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Cointiply PTC Ads: Cointiply Is Cheating?.. Tsk-tsk-tsk!

contiply PTC Ads.. Is cointiply cheating

Cointiply’s PTC Ads were the one feature which stood out amongst all failed innovations.

Yes, it was designed to keep to earnings in the system, as did all recent Cointiply updates but hey, – when Mining Game was running, it wasn’t a bad source of extra Gems, now it still is a source of a few coins…  and a way to reduce your Cointiply balance to 0. Just in case, you know. But most importantly, – the PTC Ads is a good educational intro into the PTC Advert world. 

We will review the feature in detail later… or not at all.


Cause  – Cointiply must hate us – figures are… interesting.

Cointiply is like: 

cointiply scam

…yet Jetpack begs to differ:

cointiply wtf ptc ads cointiplyNow, minus 200 views is nothing to cry about, yet a question “whom to trust” causes a train of thought a-la “are the views real“? 

Unpleasant subject. Are there some technicalities we fail to understand? 

As for trust… In light of recent events, DMYF would bet on Jetpack.

Should we even bother to contact Support?

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URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?

Q: “MyDoge is not paying out…”

A: MyDoge is a VERY dodgy faucet.

What we know:

  • It infects (at least – used to) your browser (or tries to) with a mining script (symptoms: computer slowing down, fan going insane, overheating, crashing). Browser only, hopefully. And mining-only.
  • Experiencing something of the sort?1. Clear browser cache, carefully look through extensions (Chrome is specifically vulnerable), make sure the browser is up to date. Better yet – uninstall the browser altogether, run a system clean software to get rid of whatever’s left over and re-install.
  • Pick a good browser. Antivitus, malware scans won’t hurt. 
  • Every extension  = potential vulnerability.
  • Check registry/startup items.
  • Fauceting is risky and faucetimg using your Admin account is 10x more risky.

Hopefully your device was not infected, but “not paying out” might be the least of your worries when MyDoge is concerned.
Continue reading “URGENT: MyDoge Dogecoin Faucet – Scam?”

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Coinpot Token’s Worth in August: Conversion Rates, Fiat Value… Future Price?

coinpot token what is it worth how much can i get for coinpot token whats coinpot token price cab i sell coinpot token for fiat coinpot token hold or sell

1. Introduction

SOME BACKGROUND: Coinpot.co rewards its users with Coinpot Tokens

Coinpot Tokens represent an undervalued feature of Coinpot.co. Rivers of time have flown by a since mysterious Token’ Balance appeared on or dashboards, yet do all active Moon faucet users utilise full earning potential of the automatically and generously awarded bonus?..checkcoinpottokenbalance

a. First things first

If you are a dedicated faucet user, think of all sources of income the faucet offers to you holistically. It would not be a bad idea to apply the same frame of mind to all faucets you are active on. Should you wish, create a formula, even if only an image of, for yourself, taking into account factors such as the following (example):

A 88 satoshi roll on BitFun (if you leave an hour or two between visits/claims) earns you 0.00000088฿ + 3 Coinpot Tokens.
A 3 satoshi BitFun roll (if you make a roll three minutes later) adds 0.00000001฿ to your Bitcoin Core Balance …+ 3 Coinpot Tokens.

Calculate how many BitFun claims alone would it take you to “farm” 100 Tokens (we will mainly refer to CTs by the 100s for simplicity).

HISTORICAL NOTE“Are the tokens related to a future ICO”, we asked ourselves as we first saw the Token logo? Coinpot administration is notoriously secretive about its intentions, plans and innovations…
No, Coinpot has not publicly announced an ICO. Does that put a cross on an ICO happening? “Never say never”.

b. So… What is a Coinpot Token?

“Coinpot Token” is much more than a merely fancy name for a “Reward Point”, like that offered by Freebitco.in (which we we recently dedicated an article to).

