perhaps, they only found out that they were hacked from the message on Faucethub.

A simple Google search will, of course, leave it up to the reader to decide whether Coinpot was indeed hacked or not:
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 11.41.41Coinpot hackedCOinpot hacked“A bunch of logins was released” is a really compelling evidence in favour of Coinpot being hacked. Most likely, at least half the users use the same password and login for both Coinpot and Faucethub.

An example of what actually happened (about a month ago):

“It appears that their (Coinpot’s) SSL certificate expired today and they have either reverted back to a self signed certificate automatically or they haven’t fully setup their new one or have not done it correctly.” –

That was reposted and made (fake)  news:

“I was way off, coinpot was not hacked. The user @vencero shared some links to coinpot and it works fine. I want to apologize for making a post that was misleading and lacked sufficient research on the topic.”


What actually happened this time:

…some services were offline and/or not working as good as others. A simple change of browser and some cookie cleaning solved the problem for us. For the rest, the Moon Faucets, BonusBitcoin and BitFun were operating perfectly and all the balances remained up to date.

Now, if an organisation would want to hack a multicryptocurrency wallet holding a lot of coins, would it go for the coins, or for disrupting login issues to some of the faucets? The remaining question is: why did Faucethub so readily warned its users about Coinpit accounts being hacked, while every second  website featured on Faucethub faucet injects a mining script into your browser, at the very least?

We will keep you posted as more light is shed on the situation.

P  S.

We do recommend you to use individual passwords for faucets and, ideally, create a separate (secondary) e-mail address for those purposes. 2FA is not a bad idea at all either. Also, please do refer to our Helpful Tips section: pop-ups and ads can be the main source of harm to your PCs and they can be killed with fire.

P. P. S.

Faucethub has not yet been reviewed on this website, mainly because our main focus is cryptocurrency investment and trading.

Facethub is a multicurrency walet, exchange, social network, beta-test platform for faucets and a mining portal with a repulsive interface in addition to that. Faucethub is not evil and definitely has its uses, but, unlike Coinpot, it attempts to do everything while excelling at nothing.

Coinpot focuses on improving on what it is doing best. Coinpot’s recent enormous reduction in minimum Bitcoin withdrawal amount and removal of transaction fees was a customer-oriented, intelligent market move and has hardly made any of the wallet’s competition happy.

To be continued.


Message from everything is good.

A few users reported some problems with’s faucet partners (specifically, the enormously high-paying BitFun). We have also experienced connectivity issues between BpnusBitcoin and (balances were not updating). reassures that everything is under control and there is no need for concern:

coinpot has not been hacked

A good practice, however, would be changing your password and, preferably, using separate passwords for separate Faucet and other internet accounts. The security of your data is of paramount importance these days.

*Remember about the existence of LastPass-like browser extensions. Also, remember that a script that temporarily fails in one browser can work fine in another one.

*Read more in our Helpful Tips section.