Cointiply Mining Game Strategy Tips – Winter Is Coming

From what it seems, Gems are becoming increasingly important in the Cointiply Mining Game economy. As a lot of players are slowly approaching that horrific "need to spend gems for building maintenance" stage, the demand for Gems is creeping up, while the supply is creeping down. Reminder: without Gems, a Mine is immobilised.  As conversion rates… Continue reading Cointiply Mining Game Strategy Tips – Winter Is Coming

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DiceMine is dead, baby. DiceMine’s dead.

Dear All, We sincerely apologise for advertising DiceMine, a Monero faucet. At the time, it seemed a legitimate website. DiceMine had a forum, its administration responded to our suggestions and nothing indicated that the faucet will disappear... ..with our earnings. We are extremely disappointed; we have lost time and wasted our efforts writing about a… Continue reading DiceMine is dead, baby. DiceMine’s dead.


FedoraCoin: a spike or a trend?

FedoraCoin (TIPS) is one of many "lightweight" coins designed to simplify and quicken  transactions between. It is built upon the improved Dogecoin's while featuring faster transaction times and lower fees. In the past, the coin underwent a hacker attack resulting in a fork, however currently the issue is fixed and, under a new development team the… Continue reading FedoraCoin: a spike or a trend?


Did you know…

...that there is ZERO COMMISSION on Fedora Coin (TIPS) withdrawals  from QoinPro? ...that you earn Fedora (and other coins) daily by simply being registered at QoinPro? ...that FedoraCoin is a coin traded on CoinExchange? ...that there is a ZERO DEPOSIT fee on FedoraCoin? ...that recently we have seen a temporary 100%+ increase on the value… Continue reading Did you know…


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