READ: Freebitco.in: TRIPLE (3x) Reward Points Promo: 37 Hours Left. Edition Includes a Complimentary “How to Register an Account on Freebitco.in” Guide and a Reward Points How-To

Both bonus systems are great. FBC’s Reward Points are exactly what their name stands for: you are rewarded for your loyalty to FBC by points per hourly roll. Save enough, redeem them for, say, the latest iPhone or a Samsung model.

Allow us the liberty to define Coinpot Tokens as the multi-currency wallet’s value-exchange system’s units. FBC’s Reward Points are barely affected by the state of the cryptocurrency market.

CT’s are. However, since Coinpot Tokens are not directly available (ed: in their original  Token form) publicly, are not (yet?) traded on an external cryptocurrency exchange and can be accessed and/used directly only via Coinpot.co, they can be mined (wtf sic!) and on the wallet’s dashboard, Coinpot Token balance looks like just like, say DASH, balance. How much does an average microwallet user know about DASH, its history, investment potential, differences and similarities in comparison to other coins? How much does an average mictowallet user know about the investment potential of Coinpot Token, its value, worth, price, whether to HODL or sell? Is it safe to sat that the potential for new users’ confusion is understandable?..
coinpot token dash coinpot token value coinpot token price coinpot token sellhow much dollars coinpot token how to sell coinpot token for fiat fiat coinpot token what is coinpot token

c. Important: Cryptocurrency Games of Chance, Lotteries, Dice…

If you think Coinpot has granted users a free bonus which you can use for gambling, instead of withdrawing your earnings to test your luck elsewhere, you are technically right. A typical cryptocurrency faucet’s “innovation” is aimed at  keeping the funds within the faucets (away from your personal wallets), under any “for your own good” excuse (Cointiply’s farce of a “Premium Account” is a prime example).

Some offer of a wat to “multiply your earnings” is just a classic. Keep in mind what you came to the faucet for: making a few coins. Learn about cryptocurrency. Whatever it is, we would recommend following the simple rules.

* Payout (money earned from fauceting): good.
* No payout (postponed payout, delayed payout): bad.
* No payout because of your choice to test your luck/purchase a useless trinket… Your choice.

Remember that you can either play some hi-lo game or take part in some “probably fair” faucet lottery, lose and, – congratulations! – your time, activity, efforts, hopes and aspirations represent free money for the faucet owner.

WARNING: Unless you are totally confident you have knowledge of a guaranteed winning system, proven itself over and over, we believe that spending currency earned on a faucet internally is one of the top-5 fuck-ups mistakes a faucet user can commit, – should you fail to win, especially before making a single claim…

We do not endorse gambling, however if that is your interest anyway and you play responsibly, consider doing so at a specialised website.

Here’s why:

A faucet which offers some gambling options is reviewed as a faucet, classified as a faucet, SEO’d as a faucet. Everything else is a side-biz. An online crypto casino’s main business is Bitcoin/Dogecoin/Whatevercoin Roulettes, Dice, etc.

cryptocurrency casino crypto casino free crypto casino
Disclaimer: We are not promoting Luckygames, we are mentioning the multi-currency online casino because there is no deposit required, it features a faucet for its internal currency which can be used to win real prizes and it is currently under DMYF review. The review will be honest and unbiased; as to why we are referencing it, – simply because we only refer to resources we have tested out first-hand.

cryptocasino no deposit
If the “dice are loaded”, even if the casino’s website has an in-built faucet (like Lucky games), if the users lose too often and win too little, they will bring the website’s ratings down. Hypothetically, if the roulette spins red 20 times in a row as soon as your winnings exceed a certain amount…

Remember the “no such thing as bad press” expression? Or something like “the only thing worse than… …is not being spoken about”?  Bad press which leads to a decline in the amount of visitors, resulting in lower revenues and companies all-of-a-sudden having to pay money to search engines to stay afloat? That hurts them more than your vicious Trustpilot one-star fatality, three-post-long thread on Bitcointalk, or even than a negative review on an up-and-coming  boutique independent media resource such as DMYF (aka or a wtf-is-this-design can’t-even-afford-a-domain wordpress-hosted blog-about-some-shit-noone-cares-about)!

d. Back to CT: Coinpot Token’s Value: Currency Conversion

coinpot token price today

*exchange rates are not fixed and are subject to change, often multiple times a day.

*Coinpot.co charges 0% conversion does not charge a commission for currency conversion, full stop. We only wish…
*Conversion is instant (how important that is is a question one must answer himself).

For the purposes of multi-part in-depth review we decided to compare the exchange rates over the course of few days/weeks. The snapshot of the figures below has been taken early last weekend. The rates will “catch up” in the following articles.

Having a feel-good stare at a multi-thousand Coinpot Token balance is nice and cozy. However, should one need immediate access to funds, for whatever reason, a natural question is: what can I get for my Tokens now? What is the Coinpot Token’s actual value today

NOTE: The asset’s liquidity should always be taken into consideration. Within hours, even a thousand or two Coinpot Tokens can be in any wallet their holder wishes them to be, performing whichever function their holder wishes them to perform.

Downsides? Potential for impulsive decision-making leading to erroneous choices, “quick” usually means “expensive” etc.
Upsides? Opportunities too good to miss, premonitions, etc.

Should you have chosen to think of your Coinpot Tokens’ current value…

…in Bitcoin: CT to BTC conversion rate was 0.0000000135. 100 Coinpot Tokens converted to 0.00000135฿.
…in Bitcoin Cash: CT to BCH conversion rate: was 0.0000001380. 100 Coinpot Tokens converted to 0.00001380 BCH.
…in Dogecoin CT to DOGE conversion rate was 0.0341752587. 100 Coinpot Tokens converted to 3.41933771 Dogecoin. (!!!)
…in Litecoin. CT to LTC conversion rate was 0.0000012920. The LTC value of 100 CT would be 0.00012928 Litoshi.
…in DASH. CT to DASH conversion rate: was 0.0000004724. 100 Coinpot Tokens could have been converted to  0.0000004724 Duffs.

Ignoring the highlighted Doge, what would you convert your 100 Tokens to, given the exchange rates?..

e. Now, the fun part: What is a Coinpot Token worth in fiat (USD, EUR, GBP)?

We believe we discussed the difference between “price”, “value”, “marker value”, “perceived value”, “potential value”, the factors such as consumer trust ratings, liquidity, predictability and real-life utility in relation to the Token in the past.

READ: Coinpot Token Price – What is a Coinpot Token Worth?

If we have not, please comment and let us know.
If we have missed something, please comment and let us know.
If you spot a mistake/typo, factual error, please comment and let us know.
If you have a Nobel Prize for Economics, please comment and let us know, – we would like to ask for your autograph. And ask a question or two (hundreds).

In a nutshell, a Coinpot Token’s actual worth is determined not only by a supply and demand, the quality of both supply and demand, but also by such trivialities as the future of Coinpot, the perceived future of Coinpot, whether any future plans  exist, conversion rates, liquidity and performance of all five currencies featured on Coinpot, transaction time, fluid things such as market sentiment, state of cryptocurrency market at present, etc. News, fake news, interpretation of news, degree of stupidity of CNBC those reporting the news… You name it.

I. e. Some second rate random exchange no one ever heard or cared about gets hacked, millions of some random crypto no one ever cared about get stolen, this hits the news?.. Bad. Some crypto is still traded on Binance while its creators are already in handcuffs for fraud?.. (this is why DMYF hates cryptocurrency scammers with a passion). Bad. Public fails to realise that Google’s “ban” on advertising ICO’s is good? Bad. 

In any case.

I. e. you purchase X Satoshi for Y Coinpot Tokens today. Yet, a little bird reliable market indicator signals that whereas TODAY one Bitcoin could be both purchased  and sold on a variety of an open markets, taking into consideration all possible fees for circa $6678 USD, tomorrow the BTC/USD pair will trade at around $8500.
Question: if you can somehow quantify the statistical probability of the price hike, how does that affect an estimate of what a Coinpot Token is worth relative to fiat* TODAY?

The question is hypothetical.

What is a Coinpot Token worth in fiat? Do the array of calculations of selling the Tokens, withdrawing the crypto of your choice, selling it for fiat, fees, fees, fees.

What a Coinpot Token’s price in fiat is also heavily determined by having a plan; not only what is the best crypto to convert the Token to and the most expensive to sell for.

That, and more will be covered in the next part of our Coinpot-related set of articles.

Have a great weekend!

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DiceMine is dead, baby. DiceMine’s dead.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 18.37.26
Dear All,

We sincerely apologise for advertising DiceMine, a Monero faucet.

At the time, it seemed a legitimate website. DiceMine had a forum, its administration responded to our suggestions and nothing indicated that the faucet will disappear… ..with our earnings.

We are extremely disappointed; we have lost time and wasted our efforts writing about a service which cheated its users.

We were not affiliated with DiceMine, we did not receive a single cent/penny/satoshi from DiceMine’s administration and we did not reach the minimum for a payout.

We tried contacting DiceMine…

DiceMine scam DiceMine website down DiceMine mirror
…to no avail.

Screen Shot 2018-07-21 at 18.13.32

We are sad to announce that DiceMine is not legit, that it is a scam and therefore it goes into our “Scammers Hall Of Fame”, along with jetco.inTeslaMining and CCRB.

Remember, the Cryptocurrency market is unregulated. It is full of criminals wishing to take your money and disappear. Be careful out there.

Read more about basic safety rules and recent scams: 

Helpful Tips: Faucets

What makes a Faucet legitimate?

Is jetco.in Bitcoin faucet a scam or not?

Coinexchange.io… Scam or…

5 Biggest Cryptocurrency Scams

CCRB Token Sale Results – This is (not) a Joke

CCRB Giveaway Scam: “Refer and Get Zero”.

Review at a Glance: The TRUTH behind Cointiply “Premium Account”

Buying Cryptocurrency, Editor's Choice, Faucet News, Faucets

Review at a Glance: The TRUTH behind Cointiply “Premium Account”

cointiply faucet bitcoin dogecoin premium legit or notSooo, Cointiply have come up with an offer: users are encouraged to purchase a “Premium Account”. Considering the amount of time we invested in writing about (and popularising) Cointiply, we feel that we must mention a word or two about this new feature.

cointiply premium account

First and foremost, a successful faucet must evolve and add new features. Should it stay dormant, users will get bored and disperse. Hence, Coinpot added its notorious Tokens, Freebitcoin keeps adding bits and pieces (such as spending reward points to avoid captcha altogether, – yay!), while DiceMine… …did fuck all and, ehm, went offline (we are investigating exactly what happened, – stay tuned).

However, a Premium Account is hardly the best option as a method of refreshing the faucet experience. Why? Because… Wait. Let us first break down what Cointiply is encouraging its users to purchase.

“What do you get as a premium user?

  • No popup advertisements.

Seriously? A little browser extension or two eliminates popups. For free. You can read our “helpful tips” section. We won’t even ask you to purchase a premium pass for that.

  • No hover / slide in advertisements.

Seriously? We have not seen a hover/slide in advert since 1887. Have you? If so, feel free to navigate to the Tips & Tricks section of our portal.

  • Skip up to 2 days without having your loyalty bonus reset.

We admit to have skipped about a month without having our loyalty bonus reset. Whoops!

  • Early access to new features and may the force be with you.

Dear Cointiply administration. May you sober up prior to asking people for money under the premise of a Star Wars reference.

  • Random daily coin rewards for premium users.

Proof or GTFIO. Something (perhaps, the Force) tells me that the “daily coin rewards” will surmount to 39 coins. Maybe, 58, if the Force is with us.

  • Random boost on completed offer wall earnings.

Again, numbers, please. By the way, what about users who do not do OfferWalls?

  • Premium support.

Champagne and hookers in a five star presidential suite?

  • Many more premium perks coming soon!

Winter is coming.

Now, how much does all this cost?

cointiply premium account

According to current conversion rates, a Cointiply Premoum Account costs $1.70 a month and $17 a year.

DMYF leaves it up to you to calculate how much you “earn” from Cointiply per month. Is it more than $1.70? Is it?..

Besides, be wary of the Autorenew scam.

“Not worth it” does not begin to describe our attitude to the Premium account. Half the features are useless, the other half can be set up for free.

What does Cointiply expect?

Well, it expects to keep the funds in the system and to avoid payouts. A lot of users could afford the Premium when it just came out, – some may have bought it.

Is it a sign that Cointiply is low on funds? We hope not. A faucet’s main source of income is adverts and, considering how many users adblock the adverts, Cointiply is not exactly a multibillion corporation, but still should afford to pay out a few dollars to its loyal users.

We have praised Cointiply for its novel design when it just hit the market. We went as far as almost calling it a Faucet 2.0. And yes, a Faucet can make money in ways which do not include adverts or mining… …but that requires some expertise and ingenuity. A “Premium Account” features nether, so should you be encouraged to purchase it in a forceful manner, please do remind the salespeople that “fuck off” is… -> that way.

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DiceMine XMR Faucet website seems to be down… …forever?

Goodnight, sweet prince.

Scammers, scammers everywhere?..


“It started off with a kiss, how did it end up like this?..”

DiceMine Monero Faucet XMR earn XMR earn Monero scam closed
source: Bitcointalk

“Hello Monero Lovers,

Hereby we would like to show you new Monero Gambling Service http://dicemine.com

What is DiceMine?
– DiceMine is a new branded gambling website through which you can earn free monero coins by different features like the new and unique feature Mining of Monero Coins directly from our website and multiple your coins by playing hi-lo game and partecipate to our lottery. The hi-lo game is simple, you enter in a bet, choose a payout or win chance and hit roll dice. After you click roll a provably fair dice roll is generated and if the number falls within your green win region you win the bet. DiceMine uses strong provable fairness which means you don’t have to trust them, each roll is mathematically fair and can be verified to be manipulation free from dedicated page.

How to get xmr monero coins for free on DiceMine?
– It’s simple Smiley
DiceMine offers multiple features to get XMR coins enterely for free: Mine coins by just allowing our website to use the CPU power of your desktop or notebook computer to mine new Monero XMR coins, access our mining webpage from this link: Mine Coins see video on how to mine monero from here:

Use our **Faucet **webpage to get free coins every hour by just passing the anti-bot captcha

Open your pandora box and win coins, the winning amount of coins depends only on your current luck and it’s provably fair, so just Roll the Dice, keep playing each hour and increase your chance of getting the =>10000

Are you bored? Perhaps, you should play our Monero Snakes and earn some coins while doing so. It’s fun and a time-killer!

How mining works on DiceMine?
– DiceMine uses JavaScript code to use the power of your CPU to mine new XMR coins, use of the script may be blocked by adblock and anti-virus programs, so if you would like to proceed with mining of coins you will have to pause such programs. We inform you that we are free to apply mining commissions from 0 to 20% that will depend on our available coin stats. !important to stop mining and don’t lose the mined coins please push STOP button. If you accidentaly refresh the page and lose mined coins please feel free to Contact Us including your username.

Does DiceMine have an affiliate program?
– Yes, it offers a highly competitive affiliate program which can be accessed from profile page, just share your affiliate personal link and get more future coins.

For those who is interested to long-terms investment into DiceMine?
For a moment they can accept only investment starting from => 1000 XMR, if you would like to become their angel and you are interested in investment Contact them, feel free to send your investment proposal. We offer competitive shares on proffit. contact info@dicemine.com

For sure it’s a good start to earn some monero coins…”